Wednesday, November 15, 2017

So Much For Earth...

It remains reason # 1 for the Anglican Delusion, that Christians are in bed with those whose beliefs are those of Antichrists, yet we pretend all of the misery is Iran's or Syria's fault. See why Snowden defected?

Qanon does not matter.

The "charges" which haven't been filed, and suspects "arrested" still walking free prove the point of DJT's trip to the Orient...

To be lied to by President Xi...

Shortly following his unforgivable betrayal of the US-Russo-Sino-Syrian Alliance last April, which was the result of Mossad betrayal of US, SOP for that pile of steaming empty vessels, the President of China, whom is in charge of Foreign Affairs, declared Trump to be, "A desperate dealmaker and novice man on the world stage..."

Below, Xi's remarks in an msm article

Trump had suddenly appeared on his door in a hastily contrived State Visit in which Trump praised himself, and Xi basically called Trump an idiot. Somewhere, the fact that China and Russia are military allies remains a factor ignored by Trump, as he now commits a second liar's offense, to enter China, and attempt to deceive them, a second time...and Xi, a graceful enough man, does not suffer fools gladly...

Upon returning from this recent trip allegedly to precipitate the detaining of the core of Satanists in US Gov, it appears that DJT just did not get the message from Xi last April. He simply, in the eyes of the Chinese, arrogantly attempted to go-around their Russian trade partners, whom the US betrayed while they ALL were defending Syria, in spite of the fact China constitutes the Russian Federation's oldest military ally....

Russia has never betrayed any of their alliances, not since the time of Napoleon: Trump tried to separate that Alliance. And it shall not work. Look at where Chinese naval vessels have been since 2013. They are kicking our butts all over the theaters within which this war shall soon erupt.

Christian, whom are you supporting when you excuse Israeli massacres on "religious grounds"? The Devil. And in Revelation, Judaism is the Great Whore, Islam, the false prophet(s)/beasts. Save yourselves by knowing better than this. Supporting DJT's NK-SaudiIsraeliProxyWar shim sham is a one way ticket to a place we should not be forced to remain, and Christ cannot save you if His word means nothing to you, today. 

So, Trump leaves, jets around, pays China $x (b)millions to pretend to stop arming Un in N Korea, and then he returned from the "trip", whose purpose was to cover possible backlash for the arrests of Clinton, Podesta, and more...and, nothing happened.

Then, in a bolt of anticlimatic density, idiot Donald tweeted, "Watch trade..."

No. Let me give you a SANE suggestion as to what, exactly, you should watch:
  1. DJT gives in to Mossad false flag, and betrayed Russo-Alliance last April...
  2. Israel attempted to detonate a high explosive device on two separate occasions, both times they missed the nuclear stockpile held by Iran.
  3. Both times, the desert detonations indicated 7.3 on the Richter Scale, which is perfect as a missile attack. Not as a successful nuclear stockpile hit.
  4. The Chinese Navy is now in the Gulf of Hormuz, as well as the Pacific Ocean near Panama, and prepping to seize control of both the Panama Canal, and the Suez Canal.
  5. The US Navy is effectively surrounded in the Persian Gulf.
  6. Russian Force Reckon elements are prepping to deploy against Riyadh, and Tel Aviv.
  7. Russia will now commence openly arming BDS.
  8. God is on Russia's side.
  9. The American taxpayer ends up footing the bill for whatever bribe Trump offered Xi to ptetend to stop arming N Korea....the art of the deal, is world war, because then, we will not notice the unusual tax hikes, what with the gas-rationing, and everything else.
"Desperate and Novice..." What President Xi ACTUALLY thinks of Mr Trump...

Donald J Trump shall be the last US President, ever, and shall be held responsible by the God, whom sent Christ, for destroying His earth. Period. Wake the fuck up!!!
Link Below: Betrayals Of Trump by Russo-Sino Alliance BEGIN:

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