Monday, November 20, 2017

Hegemony PENALIZED!: The Restoration of Democracy in Europe Starts Now

Angele Merkel, the Moth Who Ate the historic and crumbling Kingdoms and Principalities of Europe, has until the 27th of January to assemble a coalition government...

Or it will be open season on all things eu, first, in Berlin, then, the Revolution will be on!

The efforts to restore faith in the dissolving eu have even included the absurd notion of a cultural annexation of Jamaica...
The clock is ticking in ever-voluminous rhythms bearing the illusion of quickening as the rumbling throats of sceptical German politicos grow louder, denoting the severity of the impending crisis in German Law which officially begins in January.

There is not a time period designated by law placing five months from a given election as a deadline for this, but the Bundesrat has never had all of the proper forms in their make or break hands after the Christmas break. There was a time when the forms' merely improperly filled-out bodies were used as a political threat, but everyone knew this was blackmail by technicality.

What we have never observed in German politics, ever, was the predictable demise of meta-state logic, and the consequences of this upon an increasingly fed-up German populace, whose compositions include the census of each party, and each voting precinct, and are showing revolt in regards to eu, and the issues chipping away at German sovereignty. 

What happened, in plain speech, is the importation of non-Europeans in order to keep eu politicos, like Frau Merkel, in power, had the net effect of confirming her place in government. But it had the opposing effect of deadlocking actual Germans whom still occupy nearly 100% of the Lower House, the Bundestag, as well as the Bundesrat, a sort of "upper house, relationship's complicated"

The Bundesrat is an administrative check and balance functioning solely by certifying, with approval, any given coalition of two, or more German ruling parties. In addition to approving of the ruling coalition, the Bundesrat must approve Frau Merkel's continuation of her term beyond the legal limit of two. 

This, of course would be her fourth term as Chancellor of Germany.

The American press has incorrectly asserted that, "a three way coalition was a desperate act..." (Huff Post). This is, in fact, ignorance. Yet more proof of the msm attempts at deluding the American public.

In Germany major parties are split by size and platform. Die Linke is a small majority party. Greens 90's Alliance is another. Though smaller majority parties are not always present, a wise chancellor assembles a coalition between her major party, and another two, one of the larger majority parties, and one smaller, keen to pick from the minority parties carefully, as well. The goal is the bringing to the center of the largest functional spectrum of political agendas, possible.

Frau Merkel cannot do this for several reasons, to include the contradiction historically eu is to CDU politics, in general. A strong state by cooperation was the intention of the CDU, but in selling off bits and pieces of German sovereignty to eu since the Chancellor Shroeder-era, in eu's genesis, in the late 90's, CDU finds itself the very face of a laundry list of bitter complaints from real Germans.

And this presentiment against Merkel's Chancellorship isn't really showing at the ballot box, and that is directly due to the (formerly) illegal management of democracy towards pro eu platforms by eu luminaries whose terms are insured by the eu-loving immigrant votes. 

It is emerging as contention from within the resistance of the party machines, themselves, which cannot be folded into perversion by immigration until at least the immigrants can speak German: no longer required for citizenship eu wide thanks to, well Frau Merkel. 

But it is necessary to speak German, however, to conduct German business in government. 

And though I predicted this, nobody cares. 

As it remains undisclosed to other German politicians that there is a plan to replace the Pound Sterling's former role in eu with that of the DM, it is Frau Merkel's darkest political secret. Now, before Euromillenials start their hatred, know that the plan to reissue DM's is forwarded due to my analytical talent, solely. 

But I would bet money that is happening. And, it appears to me that should she lose her seat, the beans of Merkel's DM reissue initiative will inevitably be spilled. This would end eu overnight...but that is a whole other article.

On a more fascinating note, this could result in a Chancellor-by-compromise, by Parliamentary vote, and the stepping forward, for the first time since 1946, (and ever, in modern German history), of a political unknown, from a minority party, whom winds up striking coalition, and walking straight out onto the world stage.

If the resolution does not present itself prior to the Advent Break, this could very well be the result. But no matter what, this should remain a no-confidence vote in eu metastate political security.

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