Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Verdict Against QAnon

The graduation from compassion to contempt is complete. Ordinarily, this would be enough. However, each of these QAnon participants  represents a future blue-vote, as the identities of QAnon build their followers up to unimaginable disappointment....under their own power...

The verdict against QAnon is that what we are observing is Antifa proving its case against the Alt Right, or this is the work of spurned InfoWars employees. Most people immune to the cult will neither engage, nor accept the efforts of the cult to validate its tormentors...
Qanon is dead, and any professional seriously indulging it, is violating ethics. Here, in a 2006 audit, the auditor states of the 2,000 sealed indictments (of 66,000 total) which ran through US Dist Court, two were kept from the public. This means, if 4,000 indictments existed, .009 would not return on Pacer. This is extremely erring on the side of caution. Anyone disputing Pacer's own contractors is a liar.

I never worked as an attorney. The war of attitude raging like a M-1 Abrams right now is the reason. Consider for a moment the fact that a paid spokesperson will speak along the gradient which involves the least oversight, and the greatest possible ambiguity. 

Tracybeanz represents the worst kind of confirmation. She has solicited an attorney whom is going to attempt to place doubt in the Pacer system. The Pacer system, while not perfect, must conform to the law.

In a 2006 audit, the auditors state that the only exceptions to the search returns bearing an anonymous indictment involved threat potentials which do not exist in the falsehoods pursued by the cult of Q. And any attorney advising otherwise is merely engaging grandiose speculation. No matter what federal office, nor to whom this attorney gave advice: if he states, unequivocally that 130-4000 indictments were issued by Bob Meuller"s Grand Jury, and Pacer is not showing them, then this person is referring to minor children, or to a civil case.
There are blogs of attorneys the width and breadth of this nation outraged by the persistence of the QCult. The entire paradigm dwells in the absurd. 

In the Federal Pacer system, the return for the kind of indictments which number from 130-4000, every single one, would be showing a result. This is because not one of the defendants accused by Q is embroiled in a civil case, nor are they given secret indictments.

Anybody contradicting this is outside of his or her expertise, because this is per the Constitution of the United States. 

The only other exception to sealed and nameless indictments, as per the Pacer system, is when the judge or the special prosecutor requests this. However, the return, according to US Law, and according to Pacer's auditors, were within 1.4% of the 2000 sealed indictments, with a mean average of .97% of the total number of sealed indictments which were withheld from the public. Eliminating the categories which cannot apply, and erring grossly on the side of caution, this leaves two indictments which did not show up.

They were two, in number: a total of two. One involved child pornography victims.

Literally, this is the % age likelihood that, of QAnon indictments, one in 33,000 warrants will fit the criteria, neither having a name, sealed, and not returning on a Pacer search.

This places the likelihood that Q Anon is bullshit in the category of "beyond a metaphysical certitude". Thus: the verdict is in, and QAnon is Antifa, or possibly spurned InfoWars employees.

On the 27 Oct, an urgent effort to make media contact was charged with life in a desperate pace. Then, one after the other, three events unfolded: snopes and facebook libeled Alex Jones as the inventor of the Antifa Nov 4 Revolution, facebook banned infowars from livestream, Newsweek engaged a desperate effort to advocate the retraction launched by members of Antifa, whom had previously sworn a November 4th 2017 "revolution" as violent retaliation for the violence that they had both started, and been injured by, during the Charlottesville protest last summer. Then, also, on October 27, 2017, coincidentally enough, unless you are sane, Q begins to post, nothing of which, has actually happened.

Verdict: Antifa has made permanent fools of several YouTubers. Or infowars has made permanent fools of several youtubers Verdict, Antifa, or InfoWars is running this larp. But, it is raking in an absurd amount of cash....

Earlier today, Q advocate, and YouTuber, Tracy Beanz, solicited a government attorney. He spoke in open ended ambiguities that violate his spectrum of expertise, as well as previous statistics published by Pacer, itself. (Editor's Note: Tracybeanz has denounced Qanon)(She had been the most vocal critic of my work.)

This constitutes the highest form of ethical violation that I can personally now add to the cumulative observances that I have made all along my journey. The reason is; he speaks to bear testimony as to the nature and function of Pacer, should he engage any dialogue whatsoever which is supportive of the Cult leaders' delusions of reference. Pacer itself denies that the returns of the US District Court deny access to all or any indictments, sealed, or not. Thus Ms Beanz shall get what she pays for: a liar's confirmation violating each point of ethical accountability. True shallow victory contradicted by Pacer. Not endorsed attorneys.

Later, this next few weeks, when the legalties are satisfied, the US District Court has a plan. And, after being so overwhelmed by the Cult's refusal to accept reality, a spokesman has been consulted in lieu of a statement to be published and announced. This, so the court employees hope, will put the matter, and the record breaking phone calls, to rest.

I have emailed the court clerk and advised that, no, it shall not.

The reason is cognitive dissonance.

  • Hillary Clinton has not been secretly indicted, arrested, and arraigned. This did not happen Nov 6, 2017. Anybody advising you otherwise is in violation of ethics. Should you engage them in belief: you do so at your own peril.
  • John Podesta has not been secretly arrested, it also did not occur on Nov 6, 2017.
  • Tony Podesta was not arrested. He was not secretly served warrant on Nov 6, 2017. 
The persistence in following Q henceforth, is based on a mandatory process of cognitive dissonance. Therefore, if the US District goes ahead to try to put an end to the ocean of calls whose answers are all the same, and through a spokesperson, issues any sort of statement, the statement shall be immediately incorporated into the cognitive dissonance process, via elaborate belief in the delusions of reference which cause this phenomenon.

Furthermore: Antifa's war is obviously targeting the ignorance and the repugnance of the alt right in this nation. This absolves this institution from any efforts following the Pacer results citing zero sealed indictments current for the entire year of 2017.

If there were, the Bar Association, and the auditors of the 2006 Pacer performances, disagree with any such logic as it tends to accuse the Pacer system as operating in-violation of the law. This, of course, is absurd.

  • The Titanic Conspiracy had never been taken seriously by anybody prior to the Q phenomenon. It always appeared to be some sort of IQ test for suckers. But, in the case of TCBTS, it was reissued to prey upon the Alt Right's repugnant rejection of authorities in this area whose testimonies debunk this as absurd. Yet, it is also recycled to match the delusions of reference in the cognitive dissonance process.
  • Any attorney advising that Bob Meuller, a special prosecutor, has the authority to indict through any other court, federal, or otherwise, in this nation, is in violation of ethics. Bob Meuller can only indict in the US District Court in DC. Should he have sealed indictments, they would return on Pacer as "a sealed indictment" with no way for the public to ascertain that they came from his Federal Grand Jury unless it is so otherwise stated. The cognitive dissonance process is now being engaged to pay an attorney a consulting fee, and in his ambiguities, and positive responses affirming incorrect and inaccurate statements, the cult seeks persistence. Any attorney advising this is in violation of the US Constitution, the American Bar Association, and he does so at his own peril.

Verdict: Qanon is the worst insult to the alt right ever conceived. I have personally withdrawn my patreon support for Ms Beanz, and only allow the grief of David Seaman as I understand his belief that his beloved friend was murdered by these people stands correct. His support of Q shall inevitably cease, but I pray his grief assuaged daily.

Verdict: QentologyCult is a lethal wound to the Alt Right. Unless they cease participating in making utter fools of themselves, it will conduct their entire effort into neutrality, proving Antifa to be right about them. 

The established R Party rebukes you publicly in my words.
This is the Party to which the President belongs.

Go to its website and confirm Q.
Engage cognitive dissonance.
Engage delusion.
Engage cognitive dissonance.

For you whom continue lying,  your sanity is in grave danger.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Proxy Time: 19/8, and The Math of the Hard Count

There are a few bands writing songs whose forays into time, for whatever it's worth, sometimes border on the steel-trap brain approach...

Rusty Cage, by the late-great Chris Cornell and Soundgarden, is one of those songs. The performance, from composition, to recording to the final cut, is really just a spectacular song. 

Towards the end, the band goes into this 19/8 count riff easiest expressed as two @ 6/8 and one @ 7/8. There is no disputing whatsoever: that is what is happening. 

But besides the subdivisions one can make of those 19 eighth notes, I want to remind you that there is another, maybe far simpler way to do so. Plus, it is every bit as legal. And this is what the old jazz guys used to call a "hard-5/8 count", because basically, it features a slow count of four beats, with a fifth beat existing accounted-for by the triplet phenomenon. 

And the hard count, as it applies to Rusty Cage, is easy to lose due to the obvious 5/8 subdivisions moving through the relationship between the hihat, and the bass, and snare.

The reason I bring this up is because both counts are mathematically correct, therefore interpreting/fleshing out a test riff can sometimes seem to deprive the liberation from expectations of western music, and force everyone into this micro-timed format, which, let's face it, all guitarists hate.

But the old jazz guys who invented the hard count did so not because they couldn't wrap their minds around the subdivision concept, nor because they couldn't keep up: they did so simply because they were asking the drummer for a more melody-friendly firing-soution. Voila, the mother of invention.

Due to Rusty Cage having an extremely slow hard count, the knack can be difficult to get. But it is far easier in 19/16 time.

And though 19/8 time exists, the hard count is a good argument for the non-existence of 19/16, due to the "Cardinal Rule of Time Signatures", they always belong in the path of least resistance. This makes 19/16 the proxy time of all proxy times.

Of course, Home, by Dream Theater also features a denoument at 19/16. But it perfectly conforms with the hard count 5/8, and the reality is the guitar sounds to me like this is his count. Not 19 16th notes, but a measure of common time 16ths, plus a triplet of sixteenths, which is exactly the hard count 5/8. For this reason, I stand with those whom point out that 19/16, by the law of keeping simplicity primary, does not actually exist. And there is a 50/50 split in this debate, and normally it is due to the fear one might have for the nuances of recording. Personally, and for my teachers, too: if this is the reason you are engaging this time, you may be missing the point of the hard count, melody.

As I said, this was created not due to a lack of understanding the concept, but due to jazz being technically defined as a genre featuring total ad lib, communication between instruments, and each member has a solo at some point in each number. So the emphasis was melody, with the drums providing almost the entire rhythm constant.

But, Home features a drum part cautiously written in 19/16 which leaves no room for slop, while the interaction with the hard counting 5/8 ryhtmic/solo type guitar makes for a match of melody and harmony/rhythm which makes  piece really stand out. I do not necessarily disagree, but it is a clear time to use 24 16ths and five for 29/16. But a hard count is enough for me as long as its 19/16.

The 19/16 parts are near the end, and some of them are easier to detect than others due to the downbeat happening on the snare. You can hear the definite hard count... particularly in the guitar part. It has kind of a Turkish type of Locian/Phrygian mode thingie happening.

Mike Portnoy looks kinda like my friend, Blanko Fejss. But, that doesn't matter.

Monday, November 27, 2017

How To Identify An Internet Scam, (and others, as well)

All scams share at least four common characteristics which, at first glance, should be obvious that they are, indeed, scams. They all share a fundamental dishonesty, and they all require your belief and, at some level, your participation.

Here are the four categories that I use for identifying that what I am seeing is, indeed, an internet scam:

I am going to give an example of a real internet scam, that was present on FB around the Christmas season of 2015, and illustrate them, all four.

"If you are somewhere in public, and you hear an elderly woman screaming for help, do not help her!

Recently, in this state, a woman reported to the police that after shopping in the mall, she was loading her packages into her car, when she heard a scream, and then saw an elderly woman screaming for help.

When she paused, and reached for her phone, the elderly woman and her male accomplice beat, raped, then robbed her, leaving her near death.

Groups using this ploy are working throughout the United States, and Canada. So, if you do overhear an elderly woman being assaulted, do not attempt to contact emergency services. Please share this, as a warning, with all the women and young girls in your life."

 It is a scam.

There is so much wrong with this, that I don't know how it doesn't immediately send spidey senses into overdrive! 
The most famous example in history of the fallacy of blame in practice: the Jewish people being blamed as the source of German misfortunes after WW1.

1. The Fallacy of Blame:
The originator of this tale is not simply targeting you. He, or she, is targeting some other individual or group. Can you guess who it is? 

The elderly! 

The fallacy of blame works like this: we, a society or government, blame a single group for all our problems. In this actual tale, the originator elicits a disdain for the people in our society whom deserve the most respect: the elderly. His hope is not to beat, rape, or assault us...his hope is that you and I will participate in his crime with him by simply not reporting the assault of an elderly female.

In the now-famous, "Nigerian Prince" scam, the fallacy of blame redirects your attention to bankers, blaming them for his snafu.

The FOB is primarily used to redirect your attention, and it is here that cons and scams are most vulnerable to interruption. Why should we blame bankers...why should we quietly allow the elderly to be beaten...? 

2. Nebulous details
The originator of this tale merely says, "your state.." but then refers to Canada, which has ten provinces, and three territories. The lack of the victim's name, the lack of the police officers' names, the oversight in not mentioning what police department, sheriff, etc, are all a definite sign of a set-up in progress.

3. Fear and Consequences 
Not merely by injuring old people, which is his primary desire, and what the scammer wants to accomplish, but by his secondary desire, the scammer includes your participation. His secondary desire is to compel you to act in such a way as to assist his (or someone whom is assaulting an elderly woman, his) hatred for the elderly...but how? By assuring you that if you do not abide the tenets of his con, then you will face the consequences, which, for our unfortunate victim, here, were terrible: she was beaten, raped, and robbed. If you help old people, you will be, too!

Consequences fall into one of two categories.

  1. Negative Reinforcement, when something is removed from you, like a burden, or a problem is presumably going to be eliminated by the scammer removing something, in this case, the burden of helping a stranger-in-distress, or...
  2. Positive Reinforcement, when the scammer is going to give you something as a reward. 
These are the functional parts of scams, as well as the vulnerable parts of legitimate transactions. PayPal has guarantees, for example, protecting you from positive-reinforcement becoming a disappointing and possibly expensive experience. 

4. Continuity Guarantees
At the crossroads of "fear and consequences", and, "the fallacy of blame", all scams that rely on people hearing of them, in order to be successful, will possess the means to keep the scam going. It is going to be inserted here because of the wide-angle of differing stories the scammer can use to entice us, or simply to frighten us. It is not, however, always that simple...

In the "Nigerian Prince" scam, perpetuity was achieved by constantly reinforcing the victim with messages about how the scammer needed even more money. At first, he only needed $500. But now, those bankers have upped the amount that he has to, $500 becomes $1,000, $1,000 becomes $2,000. And continuity for the poor victim here is necessary, or they risk facing the bitter truth. They are, at that point: blackmailed.

The originator of the scam, which I used as an example, inserts continuity by preying on the love GRANDMOTHERS have for their DAUGHTERS and GRANDDAUGHTERS. "Share this as a warning to all the women and young girls..." is part and parcel to either the avoidance of an unpleasant consequence, or the prevention of one, or more of them, altogether.

It clearly attempts to express more hatred for women, and, in particular, all elderly women.

The Nigerian Prince scam has graduated officially from scam to sociological phenomenon. This is because it is famous, the most famous internet, and possibly general scam, of all time. And even though little children can explain this scam, and despite its level of fame, it is happening, somewhere in America, in some form, right now.

The reasons could be many, but it may boil down to, "Sacrifice to St. Jude". This is the name for the human belief that giving a stranger money shall result in the return of some spiritual reward: healing a loved one's cancer, for instance, or perhaps their own "luck" will change.

But it is a scam, and conforms, in some manner, to all four of these characteristics for identifying a scam.

Each of these are at work in every single internet con. And, Q Anon is just that: blame? Msm and Liberals. Nebulous details? The ridiculous impression he has of how the indictment process works in this country. Fear and Consequences? If we do not participate, that means we were wrong about Killary....
Continuity? Why do you argue with me, again?

Also....look for these signs, accompanied by the word...BREAKING!

The Case Against QAnon

To kill the Ad Hominem attack on 8-chan!😀 
There should be no more doubts: the facts about Qanon are so full of crushing disappointment, that people are clinging on to the larp for dear life still unaware that the reality about the assholes Q is promising justice against is not his reality to pollute: until one keeps on larping with him...

Qanon, and the phony Calm Before The Storm, are exiled permanently to 8chan...

Fact: on November the 6th, 2017, no sealed indictments were filed with the US Fed District Court. In fact, not one sealed indictment has been filed in that institution for the entire year 2017.

Fact: Robert Meuller's Federal Grand Jury is seated in that jurisdiction. It is the only one in which his investigation can file charges. The 4,000 indictments tale is therefore: nonsense.

Fact: except in extreme circumstances, the name is not absent from a sealed indictment. Each will have the person's name, their case number, and a ton of other numbers indicating the nature of their charges. Once a defendant has been arraigned, the indictment becomes unsealed. Thus: no sealed indictment has been served against Clinton, due to this, and due to the sole court eligible to bring forth indictment simply denying any sealed indictments have been issued by it for the entire year of 2017.
There are so many things wrong with this it is not even remotely humerous.

It is a violation of ethics, and US Law, for a person's arrest, indictment, and charges to be kept secret: all indictments are therefore filed in the public domain. Arrest records, also, are public. Though the types of warrants Meuller would file generally are always sealed, a search return would not conceal that such an indictment had been filed. It would literally read, "a sealed document..."
(Below: proof!)

Fact: in the entire 241 years of the United States, not one special prosecutor investigating an administration has ever filed charges outside of the US District Court in Washington, DC. This would be unethical, and far beyond the bounds of Meuller's power. The only one who could've would have been Ken Starr, and this was due to the Whitewater property being in Arkansas. Each of these crimes and charges, which are allegedly already indicted against each of these people, occurred while they were US Federal employees, and therefore can only be charged in the US Dist Court in DC.

Fact: Hillary, Huma, John, and Tony are free, today.

Fact: not a single person on earth can pass a polygraph if asked, "Yes or no...did you watch Qanon say, 'confirm in 30 min', and, then, 30 minutes later, did you witness the tweet from Obama going live, both, as those those events happened, in real time?, and that examinee answer, "yes."
The machine will indicate deception.

This has made fools cleave desperately to the pursuit for justice in spite of the fact that not one single prediction he has made happened, and the facts do not end with there being zero sealed indictments in US District Court, in DC, they begin right there.

We all want justice, but this is not the way to go about it. We are being made fools of. We are being accosted by despicable people for knowing pizzagate is real, and for knowing JFK was murdered by Nixon and D Rockerfeller, etc. 

Whatever you need to do to save face, do it. Because this is an attempt to make you mad at Trump. And when you finally realize it, who else will you blame? Just be honest. Are Clinton and the Podestas free, today? Think maybe McCain is bating and switching you while they all make fools of people they have betrayed for a living? 

And, honestly, is pretend ever real? This is known as The Fallacy of the Infinite Regression, or The Fallacy of the Infinite Regress, or the Humunculus Fallacy. What it states, basically, is that each lie Q tells can only be explained away not by other, outside sources, like Pacer, for instance: instead, the only supportive evidence comes from within the Q nonsense paradigm.

The fact that Q is able to last this long is directly due to its followers not challenging the conclusions from outside of Q's regression. Eg, " cannot find the 2,300 sealed indictments, because they are rising so the number is 14,000! 23,000! Gotta be quicker than that! To date, neither Pacer, nor any Fed US or Defense Atty does anything but laugh at this ridiculous claim of x # of sealed indictments.. And, it is getting worse, all the time.

The only way to stop being a sucker is to confess that you have been tricked. And then, to still have an open mind, having the fortitude to move forward with your life, bearing no grudge against anyone, nor begrudging any hope that one day perhaps some of this will happen.

For a little bit, believe it, or not: I bought it, too. But, no arrests, and the crazy yarn about the Titanic, it all violates the words I live by: once for mercy, twice for sin. When Q lied the second time, the only sin I have in my power is disbelief. It is in your power to return this liar his sin, or keep thinking that the reality we all share has little places of exemption that we might push through the dynamic of; using tools made of weaponized and fanatical belief.

But, then, you would be larping, again.

Above: my theories about whom is actually behind this larp

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Prima Facia Case: How Trump Could Leave His Mark on The US Forever

The Case For Congressional Term Limits...take ONE! Uranium One!


What is President Trump's next logical move... ?

Aside from the enthusiasm obsessing the 4chan LARP heretofore known as, "The Calm Before The Storm", and the deficit of actual verified information misleading literally thousands of people, the Mueller Investigation has uncovered the Uranium One scandal not as Q says, a cause of action against the corruption in DC, instead, it may result in the recusal of Mr Meuller, and dismissals of the charges filed against the two subjects that he has arrested. 

The Stakes

Chillum, on Twitter, had the scoop on the Uranium One scandal way back in August. The Uranium One scandal is not secret, it was not totally classified, but it describes a process of treason and election fraud which has Meuller's hands, as well as Manafort's, grasping the same dirty money with Clinton and Obama. This may ultimately nullify the entire Meuller Report, as well as force Meuller's recusal. Plus, the more serious implications about the scandal are not really understood.

The IAEA is an international organization which is seated by the UN, and accounts for ALL transfers of nuclear materials, as well as their whereabouts.
The most serious allegations against Clinton and Obama involve the bucking of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) codes for the handling, and the transfer out of US custody, or the potential that there would be, any transfer to charges outside of US custody, any portion of Uranium owned by the US.
Sen Barriso's letter from 2010 advising the White House of the possible illegalities of Uranium One.

This is close.
The worst thing they did was to have removed US enriched Uranium from IAEA tracking, thus making it black market, and using it as enticement to compel the nation of Iran to sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

The allegations against Alabama Senator Elect (activated, Dec 12!) Roy Moore, about misconduct dating back forty years ago, and involving an incident that pretty much sums up the entire event as, "more dnc corruption", caused the rising of counter-allegations, until, as the Book of Daniel quotes, "The truth, itself, was cast down.."
The annual Hush fund expenditures....

The Controversy

For a long and uninterrupted span of years, which keeps growing longer the further back people look, the United States Congress, both Houses, the Reps on the House of Representatives, and the Senators in the Senate: every Congressman has been running a tax-payer funded slush fund to pay off their accusers in sexual harassment cases. 

And this is a violation of law by lawmakers so pernicious and contemptible that the initial accusations against Sen Moore (to be) have disappeared into the multiplicity of creases and folds of the cloth worn by the ugly truth in the US body politique. And what remains is, one after one, subjecting the congressmen involved to a review by a shocked American public, casting a bad light on the careers of several lifelong parasites upon the burden of the public trust.

Meanwhile, the most significant Swamp Drain of Trump's ten month presidency is being ignored while the Larpers on 4chan are still seeking imaginary indictments against real shady characters.
Conyers's statement...

The Resolve

This reveals what could possibly be Trump's, if not any US President's greatest proof of love for his country: the introduction of legislation to enforce term-limits upon the Senate, as well as upon the House of Representatives, whose two year terms are already sandbagging the nation's business as they prioritize campaigning immediately after winning. 

To update this, House representatives should be allotted four year terms, and those terms not exceeding three, and the four to six year Senate should be limited to twelve years of service. 

Upping representatives numbers of years practically guarantees it passes the House. And striking after the corrupt members' identities are already ailing, or indeed, resignations have occurred, then it would be treason not to address the problem which has aided and abetted every episode of corruption in American life for years, now: the eternal Congressman.  The removal of his fiefdom ends the madness law enforcement in the US cannot address. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

History of Media Culpability in Misleading the Public: Vietnam, 1964-1975, and TODAY!

Project Mockingbird was an alleged CIA-media plot to employ media outlets in the US in aiding their control over the hearts and minds of the United States, building on the Bilderberger model of media complicity. These two facts about western media are laughed-off the media!

While researching this article, I could not locate the headlines of the 1960's boasting of an overnight victory in Vietnam. Concerned, I now have screenshots of the Russiahacked tales, and Mueller, and PizzaGate denials. Because these abuses of people, and the crimes implied to abuse us, are about to suffer a fifty years plus complete destruction of the credibility of the media...from a wick burning since Tonkin Bay.

Tonkin Bay was not the first lie told to create a war, nor the first media lie told to involve America in a war: it occurred in a unique time where the honesty of the baby boomer generation that rejected the program of promoting the war, was not yet for sale. Later, it would be, thus Russiahacked, Hillary has 93% chance of winning, pizzagate isn't real, and a number of other media lies.

The truth about Vietnam is bankers started it, their club, the Bilderbergers, and its media contingent, promoted it, and CIA's Project Mockingbird kept it spun favorably.  But, the NYT, for instance, is quick to offer up, via Google, only one headline from the era, and buried in print too small to read are the words, "The occupation of Vietnam by US forces will end Communist activities in the area before Summer." and speaks of confidence, and certain victory, which is basically a declaration of racial superiority.
I grew up reading and respecting Stars and Stripes, but after its promotion of transsexuals, gays, and general hostility for facts by its current editorial staff, it is clear to me that this is another propaganda rag.
All in a time where the NYT was famous for overturning a 1964 Alabama Court's ruling in favor of the Montgomery City Police Commissioner's $55,000 defamation award against the NYT, which accused him of acts of terror against blacks. 

On one side, racism is ok.
On the other, it isn't. 

We are seeing this now, in the pedophilia it defends from other Bilderbergers, as well as the outright lies it has backtracked into the Uranium One story.

The credibility of the print media in America is at fatal levels.

Gallup has even been caught lying.
In the pics below, the firm claims that the media is only lying a little. But take note of their claims, the picture we are left with becomes one of number juggling at some "higher up's" behest:
Here, in a 2014 graph, Gallup claims the lowest number to be around 40% of the US believing the media.

Here, Gallup contradicts the earlier claim, saying that the sharp rise from the 33% to 41% represents a low, but up from the all time lowest number in 2014, which, we know from the pic above this one, was 40%. point?
The 2017 numbers....27% in July do not believe the media. As you can see, the real all time low was 20% in 2016. So, why are they placing 20%, for the first time, in this graph, but not in the one from 2016? And, why is 20% the all time low, on this graph, and 32% the other all time low, published on on the earlier graph, when we know one of the numbers is incorrect? 27% is less than 41%, which Gallup claims 27% is up from the 2016 all time also claims the current number of 33% is UP from the 2016 low...! Man! Make up your minds! Why? Simple: Gallup must receive threats for publishing the truth. But, sales are going to tell un-controllable truths, ones that don't succumb to pressure...

The Cronkite Model of Backfire

Vietnam taught the press that it possessed untouchable first amendment rights. Vietnam lied. What ended Vietnam was not a politician, because nobody in politics believed his career would survive the first loss of a war by the United States...Now, who exactly would be using that type of rhetoric?

Allegedly, following the January Tet Offensive of 1968, General Creighton Abrams, whom had replaced General Westmoreland, told Walter Cronkite's producer that the war was un winnable, and he wished that the US would withdraw while it still had dignity.

On his nightly broadcast in mid February of 1968, Walter Cronkite, breaking with the Bilderbergers and Project Mockingbird, sadly informed the country that Vietnam was a lost cause.

This, and not the hypocritical boomers running the editorial direction of the media today, and their generation's assertions, that, "we stopped a war, man..! (Fist raised in a clench)" is the actual cause of the public awakening about Vietnam. The media was complicit in the lying, and this is still true, today.

General Creighton Abrams
Other factors were Lyndon Johnson announcing troop surge requirements meant a draft increase would be necessary, in the Summer of 1967, and the general chaos of the Tet Offensive, which caused Cronkite's visit, ostensibly, to restore confidence in the effort. Johnson's approval took serious hits due to both factors, in spite of the media's continuity of the delusion-effort in line with Project Mockingbird, and that effort's counter-efforts to question both Cronkite's, then Americans' reasons, for disputing their support of what it claimed that the initial purposes of the war actually were. And Cronkite took some hits to his popularity for the story, but he refused to shelf it.
Arrow denotes Cronkite's speech...

The Beat Goes Off...

PizzaGate remains a source of fear, and denial, particularly, in the New York Times. Above, a chart connecting BBC's denial of British PizzaGate, which ran from 1962-2014, and BBC's personnel, like kid tv star, and pedophile, Jimmy Saville, enjoying the protection of BBC's efforts to quash the story...sound familiar? 
Jews in the media are the junction of all the lying, and their involvement in the Vietnam lies, and PizzaGate denials, is due to being guilty at the editorial staff level...

There are literally zero stories about PizzaGate in the New York Times...though it has been proven true....

Yet the stories abound about Russiahacked, though it has been proven to be lies.
Where is this generation's Walter Cronkite? Odds are, he or she has already been fired, murdered, or blackmailed, or all three.

But this ends when you turn off the television, and stop buying their papers. Period.

Project Mockingbird

Only thing is, Wikipedia denies that it is still very much going on.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Defying Gravity: How Economics (Don't) Work in EU

The eu, if its first layer of functionality were x-rayed. From the 28 member-states, labor and taxes, and the burden of complying with the meta-state's sovereignty in issues of migrants, for example, go into the uptake. The money returns in a very thin actual line, because most of it remains under Rothschilds conglomerated's control. It never truly leaves the bank. All done electronically...

The everyday economic picture in Europe, and the one we get every month, every year, and closing in on a second decade, is one that is so confusing, and so dimensionally complex, that it is simply extraordinary. But for all the wrong reasons.

The uptake leg in eu trickle down economics functions in defiance to most practical macroeconomic models. It removes labor, the goods which that labor has manufactured, the efforts to transport goods to market, the taxes Europeans pay, and strict control over the disposition towards refugees, their welfare, plus room, board, medical, and educational needs, into a collectivization rivaling Soviet economic aspirations. But all of this, for what has predictably become yet another failed experiment in Marxist models of economics, and in spite of warnings unheeded, and endless compromises by her people. 

Unipolar World Theory·n- refers to the equating of the regulation of trade in terms of a nation's power, and the emergence of a single super power drawing all power worldwide into its edifices. (See, Political science fiction, also: the bastardization of an actual expression of a sensible concept of Geopolitical observations.)

Polar World Theory · n- refers to Geopolitics in terms of poles, which are concentrations of economic, military, and political power.

BiPolar World- this is the world of the Cold War, having two superpowers: the US, and the USSR.

MultiPolar World- this describes the post Cold War emergence of many superpowers, and describes them geographically, Pacific Rim, PanEurasia, US, eu, etc.

Unipolar World Theory was the stick, carrot, and donkey approach to eu's designs. The cliff nobody saw, and the reasons that they should have seen it, are what this article attempts to answer...

It was a year ago, nearly, when eu was told, in a letter sent by a group of defiant Spanish economics experts, that its statistics bureau, eurostat, was just plain unreliable, ineffective, and that this was contributing heavily to corruption by the regime in Madrid. (Think "missing money")

And, the fact of the matter is, most regimes of the"decentralised agencies of eu" are lacking somewhat in their abilities to manage effectively the giant convergences now occurring in eu. These agencies' internal designs are perpetually in a state of crisis, overlap, and change.

The fact that new ones spring up, kind of like relatives showing up unannounced, is a testament to what eu has actually become very cunning at doing: designing over-oratory, unaccountable, and opaque internal regimes, then staking them with plenty of the fake money that eu authorizes.

Then, the cash is printed straight into the waiting gullets of a eu central bank, like mother vulture feeding vultures. And it is more of a cash laundering than debt ressetlement. This is how the crime spree of embezzlement and theft, called, "The Panama Papers" was first created. The economics of eu are the equivalent of "opportunity" in criminal acts.

The duties of ensuring the legality, compliance, and general and aesthetic security of eu's banking, the euro, and Europe, itself, fall to the EBA.

Debt Assement

More confusing yet is the constant process of debt assessment, adjustment, and resettlement. That is the trickle down leg of the flow of economics in eu. This, also, defies contemporary market force economics. The trickle down side of the process traditionally isn't taxed by monetary percentages and cultural destruction. This is asking too much, and it is merely the beginning. The failure of the Unipolar World is a little more sinister than the effort to create Marxist economies in the Twentieth Century, and the ultimate failures of that Marxism.

This is due to the implication that whatever was learned from the lessons of failed Marxism having somehow not been prevented in the architecture of the economics of eu. The past was there, but the lessons of it were not a factor in the design of eu, so the past is going to be repeated.

The trickle up leg is every bit the mystery and fascination that its coeval leg is, and this is the one which burdens each European on a daily basis. Most poignantly, the migrancy crisis, and the violence associated with it.

Basically, eu is a meta-bank, meta-state, meta-farm, meta-harvest/meat processing, meta-power, water, and energy provider, and bears its own consolidated court structures. Eu also boasts InfoTech strategies which are top of the line, and state of the art. Not bad, considering the Digital Age was barely entering the Word Processor phase in Europe, in the mid to late 1980's. I once met an IBM exec during a Frankfurt to Atlanta flight in 1984. He said, "Europe has slept past the Digital Revolution..."

Yet, what eu was supposed to be, was a convention of capitalists; conglomerating an episode of financial history whose mere functions would control interest, and stabilize the European landscape by standardizing it.

What has happened, instead, is a season of difficult to define leaks in the system which have created too many mouths to feed, and not enough food to put into them.

But the model was one vitally hinging upon interest rates to both assure it's performance as a meta state, as well as to pay for eu, by staking with cash the functionality of each step of the cash flows, in either direction, along the network. What the architects of eu either didn't know, and/or refused to address, was the emergence of a pyramid scheme, which it has obviously become. This one is no different, except it is far larger, and rather than suckers at the individual level, it requires new land, and new working slaves to produce the goods traded within eu, as well as with other nations. Ultimately, the pyramid will collapse.

This is the terminal disease eating away at the economics of the Unipolar World.
In eu trickle down economics, labor, taxes, and managing the migrant crisis, and the efforts to cope with the crisis's huge costs go up into the uptake side, and what trickles down is cultural destruction, more taxes, and less say-so in Strasbourg (EU Parliament) and Brussels (EU Admin Capital). But, almost no money. It is all digital...never actually leaving the conglomerate. The Unipolar World....

Target: The Unipolar World's Stay-Of-Execution

When the economic image emerging out of eu became somewhat stable, a sort of picture of it's gears, and other moving parts, as well as its function and form, became discernible.

This model was then conceived digitally, it was further defined as the state of the art in nation state debt resettlement, and given the name, Target. In essence, Target is the Unipolar World. And this is bad news for eu, because not only is the rest of the world not going along with it, but Target, like the electoral college in the US, works so well, that the facts it reflects are viewed as it being flawed...

When problems arose which indicated that the interest rate realities were not what they seemed to be, the image coined into the redesign was aptly named, Target-2. And, within a very few years, the image, whose template is based on reflecting what actually is happening, and not based on projections which have not tendered disappointments, the debate has run its course as to whether or not the redesign will have to be Target-3.
The literal Unipolar World: nation-state sized electronic debt settlements to tens of millions of euros per real-time transaction, the Target-2 system. Shall Brexit incur yet another redesign, and a Target-3? 

This brings us to Brexit.

Keeping in mind that it is ideologically Marxist, in the simplest terms, the collectivized Europe has failed for a number of reasons.
Basically, until Brexit, eu citizens operated the beginning and end of all exchanges which fell beneath eu's regulatory umbrella, no matter how small, or large those transactions were.

When Brexit was confirmed, the facts that these financial institutions which tread the border between public, political, and self service ever so lightly, would now be, once again, separated by the necessity of clear economic, military, political, and trade regulations which may determine the soil upon which the chief banking ceo lives upon as drawing the most water, Brexit altered the composition of eu at every level.

Now the laws which permit Target-3 talks to begin, and to continue in the backdrop of the hotly contested Brexit Committee, and the public forum which continues to operate as the stage for the bickering, are in limbo. Along with the need to actually update Target-3, which cannot be addressed legally until UK is escorted to their rightful place in it, which is still being negotiated. So, there is nothing but ambivalence in how eu knows Target-4, the Target-2 without UK, might need to be created right after 3 goes into effect.

Yet the realities of collectivization have not hit the average citizen, yet. Right now, and justly, the average citizen sees the influx of immigrants, as well as the destruction of his national identity as yet another toll to pay upon this extraordinarily expensive and tooth jarring road that eu is, and rightfully resents it. The citizen of eu witnesses effortlessly his part in the economic system of eu.

But the realities of eu dictate that the worker, though rhetorically valued in Marxism, in theory, is merely an ant in a colony full of millions of meaningless lives. But, without his labor, the eu grinds to a lethal stop.

Trickling up labor, and engaged in an endless assault upon his identity and cultural values: eu enslaved the whole of Europe in the chains of Orwellian cliche, and even retained the unbelievable pompousness of Big Brother.

To avoid armed insurrection, eu must fall, in order for sovereignty to be restored in former member-states, and so each can legally revoke the votes and citizenship of the only Europeans which matter to eu: the ones still in Africa. Although the ones whom are in Europe matter; they are basically in Europe to disrupt the democratic process. Without them, Europeans would have #euroexited a long time before now.

The Consumer Price Index and The Unipolar World

The difference in the cost to produce goods and the cost to buy the goods is the consumer price index. And the consumer price index for The Unipolar World was the failure of eu. It just plain didn't work.

Right now, due to the union of banking entities and government in eu enjoying a status of legality placing the security of eu, and each of its member-states, themselves, in their entirety, operationally at risk to the forces of market pressures and inflative tendencies resulting from them, the Unipolar World, and eu, itself, for all intent and purposes, is going to remain Target-(2, 3, etc...) 

What churns through those linkages and wikinetic data exchanges is the future and vital security of eu.

But Brexit is proof that eu and Europe are not the same thing, that eu and its fractional reserve monetary union are as much virtual reality as as fakenews. And it is this factor which is undermining eu, and not simply Brexit, but this more subtle fallibility, which is part and parcel to all things internet. It is this that is really at the heart that made, and is now, unmaking, eu.
The European Central Bank straddles the sensitive nether world between ethical, legal, and moral banking, and the loss of patriotism opening the door for unbridled greed. Eu was designed by bankers for bankers. (Above)EU Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Progressivism And The Age Of Identity Politics

Clearly, the identity of the American has always been one of relationship to majority-minority concentrations of power...

But there are pre-requisites to the Progressive Political Agenda lost in identity politics, whose obvious absence cannot be overlooked like this, not by everyone. And the people resorting to desperate identity politics rise up now, and accuse the majority population of having engaged in the very same inexcusably violent behaviours, because people in the past  denigrated the identity of minorities...thus another generation must repay their injured identity...regardless of the progress in racial relations, and regardless of the fact that the current generation has not enslaved anyone...the complaint is against the majority's existence, and nothing else.
The AntiProgressives in American Politics. (L) Ed Koch, (C) Obama, (R) Bush. Koch's shambles of New York promoted lawlessness, brought Aids to America, and featured a municipality sacrificing police force manpower for welfare, recession, drug addiction, and is directly responsible for bankrupting New York...twice. Obama and Bush appear to be enemies, and in identity politics, appearances are everything.

AntiProgressivism·n: refers to the pursuit of destructive elements of human endeavors and entropic views of traditional values disguised as advancing human civilization. Aids, heroin addiction, and poverty in the black community is the result of AntiProgressivism. These are the views of Ed Koch, Obama, and Bush.

Medgar Evers was murdered not for shooting at the police, nor for fleeing the scene of a crime, nor because he refused to drop his gun: Medgar Evers was murdered for getting a job promotion.

Litmus Paper Fallacies

Confronting the identity politics of minorities are the dogmas that identity politics cannot cure, compromise with, nor even face because of the lethality it serves to the founding of a political movement which can no longer exist if it were appeased. I call it the Feminist Effect, and has more relevance in French politics:

The words of Marine LePen come to mind. She is both correct, and a female, and she said, 

"The illusion that the rights of females are being protected by a parliamentary sector, whose frank inactions defined them, since the late sixties, is doing nothing to promote actual values, whatsoever. 

Instead, they are a farcical anachronism. But the persistence of this logic of feminism, in it's absolute state being unnecessary, has done more to harm the needs of females in the workplace than anything else, because it represents a complacency with doing nothing, where nothing should be done. But, all due respect, the goals and designs of your group have been realized for eons: women can work, gay people can marry. For all the rhetoric from this sector, all the repeated slogans, nothing has changed for you since the sixties, while the rest of us have moved forward..." April, 2017

Should've heard it in was like half that long...and every bit as true.

So identity politics bear this self defeat from the starting gate.
But it also has, in the case of American party politics, been totally exploited by the DNC in the case of BLM. Many of us recall the horrific rioting that ensued when a police officer's shooting of his black attacker was an identity political watershed, revealing so many of the obvious flaws in the aesthetic which built the platforms of all attempts to extoll one race politically above another.  

Perhaps more shocking, many of us remember the murders of police officers nationwide..

But most shocking of all, were the photos of Barack Obama eating with, laughing and making merry with, the vile element of society which set this all in motion: the chief cop of all cops, celebratorily imbibing wine and food, and writing checks for this corrosive element in our nation...why?

Because Democrats freed the slaves, Democrats desegregated first, the military, then the country, and have not in any way agonized the dilemma forward by preying on the educational deficit in the black communities, whatsoever. A deficit made possible not just by their rolling back primary and secondary education mandates, but also by paying for the weapons that armed ISIL, the enemies of all living things...

But worse for the side of cooler heads, has been the effect of identity politics to identify its political adversaries in terms of "one of us has to go", and the provocative role the media has played trying to intellectualize impatience, half-baked facts, and incorrect conclusions drawn by anyone who disagrees with identity politics, in general.

A good example was the press calling Trump a racist for urging calm in Chancellorsville, while remaining conspicuously silent about the emergence of Obama's actual acts of treason during, and after, his presidency.

Identity politics turning inside-out should not drag into a race war, the political consensus that states conclusively that, "the acts, by municipal authorities, in Chancellorsville, were wrong on all sides", because it is a race-war that identity politics claims it wants...

Did anybody see Antifa November 4? No. But the efforts of the msm and fb to blame the threats made by the group to be a conspiracy created by Alex Jones is exactly what I mean: if I call a liar a liar, that does not mean the person they are lying about is a saint, nor he, nor I, a racist, for disagreeing with the ethos driving their means merely that I spoke the truth.

The refusal to face facts is the very lifeblood of identity politics. People eventually forget the lies the media tells, at a rate that gets quicker and more permanent as the media tries to radicalize people.

Usually, a massacre or two brought about by their bating is the pinnacle of their silence, from there, tears restore honesty, honesty restores understanding; it all could have been avoided by simply facing those lies.

But this is fatal to the movement, in the first place.

Future historians will note in the case of BLM that a lot of over-analysis of fallacies were enough to spread grief and violence to a lot of people: just to make three women get their 15 minutes of fame, in the age of the internet, when this is easy.

And, along the way, the movement split: the educated black people faced facts, while those easily infected by rumor did not.

And for all of this, maybe one of those three women moved out of the projects, and was still out of the projects in 2025.
The economic, social, and cultural Modern Progressives in American life. Each of these men eased racial inequities, economic disparity, and each despised Globalism. And, they also suffer from fallacies about each of their actual works, fallacies created by the architects of identity politics in the DNC.

The Facts

A Republican freed the slaves.

A Republican desegregated the US military.

And a Republican killed Jim Crow using the National Guard, and enforcing the SCOTUS decision of Board of Education Versus Brown. 

This Republican chose the party because he was famous prior to his presidency.

Both parties sought his membership.

This Republican was a non Globalist.

Until Reagan, he was the only one in the Republican Party, and JFK remains the only Democrat who was an AntiGlobalist.

A non Globalist Republican is in the White House, now.

"The world owes me something," is the folly of youth. "The world owes me for four hundred years of slavery, and I identify myself and my current generation to be the one that it owes," this is the folly of youth tragically bestowed with a (fake) political call to power. "We must stop these people before they take over," is reactionary. 

"We must arrest the advancement of a subversive element of society for whom the rule of law means nothing," this is the identity politics of the rational inhabitants of the US. And it identifies no color, at all.

Maybe the identity political movements are seeing themselves, finally. And maybe they are as shocked by them as we have been. Maybe they see what is missing....

All identity politics feature an absence of legitimacy, and an absence of the promotion of a positive message about that identity, which erupt into expressions regarding that identity as one without character, rational views of modern life, and the paralyzation of a dream through ignorance, violence, and unbelievable selfishness. 

And identity politics have a shelf life as they always have: until the leaders are paid off in the shakedown, or in-general. Then, even they realize what it was all about, the cause having sold first, its innocence, and with it, its legitimacy, because revenge they deduced, was owed to them, not justice.
But the removal of statues and efforts to erase culture and history are racist, Marxist, and the acts of enemies of this nation.

Thus we support the NFL boycott, and the states, like Alabama, whose governors are intelligent enough to see this offense for what it is.

Even while, in Alabama, a pastor with a past was promised favors for accusing Roy Moore, because forgiveness is only for black Christians, just like "judge not, lest they be white people."

Nowadays, in their hypocrisies, and during this era in which common sense no longer applies, those promoting identity politics have attributed sensibility to cutting off their noses to spite both their faces, as well as the faces of those embracing these ideologies; ideologies which promote defacing the nation, and embarrassing their leaders as full participants in the insults against them. Thus, the era of what real identity politics are, as opposed to what they wish they were, will be a short one. The days of identity politics are numbered.

Best demonstrated by the election of Donald Trump, and Roy Moore, the exploitation of identity politics, and identity politics, themselves, are the result of a DNC that has lost its way, and a Republican party gone soft, if not criminal, from Globalism. 

The White Album

To date, scholars identify KKK and Nazism in the USA as "white identity politics". Whereas, Sinn Fein, in Ireland, is just a movement. But it fits the bill when first formed. The difference is that peace in N Ireland has removed the movement from the streets, and now the political wing of the IRA is a party. Thus, the Catholic Irish identity is now viewed as a part of the majority.
The Milwaukee riots...

KKK and Nazism in America have not destroyed a single American city, but both groups are linked, and the KKK was founded by Southern Democrats.The murders and acts of terror commited against the Civil Rights movement are in no way, excusable. But this legitimacy, such as what entranced and infuriated the world in the Medgar Evers case, is noticeably absent in the identity politics that sprung up in its place. Identity politics were always reactionary, and in white identity politics, there is no exception.

In essence, identity politics stratagems include the observation of the majority of whites not approving of the KKK or American Nazis, nor of the Black Panthers, or BLM. Then, they ask the question, "...can identity politics marginalize the majority until it embraces them?" This is the trade of reactionary logic, and begins a path of AntiProgressivism whose resolve lives not in the realm of the practical.

The answer is "no", but the government in each state owes the majority the rights of democratic rule. And, in states where Confederate statues have been removed, it should reinforce the demand to an end to racism in both the majority and minority populations.

If racism has not ended, then the dialogue about removing statues needs to be changed, because it represents a pathetic line of logic that concluded that by removing a statue, an inatimate object,  racism, a very animated fact of human history, would also be removed, with it. And it also encourages the empowerment of perfect ignorance, or subversive efforts at regime change, to indulge this, or to engage in it, at all.

But, once removing statues, and pursuing cultural annihilation is clearly demonstrated to be inaccurate as a solution, then the real issues need to be addressed, and real solutions attempted. And, for as long as black people keep electing democrats, it isn't going to happen. Why work, when they can keep blaming statues, and distract the black community from black on black crime, which is 300% higher than black on white crime? Tearing up statues, or Charlotte, is much easier than, say, funding an adequate renaissance of education in the inner cities in America.

Can we remove a statue of, say, Tupac, and black on black crime stop? No. But the logic is not reaching into the identity politics of the groups wanting them removed.

Because the logic behind the removal of statues was ending racism, there is no attempt at accomplishing anything. Just like the logic behind disrespecting the veterans and patriots at the beginning of each NFL game is racial unity. And how that removes racism, and promotes racial unity eludes sensibility. But, it may be that the end result was to provoke racism, and thusly reconfirm the movement's existence. Otherwise, they are all: white, black, green, etc, pointless...
The Charlotte, NC riots...needless destruction caused by the refusal to accept the limits of freedoms when detained by the police. BLM did not survive the actual statistics of blacks killed by police and whites killed by police following population demographics. 

Cry the Beloved Bunghole, pt 1: 4 Battleground States for 2020

By: Kevin Drummond  This is my battleground state election prediction for Election: 2020, part 1, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Colo...