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Is This The End of the Democrats in America?

It was when a "Democratic Socialist" won a nomination for a NY Congressional runoff by ousting a Democrat, that this fear became elevated. Acc to the candidate, and for brevity, she is Center Left, and realizes that the US Government couldn't take over any percentage of US industry to become Socialist. Center Left wants no ICE, Far Left wants ICE replaced by KGB. Both will be disappointed...

Is This The End of Democrats in America?

By: Kevin Drummond

As 2017 became 2018, and Doug Jones, (D), faced and overcame the polarizing political figure of Roy Moore (R), the nation was yet, again, divided.
And, as we take a moment to realize the midterms are right around the corner, I think it urgent to mention a few of the factors that are making the digital models both on Wall Street, and those in DC Think Tank Row, no longer accurate...

According to the hashtag #WalkAway, the Democratic Party is suffering a transitional phase of abandonment. But I hate to be the one to tell you that I find fault.

When I said as much about Doug Jones beating Roy Moore, everywhere in Alabama except among my own family I found that merely explaining how Jones would win would get me harrassed endlessly. So, I stopped explaining. 

I even felt as though the Democratic National Committee had played fast and loose with some allegations which Moore seems content to pursue, and may prove to haunt this kind of dirty politicking when they need it least...

But the Revolt Vote, which current data analysis models cannot group into accurate numbers, figured in both Trump's, and Jone's wins....they were not unexpected. The folks trying to make them that way were in command of too much of the media, and not nearly enough of their senses.

A dark horse candidate once meant a candidate whose win surprised everyone. Nowadays, reliance upon pseudo-science, and heavily attributed "data" designates any third party candidate into the dark horse position, and with the age of media and the computer, a new definition for an already coined word has been approved for Mass Communication.

But, in the Revolt Vote, we elect the candidate because we despise the one in our own party, or we choose the candidate whom we despise the least when the two party system fields two equally unlikeable candidates.

And let's touch base with how the media continuosly got the numbers wrong:
  • Phone polls, older Americans do not participate. 
The phone rings, we don't recognize the number dialing ours, older Americans don't answer, and younger ones do answer. >>>this heavily inflects the data with D party information based upon the differences in the Liberal and Conservative mean ages, and has racial expression as well. (Acc to the media)

But, they publish and believe those numbers.

  • Data Analytical Mining
In Election 2016: we had very little in the way of Republican, or Libertarian websites. Thus, the online data there tended to favor the Democratic Party, whose analytics included Facebook, BLM, and others.

The reason that is wrong is, there are white Republicans insulted by some of the more tragic shootings. But the derision raised by BLM divided the country, and infuriated folks whom ordinarily stood with them. The age of identity politics brought a two year epiphany: the election of Donald Trump. 

And this was a direct result of the data analytics at work on BLM websites, and on the huge fight for space on Google by national media outlets.

Which brings us to the current #WalkAway campaign, which is tearing up Twitter:

Do you have, and regularly use, a Twitter Account?

What about younger relatives?

If we are to believe the tenets of #WalkAway, "....I am a (black, Native American, white, Hispanic) American who is disgusted with liberal fiscal policy, a lack of respect internationally, and with the general direction my country is taking..... I reached out to (Democrat of your representatives), and found little or no I reached out to (R) and got what I needed: so I #WalkAway."

Now, I ask you, does that not sound a little fake? Maybe, a little pushed, just a little?

Because frankly to me, it literally sounds like something that really happened, then bots and automated account registration, and now we have a source of derision and overconfidence predicting a MexicoHacked Scandal.

Otherwise, it is always this simple.

It would appear that a lot of charlattons have sold a lot of media elites data like the infamous 538 Website, or the robocallers that mine data. And those media elites have bought a bill of goods.

So, whoever masters the bill of goods, seems to master what all of the nuances and all of all the contradictions are actually trying to say.... "whoever gets the most votes, wins!"

Therefore, I'd say that the majority of digital noise isn't worth heeding.

And my personal prediction for MidTerms, 2018: Democrats gain a tad, lose a tad, Republicans keep it, and the Governor's offices, as well as the Senate.

This lock on power is due directly to the nation recognizing that those who sold us identity politics gave not a single damn for the additional damage it caused. The fear it caused in minorities to accuse the political spectrum of harboring any favor for one ethnicity above the other is outrageous.

The reason Republicans will retain is simple: they are deconstructing forty years of Cold War type budgets that Clinton made D party to plug into LBJ type Great Society earmarks, then they pocketed the rest.

Googled "The US In Europe", lately? It isn't there, anymore...

And everybody sees that.

The silver lining is the restorative process to conservative fiscal policy which, in their own weird way, our nation push-me's, pull-you's up and down: wrestling towards an agreement somewhere out there, still.

In a future, no databot can comprehend, yet.

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