Wednesday, June 27, 2018

38 North: Unemployable

Of all the democracy-corrosive think tanks out there, 38 North may be the worst because it is obviously connected to the government: indistinguishably. Yet, in its efforts to sustain its funding: may have permitted fallacy to corrupt its imperial seat in matters of North Korean affairs...

The John Hopkins Nitze School of International Studies is 38North's academic parentage....
  • 38 North is almost entirely on-line. It has an office, and academic parentage, but it runs a prolific web site.
  • Its name is derived from the 38th parallel line-of-divide...
  • It is associated with John's Hopkins Nitze School
  • It uses commercial sattelite imagery
  • It was founded by govt officials in the civilian private sector
  • 38North monitors North Korea for militarily, and for politically relevant data

"The International Laws governing nuclear materials do not have any preventive feature for which unilateral military action can be ordered if a nation is suspected of having this advantage. By signing into the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, then oversight by IAEA, the UN's Nuclear Watchdog, becomes a management tool, and only then do these doorways open up. As with Iran, and JCPOA, we are seeing Trump throw away Iranian peace for Israeli fears, and it appears that we are seeing this pace double in regards to N Korea.... More Zionism equating to horrible policy. All three of the incidents above occured in first world nations, in compliance with International Treaties..."

On an otherwise non-extraordinairy day in 2016, the 38 North Foundation, a think tank of nearly 100% military industrial complex origins, alerted the authorities of increased activity at a North Korean aviation site....ten days later, North Korea launched its first ballistic missile...
and voila: it had made its bones in the cuthroat world of US policy. It was the equivalent of rockstar status...

From that moment, forward, we would, as the American citizen, see little bits and pieces of its work, here and there, as in the press, Donald Trump's White House began its campaign of intimidation against North Korea.

And, with the arrival of John Bolton, bloodthirsty NeoCon, to replace actual conservative National Security Advisor, Adm H R MacMaster, the immediate effects were not generally perceived by the cult of Donald on the "alt-right". But, the emmisaries of bad policy form were all over the place, pushing the Khaddaffi Model.

When I saw a spokesperson for 38 North pushing the Khaddaffi Model, and then heard what this idiot was saying, I realized that in the halls of emphatic bias and fallacy, this cat has his own wing!

The absurdity pushed by 38 North, that Kim Jong Un and Mohammar Khaddaffi, the former leader of Libya, were correlatable, is nonsense. It meant that what I was actually hearing was another conclusion without evidence, already taken to the next level of intimidation.

And it nearly cost Trump the deal. Here's why:
When Bolton shows up, and historical fallacy is right behind him (WMD's in Iraq), what we are not seeing is the United States...

What we are seeing is a intelligence agency disguised as a think tank, operating outside the mandates of the American people, who very nearly shut the door to peace. Why.....why?

At least, at some level, some psychological level: peace with North Korea fulfills and concludes its mission. And with it, all that money that 38 North recieves in federal 301-c grants (or whichever tax exemption statute(s) apply) simply vanishes; possibly next door, to the Iranian-American Foundation.

This exposes a bigger question that I cannot yet even form a theory as to an answer: what kinds of restraints apply to the distribution of think tank information? Who tells them, "Hey! Tone it down!"?
Knowing that the Khaddaffi Model existed inspired Un to cancel the US Summit planning meetings set for June 6, 2018.

Trump claimed that it had been he who cancelled: but when Un cancelled the planning sitdowns; for Trump, and the US: it was over. And when South Korean president Moon Ja-In, and Un went ahead with their summit: quietly, it inspired a rare episode of Trumpian contrition, as secretly the US apologized for loosening 38 North upon the airwaves. But, the lesson cannot be lost:

When we give a guy money, paying him to make us aware, and the threat vanishes, then that guy's livelihood is now threatened, or, mathematically, the threat = $$$, no threat = 😥, or, no threat, no $$$.

War against North Korea, or normalized relations of peace, either of these options threaten their funding. Only the situation unchanging could've made the money tree grow. We wouldn't need 38North to verify compliance, either...

The IAEA (UN Atomic Agency) would do the nuclear compliance end, if Trump can hold it all in-tow, and reach non-proliferation with North Korea. After that: 38 North is unemployable...
But the Khaddaffi Model nearly halted the process. And I cannot determine that to be an accident.... especially an unhappy accident.

In the future, I will break these think tanks down. Not all are "bad", but certainly some are simply the military imposed upon the civilian world. Thus, the rule of civilian oversight of the military bounces around in these organizations, where much of the Senate can also be found.

It's ridiculous.

And if you're paying close attention, the next thing is the findings of the Iranian American Foundation, a foundation not quite honestly named as it has zero Iranians on its its founding: just former Iran begrudged notorious partier, American, Cyrus Vance. 

Odds are this think tank will be providing all the bullshit, bias, and unsubstantiated claims we saw with 38 North's Khaddaffi Model, with slight tweaking so it isn't too obvious that since no intelligent person wants another Iraq, then idiots have to form the manufacture of consent process...

But that's not altogether true: Congress fell down on the job allowing ReBush to war on Iraq. They would, again, just as easily. The blame game saw the formation of such punditry as manufacture of consent.
It isn't real....

The Summit Accomplished....

....very little. But, it opens the door to acquiring much, much more, in terms of treaty regulation, than had previously been on the bargaining table, before now.
We will not be able to remove the nuclear issue for a few more years. And, if we put the Pro-Israeli lobby into Israel, and the needs of the American people here, then both ends of the Apocalypse sausage are safe.....balance, peace, international incidents: all plateau except the one nation whose name I already mentioned....then, it, too, will be forced to act the part of an upright country....shalom. 

You can fool us all, under great risk, maybe once.... How many 13 year old dead kids did Iran make, today?

That the United States still thinks of itself as the only nuclear power is quite bigoted. The technology is available on line, and nations will develope them. But, with Trump's pro Israeli "kill Iran"dialogues, and no nuclear ban treaty with North Korea, after a whopping one total sit-down at the end of the day, after the first summit in 70 years: it's odd that the CIA has tried to identify the manufacture of power, or bomb making materials as, "illicit".

When, in fact, it is not. 

Only through toning down the Iraq/Iran model, 
and scheduling more terms and summits, could non-prolifération status be agreed upon. It can't be accomplished over night. And, facing reality, the US is not a very sound investment partner in peace treaties, lately. Oh....Iran, and the JCPOA come to mind. 

But, like JCPOA: Un knows better than to trust the US. Trump would need to have brushed-away his Iran aggressive policies; or Un, who is, by extension, allies with Iran, will have no business trusting him. 

And no. This isn't the recreation of what we Political Scientists refer to as a, "bipolar", or Cold War world. But, unless some serious interventionary efforts are undertaken, very mutually advantageous opportunities might come to be near-misses, to what may well become the work of too many chefs cooking the soup.

Trump needs to dial back the verbosity, and serve the country.

There, may Trump learn the difference between geopolitics and real estate: before it's too late.....
38 North published pictures showing that there is no steam rising from the reactors, and the trucks are distant from the water cooling task. This indicates no activities. No nuclear production. So, today, when Mike Pompeno corrected Trump, he defied his own people. #NoWarInIran

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  1. Hate to say it: Israel is crying war, for the war it believes it makes WITH the US against Iran. The United States is finished in Syria, and the world doesn't need paranoid bloodstained Israeli hands in charge, in America.

    Freud defined guilt as, "Demanding punishment".

    What do you think all this Intel agency spin about nothing in regards to North Korea and no steam from reactors, and trucks set apart.....what are the odds of 48 hours of Israeli threats against Iran being coincidentally ending the week with 38 North verifying another year's budget by intentionally misleading the public about just exactly how much the Summit achieved?

    Odd, isn't it, since Israel KNOWS N Korea has nukes, cos they stole them from US, and by way of China, sold it to them? Hmmm? Who is it that has guilt, and who should be punished?


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