Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Counterpoint: Who Is Lying, How, and Why?

Qanon is the name of a person, or persons, utilizing the anonymous message board 4chan to publicize some pretty intriguing claims in regards to the adverse relationship between Trump and the "deep state", or, "the swamp". 

Q named himself for the Q Security Clearance, a clearance above the president's, and almost immediately speculation ran rampant that Q was actually Admiral Rogers, head of the NSA, or perhaps Trump, himself. 

He lay out an outline of events and acts taken against the corruption that has overrun the country in bits of rhetorical questions, which he calls, "Breadcrumbs". 

He began posting these breadcrumbs under the 4Chan Post The Calm Before the Storm, alluding to a coming "storm" as the very takedown of the deep state which he, and other high level insiders are undertaking.

The posts first appeared on Oct 27, 2017.... And promised that during the coming weeks, Clinton, the Podesta Brothers, and even Obama, himself, would be taken down by Trump and his new administration as it sought to right itself in a general climate of hostility towards the traditional processions of power in DC.

We have questions about the Calm Before the Storm...We have sincere and explicit concerns verified by immediacy...

However, there are at least three different efforts at work which appear to be an organized effort at planting some sort of information time-bomb into the 4chan medium of communication.

They are: the publications of false posting parties claiming to be Q, the usage of "trip-captains" to guide our conclusions into ultimately false conclusions, and the attempts to stay ahead of actual Q drops and seed the loaf with incorrect answers to actual Q questions. 

False Q's:
Finding examples of false Q's was something that I was personally too late to document thoroughly, due to what appears to have been quick archival terminations by 4chan for the Calm Before the Storms which followed the initial releases on Oct. 31, which is when I first became aware of the postings of breadcrumbs. Things that bothered me were soon quickly dispelled, however, by the posting party's rather speedy dispensation of any doubts in Barack Obama's PseudoState, and the absolutely awesome manner in which Q drove him out. If you searched on this blog, you will find an entry dating back to Sept when I made the same conclusions, just had zero proof. So, naturally, when Q pulled the sword from the stone, I was all ears after that. 

But, things took an increasingly weirder turn after last week's initial claims that Huma, Podesta Bros, and Hillary would be surrendering to the Deputy US Attorney's Offices, on Monday, the 6 of November. Amid the mad rush to wrest Q's audience away, there were actual Q posts, using his obvious knowledge of military protocols, (which, as a life-long associate of the US Army, I can verify, were correct), there were, peppered within each fistful of crumbs, a level measure each of ground ghost pepper and possibly xanax, but nothing lethal to the effort: because Q's purpose was to warn young folks not to be afraid, and why not to be so. Only true militant dickheads are taking a counter intel interest in this, and I am going to breathe in one last time, and go...

Here is the single effort (without digging too damned much) at what I feel is a false Q: 
In this post, we are given (allegedly, as denoted by the [L][d][R]) indications that Q is threatening Lynne DeRothschild. Well, several problems rest herein which bear an explanation which has zero Q precedence: The US has minimal jurisdictional access except via CIA to the Rothschilds, or any foreign national, and, Q never had any problems mentioning US presidents, candidates, and Senators by their names, nor did he ever address them: Q addressed you and I! Perfectly reasonable to discard on grounds of irrelevance to Q's stated goals: American Renaissance.

 Trip Captains 

Fake trip captains are so involved that we are witnessing proof of Q in a concerted counter-intel effort being mounted which, unfortunately for them, is relying on methodologies already available on the History Channel. Chiefly, the spread of disinformation. Since the usage of fake Q messages has only a limited protracted net success margin, these efforts must involve more wetwork than simply creating Seusical versions of literal data: enter the False Trip, and their Captains. 

Many of these are still kicking around. And the real tactical threat they pose is that the mixture of truth and lies can burrow their mandibles deeply within, and this gives them advantageous perspective over both aspects of sending fake data, and effectively translating how that data will be used, later.

Examples are many, as I said. But this keep in mind: no matter what I say, no matter what anybody says, Q warned our nation, and we are simply that, warned. No cries to terrorize us with, "Overthrow Dictator Trump" shall work. For idiots like Tom Steyer tried, but it was expensive to learn that we stand with our president in believing that the rule of law, in The United States, applies equally, to one, and all.

Thus, posts like these are possibly Trip Captains:
Truth mixed with lies...disinformation. 
No proof that this number is close to right!
Since when do Americans, or Canadians, speak this way? We don't...
This best exemplifies a common mistake that spies in the field make: cultural inaccuracy. Their pretend culture is revealed by their actual one. This looks 5-Eyes Alliance, to me. Which would keep it off NSA radar, until I wrote this...

Prepping for false narratives...
The Titanic was not sunk. It sank. There was zero Fed Res Controversy in 1912. Teddy Roosevelt had driven Wall Street out of govt years earlier, and JP Morgan, being an American, unlike these sleazeballs, famously locked the doors of his office and forced the bankers of Wall Street to compromise, or, "stay in this room...till hell freezes over." That compromise held for almost half of a century.

The ship (not Hindenberg, either) that was sunk was the Lusitania in 1917, pre-empting US entry into WW1. It was sunk for violating the rules of war. The Germans were proven to be correct during the 80's, when ordinance, weapons which were forbidden aboard passenger vessels, was found in the wreckage.

This is an insult to the Q jive. It presumes us to all be conspiracy nuts, and controllable on that level. A holes.

But it is clearly identifiable as disinformation. 

Future Q

The last effort would combine these previous two, and intercept future breadcrumbs, and mess with the content, and or the interpretation. Although I cannot stress enough Q's mission is accomplished, I cannot speak for Q, either: so, use your mind, and ask yourself questions. 

  1. Are these short questions?
  2. Are logical conclusions practical from the questions? 
  3. Could this question have an answer which crosses out a message Q has already made clear?
  4. Is this information vital, and is the source quoting Q, posting proof to back up their answers, or when I search, is this person's answers venerable? 
And, this is all the advice that we need.




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