Monday, November 27, 2017

The Case Against QAnon

To kill the Ad Hominem attack on 8-chan!😀 
There should be no more doubts: the facts about Qanon are so full of crushing disappointment, that people are clinging on to the larp for dear life still unaware that the reality about the assholes Q is promising justice against is not his reality to pollute: until one keeps on larping with him...

Qanon, and the phony Calm Before The Storm, are exiled permanently to 8chan...

Fact: on November the 6th, 2017, no sealed indictments were filed with the US Fed District Court. In fact, not one sealed indictment has been filed in that institution for the entire year 2017.

Fact: Robert Meuller's Federal Grand Jury is seated in that jurisdiction. It is the only one in which his investigation can file charges. The 4,000 indictments tale is therefore: nonsense.

Fact: except in extreme circumstances, the name is not absent from a sealed indictment. Each will have the person's name, their case number, and a ton of other numbers indicating the nature of their charges. Once a defendant has been arraigned, the indictment becomes unsealed. Thus: no sealed indictment has been served against Clinton, due to this, and due to the sole court eligible to bring forth indictment simply denying any sealed indictments have been issued by it for the entire year of 2017.
There are so many things wrong with this it is not even remotely humerous.

It is a violation of ethics, and US Law, for a person's arrest, indictment, and charges to be kept secret: all indictments are therefore filed in the public domain. Arrest records, also, are public. Though the types of warrants Meuller would file generally are always sealed, a search return would not conceal that such an indictment had been filed. It would literally read, "a sealed document..."
(Below: proof!)

Fact: in the entire 241 years of the United States, not one special prosecutor investigating an administration has ever filed charges outside of the US District Court in Washington, DC. This would be unethical, and far beyond the bounds of Meuller's power. The only one who could've would have been Ken Starr, and this was due to the Whitewater property being in Arkansas. Each of these crimes and charges, which are allegedly already indicted against each of these people, occurred while they were US Federal employees, and therefore can only be charged in the US Dist Court in DC.

Fact: Hillary, Huma, John, and Tony are free, today.

Fact: not a single person on earth can pass a polygraph if asked, "Yes or no...did you watch Qanon say, 'confirm in 30 min', and, then, 30 minutes later, did you witness the tweet from Obama going live, both, as those those events happened, in real time?, and that examinee answer, "yes."
The machine will indicate deception.

This has made fools cleave desperately to the pursuit for justice in spite of the fact that not one single prediction he has made happened, and the facts do not end with there being zero sealed indictments in US District Court, in DC, they begin right there.

We all want justice, but this is not the way to go about it. We are being made fools of. We are being accosted by despicable people for knowing pizzagate is real, and for knowing JFK was murdered by Nixon and D Rockerfeller, etc. 

Whatever you need to do to save face, do it. Because this is an attempt to make you mad at Trump. And when you finally realize it, who else will you blame? Just be honest. Are Clinton and the Podestas free, today? Think maybe McCain is bating and switching you while they all make fools of people they have betrayed for a living? 

And, honestly, is pretend ever real? This is known as The Fallacy of the Infinite Regression, or The Fallacy of the Infinite Regress, or the Humunculus Fallacy. What it states, basically, is that each lie Q tells can only be explained away not by other, outside sources, like Pacer, for instance: instead, the only supportive evidence comes from within the Q nonsense paradigm.

The fact that Q is able to last this long is directly due to its followers not challenging the conclusions from outside of Q's regression. Eg, " cannot find the 2,300 sealed indictments, because they are rising so the number is 14,000! 23,000! Gotta be quicker than that! To date, neither Pacer, nor any Fed US or Defense Atty does anything but laugh at this ridiculous claim of x # of sealed indictments.. And, it is getting worse, all the time.

The only way to stop being a sucker is to confess that you have been tricked. And then, to still have an open mind, having the fortitude to move forward with your life, bearing no grudge against anyone, nor begrudging any hope that one day perhaps some of this will happen.

For a little bit, believe it, or not: I bought it, too. But, no arrests, and the crazy yarn about the Titanic, it all violates the words I live by: once for mercy, twice for sin. When Q lied the second time, the only sin I have in my power is disbelief. It is in your power to return this liar his sin, or keep thinking that the reality we all share has little places of exemption that we might push through the dynamic of; using tools made of weaponized and fanatical belief.

But, then, you would be larping, again.

Above: my theories about whom is actually behind this larp


  1. A delusion of reference,like larps, engages during the primordial fight or flight response. Though true, delusions can be symptoms of abnormal psyche, I have had them, you habe had them because it is possible to be confused about something. A phobia is a more serious condition afflicting the same fight or flight. I have a phobia of flying, and have wept afraid on international flights as a grown man. During those times, if you had brought wikipedia articles, and tried till you screamed: you could not make me stop drinking, or unafraid.
    I realize that I am trying to reach people as emotionally invested in Q as I am in my life. And I knew that this would not be easy for either of us. But, this is my profession, to understand how courts work, how indictments work, and none of this passes the smell test. I am not going to answer this delusion anymore. This blog entry holds the final word on Meuller indictments,,and whose names are, or are not, upon them. Indictemnts still being filed cannot appear as filed in the public domain. But this is not saying these pedos do not belong in jail. It is saying that it isn't real., is not real. 538 did this to Democrats.

    1. Ya nothing ads up and any story you can poke holes through....

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    3. can you provide links to the ones below. It would be helpful to see the information particularly where you have provided pictures for ourselves.

      Fact: on November the 6th, 2017, no sealed indictments were filed with the US Fed District Court.

      Robert Meuller’s Federal Grand Jury is seated in that jurisdiction. It is the only one in which his investigation can file charges.

      It is a violation of ethics, and US Law, for a person’s arrest, indictment, and charges to be kept secret

  2. Sorry man...when you posted the comment I thought you were saying something else....

  3. By now it is perfectly clear: this was phony!

  4. There is no doubt that Q is close contact with the president. But is he pointing patriots in the right direction? Or is he making them look away while the NWO pulls a fast one. What is Q's hardcore advice: 'Trust POTUS, trust the plan.'

    But, while we wait on the plan and see nobody getting arrested, Trump commits the US to the support of Zionist Israel. Trump orders attack on Syria and Q drops, 'Iran is next.' Both on Israel's hit list.They are the only remaining countries who stand in the way of Israeli hegemony, a key element in the NWO agenda. Who has a higher office in the New World Order pyramid:

    HR Clinton or Zionists?
    HR Clinton or the Vatican Jesuits?

    1. Kevin Drummond
      'Robert Meuller's Federal Grand Jury is seated in that jurisdiction. It is the only one in which his investigation can file charges.'

      Some say we don't need Mueller or Washington DC:

      'Klayman to Indict Mueller, Comey, Clintons and Obama With Citizen Grand Juries! Go to to Donate to the Cause and Sign Petitions to Also Remove Mueller and Sessions!

    2. re citizen grand jury:

      This action is based on 'common law' which is said to supersede the illegitimate corporate law under which the federal gov now operates

    3. By the way:

      The Roman Catholic church is said to have been established by crypto Jews as a false "Christian" front for a Judaic/Babylonian religion*. What most do not know is that the Jesuit order is a Crypto-Jewish** order of priests. While it may have gentile priests as members, it was founded by Jews and today has close secret ties with other clandestine Jewish organizations. Benjamin Disraeli, a Jew and former Prime Minister of England, revealed that the first Jesuits were Jews. Ignatius Loyola’s secretary, Polanco, was of Jewish descent and was the only person present at Loyola’s deathbed. Loyola, the founder of the order, was a crypto-Jew as were many Alumbrados, a secret society to which he belonged. A crypto-Jew is a Jew who converts to another religion to escape persecution and outwardly embraces the new religion, while secretly maintaining Jewish practices.

      *According to a recent book by Edward Hendrie, called 'Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great', the one-world religion, Mystery Babylon warned of in the bible, is both of Zionism and of Rome. 'The evidence', says Hendrie, leads to the inevitable conclusion 'that the Roman Catholic Church was established by crypto Jews as a false "Christian" front for a Judaic/Babylonian religion.' Moreover, 'that religion is the nucleus of a world conspiracy against man and God.'

      **'The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews' by Dr. Robert Aleksander Maryks, Boston College February 24, 2010. On the early Jewish Jesuits Ignatius of Loyola and his secretary Juan Alfonso de Polanco, who was also secretary to Loyola's successors Diego Lainez (another "converso") and Francis Borgia.

    4. Meet me here when none of it happens. BTW: some backwoods American forgot two facts about the church: it was made by converted Jews, like Paul, and so, did the Eastern church just get ignored? Or is, in one of his quantrains, Qentology holding that secret out for last? (Your proof about Meuller means folks like Moody were able to beat their charges!

      Why is Moody not executed?
      Why is that relevant?

    5. You are so I'll informed. You think Hillary was referenced in that indictment shot. Lol
      That just proves you have absolutely no idea what Q is really all about. And by the way, at this point, even if Q wasn't real, a movement to expose truths won't be shut down now. Good luck trying to turn people against us. We are huge and the numbers are growing. There is panic...

      Three things that you can not hide for ever...
      The sun!
      The moon!
      The truth!

  5. Right? Remember those crazy "Q" posts about North Korea?

    "What do Clowns do w/ the access codes and tech?
    Who controls NK?
    Who really controls NK?
    What families are protected using leverage?
    Bank / Financial leverage?
    NUKE strike package leverage?
    Why is IRAN protected?
    Why is IRAN funded by the US?
    What news about IRAN broke?
    What about WMDs?
    Why did Brennan / others provide false intel re: NK capability + IRAN Tech / NUKE DEV?
    Plate full.
    Have faith.

    As if Q knows anything about bad actors behind a NK LARP... right?


    1. The one that got me was, "Meuller has indicted 8,000...12,000....24,000....and when none of it materialized, cognitive dissonance persisted the religion that Qentology has become. Now that it's clear that Meuller is NOT a secret ally, and that none of those indictments were real: how should we continue? With Clinton and the Podestas free: how do we persist?


      What is the relevance of the plan?



  7. For Whom Q Ron Hubbard Still Holds in his Invisible Fake Fist:
    Leave a time, place, forum, etc: and I will be happy to show you why no girl will talk to you. Facts only debate? Put up? Shut up?

    Otherwise, stay in the dark corners of crappy quasiwannabe informed place,like Reddit, where your perfect irrelevance and skills at sleepwalking shall never release you from your ignorant state of unedited puberty.

    Nobody believes this but idiots.

    Just cos the first national election you ever voted in rendered a let down, like NeoCon Trump, well, if we are up to Q and you live another 18 years, there are not enough letters in the alphabet to keep you stupid and arrogant, are there.?. Sooner or later this religion will fail you....
    And victimization will shame you.

    The rest of sane earth are wayyyyy ahead of you.

  8. I'm here to explain FACTS to REAL folks...
    If you like that cranial/rectal inversion, and the giant vacuum you have your heads stuck in, then here's a penny: don't scamper off trying to Crucify facts with the intangible John Edward like Q! Or in short order, I will hurt your feelings.

    Otherwise, if the facts about reality aren't as cool as having your head up your asses playing Q, well, I'm not a dragon you're gonna, keep that shit to yourself.

  9. To the person asking for links: ethics do not require "links": if someone advises anybody with information that violates the law, or advises another that a violation of law is not actually a violation: this is a violation of eithics. I CAN and DID put PACER results in this article, and those results state that, as of November 17, there were two indictments returning in Pacer for Meuller: manafort and gates, and THAT'S IT. After those two were arraigned: there were no more sealed indictments from Meuler.

    Meuller was never secretly on Trump's side.
    Qanon has been, is currently, and shall always be bullshit.

  10. This isn't aging very well for you.

  11. 2 years now and nothing has happened that this Q said would happen. No big name arrests, no nothing. People want to believe so much in this thing they arent listening to their common sense anymore. I started with the Q thing, backed off, started again, then finally backed off permanently. Every time he made a mistake (sometimes PURPOSELY), then would come the claim of having been 'compromised'. No one higher up gives a rats butt about this Q person, they know he/she is a joke, a clown. Q is total bullsh*it'er. Embarrassing though for other conservatives who know better.

  12. Well, kids: the POTUS is inseparable from the Zionist Atrocity, he is at this moment prepping an attack against a nation that has done NOTHING to warrant it, his re election goes solid into the drain with that attack, and Q has not uttered a single word in 30 days.

    I'll accept any apologies you'd like to make.

  13. I am not mad, or seeking to say I told you so. This wouldn't be the first time I was right and knew it, in spite of widespread disbelief.


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