Saturday, December 2, 2017

The End Of The Roses And Thorns

Definitely worth reading thoroughly, @chillum's breakdown of U1 is without a doubt the finest investigative result ever offered anywhere, this is someone worthy of all of our respect. Worth the sift-through till August. @Chillum, U1: the movie? Who knows...

The pace of the Meuller Investigation is winding down significantly. It seems as though rather than Russia paying for a president, through a variety of linear paths crossing, Russia has bought everybody but Trump. To include Meuller...

Chillum's August 26th detailed tweet thread breaking the Uranium One scandal into bite-sized petit-fors remains ages ahead of msm, possibly sourced by minority-councils in msm, and editors, and very much is a cross-section of incontrovertible guilt of the Special Prosecutor, Robert Meuller, and key players in the Clinton entourage.

Among other things, @chillum has spelled-out the conflict of interest for Mr Meuller, as well as his staff's collusion with Russia, and the path of the cash into the Clinton Foundation, which violates Federal Election Commission legislation.

While the msm lies, it is highly likely that the regimes behind each of them doesn't know it...unless it comes to the Uranium One scandal. 

There is a deficit in information laughable when it comes to the string that has yet to be pulled, and from all outward appearances, though we knew the President would be laughing last...Chillum not only broke the story, she has the scandal's principles scared-to-death! 

And all from a Twitter Acct which has unsuccessfully been the target of well-known Beria-figure, and social-media twat, Jack Dorsey's targeting efforts to purge Twitter of whomever....for whatever reason, just disagrees...

But it was most likely a frightened staff at Washington Post, and Meuller, himself, managing the drip of information that grew to a trickle and now is a tidal wave from the Twitter Account, and the Twitter Account's partner-in-crime, Kevin...(no relation).

I can sum it up, but I recommend you take the time to sift through the tweets until August 26, and locate them. 

What I am going to do, is lay out the politically analyzed road map for the New Year...

And, let me say: this is why I hope the CBTS stuff is over: Meuller is not our ally...

  • Flynn, Papadopoulis, Gates, Manafort, and Kushner appear to be as close as that fuse went before the narrow lattitude of a special prosecutor's wiggle-room starts to activate more devastating time-bombs in the American Political landscape.
  • Flynn and Kushner have deprived the Meuller investigation of the victory, time, effort, and most importantly, the apparent legitimacy of Meuller in this role, as the shocking revelations are revealing legitimately about his other role: running federal interference for the newly-auditable Clinton Foundation's actual declared income from U1, as opposed to the real one, which the entire Executive Branch was apparently extremely involved in laundering, under Barack Obama.
  • With few victories to stick to the sore loser's ribs, and a landslide of very real federal felonies about to reshape the capital stone of the United States, like sixty years of impacted bowels finally reaching respite, most of us also smell pedo charges, and even more.
But most certainly shall the bluster of the beginning of Winter come, for all the Winter comes....and warmly within the correct and proper side of order shall the Administration of Donald J Trump engage the Denouement of the entire vestigial and parasitic element which draws, through the aspiration of blood, the taxpayers' victimizations in this nation.

And true to the name: they shall choke on it.

But first, let us observe the flare gun ending of Mueller's probe. And enjoy a quiet, calm, holiday spirit in the Ecclesiastical fashion. And leave to our Lord what He got us, and the first of nine US presidents, ever, to do right by a two state solution in Israel; what He got ALL OF US, the Renaissance of America, the Beautiful.

PS: I have just been informed that Vidme has ordered all accounts suspended 14 Dec. Same date as Twitter Cookies. So, it is likely a measure to avert internet buffoon, and social media ceo class twat, Jack Dorsey, of abusing their clientele. See u on the re-launch! Remember, gab.a.i. is the new Twitter, etc.

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  1. With Trump poised to confirm a reinforcement of The Two-State Solution, the signal to bloodthirsty maniac, Benjamin Netanyahu, is one of the direction which Trump stumbled on somewhat during the weeks following his inaguration. It is the glow of a president whom has weathered the longest and worst honeymoon ever, and with a Congress already significantly reduced in census by reason of early retirements brought on by some truly despicable behaviours. Turning the page on his first year in the White House, with a little up, and a little down, the working people in the US are happy, the Two State Solution in Israel indicates the result of compromises which will stave off war, and the results of truly evil men, and their Russiahacked plot ends in their own demise. Now, if he could be so bold as to get you critics to shut the f__#! up, now...maybe he could go about the business of our country?


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