Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Goodbye, USANWO: Hello #CivilWar2

Do you have six months of supplies? Do you have water, or a water source? Do you own guns?

If you answered, "Yes" to all three, then you've been listening. Donald Trump is an idiot of the First Order, and God has chosen his name to be that of the Destroyer of the First World. Ok. What next?

Next, the victorious Russian and Chinese militaries will obviously want the violence that the US exported due specifically to it's Jewish madness to end permanently. 

Each group of survivors must start anew from the Bill of Rights onward, recognizing that people should not be persecuted for any reason unless they are not Christians: for this is the what that got us here.

There is nothing left to say except to know the pain of nuclear war rests solely upon the head of Donald Trump. 

How could a guy who agreed with us suddenly change his opinion? Unless he was simply lying the entire time; and the Lord despises a proud look and a lying tongue.

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