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Most Deadly Threats

The most deadly threat is not the one you cannot prepare for; the most deadly threat is the one you do not know about, yet. 

The Press has a long history of trying to distract us from real issues. Here, in one of the Tonkin Bay pics, clearly we can see the VC attacking....right?

Most Deadly Threats

By: Kevin W Drummond

There are two links in the middle of this by the Washington Post, and a more factually based CBS article. 
This article should be read in the voice of Andy Rooney...

Why Can't We Stop The Opoid Crisis?

With the nation on the prepaid road to nowhere wrestling between a murderous NeoCon, or a foolish and disloyal presidential hopeful from the Democrat-end of our nationally unending Globalist nightmare, here, where we live, we are being fed contradicting statistics about the  war on drugs, and the irreconcilibly un-american aims curtailed in the sleeves of either party.

The Washington Post is one of the worst publications in modern times. To date, they have equalled the NYT in retractions, settlement for libel suits, and hold the record for plagiarism per-capita, as well as the damage it does. When they had the Pulitzer Prize taken away from them in the early 1980's, you'd have thought that we would have caught-on....

Think about how their power works. Globalists want Vietnam, president objects, he is gone. Then, suddenly, the headlines veer from Laos to Tonkin Bay...and, when you think about it, Tonkin Bay was the agenda in 1960. JFK wouldn't touch it, so Laos was being used as a, "Hey, claim Laos is aiding the Commies in Hanoi arm the VC...."plan-B, plan-A's uglier, meaner sister.

They couldn't compel JFK with that nonsense...So, they had to wait for our last good and American president to be, ahem...removed.

They didn't bother to wait until the man's body was cold to spend 60,000 lives and billions of dollars to prove him correct. The press, although crying loudly of how such things were no longer possible, activated both public, and Government consents, in a total lie. And, so began the ten plus years of horror and upheaval that went by the name, "Vietnam."

And, like William Randolph Hearst's war against Spain, which was also contrived of conjecture and greed, and by the headlines, "Remember the Maine!", it was perfect. Telling the truth, that the country had no business in Vietnam, could cost you your job, if you dodged the draft, a number of unpleasant consequences might ensue.

The words, the lies, the emotions elicited by the press were to be expected. They weren't made impossible by Constitutional amendments, or Presidential Decree, but merely because each time you bring up the way that the media lies, you get an answer referring to some past event, and all press lies are didactic.

Hearst was merely interested in selling papers. And, if he got Spanish, Cuban, and American people killed, that was business....back then.

And that is because modern people don't lie: that was so 1898! If you asked the press, the really don't lie about gas, or WMD's, any longer, and had certain folks kept quiet, they didn't lie about Tonkin Bay...because when 1964 was modern, modern folks are immune from the accusations of dishonesty like that.

Their industry has standards that work now.
Whose the barber, here? Perfectly illustrating the, "That was then, this is now" reasoning that professional standards only rise, then ridicule the past, Bill Murray has fallen from a great he is wheeled to a Medeival version of a doctor: a barber. Then, Martin, in the role of the barber, after listening to Murray's complaint, replies, "Ya know...there was a time, a long, long time ago, when we thought that this was caused by demons, or devils...but now we know: this was caused by a small dwarf living in his stomach! All he needs is a good leaching!"

But the press is rewarded for selling war. All wars sell, and whether it's papers, or advertising spaces, it's big money. And if it means a pro-Iraqi spin, or even anti-Iraqi spins, well, then, they'll do it because it isn't the thrill of the chase, but the money that is the objective. It's so obvious that they probably laugh about it, too.

But they do it quietly.

Project Mockingbird was the project that coupled the CIA and other shady govt agencies with tv and print news media orgs, was discontinued in the early 1970's. But this was its name. Acc to Wikipedia

But it has continued, and in blatant measures. It began as a slush-funded black program between Globalist David Rockerfeller, and the CIA. Vietnam was begun by it. 

And now, the Communists do not want the wall...Communists? Ok, Communists aka, Globalists. Globalists are wealthy, two class oligarchs, using socialism or liberalism to kick the foot into the doorways to power, and they use the press to do this. Whereas the R wing of Globalism, the NeoCons, want the same thing, but they use foreign wars to eat up budgets, or "divert liquid assets" as they say in the newspeak of their side of the beltway, and no wall is getting built.

But, they so fear Trump, the Democrats-in-power commissioned WAPO to write this upper middle class-seeking missile, that actually has some factual basis, and then, around the watercoolors of upper management shall be heard the powerful refrain of, "There's no real problem at our borders: Trump is a fascist!"

None of the conclusions WAPO wants us to make are legitimate, however, and the actual numbers expose the story as fraudulent.

And they always claim that exposing them as frauds is impossible because fraud could only happen in the past. We know so much about it, now....

From, "We couldn't create another Vietnam", to, "Healthy people were locked up into Sanitariums, in expressions both civil rights violating, as well as showing extremely cruel indifference...Yeah, that did happen, but not during this decade..."

When the person validating his encroachment of your rights, or the professional-standards of his practice are being negated all the way into criminal levels of negligence, we will hear that argument, compelling our faith, saying,"That was then, this is now...", my better senses have always been correct not to believe them, then nor now.

CBS tells the truth here, in link one.

In this link, Washington Post tells the politically motivated truth. Alas: one of them is lying.

Here are two different reports, citing two different opinions as to where the majority of fentanyl is coming from.
Note the WAPO's shameless advocacy of the blurring of our borders, and this is a goal of Globalism...
A wealthy elderly relative once spoke loudly enough that I overheard him, saying, "They want the US and Europe to become third world countries by 2150. They want the dog eat dog Mexicans and Muslims displaced by war to accomplish that; the destruction of the middle class." I know he despised Globalism, but he was not very vocal, he was a dedicated Christian. You'll not find any but liars in the Globalist camps in either American party. And, there's no hiding whose side WAPO is on, either...

As in the above article the author, Chris Hill, of the WAPO, directly disputes DHS BPA* employees, who say that border crossings are not the mess: the huge thousand mile plus desert that cannot be defended is. Also, the Border Protection Agency, (BPA) and the DEA, as well, often supply contradicting arguments from both agencies' "field agents and statistics", and arguments with intended objections that fall along a gradient of convenience. Like the EPA, this is a case of fascist jurisdictional ambiguity, and a typically globalist methodology of paying for the press to reassure us that the other gobs of money the govt threw at any given problem either worked so well or so badly, that they need more. We understand, right?
*DHS, Dept Homeland Security, which is parent agency to BPA, the Border Protection Agency.

But with a few publications we have to speak deceitful journalist-ese like a pro, and WAPO is no exception. Like notice in, "Myth 2", he points out that all the fentanyl killing people came in the mail, from China. Then, in Myth 3, "Relatively little heroin is getting through the border...and what does gets through in cars at border crossings..."?

                                               Myth 2, as it flows into 3....
But it is so getting through! In the CBS report I posted along with the WAPO one, that report cites a huge number of Mexican fentanyl-made heroin is entering the US market, 93% of this heroin is getting through the borders, the crossings, the unstationed zones, etc, and contains the fentanyl that is killing these users.

His argument, as in most cases when we want to persuade folks using libel, sophistry, and yet, we also wish to appear genuine, we might use a technique wherein we say, "...borders, borders, border crossings", until the reader is unable to distinguish between them, until you have to take notes to find at what point he is writing fiction: that's when we start using real statistics...though, it isn't an honest nor forthright way to do a thing....

But this is not a story about Project Mockingbird, nor how it is alive and well, nor even about why are we still putting up with a "dual citizenship" congressional composition that couldn't care a single damn about American problems: we owe for The Genocide in Germany from 1936-1945: so off to Israel's hungry teeth are our sons, our defenses, and our collective senses; once that Congress, which controls most of the important Committees, gives the order to go and die for oil, or Israel. And, Trump lied when he said he would stop it.

But so did will they all and this perplexes me. I am a trained political scientist, politicians from both sides read my stuff, like, "Politics of the Plutonomy", and they read it like academia. 

But when it's time to discuss, "The War on Drugs" they shuffle off, got somewhere else to.....go, I mean do...nope, go....

The reason is very simple: the only solution, a counter invasion of Mexico and demilitarization of the Northern half of our neighbor to the south is not Globalism. It is, however, the only thing that will save our grand kids. After all, it's why we have an army. With Cuba a quick learner and nation-state level kit soon available, that may grow quickly to include, "That's why we have an army....and Navy."

And the Federal agencies not wanting it, well, they don't want it due to their budgets being cut. 

And don't hand me diplomacy: twice, now, a guy whom called Obama a fool for attacking Syria only called a President with a Binding Resolution from the UN a fool...(UNBR-2253, permitted Obama's actions in Syria; but only against IS). 

He is a president without a binding resolution, thus violating the War Powers Act.

UNBR-2253 is worded in a way permitting the NATO and Russian militaries to aid Syria in dispatching IS. We learned later that Obama created the Islamic State (IS). True that 2253 is not recalled, however, a new Trump-created IS is now operating in the region, and their escaping Syrian and Russian troops, and not "humanitarian murder strikes", was the actual reason for Trump's huge 4-13-18 blunder. With each Russian effort in the UN, the legality of 2253 exceedingly stretched by Obama, is recognized as snapped, already. Look for Russia to succeed in having it recalled, because an order with no purpose, like stopping Obama's version of IS, is technically recalled, already. This is per-UN decorum. The Joint Session of the UN may be petitioned for it to be recalled, or, as in the case of the severe abuse which occured twice with Trump, the Sec Gen can declare the stopping IS mission invalidated. This recalls the order. The gas samples are not coming back from OPCW positive. The molecular dissemination in plant cells, for example, when compared to building debris, must match with a standardized average which means, it cannot be faked. This is most likely when either the UN will condemn the NATO countries, history making, the Sec Gen will recognize that 2253 is set aside, and recall it, and Russia will possibly petition for a zone of exclusion to keep NATO out.

This isolates Israel, but folks: if you keep believing we should be defending them, then you have bigger problems than the war on drugs!

Israel is using the blood of Americans to accomplish an illegal manifest destiny over the entire Fertile Crescent. It is against International Law

But both parties are Globalists, so they continue the forgery of a cowboy movie and murder tens of millions of people for you. You need your kids not to OD, but Israel needs them to act as ballistic shields: and both parties see the latter as the one for which our founding fathers gave Congress the right to defend the United States. That is how you do that, anymore: defend people who murdered and stole other people's land. This is defending us!

Trump is, Clinton was, Obama and both Bushes were willing to deploy force to help Israel continue it's self-appointed psychopathic quest for lebensraum and murder, and though that has nothing to do with Americans either dying, or being denied medical care: the only potential consequence is one term for Trump, two terms impeachment for Trump, and we will all wake up in our fifty plus year national nightmares the exact same time tomorrow, no matter who is in the Oval Office.

Unless you, I, and using the articles I have placed links for above, and similar ones: unless we keep at these people, the Washington Post, NPR, and other socialist entities that seek a serreptitious inflicting of harm covered in degrees bought but not earned, read but not comprehended, they are going to swing the culture right back on the "destroy us" course...

But don't tell them I told you. Google these topics:
  • Human Trafficking from Mexico to the US
  • Mexican Cartel Heroin with Mexican Made Fentanyl
  • How many heroin deaths were also positive for fentanyl?
  • Mexican Cartel Kidnappings
  • How Did the Sinoloan Cartel learn to manufacture Fentanyl?
  • Keep scrolling, you have time....
What you find is a government out of control led by a Congress out of control. And in no way should Iran, nor Libya, nor any nation that Israel is afraid of have a US presence in it, while the entire southern border is exploited by souls every bit as wicked as the US Congress's, and with whom we actually have an almost certain degree of contact.

And our doctors remain under siege from a Fed that has too many irons in the fire, too many conflicts of interest, and too many of the public suffering in some way unrelated to the nonsense created to validate the war on drugs.

It's a war on old people, it's a war on the dying and on their health care providers, and otherwise, is a product of the propaganda machine.

Loosely quoting Shakespeare: if a problem cannot be fixed, then it isn't the problem. Your attempts to fix it are the problem.

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