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38 North: Unemployable

Of all the democracy-corrosive think tanks out there, 38 North may be the worst because it is obviously connected to the government: indistinguishably. Yet, in its efforts to sustain its funding: may have permitted fallacy to corrupt its imperial seat in matters of North Korean affairs...

The John Hopkins Nitze School of International Studies is 38North's academic parentage....
  • 38 North is almost entirely on-line. It has an office, and academic parentage, but it runs a prolific web site.
  • Its name is derived from the 38th parallel line-of-divide...
  • It is associated with John's Hopkins Nitze School
  • It uses commercial sattelite imagery
  • It was founded by govt officials in the civilian private sector
  • 38North monitors North Korea for militarily, and for politically relevant data

"The International Laws governing nuclear materials do not have any preventive feature for which unilateral military action can be ordered if a nation is suspected of having this advantage. By signing into the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, then oversight by IAEA, the UN's Nuclear Watchdog, becomes a management tool, and only then do these doorways open up. As with Iran, and JCPOA, we are seeing Trump throw away Iranian peace for Israeli fears, and it appears that we are seeing this pace double in regards to N Korea.... More Zionism equating to horrible policy. All three of the incidents above occured in first world nations, in compliance with International Treaties..."

On an otherwise non-extraordinairy day in 2016, the 38 North Foundation, a think tank of nearly 100% military industrial complex origins, alerted the authorities of increased activity at a North Korean aviation site....ten days later, North Korea launched its first ballistic missile...
and voila: it had made its bones in the cuthroat world of US policy. It was the equivalent of rockstar status...

From that moment, forward, we would, as the American citizen, see little bits and pieces of its work, here and there, as in the press, Donald Trump's White House began its campaign of intimidation against North Korea.

And, with the arrival of John Bolton, bloodthirsty NeoCon, to replace actual conservative National Security Advisor, Adm H R MacMaster, the immediate effects were not generally perceived by the cult of Donald on the "alt-right". But, the emmisaries of bad policy form were all over the place, pushing the Khaddaffi Model.

When I saw a spokesperson for 38 North pushing the Khaddaffi Model, and then heard what this idiot was saying, I realized that in the halls of emphatic bias and fallacy, this cat has his own wing!

The absurdity pushed by 38 North, that Kim Jong Un and Mohammar Khaddaffi, the former leader of Libya, were correlatable, is nonsense. It meant that what I was actually hearing was another conclusion without evidence, already taken to the next level of intimidation.

And it nearly cost Trump the deal. Here's why:
When Bolton shows up, and historical fallacy is right behind him (WMD's in Iraq), what we are not seeing is the United States...

What we are seeing is a intelligence agency disguised as a think tank, operating outside the mandates of the American people, who very nearly shut the door to peace. Why.....why?

At least, at some level, some psychological level: peace with North Korea fulfills and concludes its mission. And with it, all that money that 38 North recieves in federal 301-c grants (or whichever tax exemption statute(s) apply) simply vanishes; possibly next door, to the Iranian-American Foundation.

This exposes a bigger question that I cannot yet even form a theory as to an answer: what kinds of restraints apply to the distribution of think tank information? Who tells them, "Hey! Tone it down!"?
Knowing that the Khaddaffi Model existed inspired Un to cancel the US Summit planning meetings set for June 6, 2018.

Trump claimed that it had been he who cancelled: but when Un cancelled the planning sitdowns; for Trump, and the US: it was over. And when South Korean president Moon Ja-In, and Un went ahead with their summit: quietly, it inspired a rare episode of Trumpian contrition, as secretly the US apologized for loosening 38 North upon the airwaves. But, the lesson cannot be lost:

When we give a guy money, paying him to make us aware, and the threat vanishes, then that guy's livelihood is now threatened, or, mathematically, the threat = $$$, no threat = 😥, or, no threat, no $$$.

War against North Korea, or normalized relations of peace, either of these options threaten their funding. Only the situation unchanging could've made the money tree grow. We wouldn't need 38North to verify compliance, either...

The IAEA (UN Atomic Agency) would do the nuclear compliance end, if Trump can hold it all in-tow, and reach non-proliferation with North Korea. After that: 38 North is unemployable...
But the Khaddaffi Model nearly halted the process. And I cannot determine that to be an accident.... especially an unhappy accident.

In the future, I will break these think tanks down. Not all are "bad", but certainly some are simply the military imposed upon the civilian world. Thus, the rule of civilian oversight of the military bounces around in these organizations, where much of the Senate can also be found.

It's ridiculous.

And if you're paying close attention, the next thing is the findings of the Iranian American Foundation, a foundation not quite honestly named as it has zero Iranians on its its founding: just former Iran begrudged notorious partier, American, Cyrus Vance. 

Odds are this think tank will be providing all the bullshit, bias, and unsubstantiated claims we saw with 38 North's Khaddaffi Model, with slight tweaking so it isn't too obvious that since no intelligent person wants another Iraq, then idiots have to form the manufacture of consent process...

But that's not altogether true: Congress fell down on the job allowing ReBush to war on Iraq. They would, again, just as easily. The blame game saw the formation of such punditry as manufacture of consent.
It isn't real....

The Summit Accomplished....

....very little. But, it opens the door to acquiring much, much more, in terms of treaty regulation, than had previously been on the bargaining table, before now.
We will not be able to remove the nuclear issue for a few more years. And, if we put the Pro-Israeli lobby into Israel, and the needs of the American people here, then both ends of the Apocalypse sausage are safe.....balance, peace, international incidents: all plateau except the one nation whose name I already mentioned....then, it, too, will be forced to act the part of an upright country....shalom. 

You can fool us all, under great risk, maybe once.... How many 13 year old dead kids did Iran make, today?

That the United States still thinks of itself as the only nuclear power is quite bigoted. The technology is available on line, and nations will develope them. But, with Trump's pro Israeli "kill Iran"dialogues, and no nuclear ban treaty with North Korea, after a whopping one total sit-down at the end of the day, after the first summit in 70 years: it's odd that the CIA has tried to identify the manufacture of power, or bomb making materials as, "illicit".

When, in fact, it is not. 

Only through toning down the Iraq/Iran model, 
and scheduling more terms and summits, could non-prolifération status be agreed upon. It can't be accomplished over night. And, facing reality, the US is not a very sound investment partner in peace treaties, lately. Oh....Iran, and the JCPOA come to mind. 

But, like JCPOA: Un knows better than to trust the US. Trump would need to have brushed-away his Iran aggressive policies; or Un, who is, by extension, allies with Iran, will have no business trusting him. 

And no. This isn't the recreation of what we Political Scientists refer to as a, "bipolar", or Cold War world. But, unless some serious interventionary efforts are undertaken, very mutually advantageous opportunities might come to be near-misses, to what may well become the work of too many chefs cooking the soup.

Trump needs to dial back the verbosity, and serve the country.

There, may Trump learn the difference between geopolitics and real estate: before it's too late.....
38 North published pictures showing that there is no steam rising from the reactors, and the trucks are distant from the water cooling task. This indicates no activities. No nuclear production. So, today, when Mike Pompeno corrected Trump, he defied his own people. #NoWarInIran

The Adjustment to the War That Comes

The Adjustment to the War That Comes
By: Kevin Drummond

One month ago, to this day, I described the conditions that meant that the US was finished in Syria.

Recently, Trump admitted that it was true. This alters my year old prediction in The War That Comes, July, 2017, in one way: that now the Grand Alliance Against NATO holds the advantage, and the battlefield will be a little easier to see.


Trump's amateur diplomacy in regards especially to foreign policy, coupled with a European Union keen to retain the elements of the JCPOA in Iran, have resulted in pressure on the OPCW by the French President, Macron, to cause OPCW to falsify its report in regards to Syria. The evidence that this is true is that it witheld the data specific to the Douma Finding, used unprecedented terminologies, like, ".....likely...", and none of the standard protocols, such as the formation of a UN interventionary force, have been implemented.

This is a lot of information that could be unrelated: but, when it involves the will of a nation to export war, like Israel, or the US, and a world growing very weary of it: nothing should escape emphatic compositional conclusions.

The War Signaling, in particular, the CIA sponsored "Democracy" protestors, are all on the upswing. Nevermind Iraq, Syria, Libya....the American public is bloodthirsty. Perhaps the war that comes will give them enough. Perhaps not.

What we do know, is this concept, democracy protestors, is as invalid as Russia attacking the US over the BLM riots....or the Antifa riots... And the same venture that organized those, plus the addition of CIA, and Kurds, (aka ISIS and US Allies, as well as AntiAssad Al Quaeda see why some media had to die....?) are running these "riots". Trump is so caring....I bet he cries every night for these poor, oppressed, Islamic leftists....

The Two Possibilities: 1. Golan: The Alliance Strikes First, NATO sits out, US loses all....

The most disturbing possibility to Israeli and US planners is the the case involving Iran, Russia, and Syria retaking the Golan Heights, and pouring down into Israel.

Though Israel is of no cultural nor strategic value to the US, it is such that it represents what, in war, represents the kind of red herring to the US that presents itself as a Achilles tendon. There is no quantification that, if the US attacks Iran, and all signs declare that beyond a reasonable doubt, Trump surely shall: that driving The Grand Alliance back into Syria will prevent the Russians and Chinese from levelling America. 

True, they could reflect minor damage, but, and this is unknown to older Americans, there is no NATO presence held by the US which will lend itself to attacking Russia quickly enough to be considered "mutually assured destruction".

And, in addition, NATO has avowed to sit this one out. 

So, this initiative: the Golan Invasion of Israel: the Southern End of the Suez Canal is scuttled, and Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Syria invade Israel and occupy it in a quick, force recon style of Russian combat. And, they do it while their navies, and the vast Chinese Navy, supports the operation from the Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea.

This would prevent the planned US attack of Iran scheduled for the Second Quarter of fiscal year 2019. This is Trump's time frame: after offering EU corporate entities until November to get out. Attacking in December is not impossible, but the weather would favor his enemies who are skilled in fighting in the climate.

If Trump attacks in December, this would be a result of the Democrats unseating the Republicans, and the bloody and arrogant belief of NeoCons, and their constituents, that the US cannot lose a war, loves war, and this in spite of having lost every campaign since 1948.
Saudi Arabia would be next. The US would be forced to negotiate, or into world war. All due directly to a sitting president's unsubstantiatable and indoctrinated views about Zionism.
Iranian Naval presence seems convinced that this will be the route of US attack...

2. Naval Bombardment of Iran

In modern war, when you want to seem tough, but are not: you send Naval units to express this inner dichotomy.

If Trump tucks tail, and opts for this: the Russians are well emplaced, not like the April 13, 2018 situation: where a staged gas attack bloated US egos until slowly, the consequences have Israel up in
This would be like NATO Turkey reports the ACACC Aircraft takes off, begins its figure 8 pattern: then it is immediately confronted by Alliance aircraft, with every possible retaliatory measure on the table: he will not catch the Alliance off guard, a second time.

In this naval attack, Trump saves face.

It may suit the Grand Alliance to allow the attack to go unanswered if there are no civilian areas struck....

If there were, the violence would be sudden, continuous, and reach all the way to American shores.


The War That Comes is still going to come. It is not going to be averted. What can happen is the intensity thereof, as well as the effects thereof, diminish greatly by the US losing its footing in Syria, and, instead of remaining behind to "defend Israel": goes back home.

But, it is very unlikely that the shape of the battle, once one of these tipping points were reached, is going to be less than a worldwide consequence.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Two Wrongs: Trump, Israel, and Their Consequences

Two Wrongs..... By Kevin Drummond

I   Historical Fallacy:

 This is a view of historical analysis which refers to the fallacies we sometimes choose to use in order to quantify history as though it has some special or specific meaning. That meaning is referred to as being "biased".

The Fallacy of Blame
The Fallacy of Blame states that there is a way to understand history by blaming a single group, or person. The most famous example, though not the only example, is the persecution of Jews by the Nazis. The Nazis felt that the Jews were behind each of the evils of Communism, and the evils that tried to stop the Nazis from rising to power.

The Didactic Fallacy
Didactic Fallacy: states that there is a way to understand history by understanding what has already happened. Didactic means, "looking back", and the didactic fallacy basically states that in order to understand the future, we must understand the past...

Keep in mind: both of these things have some truth. But, at academic levels, we strive to shed all bias and recognize that history happens. There is no rhyme, nor reason to it.
But, being intelligent beings, we recognize that there are certain effects that are true despite being ruled out by the academic pursuit of historical analysis.

II   Cause/Effect

The United States, and specifically, the presidency of Donald Trump, has increased the number of migrants fleeing into Europe with each phony military role being played out in vain in the Middle East.

Israel is the primary cause. As historians, we are taught that the fallacy of blame is unreliable as a means to understand historical events, and both their causes, and their effects. And so is the didactic fallacy, also. But we were also taught that there is undeniable fact in the concepts called, "Exceptions".

Didactic Fallacy's most famous exception is the famous quote of Harvard professor, George Santayanna, whom said, "Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it."

But, in the Fallacy of Blame: the most famous example is also it's most famous exception: the nation of Israel is behind ALL of the death in 9-11, as well as the Libyan, Syrian, and Iraqi Wars.

If one states that Israel = to all Jews, then yes: the blame for all modern misery issues from the religion God has cursed forever, and the unholy involvement of anyone calling themselves Christian in far away lands, trying to steal the land and murder the citizens of a nation which offers the US absolutely no harm, and doing so on Israel's behalf, then having the unmitigated gall to refer to this as, "Defense of the US...." Israeli arguments for its actions are the deeper sojourn into fallacy.

Bear in mind, there are Jews, in large numbers, who recognize Israel as the crime against humanity that it is....

When the OPCW (Organization For the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)) claimed that Assad used banned weapons, not only in Douma, but in areas that they cleared already, casting the entire regime structure of OPCW into grave distrustful loathing, the assumption is, that EU used its presence in OPCW to apply pressure to criminalize Syria. This protects Trump from War Powers Act impeachment. If OPCW had cleared Syria, Trump would be impeached for violating the War Powers Act after the Democrats take over the House in midterms. No reliable international academic believes OPCW.

Now, all Trump's rhetoric, and all of the effort to fulfill the demands of child murderers of God's elect, acc to Israel's own bloated self view, Trump will now be compelled to permit their isolation: as the US is almost defeated in Syria by Syria, Iran, and Russia.

When they finally win, Israel shall be isolated. And NATO has already sworn not to help them escape karma anymore because of the refugee disaster that each war since 2003 has made in Europe.

Trump cannot escalate to help Israelis, or the Grand Alliance Against NATO will escalate to help Assad. And, though OPCW claimed gas was used, NONE of the UN protocols is now active, which, along with the "unreleased proof" of these crimes committed by Syria, is a sure sign that salvaging the US in the Iran JCPOA (Joint Country Plan of Action) IS the baby not thrown out with the bathwater. It is the reason for the season, and probably wisely so: though rarely will you ever hear me agree with EU....

Historically, Israel will now does something tragically senselessly violent, causing misery and war. But, nowadays, it seems like God has spoken.

Some Common Historical Fallacies:

  • The Fallacy of the Single Fact is not the only one I left out. There are hundreds of these fallacies, but not all directly apply to the field of historical analysis...
The Fallacy of the Single Fact states that all history can be explained in terms of one single event having caused any given path history took.

For example, and it's most famous example, is "the South lost the Civil War because of the North finding Special Confederate Orders 191, which explained the battle plans Lee had, thus, the North was prepared for Gettysburg."

The South lost for a number of reasons, but, at the point during the Maryland and Pennsylvania campaigns when the orders were discovered, the campaigns were already in a phase of total and complete disaster.

The South lost for more important single facts than some old orders that the North found. Industrial output was significantly lower, Gen John Bell Hood could've rendered his command to Nathan Bedford Forrest, and the list goes on.

  • The Existential Fallacy states that the Universe has meaning.
The result of this fallacy tends to apply bias in terms of explaining blame as residing in those whose world views differ from our own.

  • The Furtive Fallacy states that history is being affected by a series of evil and malfeasant leaders, or groups of them, and is a essential element to each type of conspiracy theory.
 We know some conspiracy theories are very real, but ALL of history isn't being determined by a few evil leaders.

  • The X Caused Y Fallacy states that a historical event can be explained sufficiently relative to its response. 
Example: The Loch Ness monster lives in this lake, X.

Each time a boat tips over and capsizes, Y, it was caused by the Loch Ness monster.

  • The Fallacy of Wishful Thinking states that any given view of historical signifigance is validly supported by a personal sense of right or wrong.

Ex: the North found the Confederate Special Orders 191 because they are the good guys....

  • The Fallacy of the Majority states that Historic fact is a matter of the belief of a majority, and not based in fact.

  • The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy
The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy states that, like the old joke where a Texan shoots several rounds into a barn, then paints the bull's-eye in the cluster of the majority of his shots: the fallacy states that using a little bit of data is enough to retrofit their causes. This is the fallacy most associated with how the RussiaHacked Scandal is being created by Trump's political opponents...

  • The Karma Fallacy states that history is a testament of the preservation of humanity because when a bad event occurs, historically, a good one occurs.

Although admittedly not your Harry Potter level reading material: this list of logical fallacies is well attributed, and, whatever you do not understand, click on it, and read it. It'll change your methodology in life....

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Snakes in the Grass...PEW Research, My Finding(s)

The unmitigated gall of these types of firms alarms me. In 2016, the leaked Clinton Emails proved the US, and President Obama, as well as his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, had created, and armed ISIS. At the time it was not understood by most Americans that the UN permitted the US to enter Syria to hunt both the Islamic State, and AlQuaeda. It turns out, that the US was actually helping them achieve various regime-change efforts....PEW would like to resume the illegal US presence in Syria. It isn't a far stretch to imagine that PEW supported US military interventions in both Vietnam, and Iraq, too!

PEW Research has a "history/political science" quiz in which it attempts to inform the public as to the differences in opinion, or fact. The only problem is, they are either wrong, lying, or worse..

The PEW Research Center is  partisan, alternative history-pushing: balderdash. Do yourself a favor: if you passed it's "5 Facts or Opinions" test, particularly about the US role in Syria, report to the nearest cult déprogrammer, immediately.

The "fact" that ISIS lost 70% of it's territory in 2017 is blatantly pro Trump partisan crap. This is a fallacious assertion, and has a ulterior motive set behind it.
First, ISIS was the name that the US gave it. The UN recognized that it was ISIL, and ALL resolutions about it refer to it by this name. Fact.

Also, in 2015, it changed its name to Islamic State, IS. Anyone using ISIS, while passing itself off as political science based research, must be regarded with suspicion.

ISIS was created by the four nations of the US, UK, S Arabia, and Israel. For this reason, the ENTIRE US Congress permitted Emailgate to escape criminal charges. But, the secret leaked, anyway. And that, and not "lost 70% of "their" land", was, and continues to be FACT.

WE MADE ISIS! FROM KURDS! Therefore, IS is not even is a group of Kurdish factional militias, armed, and protected by the Allies, that had no factual right to Syrian land, never owned any, and therefore, never lost any, either. The land they held in Northern Iraq was also provided to them by the US. And, with the three other nations I mentioned, they continue being materially supported; in concert with Israel, Saudi Arabia, UK, and, of course, the US.

It is a myth that these billions of dollars worth of arms, and training advisors, simply appeared from out of nowhere. But, this is the most basic fallacy presumed in the dialogues of the US Government, and in particular, its intelligence and military communities. By presuming in such definite fashion that this is a belief held by all sides of the political spectrum, PEW research reveals that it is nothing more than a hired gun think tank. The same kind of efforts that involved the US public being FOR Vietnamese Conflicts, and in the hunt for WMD's in Iraq.

And as such, PEW research represents the worst kind of evil in modern society.

When the current president has stated as much, "We should arm Arabic-speaking people, and let them fight in the region..." (4-17-18, DJT, televised speech) its not a suggestion. It is preparing the US public to face the truth.

IS is US made, unwelcomed in most sovereign nations, and never held land outside the land given to it by the US in Northern Iraq. IS was sponsored by the 4 allies as a means for accomplishing Israeli mandated regime-change throughout the Arab world. But most importantly: Syria.

IS murdered its way into small territorial controls outside of N Iraq, but never held this land in any sustainable measure of sufficient territorial rule as to have been able to lose any. These are the facts.

Now, how is HISTORIC FACT called, "..opinion..." in other than negligent, possibly unscrupulous fashion?

II. Immigration
Immigrants in the US illegally present a host of problems to a raided social security apparatus designed to be paid into. If you can call illegal drugs an economic menace, which they are (the money officially vanishes from the economy, raising interest rates) then the monies being provided to illegals through these programs has a much more severely nose-diving chart of aggregate damage. Now, add that it only takes one of these people and a small test tube of Ebola: and that's a problem.

Referring to this as an opinion means that we are still believing the myth that the US cannot be attacked, and, as a result of just such an attack, sustain damage.

Statistically negating this as a possibility is fallacy-based spin. Since this hasn't ever happened, statistics favor that it all such attacks came from either US citizens, or legally verified foreign persons. Using this to validate the pro immigration stance being taken is negligent at worst, it is pure evil.

We must enforce both our laws, and our sovereignty. This is perfunctory. So, if some agent provocateur does manage to do some harm, we will not have a clearly Globalist-inspired PEW type "open border" to blame, but will be able to have done the best we could in managing, not flinging open, any of our borders.

Think tanks like PEW are based in Pro-Israeli Lobby bias, and are staffed almost entirely by Jews. Jews are not loyal to the United States, but to Israel, THEN the United States. And with deep appreciation for the Jewish people whom refuse to support the modern atrocity of Israel, and are therefore, loyal citizens (and there are a few who understand just why the entire paradigm of superimposing Israel upon Palestinians is in every way wickedness...)
these Jewish people I salute as kindred spirits.
Otherwise.... #PewResearchIsFlawed

I advise folks to take ANYTHING they push with a grain of salt.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Killing the Rumor Mill

Submitted for your consideration are two photographs diabolically misidentified as proof that even anti Globalists are Globalists. And, these efforts all fall under the definition of internet scams we discussed in November, on this blog....

Proves Theresa May, and depending upon which source provides the pic, either Gina Haspel, or, as depicted, here, Globalist Lithuanian political personality Dalia Grybauskaite, are ALL in league to corrupt Europe with Globalism...
This tale was woven on Facebook, where there is still a bitter opposition to the facts. But, the French Hoax-Net, a reliable and non biased fact checking site, tackles both myths, and points out the most obvious reason that this is false:

During the years 1945-1989, the citizens of the DDR, Communist East Germany, like all except the former Old Republic of Jugoslavija: these citizens of these nations which existed under the Soviet sphere of influence just were not permitted to travel to the west. It was forbidden. Nor were "corrupt Westerners", like May, permitted to travel behind the Iron Curtain. UK had control over one third of West Berlin, and relations between the East and West were ideologically-motivated by hostility.

Until 1989, Merkel had been a junior junior deputy to then East German President, Erich Honnaker. For her, the Cold War didn't thaw, and she enjoy free travel, until well into the nineties.

This satisfies my personal criteria to dismiss this pic, and its backstory, as fabricated.

Here is the link to Hoax-Net, and there is an option, once it loads, to translate it into English. I took the time to look at both the original French, and the English via Google, and with minor difficulty, the facts are uncorrupted between the original, and translated version...

Is Putin buddies with ReBush...? Are they Globalist Masons together?

Not at all! This photograph does indeed, depict Bush, Jr, and V Putin covorting together in ridiculous robes....and, it isn't Photoshopped.

But, these are not Masonic robes! These are Vietnamese traditional dress costume, they are robes worn at formal dinners known as Panto Robes...

Kind of takes the fun out of it, right? But, this is no Masonic plot to pretend the Cold War continued, nor that Putin and the NWO are in reality, is a picture of an APEC Meeting, a sort of EU type trade bloc of Asian nations, and it was hosted in Vietnam during ReBush's presidency.

Gotta watch the fakenews!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

OPCW: More International Organizational Failures!

OPCW is the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons...
On several occasions it already stated that the "gas attacks" in Syria were forged, or alluded to that fact....

This reverses the finding of the US Defense Department, which has already published that this attack was staged....

This is not about Douma from this year, but engages the likleyhood that they are going to certify the other staged gas attack of 2018 in Douma as "real"....

This is a sad day for the field of international relations. The OPCW has really demonstrated that the far deadliest threat to humanity isn't gas: it's international organizations whose findings are questionably nebulous, and carefully worded in order to try to wash their hands of the knowledge of the evil that they do. The FFM in Syria produced nothing but evidence of no deployment of banned weapons, and, instead of doing its job, it succumbed to external personalities whose imprints clearly identify the source of the counterfeited finding in regards to Syria. Although this attack was previously ruled to be forged by the US Secretary of Defense, OPCW is directly contradicting this accurate finding.

Sadly, we are witnessing poorly contrived retroactive spin and from an organization whose puppetry indicates that the hand up its backside has zero respect for truth.

The OPCW fb page is admined by people whom have actually never seen a report that was accompanied by actual evidence, because if you simply look at the UN findings about Iraq and banned weapons from the 80's, or Bhopal, India's December 1984 Union Carbide incident, there are copious photographs, names, parts per million charts, and all of them continual as the environment slowly transposes the weapon from air diffusement to water table, etc...

What there are not, are uncertainties like, "....likely...." That, alone, indicts this finding as totally fraudulent. This may be the most irresponsible act of an international organization since the Blix Report was used in similar fashion to validate the horror the US did in Iraq. It reeks of similitude.....
This is the OPCW confirming that the facilities once responsible for Syrian Chemical Weapons are no longer operational. Unfortunately, 50 civilians were murdered by NATO in April of this year as the missiles targeting this facility, cleared by UN, missed their targets and hit residential areas. This is yet proof of the Iraq/Iran model, and the urgent need for armed confrontation of the out of control leaders of the Western nations...

The Syrian "evidence" has none of the proof, and features non-committal wordings in the first paragraph! There is no mention of the exculpatory witnesses in the medical field, nor did I find any pictures of the victims....
This is a staged incident followed up by a purchased and forged OPCW FFM finding. This is an outrage!

This finding furthers the direction towards justifiable war against the US, UK, Europe, and S Arabia.

This is evidence of the collapse of EU due to the entertainment of forgery as a means to justify actions reprehensible to a valid international community, and a compliant international and geopolitical construct perfectly happy to oblige...

But it also validates the need for war to alter the structure of the current world-order regime.
Thank you.
~Kevin Drummond Political Scientist

PenUp Is Broken

What is the Discord Group? The Discord Group (DG) is a group of 20-30 PenUp users whom have taken their friendships on PenUp into a group...