Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Delores O' Riordan, rip

Delores O'Riordan, singer for the Irish outfit, The Cranberries, has died at age 46 from a self-administered overdose of Fentanyl-laced heroin. 

Some terminologies for my US readers: 
  1. The Shenghen Agreement: the Shengen Agreement is the eu amendment permitting one customs check upon emigration into Europe. After this check, anyone is permitted to enter and remain in any nation they wish to enter, and does not have to be searched, nor present their passport.
  2. Globalism Globalism is the unification of cultures in the name of commerce. This ideology seemed beneficial. But, as time has passed, globalists have increasingly engaged a war against the ancient cultures of Europe, as well as lessor-known European languages like Catlanese, or Provencal.
  3. Frau Angele Merkel The unprecedented number of times which this Eastern bloc-born and former ardent Communist has served her fellow citizens as German chancellor is directly due to her being the face, and the embodiment of eu. She is a hypocrite, and in every way a product of the Communist Youth League which is directly responsible for the ridiculous expectations of the human race, in the name of political expression, which drives her Neo-Marxism into the 21st Century.

Fact: Globalism has enabled the cultural annihilation of Europe by confronting the ancient cultures and traditional values of Europe at national, demographic, and personal levels. 
True: Dolores O'Riordan should be blamed for believing the typical addict's credo: great heroin will end your addiction...
But the availability of Fentanyl-laced heroin is proof positive of the utter foolishness of both the Shenghen Agreement, and its doctrines of "free movement". 
How long, before plague spreads due to this elitist socially-engineered nonsense? How long until a wall needs to be built between EUROPE and Mexico...? 
Watch over the next few days, as eu paid "health officials" blame the Fentanyl on "physicians", and not on the Mexican Cartel workers who are manufacturing the drug and putting it into heroin themselves...

The ease with which smuggling is occurring against the welfare and benefit of the people of Europe is alarming. And it remains central in every argument's valid assertion that eu is actually ordaining disorder.

But, all leftist philosophies destroy the very minority and majority populations which they claim to be figuring first and foremost in the directions that their policies inevitably take: oil and water population divisions, subversion and repression, power trusts that attempt to redefine what a majority is, and ultimately, the rise of crime and crime lords protected by their minority statuses.

This is how Ed Koch singlehandedly brought New York to its legendary brink of ruin, and his hand--picked successors carried his reckless policies out while he and his cronies worked the private sector from knowing the who's whos and the nooks and crannies of the large and unwieldy socialism which became his legacy. Also, drug-addiction, murder, lawlessness, mafioso reigns of unchecked terror became his legacy. 

As Europe consterningly repeats US history, and refuses to teach its Millennial students the consequences of free food and large bureaus staffed with social workers in the place of police manpower and actually educating real curriculum in its schools; the pipelines between Central and South America, and its powerful Fentanyl-laced product, are running rich with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...

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