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#MAGA is Mossad!

#maga is mossad! 

By: Kevin Drummond
In Political Science we identify the political identity of a person or group based upon demographics, as well as the possibly outdated model of French Parliament (L and R Wing), and we also differentiate between a movement, and a party.

A political party is a group of politicians, as well as their registered voters, who define and distinguish between themselves, and other parties/voters, based upon a variety of criteria.

For example, La Debout is a French eurosceptic party that operates in a coalition with other eurosceptic parties and presents a foil to the notion that France is satisfied with eu.

Contrarily, #CasaPound is an Italian movement which espouses euroscepticism, but only individual politicians. CasaPound is not a group of politicians, but a group of concerned Italian citizens whom oppose immigration, and embrace populism.

The reason that I am bringing this up, is that it becomes clear to me that Alt Righters have no basis as a party, and are less structured along ideology than perhaps CasaPound is. 

And yet, this shattered base following Trump underneath this banner has no more relevance in America than either Clinton does at this point. Trump has fallen in the polls, owing to a number of base-fracturing issues that have cast the right wing, the one that actually exists as platform agenda, and not the Alt right, into sincerely bad light. And, at this point, this far out: it would appear that the Democratic opponent facing Trump could win easily by capitalizing on the silencing of Al Gore's pop cultural Global Warming, keep American industry working, and promising to distance the country from Israeli lobbying issues, altogether.....

And he, too, will be lying!!!!

The problem with maga is that it is a social media election tampering by Mi5, and Mossad. It is not a political identity dry enough in the mold that we can form any permanent, and lasting conclusions, except that questions persist as to the legitimacy of a shattered support base, one that is clearly in decline, and all of the duplicitous media pushing this angle or that angle. The blatantly pro Israeli lobby, itself, has always been divided by Trump's identity. And, in all likelihood, driving maga was not a Russian, but an Israeli tampering with the electoral processes in America, in spite of the Jews in the US who actually despise him.  At some level, maga, and Hillary 2016: are very much as-out-of-touch, as fanatic, and as bound for shock as the other; few as each was, and/or is, in number. 

Therefore, the daily fixes appealing to a media construct of what right and left are, and what the other's adversary is doing, remains entirely mythological. 

Gun Control is a Leftist agenda, Trump supported it, however. Political science recognizes a liberal in Trump, whom himself, incorrectly, and famously, albeit, loudly, referred to the NAZI party as "Socialists"! Then, called them, "Left wing...."That routinely the alt right follows his ignorance rudely,  with anything but knowledge of political science, or history, is truly fanatical, and truly non-reality based. This kind of "support" is all that remains in his camp.

Therefore, looking at the numbers in front of me, and the chart bottoming out being not far off, it is logical to presume they will be shocked to reality sooner than later.

And, in the alt right, we have neither a party, nor a movement. But something else. Something which can be used to propagandize Israeli First Agenda, and cause the annihilation that it incurs, to be both embraced, and even celebrated, by a small, tiny, very otherwise apolitical populational cross section. 
And, about half of them are intelligence operatives.

About The Nazi Party: 
National Socialists German Workers' Party was so-named: National Socialist, because for the sake of German workers, and the German people, in general, Hitler exited the Wiemar Agreement and refused to allow German money, nor goods, to leave Germany to pay the restitution established by the terms of the World War's victors spelled-out in the June, 1919 Treaty of Versailles. National Socialist German , as opposed to a general, and WORLDWIDE socialism, because that was one of the names in that era that refered to the Worldwide Party Congress, aka by their other name, Communists.... 

Trump is a dumbass. Or, he is a Communist because he is a member of a Party. Same non-sequitar. 

Before Hitler did these things Germans were starving to death. Communism was being touted as a solution for the agony faced by the average German. 

Hitler also recognized that Communism claimed that its tenets placed the worker above all, and that made their products, and economy, superior. Hitler faced a Germany that bought into some of those theories, and named the party, and designed the swastika, to combat these forces directly. Nazis are ultra rightists. Their mirror image on the political spectrum would be Communists, ultra leftists. Extremes in politics and nature cause similar effects through contrasting means. 

To date, only idiots and magatards refer to Nazis as, "Leftists". Stay in milk. Drink your school. Go to drugs.

Another issue relevant to the blind-devotion of the Alt right is the issue of group identity in strictly social-psychological terms. Group identity is one of the most attractive concepts to the human condition, in general. 

There are more angles, but the two I want to round-out this topic with, are "why", and "consequences". 

"Why" is simple: group identity offers security. And the security may replace all of the modes of alienation at work in a vulnerable population's individual psychological compositions: 

1. Boredom: this is something that, during the 1980's, the American Psychiatric Association identified as "the most dangerous form of stress, period". In a group identity, boredom is replaced with activities that permit the issues about themselves that one may find undesirable or impossible to confront, and replaces those unpleasantries with a sense of unified purpose. 

*consequences: those unchallenged issues are natural for an individual to feel uncomfortable about facing. Therefore, should they go unchallenged, the development of natural skills with issues of education, the opposite sex, and early adulthood development render that member with a lasting group of "leftover parts". 

*Also: IF the Alt right, in particular, is being primed by bots working for Israel online, those handlers are working this entire group with plans for them, in the future. Israel doesn't give two shots about Trump. But, a group of fanatic Anti Christs, upon whose sympathies Israeli Intel may play for the power over them in real life, the Cult of Trump, and his one term presidency, could easily be milked until near-Viet Cong like roles, under the command of the Devil's children, in Tel Aviv. 

2. Social Anxiety/Security: most Alt Righters associate themselves with the /pol/ autism weaponized trend, but they do not associate with /pol/ regularly, or they would witness the fracturing of the "pro-Trump" actual autism contingent for themselves, as pol is more finished with Trump than I was. 

But, the attraction of an individual into a group identity always involves the resolution of personal insecurity with the security of the group. This is known as the "Safety In Numbers"-effect. 

*consequences: the payoffs seem many, and the price seems low, but as the group moves further, and further away from rational practises, the individual is prompted by the group dynamic, to engage in more and more senseless behavior. We see this is the Hillary camp, as during the midterms in 2017, several freaks and perverts were sponsored by the DNC in photo shoots featuring them, and small children. 

This compels the Democratic voter to surrender his/her personal Faith, and Christian values, for the "right" to "vote Democrat". 

And, this compulsory moral abandonment is possible in GROUP Dynamics, but nearly impossible in individual dynamics. 

The type of Alt Right activities may involve the efforts to silence the Word of God condemning Jews forever, as Jesus does. And, in increasingly desperate methods, this could become violent without much prompting. 

Though the entire Israeli bot issue is online, the shock awaiting the alt right in Trump's defeat, combined with the absolute psychotic desperation awaiting Israel if Trump doesn't attack Iran SOON, could result in AICAP directing the Alt Right to engage in a variety of actions illegal and or violent, in order to achieve another president as stupid as Trump, or soldiers for false flags ops that accomplish elevated overseas US military presence. 

What Happened to our Party?

Under a succession of R presidents, the Conservative Identity has been killed.
True American Conservatism died with the rise of the US as a global superpower.

Nixon expanded the Federal Government, which is typical in what appears to be the death of the ideal and the definition of American Conservatism. True Conservatism in the US died with the rise of the Bipolar World, and the US taking a global role unique to human history, and to the nation, itself. This role was, however, the result of two separate Democratic Presidents, and their personal convictions about the US inevitably becoming caught-up in either of the world wars of the twentieth century.

Ike was not political, however, and both parties recruited his membership, pursuing him as their candidate non stop. JFK is rumored to have remarked that, had Ike accepted the Democratic Party's offers, then he would've never been elected president. 

But Ike, too, acted along the edges of the redefining of American Conservatism by fine-tuning the red giant like inflation's of Truman's "National Security Act of 1947". 
As a result, the Republican Party has died. The party that once viewed the Western Hemisphere as the "line of divide", has become extinct, and replaced by a partnership with Globalism denoted by extreme violence, loss of wars, international meddling, and a public removed from being either heard, nor accounted-to for the unacceptable blood thirst that has now, tragically, become more and more identified with Republican Party dogma than anything else.

The Alt Right was born into the completed process of killing American Conservatism, and is even more Pro-Israeli than some Israelis. So, Trump's base-shattering missiling of Syria twice, which are war crimes, and his rhetoric via tweet and Zogged Media headlines, seem a natural fit. Too natural to be real.

As we begin to realize that the election tampering is actually Mossad and mi5, we also realize that #maga may, in fact, be the birth of a pro-Israeli terrorist organization within the country. Able to engage false flag ops, and a larger overseas US presence.

But neither the R nor the D, nor the alt right nor alt left are American, anymore.

They are Globalist, which means Israel is the issue figuring most prominently, and the vitality of this Republic is waning by the moment.

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A History of eu for Americans

A History of eu for Americans

By: Kevin Drummond

EU is not a "United States of Europe". It is the creation of a legalized oppurtunity to cause the rise of the Plutonomy in Europe, and to control resistance through an unending supply of pro eu vôters, and thugs, (Africans and Middle Easterners) willing to do anything their new masters demand just as long as the free money, and free stuff, keeps coming.

plutonomy•n: a system of governance whereby the extremely rich rule over the poor, with absolute authority.

The Treaty of Maastricht

In 1988, several European bankers gathered in the Maastricht, Netherlands, Bilderberger Hotel, and began to plot the monstrosity known as The EU. Since then, EU has lied, altered historical records, and basically connected it's existence to the six signatories of the 1956 Treaty of Rome, claiming to be older than it is. The Treaty of Rome was actually an agreement which applied to Marshall Plan monetary recipients, and their basic models for intra-Euro resources management for the specific purpose of manufacture.

It is typical of EU to embellish its shameful and offensive existence to appear to be "too old to stop". The EU became Incorporated in 1999. When, that same year, the 1988 group's founding instrument, The Treaty of Maastricht, was amended to include the necessity to permit UK to keep the Pound Sterling, or UK refused to "Ascend" into EU, the thing that is then began to breathe and stir about. 

But, without UK, whose "5 Reasons To Keep the Pound", by Gordon Brown (future PM) and then PM Tony Blair, which nipped the EuroZone in its knickers (in British paralance), EU would've simply been yet another evil scheme that common sense prevented.
Oddly enough, the UK's doubt in the economic plans made by the architechts of eu was a demand that UK LIBERALS made.

Thus, when it became clear the EU couldn't exist without UK, the Maastricht Treaty was amended. This effectively destroyed the Eurozone (the original design of a one currency Europe), and there the seeds of Brexit were planted.

The 1992 Maastricht Signing ceremony neither created eu, nor necessarily began the effort... It's main accomplishment was to place the IMF bankers whom designed eu upon the bankers' version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Plainly, it is evident: this is not a 1956 photo op.

In 2001, the two-year wait for UK (as per Maastricht Treaty) finished, and the EU became organized under several intra digital hookups, including Artemis, an A/I database, and Target, and then Target 2, a digital nation state-level debt-resettlement device; Target is the heart of the UniPolar world.

(Although they flatter the US to believe our military and richest nation status defines the US as the world's sole super power, Target 2, and it's inevitable post Brexit update, Target 3, as well as that update's eventual reissue of the Deutsch Mark, is the ideological premature ejaculation and disappointment inevitably due to those whom entertain the insanity of trading ideology for common sense; the REAL UniPolar world is Target)

In those initial meetings beginning in 1988, before the Communist deputy to the East German dictator, and puppet of the Soviets: Erich Honnaker, could rise, and become known to the world as the ridiculous Angele Merkel, she was PROHIBITED FROM EVEN SPEAKING TO THE EU FOUNDERS.

Thus, the EU couldn't exist prior to 1991, and the days beginning in 1989 and ending with the fall of the USSR in 1991.

Before that, Merkel couldn't speak to Westerners, nor travel out of the DDR! (EAST GERMANY)

Nor can eu honestly be connected to the postwar Conseil De l'Europa, whose 36 member-states included the non existent Jugoslavijan Republike, as well as The Soviet Union, itself. This is just simply another of the lies that eu tells...

Eu is pathetic. But, the devils whom planned it include Americans, as well.

The 3% Debt Ceiling Violation Means That EU Has No Real Authority....


From French: if the terms of a contract are unenforceable, then the contract, itself, is null and void. This includes the fake citizens and refugees, their passports, and every single one of their votes... This chart is incorrect. The point where the EU drops below 3% has yet to happen. This chart was taken directly from their Eurostat Agency, the official statistical bureau of EU. And, like most of that org's data, is wrong.

From day one, the original member-states of EU agreed, as per the Maastricht Treaty, to limit their borrowing to no more than 3% of each member-state's GDP. This was to limit deficit, bailouts, and encourage economic innovation in a trickle-down leg of a basic trickle down economic model.

The 3% limit to deficits in each member state has never been kept. It would have been possible that this eu thing would've worked, if it had.

It turns out that a bunch of fake money was poured into European Workers' pockets as a result of the "promise" to observe it, and this was merely a bribe.

Think that's a coincidence? They used the "windfall" of Lenin-esque "collectivization" to bribe the average European citizen with some prosperity, using a Jewish media to promote even more that never materialized, all which were SUPPOSEDLY the substantial results of a collectivized and financially unified European economy, and currency......which later had it's wings clipped first by Brenter, then, again, perhaps fatally, by Brexit. (Sound like ReBush's"Social Security rebates.....yet? Same devils, same plan!)

But, when Europeans did not yet know the rebates and subsidies which made the early 2,000's prosperous WERE, IN REALITY, the fire sale of European culture, economic vitality, and ancient historical treasures, they were all too happy to permit this to continue.

Enter Angele Merkel, fresh from inheriting the Chancellorship of Germany from embroiling scandals that ended Schroeder, her predecessor, in 2005. Merkel's claim to fame began not there, but later, in the invention, and then the convening of an EXACT DUPLICATE OF THE BILDERBERGERS STEERING COMMITTEE, the, "Treaty of Lisbon".

....the Treaty of Lisbon was named and ratified in 2009. The effort that it resulted in actually began under Merkel in 2005. It was first intended as a Constitution, to superscede the Maastricht Treaty, and to resemble that of the US: elastic clause, and all....but that effort failed. So, in 2009, the treaty as is, was ratified unanimously by the then member-states of EU.....

Again the people of Europe were promised accountability from their leaders, again, were they dismissed; as the main products of Treaty of Lisbon, ugly people orgies, and hot wind: produced a dynamic set of excuses for the imminent collapse of the economy which is happening now...
But, this is where Merkel got her fame, as undeserved, and as destructive as her presence has been to Europe, this Lisbon Treaty, and it's resolutions, are the origins of her fame. It is why the Jewish scum see her as a mother figure.
But it recast eu as a plutonomy, and tried to hide this from the working European.

In this spirit, a new, and wild, and also overtly Communist disregard for Christianity, as well as a new lease on expansionism and exploitation into Africa, (see, BP in Republic of Niger) resulted in borders being flung open, and the 3% GDP model being abandoned, as each increment of permissible debt resulted in the nod to Jewish bankers, as they raised interest, then printed up the money they need from "their" unending supply of gold, the legendary stolen "lost Czarist Gold", which was just stolen from a martyred Christian king, and is to this hour, the real source of imaginary money being printed up....

And, the euro is falling.

But the efforts since the invention of the 2005 First Treaty of Lisbon convention have resulted in zero reforms, and one phony GASP (Growth And Stability Pact), in which, again, these people swore to lower their debt ceilings, and to restore economic, then actual order in Europe. Why, the Lisbon Treaty's founder, Merkel, as Chancellor of Germany: HAS DONE MORE TO DESTROY THE ENFORCEMENT OF GASP THAN ANY TWO MEMBER-STATES OF EU.

And, from the American bankers, to the European ones now sitting as presidents and PM's of Europe: they're almost entirely Jews.

And, they are driving from their secret meetings' goals, to fill Europe with scumbags and murderous thugs whom possess no respect for human life, whom despise Christianity, while they are simultaneously making it illegal for EUROPEANS to own weapons to defend themselves from these "new Europeans", by insisting that gun ownership is an issue of determination, one residing under the exclusive authority of the central government in Brussels. 

Meanwhile, Christians are getting sick of the Communists, Muslims, and Jews, that ARE EU: whom, just this week, through EU agency, Eurofound, have begun a survey to ask, "How can we best normalize sex with kids?"
Below: French link, Psychologist explains the efforts to normalize pedophilia...

In conclusion: if you hear Warren Buffet talking about a 3% GDP debt ceiling, remember: he is one of these scum doing this to Europe. Opening borders to Mexico is all they need. Then: boom! No order in America. Meanwhile, they continue trying to disarm us.

Keep in mind: what Satan did in Europe Christians must now undo. Let it not happen, here!

Because, this is a game to them.
PS: Still think Al Quaeda did 9-11?
Keep your guns!

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The Lesser of Two Evils

The Lesser of Two Evils

By: Kevin Drummond

The DOJ is a laughingstock due to one person. And, we all know who it is. For shame! Jeff Sessions must resign. Period.

Ham sandwich indictments, like these 29 pages, never work. Defendants have the right to face their accusers, and only in opening, and closing, may the US Attorneys testify. Ham sandwich indictments are a desperate act....

Nobody Will Be Extradited To the US for a Ham Sandwich!

The Meuller Inquiry's phony 29 page indictments should be halted. Only two weeks ago, the DNC suit against Russia and Trump was thrown out.

It was based on this exact same nonsense. This phony catalog is the direct result. Where's the common sense? 

Calling that supposition, "evidence", is an insult to any universal notion of justice associated with western civilization.
It isn't proof of anything.

It appears to be fiction, baptized solely by conflict-seeking Israelis in the eleven Russian Nocs, and the Romanian one, addressed in this, shall we say...colorful, allegation. And, it makes no sense. 

Israel, however, has been the author of the screenplays of excuses since they bombed the twin towers and compelled the world to attack Iraq. 

And the curse of God, that, supposedly wealthy and wise men, cannot see their own ignorance, resides comfortably on the heads, and inebriated understandings of those He has blinded: and it's not going anywhere....for a very long time.

These 29 pages of indictment are an offense to the legal profession, to the US government, and the Democratic scum whom it protects.
These phony "counts" serve as proof of the pressure that is about to grind this nation into powder after it cannot undo the damage that despicable individuals have done to it, in their vanity, & in their hubris. They have used our justice system in a "use once, and destroy" fashion, in order to placate their loser-egos.

Although I could go on, like showing you an actual indictment, and pointing out why these fictionalized ones are FICTIONALIZED, and continue by explaining the aggregate damage this is doing over a little period of time, more periods of times, and even more periods of time; instead, I am going to hit the White House with what it must do in order to turn this around....with little reasons why here, and there.

Without further fanfare....

To Save the Nation and Keep Trump in the White House, then Pence:

  • The White House must distance itself from Israel.
  • Free Julian Assange
Distancing itself from Israel, in of itself, has multiple reasons directly benefiting the White House. But, it has three major design functions demonstrated by:
  1. Remaining in JCPOA. 
  2. Exiting Syria
  3. Successfully negotiating detente, and entrance to the Non Proliferation Treaty for both Iran, and North Korea.
Israel is the source of each of the headaches faced since the Age of Sharon and Netanyahu circa 1999. Each deadly hour of 9-11, each phony bit of WMD evidence read by Colin Powell, which has set us forth as a despicable nation, we have fallen to flattery, and have been flattered into corruption.

For Israel, we are murdering Syrians again, at the behest of the nation where despite originates.

The US must get out of Syria, reject Israel, and reject Syrian and Iranian military expeditions. Then, and only then, can Un trust the US.

It is lead paint-weaned logic to throw absolutes, and military power around: oh ye who cannot recall how North Korea got there, in the first place! Since 1947, nothing, militarily, in hot conflicts, has gone our way. We have made a mess of the globe through undemocratic Intel agencies, illegal military actions, and very ill-advised ones. We elected a guy who said this, too.

By throwing weight in "Murican" warfare, the US has polarized a giant alliance against it. And that unification becomes stronger with each giant, dripping mistake we make as a nation acting geopolitically.


Assange is a journalist. He might be easily compelled to confess Seth Rich leaked these DNC pizza gate and other documents, in exchange for his freedom. Trump should secure that! 

Boom: election 2016... over!

But, look at first, a real indictment, then the fake ones:

The arrow points at evidence, which, in this, and other real Federal indictments, is mandatory, and normally attached as a writ, or, as in this case, where it reads, "see attached affidavit". This evidence will have a logging number assigned under the case #. The indictment, itself, must refer to this document(s), or the indictment is baloney.

These 29 pages have a narrative, no evidence, no witnesses, etc, and look suspiciously similar to the "Case for War Against Iraq". This is evidence only that Jeff Sessions should be fired.

The "evidence" cannot be confirmed. And UK, freshly slapped like Trump is by the sudden and inexplicable reversal of OPCW on its Syrian Finding, began, once again, poisoning its citizens as a furtherance of an effort to frame Russia. 

Read for yourself!

Trump has been media darling in two areas, Jews, and wars that promote Judaism, and frankly, if the mainstream media fools us about these indictments, then we deserve to lose the democracy to Jewish only interests running Wall Street and thus Washington. 

But, while we still have our vote, we need to use it to destroy these extro-American foreign interests. Trump trying to escalate Syria recently killed 54 Syrian civilians Friday, and this was to feed the press.

But, fakenews can be nobody's master in America, because it is Jewish centrist. It seeks an insane version of social justice, much in the same logic the Rosenbergs gave the Soviets the bomb. It is a universally Thanatosic urge*, and we should be interested only in America. 

Trump, and this phony 29 page fictional bruised ego excuse, has been betrayed by the people he has betrayed MAGA to promote.

If he wishes to lose 2020, he should stay out of JCPOA, start an escalation of world war 3, and attack North Korea.

In war: God shall repeat with reality that which has been warned, here.

*Psychoanalysts claim there are two basic urges in the human condition: the Eros, or Erotic Urge, which is the Life Urge. It is named for Eros, the Creator of Life in Greek mythology.

The other is the Thanatosic or Death Urge. It is named for Thanatos, the Greek god of Death.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

No, #WalkAway Isn't Russian

According to Walk Away movement, disaffected and dissatisfied Democrats are fleeing the party. While I doubt sincerely that this is more than a rumor and attempt to create a stampede of Republican voters, I have more doubt that it is Russian.... 

There are plenty of reasons to distrust the media, and almost every single one of them lead back to Election: 2016. The national joke that the Meuller Inquiry is, or, the magic vestment which tends to implore your faith that, if you just keep looking, gold will grow in the hole you're digging for yourself....this is a fool's errand. 

Then, there's the Walk Away movement. In shortest terms, it is an alleged defection from Democratic party to the Republican party that actually resembles more of the inexplicable grasp on American politics that resides with the paranoid Alt Right in this nation...

But, it smacks of further occultification of the perfectly predicted Clinton loss to Trump. It also smacks of more surprises for the Democrats in 2020.

When the Democrats will not, or cannot, in whichever case; when they cannot learn to change the unsavory characteristics that caused the not-very-shocking divorce from their platform the American voter served to them, then by Santayanna's law, "....history must repeat itself...."

Blaming anything on Russia is just plain convenient! Especially, when Russia has no love for either side of this debate, and probably longs for the days when an American president explained to insane Netanyahu that, "No, bud, you ain't starting a third world war. Period." and would prefer that consistent calm 1,000 times to the unpredictable and irrational Trump regard for the Children of the Devil.
John, 8:36-49
Christians follow CHRIST, not fallacious views of Isreal, and Israelis. Jesus was sent to destroy the works of the devil: Judaism, and Israel. The devil led the Jews to ally with Assyria, whom God despised. Trump and Netanyahu will turn the US into Assyria, next. There is no Biblical support for Israel from the works of Christ, or the Apostles....this is delusion.

However, their position is not going to waiver: therefore, blaming Clinton's loss on "Russia" means that a very enraged voting public will turn out in droves to re-elect him!

And, they need to quit.

If he avoids permitting insane Netanyahu to start that war, and he relinquishes his hold over both JCPOA (staying in it, then and only then will true North Korean detente happen) and the inane demands to imprison Assange, as well: then we shall have a second term for Trump.

If the Democrats pull their heads out of 2016 and join the rest of the earth in progress, and maybe gets rid of the cult of "get Assange", while de-emphasizing Globalism, political correctness, covert Middle Eastern wars, and reduces the volume on junk Global Warming pop culture noise, and returns to Christian values once universal to this nation: then they have a chance.

If not: then, during the first 50 years of this century, this nation's political fuge-state shall resolve these issues, most likely in the massive growth of third party electoral counts, and this should already serve as a warning to the AIPAC and other DC lobbies trying to spoon feed the American public on condescending and wholly insulting punditry designed to keep this nation bleeding for its enemies.
Israel is not our ally.

Israel has killed more Americans, and drawn more espionage cases than anybody else in our "Allies" list, and if you counted tit for tat, that would include "Enemies" lists, as well.

 And any notions otherwise will end this nation.

The fact remains that the ideology of the Cold War is no more: in spite of how badly the press seeks to vilify our friends, and sanctify our enemies.

It's a brave new world. And, in that world, the 2016 Election has been over with for almost two years. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Why This Meme Is PHONY

Why This Meme Is PHONY! 

By: Kevin Drummond

Why This Meme Is Phony!

Iran currently has 5 divisions inside Syria, alone....70,000 combat-experienced troops. Combining the troops of this meme, and Europe, the US has almost that number. But this does not include the troops that attacking Iran will also be drawing into the fight: the huge and vast armies and navies of China, and Russia, India, Turkey, Etc....With NATO already promising to sit out any conflict between Israel and Iran, this leaves us alone.....again.

There are 34,000 troops in the US NATO commitment. A little more than half of those are combat deployable troops. The rest are motor pool personnel, medical support, and occupy non combat roles. 

Below: 35,369 US Army troops remain in Germany. Half of them don't fight in combat roles. Almost none of the 21,000 USAF members do, and with the exception of UK: almost the whole lot of these remaining are attached to the State Dept, or some other US Mission, such as NATO in Belgium.

Iran has 70,000 combat tested troops in Syria. The US has 20,000 they could force to the front, however: there is the fact that an overland route connects Russians and the rest of their allies directly to the battle....where millions of their troops would be sent. 

Source: The Pentagon

There are around 20,000 US troops in the entire geographical region depicted by this meme. To put that in perspective, there are around 40,000 troops in Ft Bragg. 

The NATO presence for the US, at its heights, saw tens of millions of US military personnel throughout Europe, and was centered in what was then West Germany. The US Army in Germany, by itself, (not counting other services) made up 81% of the US NATO commitment during the Bipolar Cold War world.

And, this is where much of the average American's imagination about US military power expression remains paralyzed.

The height of US presence in Germany, alone, was 350,000. Another 250,000 were attached in other places in the Eastern Hemisphere. We cannot fight a war with 35,000 troops. 

This meme is responsible for a whole lot of overconfidence in Trump's amateur diplomacy which indicates that he will attack Iran. But, this meme is proof of actually why he could not. 

   This is what the NATO US presence actually looks like. It's getting worse, all the time!

Most Americans seem bewildered by the 1991 collapse of the Warsaw Pact, and how that virtually emptied Europe of US presence. Indeed, most of the US Army in Europe (USAREUR) has been mothballed, and bulldozed. Of the 36 American high schools that once dotted the German countryside during the height of US presence in Germany, only nine remain. Of those, none has near the 2,000 high school students, alone, that each once averaged. They now average around 200 students, of all ages. This represents a huge gap that Americans believe stand ready to invade Iran or support an operation capable of starting a world war. The soldiers just aren't there, in the Middle East, nor are they in Europe. Most have yet to be recruited....

And the depictions of this meme, that US greatness is military, is proof that we cannot produce capable leaders, nor is 90% of the population that believes this meme, capable of reading a history book.

1) These are outposts, with the exception of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. These are sparsely populated, and 90% of these are in combat zones, considered hardship tours, and draw combat pay. They cannot provide a US presence anywhere near what will be necessary when Trump, and the fools who line up behind him, attack Iran, Russia, China, India, North Korea, and the list goes on. Turkey is a member-state of the Grand Alliance Against NATO, the facilities within its control most likely will be either taken, or the tarmacs bombed and the aircraft incinerated.

2) Vietnam was filled with bases and army posts larger than these, over smaller geographical areas. Thus: the number of outposts has no effect upon victory.

3) The US still fights containment strategies, which means that these bases are useless as both manpower resource AND containing Tehran, they are simply too far away.

4) There is no military goal. Trump is permitting Insane Netanyahu to run the country. This is both the goal, and the cause! Netanyahu just needs Americans to die for his superimposed country...

 This is a man who has literally repeated the claim, "Iran is ninety days away from an A bomb!" since 1999. That is no sophistry, he has made this claim, repeatedly.

And Trump is allowing him to operate US foreign policy in a shocking and illegal deferrence to a foreign power, one repeatedly caught engaging in espionage against the US! These people are not our friends!

The goal Netanyahu has is to demonstrate control over the US; insamuch as to wastefully, and suicidally order Trump to begin a third world war. (Mueller should investigate Israeli collusion)

In insane logic, like that of Netanyahu, if Israel cannot murder children in Gaza at its leisure, then EVERYBODY HAS TO DIE. This couldn't be further from the truth. And it has inspired NATO to declare publicly that, if Netanyahu succeeds in starting a conflict in Iran, that NATO will not assist Israel in its defence. 

5) The US has been caught by the Syrian and Russian armies already, due directly to Israeli "advice"(not to mention, Iraq, and 11 million dead or missing Iraqis, also a product of Mossad advice [see, Case for War evidence provided to Cheney by Mossad], and Israel's actions are inflaming the situation. The locations of these outposts are too far away to be of any help should Golan be invaded, and each of them on the Persian Gulf are vulnerable to the naval missions of the Grand Alliance Against NATO. All they'd have to do is block the Southern end of the Suez Canal, scuttle barges, then Blockade Hormuz, and invade Saudi Arabia from it's Eastern coasts.

By clicking on either link, and reading far enough, we can find the conclusive evidence of falsified Case for War specifically being phony, and supplied directly to Dick Cheney, whom then oversaw the fallacious Feb 5, 2003 Case for War speech delivered to the UN by Secretary of State Colin Powell. This deception of the UN has cost the US a lot of pull, as the UN Now begins to reflect a predilection towards the coming Russo-Sino New World Order.

With minimal effort, the unlearned lessons of Korea, Iran, Chile, Guatemala, Vietnam, and Iraq will be repeated this time to devastating costs both to US civilians, as well as to the US military. All this empire-crash just for one lying, bloodthirsty, and insane Israeli, and his Manchurian/New York bought and paid for candidate.

In the future, Google "US military presence in Europe", or "# of US military personnel in the Middle East": this meme was created by an idiot. (if "not available", he can be found as Volker Oneiroid on FB)
This link is to my buddy, Volker's, FB page. By scrolling through it, you can view the devastating impact of the NATO drawdown on Germany. Volker had a page called The US Army in Europe. But, for reasons not given, EU forced him to take it down. Friending him is definitely helping me stay sane, as the world of my youth is bulldozed..... What's left is like courage...not much!

Worse for the meme: less than 10,000 make up its other half's claims! In Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf, 20,000 US troops, and 34,000 in Europe, with roughly more than half those not combat troops. 
Under 10K means, that for the 40 or so outposts in Afghanistan, 280 US troops and dozens of Air Force personnel are stationed in each. They leave, Taliban takes Afghanistan.

 The bulldozing of a US High School in Germany, mine! Hanau High is gone!

Friday, July 6, 2018


Opcw, in some sort of timed trickery, has reversed its Douma finding, and now is saying that, "...the gas event in Douma, Syria, was staged..."


By: Kevin Drummond

In the last month we had a lot of ups and downs. But, by far the worst in the, "down" category, was OPCW backing Trump on his unwarrented assault of innocent Syrian civilians. 50 civilians were murdered by the Nato attack, which was launched on Friday, 4-13-18.

Now, with the new finding, and with Trump facing both a Syrian and Russian petition in the War Crimes Court in the Hague, and the OPCW now backing their complaint, as well as his upcoming summit with Putin, later this month, which now has to leave the rails of anything Trump had originally planned: Trump himself is about to become the second president to resign rather than face the wrath of the American people, the international community, and God, Himself.

Trump, in his insanity, was about to attack Iran in what would eclipse the military retardation of ReBush.

Now, each of the following people are guilty of violating the UN Charter, and waging violent and aggressive warfare:
  • Donald Trump
  • Sec Of Defense Mattis
  • US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley
  • Each of the Commanders, and military personnel involved in the acts, themselves.
After Nurnburgh, war crimes defendants lost the right to cite a defense based on the following of orders. Each of these people are currently involved in a conspiracy to create a world war against a treaty signatory, Iran, currently in compliance with all the categorical titles of an international agreement.

I had stated that Opcw falsified this finding. And I will post the link here,
acknowledging that they may delete the link on my link that stated Douma was positive for banned weapons in late March, of this year.

In the first link above from today's reversal, the OPCW says it located and abundance of consumer grade chlorine. This is clearly a statement that Opcw felt that this attack had been staged.

Two weeks ago, Trump, acting on the original OPCW report, which exonerated him, restored the funding for the terrorists who had staged the attack, the White Helmets. Now, that funding is evidence of his intent to violate international law on a regular basis, and to continue doing so against the sovereignty of the nation of Iran.

Syrian and Russian petitions of the War Crimes Court in the Hague had been quietly working their way through processing, and, when OPCW had previously stated that gas was found, that process all but fell from the daily news reports.

Meanwhile, in the House, real case for Impeachment has fallen into the laps of both parties, who are very interested in NOT repeating retarded NeoCon violence, ever again. European allies, too, are awaiting the removal of Trump as a war mongering idiot who is too stupid to comprehend that he cannot make peace in North Korea for the simple reason that they have good reason not to trust him. 

This undoubtedly will have ramifications for the ongoing detente process in that nation, as well.

In all likelihood, Trump's presidency cannot survive the new year. Nor will military actions be permitted unilaterally without strict oversight by Congressional authorities.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Is This The End of the Democrats in America?

It was when a "Democratic Socialist" won a nomination for a NY Congressional runoff by ousting a Democrat, that this fear became elevated. Acc to the candidate, and for brevity, she is Center Left, and realizes that the US Government couldn't take over any percentage of US industry to become Socialist. Center Left wants no ICE, Far Left wants ICE replaced by KGB. Both will be disappointed...

Is This The End of Democrats in America?

By: Kevin Drummond

As 2017 became 2018, and Doug Jones, (D), faced and overcame the polarizing political figure of Roy Moore (R), the nation was yet, again, divided.
And, as we take a moment to realize the midterms are right around the corner, I think it urgent to mention a few of the factors that are making the digital models both on Wall Street, and those in DC Think Tank Row, no longer accurate...

According to the hashtag #WalkAway, the Democratic Party is suffering a transitional phase of abandonment. But I hate to be the one to tell you that I find fault.

When I said as much about Doug Jones beating Roy Moore, everywhere in Alabama except among my own family I found that merely explaining how Jones would win would get me harrassed endlessly. So, I stopped explaining. 

I even felt as though the Democratic National Committee had played fast and loose with some allegations which Moore seems content to pursue, and may prove to haunt this kind of dirty politicking when they need it least...

But the Revolt Vote, which current data analysis models cannot group into accurate numbers, figured in both Trump's, and Jone's wins....they were not unexpected. The folks trying to make them that way were in command of too much of the media, and not nearly enough of their senses.

A dark horse candidate once meant a candidate whose win surprised everyone. Nowadays, reliance upon pseudo-science, and heavily attributed "data" designates any third party candidate into the dark horse position, and with the age of media and the computer, a new definition for an already coined word has been approved for Mass Communication.

But, in the Revolt Vote, we elect the candidate because we despise the one in our own party, or we choose the candidate whom we despise the least when the two party system fields two equally unlikeable candidates.

And let's touch base with how the media continuosly got the numbers wrong:
  • Phone polls, older Americans do not participate. 
The phone rings, we don't recognize the number dialing ours, older Americans don't answer, and younger ones do answer. >>>this heavily inflects the data with D party information based upon the differences in the Liberal and Conservative mean ages, and has racial expression as well. (Acc to the media)

But, they publish and believe those numbers.

  • Data Analytical Mining
In Election 2016: we had very little in the way of Republican, or Libertarian websites. Thus, the online data there tended to favor the Democratic Party, whose analytics included Facebook, BLM, and others.

The reason that is wrong is, there are white Republicans insulted by some of the more tragic shootings. But the derision raised by BLM divided the country, and infuriated folks whom ordinarily stood with them. The age of identity politics brought a two year epiphany: the election of Donald Trump. 

And this was a direct result of the data analytics at work on BLM websites, and on the huge fight for space on Google by national media outlets.

Which brings us to the current #WalkAway campaign, which is tearing up Twitter:

Do you have, and regularly use, a Twitter Account?

What about younger relatives?

If we are to believe the tenets of #WalkAway, "....I am a (black, Native American, white, Hispanic) American who is disgusted with liberal fiscal policy, a lack of respect internationally, and with the general direction my country is taking..... I reached out to (Democrat of your representatives), and found little or no I reached out to (R) and got what I needed: so I #WalkAway."

Now, I ask you, does that not sound a little fake? Maybe, a little pushed, just a little?

Because frankly to me, it literally sounds like something that really happened, then bots and automated account registration, and now we have a source of derision and overconfidence predicting a MexicoHacked Scandal.

Otherwise, it is always this simple.

It would appear that a lot of charlattons have sold a lot of media elites data like the infamous 538 Website, or the robocallers that mine data. And those media elites have bought a bill of goods.

So, whoever masters the bill of goods, seems to master what all of the nuances and all of all the contradictions are actually trying to say.... "whoever gets the most votes, wins!"

Therefore, I'd say that the majority of digital noise isn't worth heeding.

And my personal prediction for MidTerms, 2018: Democrats gain a tad, lose a tad, Republicans keep it, and the Governor's offices, as well as the Senate.

This lock on power is due directly to the nation recognizing that those who sold us identity politics gave not a single damn for the additional damage it caused. The fear it caused in minorities to accuse the political spectrum of harboring any favor for one ethnicity above the other is outrageous.

The reason Republicans will retain is simple: they are deconstructing forty years of Cold War type budgets that Clinton made D party to plug into LBJ type Great Society earmarks, then they pocketed the rest.

Googled "The US In Europe", lately? It isn't there, anymore...

And everybody sees that.

The silver lining is the restorative process to conservative fiscal policy which, in their own weird way, our nation push-me's, pull-you's up and down: wrestling towards an agreement somewhere out there, still.

In a future, no databot can comprehend, yet.

What Is the Time Signature of TesseracT's Of Mind?

What is the time signature of, "Of Mind", by TesseracT? There are many incorrect answers for this, and some confusing drum tab. ...