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History of Media Culpability in Misleading the Public: Vietnam, 1964-1975, and TODAY!

Project Mockingbird was an alleged CIA-media plot to employ media outlets in the US in aiding their control over the hearts and minds of the United States, building on the Bilderberger model of media complicity. These two facts about western media are laughed-off the media!

While researching this article, I could not locate the headlines of the 1960's boasting of an overnight victory in Vietnam. Concerned, I now have screenshots of the Russiahacked tales, and Mueller, and PizzaGate denials. Because these abuses of people, and the crimes implied to abuse us, are about to suffer a fifty years plus complete destruction of the credibility of the media...from a wick burning since Tonkin Bay.

Tonkin Bay was not the first lie told to create a war, nor the first media lie told to involve America in a war: it occurred in a unique time where the honesty of the baby boomer generation that rejected the program of promoting the war, was not yet for sale. Later, it would be, thus Russiahacked, Hillary has 93% chance of winning, pizzagate isn't real, and a number of other media lies.

The truth about Vietnam is bankers started it, their club, the Bilderbergers, and its media contingent, promoted it, and CIA's Project Mockingbird kept it spun favorably.  But, the NYT, for instance, is quick to offer up, via Google, only one headline from the era, and buried in print too small to read are the words, "The occupation of Vietnam by US forces will end Communist activities in the area before Summer." and speaks of confidence, and certain victory, which is basically a declaration of racial superiority.
I grew up reading and respecting Stars and Stripes, but after its promotion of transsexuals, gays, and general hostility for facts by its current editorial staff, it is clear to me that this is another propaganda rag.
All in a time where the NYT was famous for overturning a 1964 Alabama Court's ruling in favor of the Montgomery City Police Commissioner's $55,000 defamation award against the NYT, which accused him of acts of terror against blacks. 

On one side, racism is ok.
On the other, it isn't. 

We are seeing this now, in the pedophilia it defends from other Bilderbergers, as well as the outright lies it has backtracked into the Uranium One story.

The credibility of the print media in America is at fatal levels.

Gallup has even been caught lying.
In the pics below, the firm claims that the media is only lying a little. But take note of their claims, the picture we are left with becomes one of number juggling at some "higher up's" behest:
Here, in a 2014 graph, Gallup claims the lowest number to be around 40% of the US believing the media.

Here, Gallup contradicts the earlier claim, saying that the sharp rise from the 33% to 41% represents a low, but up from the all time lowest number in 2014, which, we know from the pic above this one, was 40%. point?
The 2017 numbers....27% in July do not believe the media. As you can see, the real all time low was 20% in 2016. So, why are they placing 20%, for the first time, in this graph, but not in the one from 2016? And, why is 20% the all time low, on this graph, and 32% the other all time low, published on on the earlier graph, when we know one of the numbers is incorrect? 27% is less than 41%, which Gallup claims 27% is up from the 2016 all time also claims the current number of 33% is UP from the 2016 low...! Man! Make up your minds! Why? Simple: Gallup must receive threats for publishing the truth. But, sales are going to tell un-controllable truths, ones that don't succumb to pressure...

The Cronkite Model of Backfire

Vietnam taught the press that it possessed untouchable first amendment rights. Vietnam lied. What ended Vietnam was not a politician, because nobody in politics believed his career would survive the first loss of a war by the United States...Now, who exactly would be using that type of rhetoric?

Allegedly, following the January Tet Offensive of 1968, General Creighton Abrams, whom had replaced General Westmoreland, told Walter Cronkite's producer that the war was un winnable, and he wished that the US would withdraw while it still had dignity.

On his nightly broadcast in mid February of 1968, Walter Cronkite, breaking with the Bilderbergers and Project Mockingbird, sadly informed the country that Vietnam was a lost cause.

This, and not the hypocritical boomers running the editorial direction of the media today, and their generation's assertions, that, "we stopped a war, man..! (Fist raised in a clench)" is the actual cause of the public awakening about Vietnam. The media was complicit in the lying, and this is still true, today.

General Creighton Abrams
Other factors were Lyndon Johnson announcing troop surge requirements meant a draft increase would be necessary, in the Summer of 1967, and the general chaos of the Tet Offensive, which caused Cronkite's visit, ostensibly, to restore confidence in the effort. Johnson's approval took serious hits due to both factors, in spite of the media's continuity of the delusion-effort in line with Project Mockingbird, and that effort's counter-efforts to question both Cronkite's, then Americans' reasons, for disputing their support of what it claimed that the initial purposes of the war actually were. And Cronkite took some hits to his popularity for the story, but he refused to shelf it.
Arrow denotes Cronkite's speech...

The Beat Goes Off...

PizzaGate remains a source of fear, and denial, particularly, in the New York Times. Above, a chart connecting BBC's denial of British PizzaGate, which ran from 1962-2014, and BBC's personnel, like kid tv star, and pedophile, Jimmy Saville, enjoying the protection of BBC's efforts to quash the story...sound familiar? 
Jews in the media are the junction of all the lying, and their involvement in the Vietnam lies, and PizzaGate denials, is due to being guilty at the editorial staff level...

There are literally zero stories about PizzaGate in the New York Times...though it has been proven true....

Yet the stories abound about Russiahacked, though it has been proven to be lies.
Where is this generation's Walter Cronkite? Odds are, he or she has already been fired, murdered, or blackmailed, or all three.

But this ends when you turn off the television, and stop buying their papers. Period.

Project Mockingbird

Only thing is, Wikipedia denies that it is still very much going on.

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