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Progressivism And The Age Of Identity Politics

Clearly, the identity of the American has always been one of relationship to majority-minority concentrations of power...

But there are pre-requisites to the Progressive Political Agenda lost in identity politics, whose obvious absence cannot be overlooked like this, not by everyone. And the people resorting to desperate identity politics rise up now, and accuse the majority population of having engaged in the very same inexcusably violent behaviours, because people in the past  denigrated the identity of minorities...thus another generation must repay their injured identity...regardless of the progress in racial relations, and regardless of the fact that the current generation has not enslaved anyone...the complaint is against the majority's existence, and nothing else.
The AntiProgressives in American Politics. (L) Ed Koch, (C) Obama, (R) Bush. Koch's shambles of New York promoted lawlessness, brought Aids to America, and featured a municipality sacrificing police force manpower for welfare, recession, drug addiction, and is directly responsible for bankrupting New York...twice. Obama and Bush appear to be enemies, and in identity politics, appearances are everything.

AntiProgressivism·n: refers to the pursuit of destructive elements of human endeavors and entropic views of traditional values disguised as advancing human civilization. Aids, heroin addiction, and poverty in the black community is the result of AntiProgressivism. These are the views of Ed Koch, Obama, and Bush.

Medgar Evers was murdered not for shooting at the police, nor for fleeing the scene of a crime, nor because he refused to drop his gun: Medgar Evers was murdered for getting a job promotion.

Litmus Paper Fallacies

Confronting the identity politics of minorities are the dogmas that identity politics cannot cure, compromise with, nor even face because of the lethality it serves to the founding of a political movement which can no longer exist if it were appeased. I call it the Feminist Effect, and has more relevance in French politics:

The words of Marine LePen come to mind. She is both correct, and a female, and she said, 

"The illusion that the rights of females are being protected by a parliamentary sector, whose frank inactions defined them, since the late sixties, is doing nothing to promote actual values, whatsoever. 

Instead, they are a farcical anachronism. But the persistence of this logic of feminism, in it's absolute state being unnecessary, has done more to harm the needs of females in the workplace than anything else, because it represents a complacency with doing nothing, where nothing should be done. But, all due respect, the goals and designs of your group have been realized for eons: women can work, gay people can marry. For all the rhetoric from this sector, all the repeated slogans, nothing has changed for you since the sixties, while the rest of us have moved forward..." April, 2017

Should've heard it in French...it was like half that long...and every bit as true.

So identity politics bear this self defeat from the starting gate.
But it also has, in the case of American party politics, been totally exploited by the DNC in the case of BLM. Many of us recall the horrific rioting that ensued when a police officer's shooting of his black attacker was an identity political watershed, revealing so many of the obvious flaws in the aesthetic which built the platforms of all attempts to extoll one race politically above another.  

Perhaps more shocking, many of us remember the murders of police officers nationwide..

But most shocking of all, were the photos of Barack Obama eating with, laughing and making merry with, the vile element of society which set this all in motion: the chief cop of all cops, celebratorily imbibing wine and food, and writing checks for this corrosive element in our nation...why?

Because Democrats freed the slaves, Democrats desegregated first, the military, then the country, and have not in any way agonized the dilemma forward by preying on the educational deficit in the black communities, whatsoever. A deficit made possible not just by their rolling back primary and secondary education mandates, but also by paying for the weapons that armed ISIL, the enemies of all living things...

But worse for the side of cooler heads, has been the effect of identity politics to identify its political adversaries in terms of "one of us has to go", and the provocative role the media has played trying to intellectualize impatience, half-baked facts, and incorrect conclusions drawn by anyone who disagrees with identity politics, in general.

A good example was the press calling Trump a racist for urging calm in Chancellorsville, while remaining conspicuously silent about the emergence of Obama's actual acts of treason during, and after, his presidency.

Identity politics turning inside-out should not drag into a race war, the political consensus that states conclusively that, "the acts, by municipal authorities, in Chancellorsville, were wrong on all sides", because it is a race-war that identity politics claims it wants...

Did anybody see Antifa November 4? No. But the efforts of the msm and fb to blame the threats made by the group to be a conspiracy created by Alex Jones is exactly what I mean: if I call a liar a liar, that does not mean the person they are lying about is a saint, nor he, nor I, a racist, for disagreeing with the ethos driving their lies...it means merely that I spoke the truth.

The refusal to face facts is the very lifeblood of identity politics. People eventually forget the lies the media tells, at a rate that gets quicker and more permanent as the media tries to radicalize people.

Usually, a massacre or two brought about by their bating is the pinnacle of their silence, from there, tears restore honesty, honesty restores understanding; it all could have been avoided by simply facing those lies.

But this is fatal to the movement, in the first place.

Future historians will note in the case of BLM that a lot of over-analysis of fallacies were enough to spread grief and violence to a lot of people: just to make three women get their 15 minutes of fame, in the age of the internet, when this is easy.

And, along the way, the movement split: the educated black people faced facts, while those easily infected by rumor did not.

And for all of this, maybe one of those three women moved out of the projects, and was still out of the projects in 2025.
The economic, social, and cultural Modern Progressives in American life. Each of these men eased racial inequities, economic disparity, and each despised Globalism. And, they also suffer from fallacies about each of their actual works, fallacies created by the architects of identity politics in the DNC.

The Facts

A Republican freed the slaves.

A Republican desegregated the US military.

And a Republican killed Jim Crow using the National Guard, and enforcing the SCOTUS decision of Board of Education Versus Brown. 

This Republican chose the party because he was famous prior to his presidency.

Both parties sought his membership.

This Republican was a non Globalist.

Until Reagan, he was the only one in the Republican Party, and JFK remains the only Democrat who was an AntiGlobalist.

A non Globalist Republican is in the White House, now.

"The world owes me something," is the folly of youth. "The world owes me for four hundred years of slavery, and I identify myself and my current generation to be the one that it owes," this is the folly of youth tragically bestowed with a (fake) political call to power. "We must stop these people before they take over," is reactionary. 

"We must arrest the advancement of a subversive element of society for whom the rule of law means nothing," this is the identity politics of the rational inhabitants of the US. And it identifies no color, at all.

Maybe the identity political movements are seeing themselves, finally. And maybe they are as shocked by them as we have been. Maybe they see what is missing....

All identity politics feature an absence of legitimacy, and an absence of the promotion of a positive message about that identity, which erupt into expressions regarding that identity as one without character, rational views of modern life, and the paralyzation of a dream through ignorance, violence, and unbelievable selfishness. 

And identity politics have a shelf life as they always have: until the leaders are paid off in the shakedown, or in-general. Then, even they realize what it was all about, the cause having sold first, its innocence, and with it, its legitimacy, because revenge they deduced, was owed to them, not justice.
But the removal of statues and efforts to erase culture and history are racist, Marxist, and the acts of enemies of this nation.

Thus we support the NFL boycott, and the states, like Alabama, whose governors are intelligent enough to see this offense for what it is.

Even while, in Alabama, a pastor with a past was promised favors for accusing Roy Moore, because forgiveness is only for black Christians, just like "judge not, lest they be white people."

Nowadays, in their hypocrisies, and during this era in which common sense no longer applies, those promoting identity politics have attributed sensibility to cutting off their noses to spite both their faces, as well as the faces of those embracing these ideologies; ideologies which promote defacing the nation, and embarrassing their leaders as full participants in the insults against them. Thus, the era of what real identity politics are, as opposed to what they wish they were, will be a short one. The days of identity politics are numbered.

Best demonstrated by the election of Donald Trump, and Roy Moore, the exploitation of identity politics, and identity politics, themselves, are the result of a DNC that has lost its way, and a Republican party gone soft, if not criminal, from Globalism. 

The White Album

To date, scholars identify KKK and Nazism in the USA as "white identity politics". Whereas, Sinn Fein, in Ireland, is just a movement. But it fits the bill when first formed. The difference is that peace in N Ireland has removed the movement from the streets, and now the political wing of the IRA is a party. Thus, the Catholic Irish identity is now viewed as a part of the majority.
The Milwaukee riots...

KKK and Nazism in America have not destroyed a single American city, but both groups are linked, and the KKK was founded by Southern Democrats.The murders and acts of terror commited against the Civil Rights movement are in no way, excusable. But this legitimacy, such as what entranced and infuriated the world in the Medgar Evers case, is noticeably absent in the identity politics that sprung up in its place. Identity politics were always reactionary, and in white identity politics, there is no exception.

In essence, identity politics stratagems include the observation of the majority of whites not approving of the KKK or American Nazis, nor of the Black Panthers, or BLM. Then, they ask the question, "...can identity politics marginalize the majority until it embraces them?" This is the trade of reactionary logic, and begins a path of AntiProgressivism whose resolve lives not in the realm of the practical.

The answer is "no", but the government in each state owes the majority the rights of democratic rule. And, in states where Confederate statues have been removed, it should reinforce the demand to an end to racism in both the majority and minority populations.

If racism has not ended, then the dialogue about removing statues needs to be changed, because it represents a pathetic line of logic that concluded that by removing a statue, an inatimate object,  racism, a very animated fact of human history, would also be removed, with it. And it also encourages the empowerment of perfect ignorance, or subversive efforts at regime change, to indulge this, or to engage in it, at all.

But, once removing statues, and pursuing cultural annihilation is clearly demonstrated to be inaccurate as a solution, then the real issues need to be addressed, and real solutions attempted. And, for as long as black people keep electing democrats, it isn't going to happen. Why work, when they can keep blaming statues, and distract the black community from black on black crime, which is 300% higher than black on white crime? Tearing up statues, or Charlotte, is much easier than, say, funding an adequate renaissance of education in the inner cities in America.

Can we remove a statue of, say, Tupac, and black on black crime stop? No. But the logic is not reaching into the identity politics of the groups wanting them removed.

Because the logic behind the removal of statues was ending racism, there is no attempt at accomplishing anything. Just like the logic behind disrespecting the veterans and patriots at the beginning of each NFL game is racial unity. And how that removes racism, and promotes racial unity eludes sensibility. But, it may be that the end result was to provoke racism, and thusly reconfirm the movement's existence. Otherwise, they are all: white, black, green, etc, pointless...
The Charlotte, NC riots...needless destruction caused by the refusal to accept the limits of freedoms when detained by the police. BLM did not survive the actual statistics of blacks killed by police and whites killed by police following population demographics. 

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