Friday, November 17, 2017

Pounded To Death: Why Brexit Happened, And How It Caused The Rise of the Fourth Reich

Tony Blair, and Chief UK Finance Minister, Gordon Brown, both LP stars of state, also had serious doubts in the euro dating back to 1997. The pair had doubts about the pooling of economics, being devised by what was then, supposed to be, exclusively, a political union. So, the two devised these tests, which later became "5 Reasons To Keep The Pound." This was the Father, and Mother, of Brexit...


I don't mind telling Euro-millennials that Germany is re-establishing the DM, and that this process is a fact, which is a direct admission by eu that not only was it a bad idea, but that Brenter made the euro, and Brexit killed it.

Let me say that this is from my not being fooled easily, and not because I saw it...

It is also a bombshell were it to be proven...

It should be perfectly understandable that the UK may have destroyed the Eurozone by Maastricht Treaty some time ago. The reason was not one, but PM Blair's Five Economic Tests which later came to be called, Five Reasons to Keep the Pound, which placed the euro at a disadvantage as an exclusive currency if it could not essentially outperform the Pound as a world and local market identity.

It was not Mr Blair opening his nation to influxes of Eastern Europeans which caused Brexit, it was the indelible assassination of the IMF's initial vision of a meta-state bearing a unified and consistent coin of the realm which actually caused Brexit.

But that Germany's economy is tanking is directly due to a Marxist chanting these long-dis proven Kaiser-purchased Marxist mantras, whose original authors, Lenin and Trotsky, failed to mention that they were not being spoken for their time on the world stage arriving; but due to violence, treachery, and censored facts regarding how Kaiser's capitalist empire paid for them to be repeated. And they still echo influentially in the mind's eye of Salon Paramour of eu, eine Angele Merkel.

But, It is logical Lenin and Trotsky kept the truth about the revolution a secret. Otherwise their own undoings some seven decades later would seem as patently obvious... 

And it seems that without kings, we will settle for Neo Marxists in Berlin assuring us that London's loyalty will remain with the Euro.

EuroMillennial! Hey! For once in your conducted and deluded life, THINK FOR YOURSELF. If Genosse Merkel does NOT quietly reissue the DM, in violation of the Maastrict Treaty, Treaty of Lisbon, as well as all that fell upon the absolute insane and broken marble foundations of the Maastricht Treaty, then by 2020, the Euro will essentially be a third rate currency in a fourth rate nation state.

If she DOES, it prevents the value of the euro plummeting below that of the DM. But, unfortunately for the suckers like Italy who totally bought the Eurozone, it shall devour what is left of their economy by reason of a void whose gravitational draw is so profound that it will not be appeased until the economies of Italy, Finland, Belgium, Luxembourgh, The Netherlands, Austria, Spain, and Portugal are sucked up into Deutsch Bundesbank in Frankfurt. What Hitler could not do by force, Germany has conned the world into doing by sheer cleverness, dumb luck, and British cultural values promoting self-preservation.

But, in March of 2019, the managed euro/pound exchange rate shall no longer be a factor in the value of a euro. And even if Merkel succeeds, the euro will not trade anywhere near what it does, currently.

It shall literally plummet to one third its value, which is equal to a DM on the day that the Maastricht Treaty permitted the Pound to become the economic column in the temple of eu that it is, in the first place.

When that happened, as if by magic, on that very day, it was so; the Pound and Euro became coevals, which for the first time ever, the continent of Europe fielded two world currencies which traded higher than the dollar. Europe, alone, bears that accomplishment. But it cannot continue.

And, by April of 2019, if you honestly believe the economy of eu is not going to reveal clear signs of its imminent  tanking, do me a favor: explain this look on Juncker's face?
He is not frightened at all....
Explain all this contention?
Does it appear to you that these are the faces of a group of people not frightened?
Thus be smart: quit kidding yourself, and face facts: eu economy is tanking now, it is being managed by the Rothschilds Banking Managers whom are connected to IMF, whose union this is....
And when the sun rises on the 30th of March, 2019, which, in World Economic terms, is a mere few hours from now, well, then the high and mighty Leurds of stolen Czar's gold shall go back to printing their own fake money: in London, free of having to give eu any of it.

  1. The coming economic crisis in eu is not UK's fault: it is IMF's fault. IMF created this sleight-of-hand, and UK leaving it will be one-dimensionally applied as a reason for which blame might be ascribed for the crisis. It is fallacy, akin to "The Failure of League of Nations caused WW2".
  2. The real reasons for all of this is human greed, hidden behind the mask of "good-intentions for humanity".
  3. Actually Brexit frightens eu ministers because it is a wise and sound financial decision.

...and what's that? absolutely believe that part of the secret meetings Merkel held with Brussels were not to inform the High Court of EU of, "Regardless of the illegalities, DeutschMark, DeutschMark Uber Alles..." and that these councils within councils, like the Economic And Financial Affairs Council will not forward to "relevant EUHC Judges" the absolute imperative nature with which we must now break our own pretend laws?

And you totally believe the euro, which has never existed without the Pound Sterling propping it up, will fly solo....just fine...?
Stupid Millennial. Stay in school. Move to the woods, maybe some refugee will happily feed and clothe and not murder you...but they will not do it free of charge. And they will most likely not want euros.
If a EuroMillennial saw this, you would hear, "NU-UH!" in twenty-eight different languages, for now....for this is eu magical voodoo economics! And one cannot argue with teenagers: they know EVERYTHING!

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