Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Killing the Rumor Mill

Submitted for your consideration are two photographs diabolically misidentified as proof that even anti Globalists are Globalists. And, these efforts all fall under the definition of internet scams we discussed in November, on this blog....

Proves Theresa May, and depending upon which source provides the pic, either Gina Haspel, or, as depicted, here, Globalist Lithuanian political personality Dalia Grybauskaite, are ALL in league to corrupt Europe with Globalism...
This tale was woven on Facebook, where there is still a bitter opposition to the facts. But, the French Hoax-Net, a reliable and non biased fact checking site, tackles both myths, and points out the most obvious reason that this is false:

During the years 1945-1989, the citizens of the DDR, Communist East Germany, like all except the former Old Republic of Jugoslavija: these citizens of these nations which existed under the Soviet sphere of influence just were not permitted to travel to the west. It was forbidden. Nor were "corrupt Westerners", like May, permitted to travel behind the Iron Curtain. UK had control over one third of West Berlin, and relations between the East and West were ideologically-motivated by hostility.

Until 1989, Merkel had been a junior junior deputy to then East German President, Erich Honnaker. For her, the Cold War didn't thaw, and she enjoy free travel, until well into the nineties.

This satisfies my personal criteria to dismiss this pic, and its backstory, as fabricated.

Here is the link to Hoax-Net, and there is an option, once it loads, to translate it into English. I took the time to look at both the original French, and the English via Google, and with minor difficulty, the facts are uncorrupted between the original, and translated version...

Is Putin buddies with ReBush...? Are they Globalist Masons together?

Not at all! This photograph does indeed, depict Bush, Jr, and V Putin covorting together in ridiculous robes....and, it isn't Photoshopped.

But, these are not Masonic robes! These are Vietnamese traditional dress costume, they are robes worn at formal dinners known as Panto Robes...

Kind of takes the fun out of it, right? But, this is no Masonic plot to pretend the Cold War continued, nor that Putin and the NWO are in reality, is a picture of an APEC Meeting, a sort of EU type trade bloc of Asian nations, and it was hosted in Vietnam during ReBush's presidency.

Gotta watch the fakenews!


  1. Replies
    1. On what? The robes are traditional Panto Robes. Google them. Better yet: Google museum pieces from antiquity. They are all very similar.

  2. Also, the symbols on these robes are fairly standard, and they are worn for different functions. This is an example of a Formal Banquet panto robe. As for the symbol, I'm presuming that you mean the robe... If not: idk how to reply.


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