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Syria: Post Modern Failure of US Analytical and Critical Strategic Planning

Syria: Post Modern Failure of US Analytical and Critical Strategic Planning

By: Kevin Drummond

The Syria Code And Why They Used It

  • The Syria Code was exposed by the WikiLeaks publication of the Podesta Emails, and was spoken in major US emails between Diplomatic Staff. It was based on a rationale that these officials may be breaking the law, so, they tried to hide within the code all the various ways that laws were broken. Mainly, the concerns were in how the US adopted an anti-Syria/Basher al-Assad military strategy, by hiring mercenaries consisting mainly of Kurds, which became known to the world as ISIS, as well as Al Quaeda, which became the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the code.
  •  In the Code, ISIS means SDF, the Syrian Defense Forces, the pro-Assad military. When it became necessary, the Code described the arming of ISIS as, "ISIS having stolen American weapons." 
  • In those cases, wherein a written communication conveying a successful supply, or resupply of ISIS, could possibly result in future criminal or political allegations, the Code switched to accommodate the situation.
  • The Syria Code uses the term, "Iraq" in the place of "occupied Syrian territory" (by pro American-Israeli forces) in lieu of the US/Israeli total annexation of Syria. "Northern Iraq" means Iraq, proper.
  • The plan was to install a puppet regime in Syria, consisting mainly of Kurds, following the ousting of Assad. Although they appeared to be an enemy of the US, these Kurds, and other groups, as well, merely served the manifest purpose of being a foe; but, the latent purpose never altered from overthrowing Assad.
  • All of this was to procure Syrian territory, and sell it off to influential individuals in order to assure the continued terrorizing of Syria
  • The Syria Code is used along a gradient of convenience, and implied specifics, until a more secure means of communication became available. It appears in internal memos and documents, it was briefed to the world's media in a topical fashion, more specifically, the world's media compliant to the Bilderberger's geopolitical goals. That media has transferred the disinformation until the truth about Syria would have been lost...

Israel has blamed Syria for the "aggression" that Lebanon has "historically" shown them. Israel blames the Assad family for Hezbollah, the Lebanese National Guard, and the first line of defense of Lebanon from constant US-backed Israeli warcrimes. 

Nothing stands out quite as obviously, nor as definitively identifying Israel's role in the September 11 Attacks, as the single minded Zionist Blame Fallacy against Syria. 

Syria was Israel's target, and they compromised by "permitting" the destruction of Iraq to be first. 

However, they did succeed in the American militarization of the entire Middle East. But, the destruction of the Assad Regime was Israel's primary stake in the agreement.

And, now, that is never going to happen.

What has happened was the fall of the United States from being, what it considered itself to be, the world's sole superpower. 
Confronted by Russia, and an international alliance which includes China: the US, and the various states and factions allied with the US, have failed to achieve each of the short term goals that were laid out in the wake of the September 11 Attacks: occupy Islam. 

As a result, the long term US goals have already shattered, as the various think tanks along Think Tank Row cannot comprehend a unifying thesis in the data which they have compiled. This is called, "Truth Decay", and the flaw isn't in the facts and figures, it is in having allied so loyally to Israel. 

Reagan once infamously halted the Israeli Defense Forces that invaded Lebanon by sending Marines to Lebanon as part of an international peace-keeping force. 

The deaths of all those Marines in no way served Lebanon. It was most likely the work of the Mossad; as Netanyahu, and his master, Israeli Defense Minister, and future Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, uttered that Reagan would pay for stopping the IDF from completely wasting Lebanon. 

After the deaths of those 241 Marines, and after the deaths of those 58 French troops: after the Lebanon Barracks Bombing in Beirut, in 1983, that is exactly what the Israeli Defense Forces did...

Israel wanted Syria "under control" by the coined political process begun first in Beirut. But, until 1991, there was always one major obstacle to that coined dream becoming a reality: the Soviet Union. By 2014, however, the US's inability to separate flattery, and actual ability, began to show its Vietnam-face sufficiently enough to conclusively demonstrate that these greed-driven violent forays ending tragically are not doing so as the result of a coincidence.

Simultaneously, the Renaissance of a new Russo/Syrio relationship emerged, and it held the same potent military alliance that Syria once enjoyed with the Soviet Union; minus the potential nightmare of the Bipolar World going nuclear, and also, by the way, making Kenneth Waltz's BiPolar Balance a venerated argument.... 

The Balance of the BiPolar World was, (according to the most clarified analysis of polarity in world relations) the most practical system for the goal of achieving global stability.

The Eastern sensibilities of the Cold War had now made their bones in the Middle East, simultaneously disproving the UniPolar United States, and demonstrating, in Living and Explanatory Diagrams, the dozens of military defeats the US has experienced since 1945.

As Obama responded to the Israeli-Globalist urging, his advisers, still stuck in the delusion that this UniPolar World didn't die in Korea, opted for a false-flag-enemy; one that wasn't real, one that his intelligence agencies could arm, train, and one that they could pretend to fight; while escalating the men and material needed to take the US all the way to the Indus River, and beyond...  

Building off of an earlier version of one of these phantom armies, they selected the non-existent Al Quaeda in Iraq: Sunni Kurds that were for sale. First appearing in 2004, and having been somewhat successfully pioneered by MI-6, the paper tiger MI-6 called, "Al Quaeda in Iraq", gradually became known to the world as ISIS. But, it was merely the Peshmerga Kurds.

Then, with Saudi Arabia/Qatari's "Al Quaeda" (yes, the September 11th Al Quaeda), President Obama secured for himself a shield from violating the War Powers Act; which all of this does, by the way, even with the gymnastics. 

They then petitioned, and received, United Nations Binding Resolution 2253 under false pretenses; the details for which had already been set-forth by the previous administration, and its inexplicable deference to the The American Enterprise Institute.
Mike Pompeno and John Bolton are two of the most incompetent notable characters to emerge from this shady disservice to the US. I'd link that, but they appear to be blocking me. But, the American Enterprise Institute may not be blocking all of us, as its incompetent luminaries claw their ways back into employment via Trump's hire/fire cycle. 

Feel free to check....

The Obama Administration didn't need to create a pathway to violating the UN Charter, his staff could simply build off of ReBush's newly-defined American Abuse of the UN, and deceive the organization further for its own, and simply put, monetary dividends. 

And, EU flung open the doors of Europe to accommodate this  overflow of the millions of traumatized, and displaced victims of this greed, which they then awarded citizenship, and a vote: assuring that pro EU candidates keep winning, which completed the cyclical perfection of an unprecedented assault against Christian, European, and American ideals.... And, they all took a large cut of untraceable dollars via accounting gymnastics, and Think Tank 301-C and 501-C Tax Exemption Status. The whole thing was a tower to immense wealth for the Bilderbergers.

Yes! Yes! It all looked good, on paper.

Meanwhile, the Israelis have barely hidden their involvement in assisting ISIS...while the US is still pretending on one hand, that they can shepard the ham about Syria, though it is clearly cooked, and picked to the bone, as far as being a legitimate cause of action in the region of the Middle East.

In the Information Age, keeping the whole world in the dark is just not understood by US planners to be the fossil that it actually is. In the dark, where they kept us during those decades, they now find themselves, stumbling in the twenty year war crime, and accompanying atrocity that attacking, and selling off a sovereign nation, actually is to the eyes of the rest of the world; a world whom remembers... all too well... how dark it can get when we are misled for so long. 

But, walking blindly in a world that has never known the darkness into which these parties, whom are exposed by WikiLeaks, now find themselves; they carry on, while harvesting their seventy year crop of humility. 
They like to believe that they are untouchable. 

For them, that truth is very hard to see. 

Whether by confidence, or influence, they once found this easy enough to believe that they've constructed their entire foreign policy, and their diplomatic systems, around something that no longer is real. 

It is the Mimeograph Machine that should've been retired after the very first email was sent in the 1980's, and they are shocked to the core as to why their narrow shoulders must bear the weight of the sins of their "Patriot" Fathers...

For them: it must be very dark, indeed...

In these Podesta emails, Killary and Molesta are vaguely referring to Kurds (Peshmerga, KRG) a group of Kurds that they are already arming.. However, the fact is that they are ACTUALLY discussing arming ISIL, by transposing the name of the Syrian Defense Forces (the Assad regime), and ISIL, which fights the same enemies as the US. 

The Radicalized Sunnis that they openly discuss arming and training, are, in reality, ISIS. But, they call this army, "Peshmerga", a division of the KRG Army (Kurdish Regional Government, the official Kurd Government).

Kurds and ISIS are otherwise, identical. 

I think at one point, the Kurds decided to break with the US, but the fact is, that the government they created in North Iraq, where the Kurds are from, coincidentally enough, has never been truly broken, nor its "leaders" captured. Odds are, the US paid the ISIS/Kurds back with territory in Northern Iraq. 

Recently the Iraqi PM snubbed the Keshmerga Army when he praised those whom he said, "defeated ISIS". Just food for thought....

Competition for control over post overthrown Syria! Hmmm....🤔

The fact is, that in reading this email that you'll find enclosed at the end of this article, like nearly all of the Podesta emails: without a key to the particular code, the emails just don't make sense. 

It literally says they are arming only one of the two armies that are going to fight theirs, and Israel's dreaded enemy: Assad. 

The US goal, coincidentally enough, is also ousting Assad. 

Then, evidence was uncovered about how the Pentagon forges false flag attacks regularly, and has since the Iraq Atrocity of 2003.

Then, people began applying that knowledge to the whole Syrian debacle, identifying it as the false flag that it is

Then, guilt ridden insiders began spill the beans.....

And voila: Syria now makes sense. Israel wanted their oil. Like evil Toadies, US troops died, while Russia said, "This isn't your neighborhood, G!"

Then, there is the foundation of this insanity, all lying there, in plain sight, in the Podesta emails. One just would be well-suited to use the Syria Code to comprehend the clearer details of this exchange between Clinton, and Podesta.

The facts about the US creating and supporting Kurds which they named, "ISIS" had a side-effect of stressing the geopolitical relationship between the US, and longtime ally, fellow NATO member-state, Turkey. This caused Turkey to resist the US strategy, which, in turn, inspired the failed 2016 coup against Erdogan. Turks and Kurds are ancient enemies....

And, if you get in on the code, and replace ISIL with The Legitimate Syrian Defense Forces, not only does it make sense, it relates a tale of competition between Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, and the US, to see who can influence the Kurds the most, in order to be the one that they thank the most with oil, and influence, when they come out on top, and take over Syria.

Even Wikipedia claims that the official narrative, that there was a cutthroat war, (a war where three forces are fighting one another) is what transpired. And, that this oddity is a factual account of the attempted overthrow of Assad. 

Known by a variety of names, The Failed Overthrow of Basher Al Assad bears perhaps the sole exclusive distinction of being the world's only civil war, since 1947, anyway, that, when Mossad, and CIA denied any involvement in it, they weren't lying. RIGHT.

And, it also has the most numbers of armies fighting each other within one country, at least since the Spanish Civil War which preceded the Second World War. That was a proxy war, too. 

Odd how it never is what they tried to prevent us from realizing that it is. Isn't it?

Somewhere, between necessity, and convenience, the cover story and the facts finally divorced from one another. 

And, as the incredulity of the apparent situation no longer bore enough mystery to grant continuum to the lies, the truth began to spill out. At first, a trickle spilled out....

Then, the dam of lies broke open, and 9-11 was an inside job to accomplish all this. Pedophiles from both parties who run the US government, in their warped perspectives, to them, this was a great plan!

And, in defiance of the Western style of intelligence gathering that follows the rise of the Bipolar World, the Syria Code revealed itself, as a life preserver, one to help us, as we leave behind the absurd and senseless errata, and the sea of consterning and haranguing, and often unrelated, composite disinformation.

Only the confusing lies remain.

Or, hidden in the code, the truth about seventy years of bad governance in the US: which, by the way, fittingly explains North Korea, Vietnam, The Failed Hostage Rescue, Iran, etc. 

This cover story remains their excuse, like a testament of the whole affair, like a fossil of a world view that is going to be left behind, as the rest of the nations come together for peace.

When one considers all the pieces of the puzzle we are given, the only conclusion is that the US created ISIS, then obtained a UN Resolution to pretend to fight them. This was to project US power globally, but in particular, into the troublesome (historically) Middle East. It was to make Israel safe. Israel, whom God cursed, Forever. 

However, in reality, they tried, and failed to achieve victory against the Russo-Syrian Alliance. Thus, the Syria Code is the only way any of the Podesta diplomatic email makes any sense. 

And, it shows us why God is done with the US leaders, as a whole.

The convergence of clarity regarding the picture of Syria, and the depiction of US Forces being allies to ISIS troops, whom Clinton and Podesta call, "ISIL", (as the result of an international agreement in the UN) is further proof that, in these emails, the code for the legitimate Syrian Govt, and it's Defense Forces, was ISIL.  

Clearly, ISIS and Al Quaeda are American, and American Allies', creations. 

It is likely that the reference to the Peshmerga Forces and the real ISIS are one in the same. 

In the emails, Podesta and Clinton discuss "captured Iraqi tanks used by ISIS". 

Tanks... A Lot!

Iraq has never manufactured tanks. So, this appears to be a code for referring to how they armed ISIS with US tanks, and how that might impact the Syrians, (ISIL in the code) whom, at the time of this email, 2014, were not receiving Russian military aid. In this type of a situation, there isn't a mention of an enemy. Clinton is referencing that a successful resupply of ISIL has occurred, and that the method seems to be working. 

Clinton avoids direct admittance to arming ISIS by claiming they stole Iraqi military gear. 

Only a few paragraphs earlier, she said the Iraqi army was useless.... But, here she refers to ISIS stealing tanks in order to reference the fact that she has supplied the Kurds with tanks and artillery, and that they needed them to provide firepower against the Assad troops. There was no capture. This is clearly a code. 

Why would the Iraqis, whom are beaten and of no use, have US tanks just lying around?

This email, about the "robbery of tanks and weapons", is sent five weeks AFTER both of the lies, 1) (2014) ISIS captures Iraqi Tanks and Humvees, and 2) (2014) ISIS captures US Tanks made it into the headlines.... obviously, with a little help. 

The fact that it doesn't occur to many civilians that there is a difference between Iraqi tanks and gear, and US tanks and gear. What kind of security just allows an enemy to take tens of millions of dollars worth of advanced military hardware? If it's Iraqi stuff: why isn't it being defended by proper and functional efforts? And, why do we see these "thefts" happening over and over, with little or no effort to improve the means of transportation insamuch as that arming our enemies would no longer be aiding the efforts at killing our soldiers?

That these stories are both being leaked, simultaneously, and without any clarification, is very conspicuous. And, they indicate a protocol that is in violation of a hundred laws, to include "the realm of possibility".

Nor were both of these ambiguous stories leaked accidentally.

But, the American public was looking at this in 2014 and either apathetic, or concluded that all the little lies to should just be chalked up to a leadership that is "incompetent". I think the "turn away in disgust" factor is something that has been a method of deceiving us, for years.

Sadly, albeit unbeknownst to them, the US Middle East policy directorate is being operated by a group of people who are actually incompetent. This is a factual assessment. But, not for their intended reasons...

At the time, though, it kept the code alive and useable; to those in the know: violating US Law, International Law, and the Uniformed Code of Military Conduct, the Patriot Act, and the Homeland Security Act, and those barely scratch the surface.

Why would they arm ISIS? Because both Al Quaeda (Free Syrian Army in the code, a Saudi creation) and ISIS (Assad Army in the code, but ISIS is their creation) are their mercenaries.

The obviousness or the flaws in the strategy of Hillary/Podesta's defenders, " that Assad cannot gain any advantage..." Problem: the only army in the north was ISIS, and the US. NOBODY could've attacked ISIS from there while also fighting Assad's forces! Nor could Assad have had to fight them both: he would simply wait, and beat the victor. Something is wrong with this whole thing.

In the emails, we see them referring to how ISIL is both in Iraq, and Syria. This is because they considered the territory inside Syria that was under US control to be their territory. And, in this code, the US occupied portion of Syria, and the region's Al Tanf Airbase, is referred to, collectively, as, "Iraq".

They knew the potential for leaks, but this is why her emails had to vanish: none of this fits the current events that occurred, and all of it leads to the conclusion that the US was using Kurds as a "villain" to allow Israel to annex pieces of Syria.

And, the ISIS armaments were stolen by ISIS in order to accomplish US Hegemonic flaws, simply stated: they trained and outfitted these Kurds with American armaments. The Hegemonial Flaw is that the US thought it was unbeatable. Patton's was undefeated. After that, his America died with him, tragically, and the most obvious wrong turn in both our political, and our military ways of thinking.

I think we joined this war on the wrong side. ~George Patton, speaking of WW2, and the Jewish Question.

Patton would consider Israel and the US to be common criminals, heretics, and unworthy of triumph. That this type of low and criminal behavior is dishonorable is a given: but that would matter to Patton. Taking other nations' stuff, killing their populations, and operating a criminal act in the foolish notion that God is not watching would be foolish to a winner.

For thugs and cretins, it is just business as usual. 

This is also convenient for oil exploration, and the Israeli court that ruled that Syrian borders aren't real, sovereign, nor a thing that their buddy America cannot ignore by murdering everyone...

For whatever reason, the Israelis looked to loot Syria, and slay that straw man, all in fell stroke: by selling sovereign Syrian territory, as well as violent American warfare.

Read this using the code.
You'll see how the Brookings Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, the Iraqi American Council, the Council on Foreign Policy,  the American Policy Institute, and AIPAC (American-Israeli Political Action Committee) have all worked together to operate the foreign policy of each president in this century.

Their many failures continue to shock them...
And, it all lies staring back at us like the evidence of how badly US leadership has failed the world, from the The Podesta Emails.

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The Function of the EU View of Immigration

The Function of the EU View of Immigration

By: Kevin Drummond

From landing in an EU member-state, until full fledged voting citizenship is achieved, the time that must pass for any given refugee seeking asylum in Europe is only five years. However, the effort undertaken by Globalist and Zionist media outlets is to aid in the operation of an international scam: one that targets Muslims, and Christians, both. So, they focus on propaganda, and emotionality....

They seek to divert attention from the illegal and violent wars of aggression meant to accomplish a Zionist version of Manifest Destiny over the whole of the Fertile Crescent, and to use facts to play on people's lack of understanding of the migrancy problem in-general, in order to gain the confidence of the average citizen of any given first world nation.

Each day, thousands of five year asylum-seekers fulfill their waiting obligation, and then become thousands more EU political supporters and votes; as these refugees are deceived by EU into believing that EU can protect them from angry Europeans. 

There honestly could be no better means of guaranteeing that the scam shall perpetually continue.

Facts, such as the fact that the migrant crisis began in 1954, and has always been dominated by an African majority, would seem to exonorate Zionism in this evil plot.

But it doesn't exonorate the role that Zionism plays in BP, which is the largest displacer of Africans since the slave trade. The fact that an African majority dominates the EU View of Immigration does not spare Zionism of the shame it is due, whatsoever.

Instead, it demonstrates a clearer picture of greed, out of control Religiosity of paganism, murder, and the sense of foreboding; that there is a God, and for Zionism: this isn't going to end well.

Who supports immigration?

A man who is not happy where he is, will never be happy where he is going. ~George Bernard Shaw

•I was never under the impression that unchecked immigration was something ANYBODY supports. However, the migrancy problem in Europe centers around a clear African majority, and the competitive number of refugees whom bear Turkish passports, yet are a continuing result of idiotic Zionist/American wars staged by three different presidencies. These people are Iraqi, Syrian, and (soon, in the hopes of wicked and murderous Zionists), Iranian.  

But, because their overland route into Europe was circuited through Turkey, and Turkish papers were issued to them, the EU considers them Turkish Nationals.

The role of Zionism in EU is to permit their emigration into Europe in order to accommodate the ongoing fallacies that support Zionism, and the deluded notion of a Jewish "manifest destiny" over the whole of the Middle East 

The function of the EU View of immigration is to fling open the doors of Europe, so the continent may act as a place to warehouse the souls who are displaced by these expansionist Zionist policies.

The goal is to convert ancient European states into a vast network of interconnected prisons that house these displaced souls; making them, and the real Europeans, victims of the same evil forces.

That is the role of the Shenghen, or Free Movement Agreement, which essentially removes the former international border crossing protocols between the member-states of EU. Once the refugee is in one European member state of the EU, he is in every one of them.

And now, that refugee is literally able to journey freely throughout the entire continent. 

Through the Shenghen Agreement, the identity of each European nation is under siege by a group of people for whom Europe inspires no loyalty. And, the chain of reactions, along each station of converting Europe into this giant refugee center, is well-tried, and backed by stacks of paperwork.

That chain can neither be confronted, nor broken in Europe. It can only be confronted by confronting Israel, and the projection of Zionist-based financial institutions into areas formerly backed by an independent central banking system. These Rothschild Banks fund Israel and have since The Balfour Declaration. 

Therefore, their single identity is inseparable. Torturing Muslims in Europe activates the scam to full-effect. That scam has control over the military, and the armies of Europe. There is no use in fighting the Muslim in Europe. He should've been left in peace in his nation: now we are both betrayed by the same people.

The EU fears the population of Europe figuring this out and unifying with the Muslims to oppose Zionism and repatriate these people to their homes. Before the next batch is displaced by US/UK/Israeli bombs, how about waking up, and fighting the problem?

The unity that Globalism fears...

  • Africa

The fact that the majority of BP shareholders hail from Northern European nations, and support both the seizure of ancient tribal hunting grounds, and vital fishing waterways, as well, continues to spur on the necessity of the presence of Western and modern armies in the areas affected.

As BP seizes property that it "buys" from larger tribes which are hastily called, "The Government of (fill in the African nation of your choice)", the inhabitants, whom depended upon these natural resources for their livelihoods, suddenly find themselves in a desperate predicament.  

These larger tribes are hastily "recognized" as legitimate, and often paid in military hardware. They then act as muscle for BP, and in an ongoing cyclical relationship, they put the weaponry to good use.

It is post-colonialization, at its finest. 

These efforts displace a huge number of Africans, which Zionists in EU acquire as both citizens, and future pro-eu votes.

How diabolical

Emmanuel Macron's EnviroTax, which is one major reason for the Yellow Vest movement, is not as easy to understand as one would think. He was a high profile investment banker for the House de Rothschild. (See, professional life), and dealt with the petroleum industrial clientele, on a regular basis. Macron recently raised eyebrows by suggesting that a eu facility be placed inside Africa to make the emigration process into Europe far easier. The thread of Globalism that might otherwise be missed, is that he, himself, is a stockholder in BP, and has had a corporate relationship with the petroleum giant dating back to his days as a Rothschild Syndicate banking executive. The whole scheme is a fine testament to inhumanity, and to eu's contempt for African AND European cultures. 

  • The Middle East

There is no other word to sum up the efforts of the US/Israel/UK and S Arabia in the Fertile Crescent, except, "diabolical". 

The Case for War, presented in the UN on Feb 5, 2003, by Colin Powell, acting on behalf of what would later be revealed as Dick Cheney/Scooter Libby and the Pro-Israeli Lobby, was the first time in history a permanent member of the UN Sec Council blatantly abused the regime of the UN in order to falsify the militarization of an entire global region. As a result of this fraud, UN Binding Resolution 1441 was born. 

The solicitation of the UN Sec Council by Obama in 2014, in order to receive the extension to ReBush's Case for War Binding Resolution, 1441, and to be permitted by the international community to hunt Al Quaeda and ISIS, resulted in the second fraudulent UN order, UN Binding Resolution 2253.

This resolution essentially stated that the US and her allies would be in-compliance with the UN Charter if they funded a phantom army, which they would then, pretend to fight: all the while pursuing the unstated objective of the overthrow of Basher al-Assad, Prime Minister of Syria.

This demonstrates conclusively that the Zionists' plot against Europe, and God, is bipartisan, and a conspiracy undertaken within the UN.

In the United States, the fact that both parties are under the influence of Zionism means that the voters of the US are not being listened to, whatsoever. It also confirms that Al Quaeda did not exist prior to the Syrian Civil War, (WikiLeaks, the Podesta emails), and that the US and S Arabia created ISIS and Al Quaeda from Kurds, (WikiLeaks, the Podesta emails). And from this we can conclude that 9-11 was an inside job.

The US authorities just allowed the definition of Mujahideen, Taliban, and Al Quaeda to become a single group, when, in reality, this is a description of hundreds of groups. When the Zionist cause needed the US to militarize the Middle East, The September 11 Attacks were planned, and carried out. 

By now, we are used to the fake enemies, like ISIS, which the US and allied Intelligence Agencies typically use as a smokescreen over some latent, and actual purpose. The Mujahideen were originally started by the US. And, the Bin Laden terror group included members of these networks. 

However, the fact Muhammad Atta was a US/Zionist Intelligence asset, coupled with the fact that the narrative the US government proposed in it's 9-11 Commission Report being patently absurd, tends to discredit the third world Mujahideen as being able to organize an event against a target that was designed to withstand a kamikaze attack from contemporary wide bodied aircraft.

This is Zionism run amok. And, not just in the EU View of Immigration, but Globalists in the US show their Empirical knowledge that Al Quaeda didn't plan 9-11, each time they say, "Fling open the Mexican borders, allow illegals into the country!" Most of these Globalist Democrats actually approved of the Patriot Act, and voted yes. 

In fact, Maxine Waters is one of the very few Globalists from both parties that voted against the act.

Now, why do they feel the country should be protected in 2001, but not today?

(Below: John Podesta discusses the gap between fake enemies that the US has created (ISIS) compared to the Saudis. He is concerned that the US must increase ISIS's profile: or Saudi Arabia will take over post-Assad Syria. #SmokingGun)

When You Have Eliminated All of the Lies, the Truth Is All That Remains...

Iraq was the biggest success of this demented logic called, "Globalism." It was a modern and barbaric atrocity reaching levels that indicate that the US, and her allies, must fall.

In Iraq, the total deaths are estimated by the US military, which only counts miltary casualites, at 3.4 million. A UN algorithm, by a contributing private organization, estimates the civilian casualties to be right at another 3.4 million. After fifteen plus years, the total number of deaths resulting from the Iraq War remains very hard to see.

When one factors-in the 4 million Iraqis that are missing, the final figure of 11 Million souls is achieved. For Israel, this was a success story. For the state of the world, however, it is anything but.

This means that all these people are either dead, or they emigrated to Europe; in the other half of Zionist efforts at the annihilation of Muslim people living near Israel, as well as Northern European-Christian culture, and tradition. 

All of this was taking place while the governments responsible continued acting as though one hand was not washing the other. And, these powers tried to replicate Iraq in North Africa, and Syria, and ultimately, the entire Middle East. Odds are, had they not failed in Syria and N Africa, this atrocity would still be filling Europe with the by-products....

It is for this reason that Europeans have begun questioning Trump's intentions in Iran, Trump's agenda, and the potential for another 4-10 million more "refugees" from Iran to be created by a third forged Case for War. 

Again: the Iraqi refugees mainly traveled into Europe through Turkey, and were issued Turkish passports. This fact has aided in the loss of a huge number of Iraqi citizens that were absorbed into Europe.

Recently, President Trump has begun to enact policies that contradict the vile simplicity of Zionist-policies which have dominated US, and Western Affairs, since the Second World War with rare exception.

IF the wars can be stopped, that still leaves the issue of the ongoing sacrifice of Europe for the benefit of wealthy Plutocrats concerning BP.

This concerns Africa, which is, in of itself, the largest regional contributer of refugees and asylum seekers to European nations. If the Middle East issues can be resolved, or, at least, slowed down, Africa will still provide EU with enough voters, and enough plausible deniability about their real intentions, that the average European will not connect his leaders to the whole scam.

So, the effort is trilateral, and conspiratorial. It is to use war to destroy Muslim countries, and then fill them with Jewish people. Europe is being stolen by Zionists in powerful positions as they volunteer nations, to whom they bear no loyalty, to be over run by an increasingly traumatized, and lawless set of displaced peoples whom cannot discern the average Christian European from the Zionist who did this to him.

And, when Europeans focus rage against the Muslims, Africans, and other victims of Zionism: they are ensuring that the lid on their destruction is screwed down tightly.

  1. Our enemy is not the Muslim. Our enemy is Zionism, and Israel.
  2. The cycle cannot cease unless Israel volunteers to cease the effort to provide stolen land for Jews settle.
  3. Confronting Zionism is all that can save Europe.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Men in Black 1

Men in Black Part One: Fort Rucker, Alabama

By: Kevin Drummond
This is consistent with the beings with which my interactions have taken place: tall, thin, a pair, grayish blue, and they are often mistaken to be old men...

When people speak of the Men In Black, they often speak of furtive, scary beings, whom speak to them in demanding tones. My experiences were nothing like that. The MIB have always been kind, patient, and accommodating each time we've met. 

Most of their communication consists of telepathy, and they assess people by their ability to communicate this way, or their inability to communicate telepathically.

But I can say definitively: they aren't human. They're not of this world. The respect shown to me may be a privilege specific to me which I don't understand. But, if they are sinister, they bore no ill will nor grudge to me. And made no oath to my harm.

When I was very young we were stationed in Fort Rucker, Alabama, while my father, a US Army rotary wing pilot did one of several tours in Vietnam.

He was a typical Army Officer dad: absentee, as per the demands of his career.

In 1971 I was three years old, to put my world into context, my eldest brother was nine, and my sister, two, my youngest brother was not yet born.

My best friend was Lee. Their quarters were directly next to ours, and the closest. If you faced our house, his quarters were to the right and down a slight grade.

He had a sister, Dana, of the ancient age of eleven, which trumped my brother at nine by two years. So, she was like the oldest, and most responsible person in our housing area. Hell, we considered her less of a kid, and more of a small adult.

The sightings began when I would be alone...and would normally follow a similar pattern: a black car pulls up to the curb, one, sometimes as many as four or more men in black got out, and one, only one, always asked the same questions: are you okay? Do you want to leave with us?
And I would sometimes answer aloud, as sometimes they spoke aloud, and sometimes I talked to them telepathically, as they communicated telepathically.

Well, one day I told my friend Lee that this was happening...and he called me a liar. He told his mother, who chided and scolded me for "telling tall-tales". And whenever they would come, usually in the afternoon, I would tell Lee, and the whole miserable thing about "quit lying!" would repeat.

Well, one day, Lee was there when it happened! We were swinging, and they came, this time a soldier was with them, he said he had been hurt that day...and needed our help....

Lee ran inside, terrified, and got his mother....but guess what? She called HIM a liar, too!
I secretly enjoyed knowing that, but it also bothered me. It was MY problem, and I had gotten him involved. I felt bad...but I remember asking, "Now you know how it feels, huh?"

But nobody believed us....not my, parents, not his, nor my brothers, Dana: nobody. Keep in mind, this is a major military installation in time of war...and these creatures, these beings were able to just drive right up...

Well, one day, when Dana was outside keeping an eye on Lee and I, guess what? Like 8 of them came! Dana fucking freaked out man! She fucking screamed "mommy!" running inside...

I ran to the one, and said, "You cannot allow them to see you!" and right as Dana and their mom came out and rounded the corner, she saw the last two load into the car. She saw they were not human.

She called my mom ON THE PHONE! Keep in mind, my house was closer to Lee's mom (when she saw them) than their house was. But she snatched Lee and I and ordered Dana inside, called my mom, and said, "The boys haven't been lying!! They are real!"

Well, I learned, at the age of three, we don't talk about these things, as my dad called home from Saigon, and restricted ME, nobody else, but ME to the yard. I was not even allowed to go to Lee's! And, my great joy of tagging along with my brothers? Broken for one month.

But, I have seen the Men, since then.

Same Thing Twice: Polling Firms of 2020

Same Thing Twice: Polling Firms of 2020

While writing about 538 on r/Conspiracy, on Reddit, I happened upon the usual tongue-tied Newsweek quoting Gen Z kids, and their proto-metaphysical faith in the general media regard for 538, the obvious racketeering this organization perpetrated still spinning them around by their proverbial feet, like so much ninety pound weakling. The frantic and digital denseness of the typical college dropouts I normally encounter did leave me with one impression that they all have in common: they are bound to be fooled, again!

Polling firms note a drop in accuracy directly correlatable to the rise of caller ID. For those of us who are older, or those of us who loved The Jerky Boys: this is obvious.

But, for them, they were born in the procedural evolution of the loss of accuracy polls tend to reflect. And, whether it is the Heisman, and the loss by the heavily favored Tugavaila, or the Georgia Governor's race: they don't seem to be getting the message. 


Would you trust the MTv corporate structure if it claimed that Xxxtentacion is the most popular musician, ever?

This is essentially the break down that is causing the 100 year plus reliability upon the technology of telephone polling to have sharply dropped in terms of accuracy.

Another problem is their (mis) understanding of statistical data: we cannot use what happened to predict what is going to happen with any certainty. This is called, "The Historian's Fallacy". It transfers to statistics, as well. 

When we look at statistics, all they can tell us is what has already happened. They cannot relate anything more than that.

The difference between how the medical field uses statistics, for instance, and how charlatans, like 538, uses them, is immeasurable. 

A doctor can say, "80% of smokers develop COPD."

But a statistician, relying on telephone surveys especially, cannot determine a reliable expression of probability based on reality. He can only base it upon the biased data collected by phone surveys. And, without knowing, ahead of time, the number of voters, and the number of precincts in the country (which is not static), these numbers are cherry picked according to the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy. 

And, unless the people get wise about this, it is going to continue.

For example: let's say we are in a game show, and we have a choice between doors a, b, and c. When we guess, "a", and the prize isn't behind it, has the probability of which door is the right door changed, at all?


But, when we look at bias, and express that as a probability, it could still be that we correctly guess which door is the prize door: but it's not based in rational science. 

All three doors are equally probable to be the prize door. 33.3%. 

The only thing that can alter that number is adding new doors. Eliminating doors doesn't alter 33.3% whatsoever.

The public and the media widely disagreed about subjects, like who won the debates.

Gallup went as far as to state that Hillary, "Acted more presidential", but the media was not altogether accurately measuring any public response. The bias that favored youth was the constant flaw in every one of these efforts. And, as youth tends to vote Democrat, the focus left from the fact that this election was going to be determined by a vote, and was not going to be determined by a biased analytical process. It was going to be determined by a first past the post election.

Therefore, the people whom vote for Trump, it can be assessed, do not answer phone polls, nor do they figure as a factor in the formulas that converted flawed data into ridiculous 93% chance of winning. 

These types of categorical side by side numbers, which are general, are the way that Gallup issued numbers that didn't claim Trump would win, but that potential voters seemed more likely to vote for him. These were disbursed among myriads of discardable errata...

In US History, NO candidate has ever been expressed as such....(as a 93% or an 80% recipient of mathematical certainty).

And honestly, any decent soul, whether the bias favored them, or it singled them out, either way: the candidate should have raised red flags, because our side of the university stood shocked at these numbers. We also were very aware that the coal industry, for example, was put onto welfare and depressed over eight years of misery Obama brought to them.

They probably didn't answer their cellphones except in emergencies. And they probably didn't wait on the phone during the sustained silence of the basic bot type survey call. 

These models are outdated. 

PenUp Is Broken

What is the Discord Group? The Discord Group (DG) is a group of 20-30 PenUp users whom have taken their friendships on PenUp into a group...