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Democracy Is Dead: How Homeland Security Insinuated Itself Into A Position To End Democracy

Who's Who: 

Jeh Johnson, Obama appointee, director of Homeland Security 2013-17. Believed Russiahacked, which means, he helped to forge the libel and slander, and acted not on behalf of Democracy, but on behalf of the policies of Globalism, which are dying in Europe, and too slowly, here.

Jeh Johnson, DHS head, 2013-17

Department of Homeland Security: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a reactionarily-created Department of USGov. It was created in 2002 by the Homeland Security Act, as response to the September 11 Attacks. To date, this program expanded government spending, overlapping, conflicting and confusing jurisdictional issues, and, like its partner in ReBush incompetence called the Patriot Act, this act bears the most number of titles and provisions of significance, needing to be repealed, of any act of US Gov since the Tonkin Bay Act.

  • Dates: 2/22/17, the insinuation of this leftist and Globalist plot to "over-see" elections is both announced by DHS, which then makes public its list of applicable US codes, including prolific abuses of the cybersecurity titles of the Patriot Act. This is clearly unchecked overreach.
  • April 4, 2017: hearings before a questionably scrutinizing committee of Homeland Security in the US Congress green lights the fatal hit to the voice of all voters in the country. (Note: no dissenting public voices were present, nor permitted to contradict the overreach.)

  1. The Department of Homeland Security insinuated itself into elections at the state, and local level, in April of 2017.
  2. It is acting against the Republican candidacies of Luther Strange, and Roy Moore.
  3. The Insinuation was created in-response to the delusional attempt to discredit Donald Trump's election by falsifying the need to now monitor elections. 
  4. These pursuits represent the continuity of a threat to democracy emanating from within Homeland Security, and being perfected for the 2020 defeat of Donald Trump.
  5. These permanent employees are lawfully coordinating with NSA,CIA, and other legitimate US alphabet agencies, and engaging in acts that undermine the security of the United States. 
  6. Unless they are removed from Alabama, and ultimately, ALL elections, Homeland Security will now act as the Praetorian Guard of Rome, whose choices for emperor were both cloaked in secrecy, and flatteries, as well as provided a major contributing factor to the Fall of Rome.
  7. Each one of the Alabama digital ballots cast since August are still held in the servers and DHS, and very subpoenable.
In April of 2017, the forgery that is Russiahacked (the long-disproven Clinton excuse for losing Election:2016) was only transparent to political scientists, and to the government bureaucracy that launched a pre-emptive defense of their criminal acts by casting into doubt Trump's resounding victory on election night, Nov 8, 2016.

But, stirring in the embers of eight years of poor leadership, and derogatory views and relationships with power, the Obama administration, and highly placed appointees, began panic mode, as their criminal acts, such as Uranium One, would now come to light.

In one of his last unofficial acts, Jeh Johnson, Obama appointee, began to ensure the continuity of the criminal elements running daily affairs in "worse-than-teapot-dome" levels, by placing fellow conspirator Elaine Duke's name on the top of the list of his possible  replacements, then began a very far-reaching encroachment into the holy guts and gears of the substance of Democracy, itself: he began to incorporate all US elections, as well as their results, into the consolidated authoritative rule of his department. Then, he retired.

It went hardly noticed, when, on September 27, Moore secured a berth versus Doug Jones in the Alabama election. The reason is, two nights later, the headlines were about Elaine Duke's department's confirmation of the bogus assertions of Russiahacked, and, as a side note, how she had usurped the authority of Alabama districts' election comptrollers, and unified their former authority as either under hers, or in concert with hers, with the hopeless point lost on most. I noticed. I noticed a LOT....
Russiahacked Assertion Number 1: Trump colluded with Russian government officials, promising them increasing influence in US affairs and preferential status. 
Russiahacked Assertion Number 2: Russia hacked the US election of 2016, ensuring Trump would win.  

I had to erase MOST of my blog entries from those days. Profanity, which I normally will not write, nor tolerate, caused this to be necessary. But, I will lay them out, briefly: if these people succeed in doing what (it appears) no one is going to stop them from doing, they shall incur both a war the US cannot win, as well as finish the evil that 538, among others, could not: ruining the vital substances of the United States due to the fact that voting threatens their job security. 

Voting was always supposed to remove the unsuccessful, or undesirable persons from the public trust. 

For now, the result in Alabama would be overturned by the casting out of digital ballots, and recounting the largest four precincts by hand. These ballots need to be audited, that is, paper ballot/corresponding voter verifiably confirmed, and the falsified DHS result tossed out, completely. 

But the drama about erasing digital votes is due to the fact that they leave a traceable thumbprint that will lead back to fraud, corruption, and the offense that the DHS really is, and also, the thumbprint would lead straight back to DHS.

Like most fascist regimes, the creation of an altogether unnecessary Department of the US Gov in 2002(3) began an immediate and clawing desperate search for relative and budgetary validity within its unnecessary personnel.

Is There Any Hope For Democracy? 

The ending of net neutrality represents the need for DHS to have to update its system, as well as possibly ends a layer of secrecy in which this action was conducted against both of the Republican candidacies after the August runoff elections. This update will be huge, mandatory, and will provide a very exploitable chink in the culpability-armour for the illegal things which the DHS has accomplished in Alabama. Most of the Alabama ballots' actual results, as well as the falsified returns against first Strange, then Moore, shall still be suspended in their servers, unable to be "destroyed" without placing their discovery at extreme risk.

Also, the ending of net neutrality may allow hackers to act as observers to what DHS is doing to election returns, providing them with more than the copious screenshots that prove fraud in the Jones result; possibly providing them with the evidence that proves that this was, indeed, done. Nothing would threaten the US more, than when DHS Coded Materials for a cheat, are turned in to Wiklileaks by a Russian hacking group.

All in all, this represents the worst threat to Democracy, ever, in 242 years of the United States. Also, it is the very first threat of its kind coming from within the US in our 242 year existence. The DHS, itself, is a vestigial leg of panic, and the illusion of a government that is in control stemming from the September 11 Attacks.

And, like the confusion between Gestapo and the SS, or this department's interruption of multiple Alabama elections, it serves only to alienate a public that is losing faith in its governing class.

And, like the beginning of the Praetorian Guard choosing the Emperors of Rome, it represents the place in the arch of our national journey where we now begin a process of downfall, having failed every veteran, and citizen, and taxpayer, allowing a superior eltist class of Plutocrats to cover-up pedophilia, and the criminal embezzlements of a few people. In that, the spirit of who is driving this fraud is clearly defined.

Below, source material link:

The above is a list of highly creatively interpreted results which Mr Johnson planted the seeds of election interference/selection processes, and ultimately placed DHS in charge of who wins US elections from 2017, onward.

This video from Comedy Central's, The Daily Show, features a featurelessly yammering host whose dialog falls right into the propaganda category, and way afield of "legitimate social commentary"category. In this clip, he mentions the Russiahacked scandal for the 650,435,821st time this year...

The only thing more rewarding than how nobody cares, is knowing he probably believes the garbage he peddles, and stays pissed-off, beating his boyfriend, and losing sleep...

But John Stewart used to make this show matter. Without it, ReBush would've caused my permanent institutionalization.

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  1. If you are on Rep Aderholt's staff: I realize which committees Mr Aderholt sits on, and I realize that one guy cannot overturn Acts of Congress....but one department is overturning democracy. And, Mr Aderholt is in a unique position to which both his awareness, and attentiveness, could prove valuable. This offense will not end overnight. But the will to investigate the facts and "coincidences" provide the emptor to the peoples' caviat of the entire premise that our elections now require this oversight, because Vlad Putin made them do it...

    All due respect..that is nonsense.
    Mr Kevin Drummond
    The Man Who Killed QAnon


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