Sunday, May 6, 2018

Tipping Point: How and Why The US GOV Should Free Assange

Donald Trump has two ways at his disposal to cause the embarrassing debacle of Syria, pushed by UK, to halt the price he is paying, and will continue paying, at the Approval Rating and Wrong Direction categories, which indicate a very fracturing support base.

But the US Gov has a horse in this race for two reasons: the frivolity of the DNC lawsuit, and the fact that Julian Assange is now a victim of the tyrannical ordinary top dead center of the engine of British culture. Both of those things prove that lies are the reason for this predicament in both cases, as well as lies are the source of the Democrat Party's media-chumming: and shall be bound to prevent them from ever attaining power, again, barring several reforms necessary from within the party. But this suit they filed alleging Russian Collusion can gain traction only to the discovery phase: it has already been determined by the Florida Fed District Court that the allegations by WikiLeaks have no remedy from the Fed.

The Wikileaks matter cannot, either. The Federal Court can neither quantify, qualify, nor punitively remove the Civil Rights of others.
And at the cusp of it all are the treason issues stemming from Uranium One. Thus, the DNC suit is not going to help.

The tyranny of the UK is frightening. When rock stars and cinema luminaries leave UK, this is the reason. From the cover-up of their involvement in bully pulpiting the recent NATO Airstrikes, to their theft with the Rothschilds of tons of Czarist gold, which it then claimed was lost, the people of UK are ok...but their government is despicable.

Julian Assange is in poor health, and, at the request of the UK authorities, his access to health care and the internet are all being denied.

This is actually optimum time for Trump to start being the guy we elected, or hang his career from the one-term short straw of NeoCon and nauseating policy craft. In three days, between Friday, April the 13, and Monday, April the 16, his cumulative points fell 4. As of April 30,  eleven total points total are gone: this is a presidency in nose-dive.

The UK lied. France lied. Theresa May lied to Pres Trump, as did Macron. 

Time for some American Sanctions against real tyrants.

  • Provide Julian with a Uruguayan Diplomatic service cultural attache paperwork, and Uruguayan Diplomatic passport and badge.
  • Hire an actor who resembles him.
  • Obtain transponders from Ecuadorian Air Force diplomatic courier aircraft. Install these on a US AF plane painted to resemble Ecuadorian AF. Cover story: Assange is an attache to the Uruguayan Cultural Mission, whose wife has taken ill, and in a Montevideo hospital. He is hitching the quickest ride home.
  • Staff the disguised American aircraft with Army Flight surgeons, not AF, and they must all speak Spanish.
  • Using makeup appliances, take Assange's pic inside the embassy, finish his forged passport.
  • In the early morning hours, GMT, which are 7 ahead of EST, US and Ecuadorian embassy personnel escort Assange to the waiting Aircraft in a blacked-out embassy vehicle, and his diplomatic status avoids customs. Leave the fake Assange in the embassy.
  • Relocate Assange to US soil, admitting him immediately into Walter Reed.
  • Prepare a press release, and have Nikki Haley inform UK through the UN that, in accordance with statements by two previous Sec Generals, that the US feels the UK is engaged in human rights violations. The US will not accept this, from friend nor foe.
  • Allow Assange to choose where and when he should announce his escape.
  • Trump addresses the country.
  • Assange is granted asylum and Federal Protection, bringing in Red Cross and Amnesty International.
This will serve the dual purpose of saving Assange, and rescuing Trump's reputation, while his base thumps the stupid Democrats and their stupid lawsuits.

This is step one. But it would not only reverse the freefall, it would save his presidency.

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