Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Adjustment to the War That Comes

The Adjustment to the War That Comes
By: Kevin Drummond

One month ago, to this day, I described the conditions that meant that the US was finished in Syria.

Recently, Trump admitted that it was true. This alters my year old prediction in The War That Comes, July, 2017, in one way: that now the Grand Alliance Against NATO holds the advantage, and the battlefield will be a little easier to see.


Trump's amateur diplomacy in regards especially to foreign policy, coupled with a European Union keen to retain the elements of the JCPOA in Iran, have resulted in pressure on the OPCW by the French President, Macron, to cause OPCW to falsify its report in regards to Syria. The evidence that this is true is that it witheld the data specific to the Douma Finding, used unprecedented terminologies, like, ".....likely...", and none of the standard protocols, such as the formation of a UN interventionary force, have been implemented.

This is a lot of information that could be unrelated: but, when it involves the will of a nation to export war, like Israel, or the US, and a world growing very weary of it: nothing should escape emphatic compositional conclusions.

The War Signaling, in particular, the CIA sponsored "Democracy" protestors, are all on the upswing. Nevermind Iraq, Syria, Libya....the American public is bloodthirsty. Perhaps the war that comes will give them enough. Perhaps not.

What we do know, is this concept, democracy protestors, is as invalid as Russia attacking the US over the BLM riots....or the Antifa riots... And the same venture that organized those, plus the addition of CIA, and Kurds, (aka ISIS and US Allies, as well as AntiAssad Al Quaeda see why some media had to die....?) are running these "riots". Trump is so caring....I bet he cries every night for these poor, oppressed, Islamic leftists....

The Two Possibilities: 1. Golan: The Alliance Strikes First, NATO sits out, US loses all....

The most disturbing possibility to Israeli and US planners is the the case involving Iran, Russia, and Syria retaking the Golan Heights, and pouring down into Israel.

Though Israel is of no cultural nor strategic value to the US, it is such that it represents what, in war, represents the kind of red herring to the US that presents itself as a Achilles tendon. There is no quantification that, if the US attacks Iran, and all signs declare that beyond a reasonable doubt, Trump surely shall: that driving The Grand Alliance back into Syria will prevent the Russians and Chinese from levelling America. 

True, they could reflect minor damage, but, and this is unknown to older Americans, there is no NATO presence held by the US which will lend itself to attacking Russia quickly enough to be considered "mutually assured destruction".

And, in addition, NATO has avowed to sit this one out. 

So, this initiative: the Golan Invasion of Israel: the Southern End of the Suez Canal is scuttled, and Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Syria invade Israel and occupy it in a quick, force recon style of Russian combat. And, they do it while their navies, and the vast Chinese Navy, supports the operation from the Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea.

This would prevent the planned US attack of Iran scheduled for the Second Quarter of fiscal year 2019. This is Trump's time frame: after offering EU corporate entities until November to get out. Attacking in December is not impossible, but the weather would favor his enemies who are skilled in fighting in the climate.

If Trump attacks in December, this would be a result of the Democrats unseating the Republicans, and the bloody and arrogant belief of NeoCons, and their constituents, that the US cannot lose a war, loves war, and this in spite of having lost every campaign since 1948.
Saudi Arabia would be next. The US would be forced to negotiate, or into world war. All due directly to a sitting president's unsubstantiatable and indoctrinated views about Zionism.
Iranian Naval presence seems convinced that this will be the route of US attack...

2. Naval Bombardment of Iran

In modern war, when you want to seem tough, but are not: you send Naval units to express this inner dichotomy.

If Trump tucks tail, and opts for this: the Russians are well emplaced, not like the April 13, 2018 situation: where a staged gas attack bloated US egos until slowly, the consequences have Israel up in
This would be like NATO Turkey reports the ACACC Aircraft takes off, begins its figure 8 pattern: then it is immediately confronted by Alliance aircraft, with every possible retaliatory measure on the table: he will not catch the Alliance off guard, a second time.

In this naval attack, Trump saves face.

It may suit the Grand Alliance to allow the attack to go unanswered if there are no civilian areas struck....

If there were, the violence would be sudden, continuous, and reach all the way to American shores.


The War That Comes is still going to come. It is not going to be averted. What can happen is the intensity thereof, as well as the effects thereof, diminish greatly by the US losing its footing in Syria, and, instead of remaining behind to "defend Israel": goes back home.

But, it is very unlikely that the shape of the battle, once one of these tipping points were reached, is going to be less than a worldwide consequence.

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