Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Verdict Against QAnon

The graduation from compassion to contempt is complete. Ordinarily, this would be enough. However, each of these QAnon participants  represents a future blue-vote, as the identities of QAnon build their followers up to unimaginable disappointment....under their own power...

The verdict against QAnon is that what we are observing is Antifa proving its case against the Alt Right, or this is the work of spurned InfoWars employees. Most people immune to the cult will neither engage, nor accept the efforts of the cult to validate its tormentors...
Qanon is dead, and any professional seriously indulging it, is violating ethics. Here, in a 2006 audit, the auditor states of the 2,000 sealed indictments (of 66,000 total) which ran through US Dist Court, two were kept from the public. This means, if 4,000 indictments existed, .009 would not return on Pacer. This is extremely erring on the side of caution. Anyone disputing Pacer's own contractors is a liar.

I never worked as an attorney. The war of attitude raging like a M-1 Abrams right now is the reason. Consider for a moment the fact that a paid spokesperson will speak along the gradient which involves the least oversight, and the greatest possible ambiguity. 

Tracybeanz represents the worst kind of confirmation. She has solicited an attorney whom is going to attempt to place doubt in the Pacer system. The Pacer system, while not perfect, must conform to the law.

In a 2006 audit, the auditors state that the only exceptions to the search returns bearing an anonymous indictment involved threat potentials which do not exist in the falsehoods pursued by the cult of Q. And any attorney advising otherwise is merely engaging grandiose speculation. No matter what federal office, nor to whom this attorney gave advice: if he states, unequivocally that 130-4000 indictments were issued by Bob Meuller"s Grand Jury, and Pacer is not showing them, then this person is referring to minor children, or to a civil case.
There are blogs of attorneys the width and breadth of this nation outraged by the persistence of the QCult. The entire paradigm dwells in the absurd. 

In the Federal Pacer system, the return for the kind of indictments which number from 130-4000, every single one, would be showing a result. This is because not one of the defendants accused by Q is embroiled in a civil case, nor are they given secret indictments.

Anybody contradicting this is outside of his or her expertise, because this is per the Constitution of the United States. 

The only other exception to sealed and nameless indictments, as per the Pacer system, is when the judge or the special prosecutor requests this. However, the return, according to US Law, and according to Pacer's auditors, were within 1.4% of the 2000 sealed indictments, with a mean average of .97% of the total number of sealed indictments which were withheld from the public. Eliminating the categories which cannot apply, and erring grossly on the side of caution, this leaves two indictments which did not show up.

They were two, in number: a total of two. One involved child pornography victims.

Literally, this is the % age likelihood that, of QAnon indictments, one in 33,000 warrants will fit the criteria, neither having a name, sealed, and not returning on a Pacer search.

This places the likelihood that Q Anon is bullshit in the category of "beyond a metaphysical certitude". Thus: the verdict is in, and QAnon is Antifa, or possibly spurned InfoWars employees.

On the 27 Oct, an urgent effort to make media contact was charged with life in a desperate pace. Then, one after the other, three events unfolded: snopes and facebook libeled Alex Jones as the inventor of the Antifa Nov 4 Revolution, facebook banned infowars from livestream, Newsweek engaged a desperate effort to advocate the retraction launched by members of Antifa, whom had previously sworn a November 4th 2017 "revolution" as violent retaliation for the violence that they had both started, and been injured by, during the Charlottesville protest last summer. Then, also, on October 27, 2017, coincidentally enough, unless you are sane, Q begins to post, nothing of which, has actually happened.

Verdict: Antifa has made permanent fools of several YouTubers. Or infowars has made permanent fools of several youtubers Verdict, Antifa, or InfoWars is running this larp. But, it is raking in an absurd amount of cash....

Earlier today, Q advocate, and YouTuber, Tracy Beanz, solicited a government attorney. He spoke in open ended ambiguities that violate his spectrum of expertise, as well as previous statistics published by Pacer, itself. (Editor's Note: Tracybeanz has denounced Qanon)(She had been the most vocal critic of my work.)

This constitutes the highest form of ethical violation that I can personally now add to the cumulative observances that I have made all along my journey. The reason is; he speaks to bear testimony as to the nature and function of Pacer, should he engage any dialogue whatsoever which is supportive of the Cult leaders' delusions of reference. Pacer itself denies that the returns of the US District Court deny access to all or any indictments, sealed, or not. Thus Ms Beanz shall get what she pays for: a liar's confirmation violating each point of ethical accountability. True shallow victory contradicted by Pacer. Not endorsed attorneys.

Later, this next few weeks, when the legalties are satisfied, the US District Court has a plan. And, after being so overwhelmed by the Cult's refusal to accept reality, a spokesman has been consulted in lieu of a statement to be published and announced. This, so the court employees hope, will put the matter, and the record breaking phone calls, to rest.

I have emailed the court clerk and advised that, no, it shall not.

The reason is cognitive dissonance.

  • Hillary Clinton has not been secretly indicted, arrested, and arraigned. This did not happen Nov 6, 2017. Anybody advising you otherwise is in violation of ethics. Should you engage them in belief: you do so at your own peril.
  • John Podesta has not been secretly arrested, it also did not occur on Nov 6, 2017.
  • Tony Podesta was not arrested. He was not secretly served warrant on Nov 6, 2017. 
The persistence in following Q henceforth, is based on a mandatory process of cognitive dissonance. Therefore, if the US District goes ahead to try to put an end to the ocean of calls whose answers are all the same, and through a spokesperson, issues any sort of statement, the statement shall be immediately incorporated into the cognitive dissonance process, via elaborate belief in the delusions of reference which cause this phenomenon.

Furthermore: Antifa's war is obviously targeting the ignorance and the repugnance of the alt right in this nation. This absolves this institution from any efforts following the Pacer results citing zero sealed indictments current for the entire year of 2017.

If there were, the Bar Association, and the auditors of the 2006 Pacer performances, disagree with any such logic as it tends to accuse the Pacer system as operating in-violation of the law. This, of course, is absurd.

  • The Titanic Conspiracy had never been taken seriously by anybody prior to the Q phenomenon. It always appeared to be some sort of IQ test for suckers. But, in the case of TCBTS, it was reissued to prey upon the Alt Right's repugnant rejection of authorities in this area whose testimonies debunk this as absurd. Yet, it is also recycled to match the delusions of reference in the cognitive dissonance process.
  • Any attorney advising that Bob Meuller, a special prosecutor, has the authority to indict through any other court, federal, or otherwise, in this nation, is in violation of ethics. Bob Meuller can only indict in the US District Court in DC. Should he have sealed indictments, they would return on Pacer as "a sealed indictment" with no way for the public to ascertain that they came from his Federal Grand Jury unless it is so otherwise stated. The cognitive dissonance process is now being engaged to pay an attorney a consulting fee, and in his ambiguities, and positive responses affirming incorrect and inaccurate statements, the cult seeks persistence. Any attorney advising this is in violation of the US Constitution, the American Bar Association, and he does so at his own peril.

Verdict: Qanon is the worst insult to the alt right ever conceived. I have personally withdrawn my patreon support for Ms Beanz, and only allow the grief of David Seaman as I understand his belief that his beloved friend was murdered by these people stands correct. His support of Q shall inevitably cease, but I pray his grief assuaged daily.

Verdict: QentologyCult is a lethal wound to the Alt Right. Unless they cease participating in making utter fools of themselves, it will conduct their entire effort into neutrality, proving Antifa to be right about them. 

The established R Party rebukes you publicly in my words.
This is the Party to which the President belongs.

Go to its website and confirm Q.
Engage cognitive dissonance.
Engage delusion.
Engage cognitive dissonance.

For you whom continue lying,  your sanity is in grave danger.


  1. To the Q-entologists: Citing Chillum, whose U1 work predates and remains superior to everybody's, Meuller himself is involved in criminal acts. This makes his appointment as S P one of extreme conflict of interest, ie: ANYBODY Meuller indicts, Manafort, Clinton, probably gonna walk, in the end. If y'all want larp justice, larp to how that will antilarp Q...

  2. To Q-entologists, you are quoting a so-called result that "proves" the existences of a number of sealed indictments. Well, if you have them, then the cat's outta the bag! Great!

    One last thing: you think maybe you should call Pacer and let them know their website isn't functioning?

  3. Reality Winner: there is a higher degree of likelyhood that she is involved, than 130-4000 warrants are being concealed in PACER. The thing I cannot shake is the first posts by Q was based on, "Snowden", while subsequent plots began to fragment the original claims through such entertaining hits as Titanic conspiracy. And the pursuit of a plot has become desperate.

  4. I considered adding the page "what is sealed, and why" explaining grand jury cases are sealed automatically, but the record of how and why cases are sealed would be easily confused to contradict the audit, which states that sealed indictments are not witheld from the public that they exist. The auditor's focus in this portion is to explain that redacted dockets can sometimes have a reason why, but the reasons why a case is sealed is not available on Pacer. It would be easy to assume from this one page, that the others were all wrong. But in the conclusion the auditor is relating that "reasons why" are unavailable to the public, not "a sealed indictment".

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  6. A delusion of reference refers to a state of false reality created by "special messages" that bear significance only to the person who hears them as dictated by electronic devices; radio messages, presidential tweets, television, 4,chan etc.


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