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The Lesser of Two Evils

The Lesser of Two Evils

By: Kevin Drummond

The DOJ is a laughingstock due to one person. And, we all know who it is. For shame! Jeff Sessions must resign. Period.

Ham sandwich indictments, like these 29 pages, never work. Defendants have the right to face their accusers, and only in opening, and closing, may the US Attorneys testify. Ham sandwich indictments are a desperate act....

Nobody Will Be Extradited To the US for a Ham Sandwich!

The Meuller Inquiry's phony 29 page indictments should be halted. Only two weeks ago, the DNC suit against Russia and Trump was thrown out.

It was based on this exact same nonsense. This phony catalog is the direct result. Where's the common sense? 

Calling that supposition, "evidence", is an insult to any universal notion of justice associated with western civilization.
It isn't proof of anything.

It appears to be fiction, baptized solely by conflict-seeking Israelis in the eleven Russian Nocs, and the Romanian one, addressed in this, shall we say...colorful, allegation. And, it makes no sense. 

Israel, however, has been the author of the screenplays of excuses since they bombed the twin towers and compelled the world to attack Iraq. 

And the curse of God, that, supposedly wealthy and wise men, cannot see their own ignorance, resides comfortably on the heads, and inebriated understandings of those He has blinded: and it's not going anywhere....for a very long time.

These 29 pages of indictment are an offense to the legal profession, to the US government, and the Democratic scum whom it protects.
These phony "counts" serve as proof of the pressure that is about to grind this nation into powder after it cannot undo the damage that despicable individuals have done to it, in their vanity, & in their hubris. They have used our justice system in a "use once, and destroy" fashion, in order to placate their loser-egos.

Although I could go on, like showing you an actual indictment, and pointing out why these fictionalized ones are FICTIONALIZED, and continue by explaining the aggregate damage this is doing over a little period of time, more periods of times, and even more periods of time; instead, I am going to hit the White House with what it must do in order to turn this around....with little reasons why here, and there.

Without further fanfare....

To Save the Nation and Keep Trump in the White House, then Pence:

  • The White House must distance itself from Israel.
  • Free Julian Assange
Distancing itself from Israel, in of itself, has multiple reasons directly benefiting the White House. But, it has three major design functions demonstrated by:
  1. Remaining in JCPOA. 
  2. Exiting Syria
  3. Successfully negotiating detente, and entrance to the Non Proliferation Treaty for both Iran, and North Korea.
Israel is the source of each of the headaches faced since the Age of Sharon and Netanyahu circa 1999. Each deadly hour of 9-11, each phony bit of WMD evidence read by Colin Powell, which has set us forth as a despicable nation, we have fallen to flattery, and have been flattered into corruption.

For Israel, we are murdering Syrians again, at the behest of the nation where despite originates.

The US must get out of Syria, reject Israel, and reject Syrian and Iranian military expeditions. Then, and only then, can Un trust the US.

It is lead paint-weaned logic to throw absolutes, and military power around: oh ye who cannot recall how North Korea got there, in the first place! Since 1947, nothing, militarily, in hot conflicts, has gone our way. We have made a mess of the globe through undemocratic Intel agencies, illegal military actions, and very ill-advised ones. We elected a guy who said this, too.

By throwing weight in "Murican" warfare, the US has polarized a giant alliance against it. And that unification becomes stronger with each giant, dripping mistake we make as a nation acting geopolitically.


Assange is a journalist. He might be easily compelled to confess Seth Rich leaked these DNC pizza gate and other documents, in exchange for his freedom. Trump should secure that! 

Boom: election 2016... over!

But, look at first, a real indictment, then the fake ones:

The arrow points at evidence, which, in this, and other real Federal indictments, is mandatory, and normally attached as a writ, or, as in this case, where it reads, "see attached affidavit". This evidence will have a logging number assigned under the case #. The indictment, itself, must refer to this document(s), or the indictment is baloney.

These 29 pages have a narrative, no evidence, no witnesses, etc, and look suspiciously similar to the "Case for War Against Iraq". This is evidence only that Jeff Sessions should be fired.

The "evidence" cannot be confirmed. And UK, freshly slapped like Trump is by the sudden and inexplicable reversal of OPCW on its Syrian Finding, began, once again, poisoning its citizens as a furtherance of an effort to frame Russia. 

Read for yourself!

Trump has been media darling in two areas, Jews, and wars that promote Judaism, and frankly, if the mainstream media fools us about these indictments, then we deserve to lose the democracy to Jewish only interests running Wall Street and thus Washington. 

But, while we still have our vote, we need to use it to destroy these extro-American foreign interests. Trump trying to escalate Syria recently killed 54 Syrian civilians Friday, and this was to feed the press.

But, fakenews can be nobody's master in America, because it is Jewish centrist. It seeks an insane version of social justice, much in the same logic the Rosenbergs gave the Soviets the bomb. It is a universally Thanatosic urge*, and we should be interested only in America. 

Trump, and this phony 29 page fictional bruised ego excuse, has been betrayed by the people he has betrayed MAGA to promote.

If he wishes to lose 2020, he should stay out of JCPOA, start an escalation of world war 3, and attack North Korea.

In war: God shall repeat with reality that which has been warned, here.

*Psychoanalysts claim there are two basic urges in the human condition: the Eros, or Erotic Urge, which is the Life Urge. It is named for Eros, the Creator of Life in Greek mythology.

The other is the Thanatosic or Death Urge. It is named for Thanatos, the Greek god of Death.

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