Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The People of the United States Versus The Popup Contract

There should be no lingering doubts: Globalists planned to proliferate electronic money transfer in order to infest the income of every single person on earth. 

Technically this money never actually leaves their banks, making them the puppeteers in a very elaborate operation which, among other things, sells us the beliefs that we have problems, as well as the cures to fix those problems, and ultimately, the lawyers to sue when they both aren't what we believed they would be. But the laws, which are supposed to protect us from monopolies, and the implied exploitations which they are bound to cause, can only hold out for so long against filthy and unethical amounts of money.... 

Wall Street views cryptocurrency as competition. For that reason, some charge it with the view of a heroic life, that it could undo the damage done by nation-state currencies. But Wall Street is simply going to do its ugly best to surround and infiltrate the matter, and eventually it will be indistinguishable from any other nation-state currency. But, I see why some wish it were the anti-currency. Think of it this way: was Gold discovered on Wall Street? But, it is traded there...

There is, beating on the NYSE, the ugliest heart in humankind, and it is going to be what is conducting Russiahacked, for instance, unaware that we were delivered by the Messiah, and He banned usury. What drives Russiahacked is Zionist over-confident rage, that typically lacks perseverance, personal fortitude, and is given to the worst human vices and habits money can buy. Usury is their practice, and its consequences are everyone else's! (Right...)

Russiahacked happened because Russians were better at defending their banks than Zionist hedge-fund operators are at stealing them blind. The abidance of law means little, if anything, to these people, and morality means even less. But they want to control us with it. Yet revealed, and conveyed unknowingly by them, in their poor conceptions of just how they should go about controlling us with law and morality, one can easily detect just exactly how little of a grasp it is that they actually possess of law and morality, and of any sort of ethical code, in general. In these established heresies religion is a law, and all law is for sale.

Scan Item.....pending

Contract law is subject to the determinations of the legislatures of each of the fifty states, and the District of Columbia, as well as the US territories. There are a lot of subtleties about contract law which are kind of funny, cases whose defenses were greed-driven, and demonstrate the golden rule, "he who has the gold makes the rules...."

And you should never do things by mail: because it's written, and thus enters a whole new paradigm of adjudication. Because the mail is slow, should you be selling something, and a person write to you, and make an offer, and then you write back, accepting that offer: to he you are bound. So, if someone shows up with ten times the amount that you promised to accept from the guy with whom you were writing things down and leaving paper trails, if you sell the thing for the larger sum, you will be in breach of contract.

Neither party can be drunk, nor ill, and emotionally ill counts, but ignorance does not. And yes: you can sign your rights away. But, if you marry drunk, annulments, in most fifty states, are grantable....for a fee.
But, one thing you cannot do is enter into a contract which cannot be because it is against what society believes is acceptable, or pro-mal, because it is pure evil.

Pro-se laws are like drug laws, for instance, not inherently evil, but just based upon a societal standard which holds certain drugs in certain regards. Pro-mal laws are like theft or murder....things that contradict the human condition.

Operation Market Garden

The Digital Age was basically mapped-out by Alvin Toffler during the 1970's. His groundbreaking novel, The Third Wave, acts as the very blueprint which saw the management and formation of the internet, the home computer, digital communications, the surveillance state, and trade, like that via the current system of on-line purchasing.

Therefore, the corporate conglomerates behind Bill Gates and Google merely funded what they already pretty much knew were sure things, with very rare exceptions.

But the entire obtrusive mercantile element of big data, which is currently being singled-out of a field which did include the msm, but laws about libel and human contempt for hypocrisy are beginning to eliminate their buddies, and now that entire group remains both strong enough to inherit Globalism, deadly enough to spin hypocrisy like silk, and is prepared to unleash its nerd-useless agenda of revenge-fantasy upon actual strong and actual smart people without a living single hope....

Except the state's right to limit the popup contract, or ban it, completely.

  • The states regulate the disposition of all contract law.
  • More than one deal-breaker has been permitted to chip away at the financial well-being of the people of the United States, and worldwide.
  • The popup contract cannot ascertain the state of mind or body that a person is in.
  • The popup contract is not actually signed.
  • The popup contract is very often a shield for the crime of fraud. The popup contract is robbing millions from people each month in each state in data fees, and bogus charges due, for instance, to well coded screens that appear to sell a .$95 item, but in connoving fashion, actually sell a $19.95 item.
  • The social media industrial entity never acknowledges its thefts of information regarding its clients observable day to day habits, nor the huge sell offs of this data that it makes, nor to whom it sells the data, nor the amount of profits it makes.
  • None of this would be possible if each individual state stood up, and began to do what the Federal Govt may be just too corrupt to do: de-centralize the online world by protecting their citizens from the despicable exothermic paws of all that is online commerce, thus, Wall Street, thus: Globalism.

Digital Means Pretend Is Real For Pretend For Real (Golden Rule, Applying) 

Neither Obama nor Trump proved Unipolar theory farcical by leaving it, and eu, at the table, during the talks with eu over the TTIP deal,  although conflicting reports determine otherwise. Eu withdrew the deal due to protest from Austria, whom originally made TTIP with the US (Trans Atlantic Trade Partnership), and CETA with Canada, (Canadian Equal Trade Agreement). Eu then stole both deals from Austria, which has resulted in "almost" Austrexit...

The Unipolar World is political science fiction. In fact, it stands as evidence that it exists as a pretense in the minds of Globalists the world around that the Ivy League is just dialing graduates in, selling them degrees, and turning them out....god knows why? But the unipolar world refers to the bastardization of a political concept called "polar world theory" which actually is true.

Polar world theory states that in the Cold War, we had two spheres of influence, the US/USSR, which is the BiPolar World.

The future, (then, since this was put forth prior to the end of the Cold War) was the MultiPolar World, which described a multiplicity of centers of power, commerce, and influence. In fact, the usage of the concepts of Pacific Rim and a European Union were actually given as reasons the future would be multipolar after the cold war...bearing in mind: Globalism, eu, and Israel are the same thing...

In the Globalist UniPolar World, we have a dogma of half-baked, obviously by children of incest, conceived, and conceptually flawed....regurgitated political science 213 from day four, which describes the whole of its mentality being perfect; vitally-hinging upon the electronic transfers of money.

So, you can toss out the textbook that the actual development of human culture and history wrote, and embrace the unifying umbrella of electronic transfers of funds: because this is Unipolar Theory, and the capitol of Unipolar Theory's one center and concentration of power, which is automatically implied by the name unipolar, is the IMF, and the ten or so banks of its composition.

Thus, you guessed it, just like eu, Unipolar Theory was invented by the only people on earth with enough bombastitude to insult the human race itself, and not be aware of the ironies involved (they are human...for now...): the bankers whom collectively form the International Monetary Fund. (IMF)

In order to rob us of our hard earned money, they needed popup contracts to work. But unlike the dismal regards of people who are understandably sick of them, they are not the whole of the law.
They need that contract...

And, in this country, unlike Europe, that means subject to State of Alabama, or ______?_____ , regulation.

The License To Drive The Getaway Car

When a bank, or any financial institution, is robbed by a crew, very often, a couple of guys jump out of a car, run into the bank, then run back to the car. Google, in particular, operates on a daily basis under the incorrect assertion that the guy driving the getaway car is not guilty of anything.

The popup contract is the weapon. And each thug Google either lawfully drives into your home, or unlawfully, each thug has two or more types of popup contracts. Most of them either deal with terms of community standards, which paves the road to hell pretending to protect us from politically abusive agendas, but then reveals that it does, unless those agendas happen to be Eric Schmidt's or Mark Zuckerberg's subversive political agenda(s).

For then, they get to steal our data and censor our anti Globalism, and any pro second amendment dialogues, or anti-abortion, or child-sacrifice, as it being called what it is. And, if they haven't yet censored a subject, fear not, if any given TechnoCommunist, like Clinton, or Merkel were to order it, then the online corporate entity, being intellectual property, can legally function as the largest campaign commercial on earth. Look at Russiahacked. Clinton- fails....

This is actually illegal, but it dwells, much in the same way as the popup contract, in the nebulous world of that which is unprotected by the government, nor enforced by the federal government, though the proper channels (yelp) have been followed. Nonetheless, this is how their beliefs about our morality show us the truth about the social media industrial entity's ceo's immorality.

These contracts are illegal because their enforcement is of moral codes not heretofore American, nor acceptable, nor were they given as rights to-be-surrendered. Therefore, the second Facebook account is often tolerated, but still, the attempt to censor conservative views is immoral, and already top-heavy from the class-wide abuse of the entire population of Facebook. They are civil tort cases, and should be regulated by each state. 

The other kind of popup contract is the type that inspired this article...
The other day a phone number which had repeatedly called my phone finally pissed me off, so I went online and paid for a $.95 trace....great.

Two weeks later, the same company claimed that I had agreed to become a client for x dollars per month, and I did no such thing! But the details would make their case prevail in court technically, yes. But there is such a thing as "unseemly business practices" which, although technically legal, a given jurisdiction, judges, DA, etc, might see any given and particular company too often for there not to be something unseemly at play, and therefore, admissible for the consumer's benefit, are such things as the records kept by the Better Business Bureau. 

Or, a judge can hear many former clients' similar complaints at one time, and rule with a variety of legal weapons which force the subversive elements of the corporate entity to the surface, and into transparency. Due to this fact, that ethics are not always standardized by being a codified law, and are subject to judicial review, the business in question recognized that the reality of the court's protection of the class of consumers from exploitation meant that their business does have an obligation to its clientele. And so, the business that I paid twice for only one thing, did eventually refund my money.

But their stock and trade is on our class just giving-up, and saying, "OK. I will pay it this time...." 
Don't be embarrassed, hell, I have done it, too. When you turn around 45, you just realize that they aren't going to stop...and you reach a natural point in your life where your mom finally makes a lot of sense...

Speaking of mom...
One day, in 1999, I came to help her after she had her shoulder operated on, and I stayed with her, briefly, with my girlfriend and our cat. Well, I was filing through her monthly bills, and noticed she had subscribed to Dish..."finally!" I said to myself, because my mom was used to no television-having Europe. 

Well, looking a little further down her bill, I was shocked to see several $20 pornography titles: seriously. Not my mom, I know what you're thinking but, no. And when I saw the date....I saw red.

They, all three of them, were purchased from a popup contract on her tv that requires a phone to be plugged in!
You heard me say, shoulder surgery, right? The woman laid in pure agony for the dates listed, barely one week prior to her surgery. And I couldn't get free long enough to help her, I was in finals week, and the rest of us are scattered, but my mom's two wonderful neighbors, as well as friends helped until I could get there. And they swear: it wasn't them!

When you ask people about Dish, come to find out, they are really chronic bill-swindlers, and you simply must monitor them carefully. But they attempted to perpetrate this because my mother didn't routinely look over her paperwork, and most likely, due to her age, and television habits which they dutifully, and only questionably, legally monitor, they probably got away with it a lot.

Do any of you recall that almost every single one of the satellites bearing the signals for entertainment are either US owned, co-US owned, or maintained by the US Gov at some level? The signal used to be beamed down for free! All one required was a dish, and after 1983, a de-scrambler, and finally: the cable providers managed to ply a trade out of depriving us of the product of our tax dollars, completely, and moreover: they make us pay for it! Congress regulated the entire affair, and it is done. 

So, pay only for the porno you do watch.

ATM's are another example of both popup contracts, and how Congressional regulation has failed us. If you were keeping track, as far as this article is concerned, we have covered:

  1. not breaking up Google.
  2. the popup contracts for social media community standards, in-general.
  3. the questionable online business practices of (usually) spammed-out, therefore, confusingly misleading popup contracts for receipt having exchanged goods, and/or services, and now, 
  4. ATM fees.

In the early 1990's Congress began a series of hearings which culminated in a limit being placed upon the fees for which ATM providers can abuse their customers, or especially, other financial institution's customers, (in-spite of almost every bank on earth having one of under ten major holding and ownership companies).

The fact is, the law was only in-effect for a limited time, and it now has worn off. Since Sen Edward Kennedy has passed, there will be no further action taken, here. But, when you see $3.50 become $4.00 become $4.50...
Say a prayer....maybe Antiglobalists will hear.

(Sen Kennedy and Sen Hatch, both from opposing parties, also hail from distinctly differing religious backgrounds which share one uniquely American trait: their religions preclude their membership, and participation in the Globalist movement, as well as the Bilderbergers, and Masons. Note: it has never been a secret that Nixon and David Rockefeller murdered JFK. Nixon's selection of a Rockerfeller for his Vice Presidency was most likely due to both of their sociopathy)

But, to date, no Antiglobalists are leading the charge to re-instate the limitations, and it isn't due to their not being there, it is due to the loud and obnoxious manner in which Globalists are using up markers in Congress until their influence trying to pitch the Russiahacked fit, as well as that of the complicitly corrupting Senatorial Bilderbergers, is obvious. So, they are too busy playing charades and phone tag lobbyist lobbyist to do the job we elected them to do.

Any real Congressional duty to constituency is suspended while the minority, keen to wield their influence, has damn near beaten both of their honor to death, and revealed so clearly why the Founding Fathers placed Article 2 § 2 Clause ii of the US Constitution into the text. It absolutely forbids secret societies allied with foreigners to serve in any fashion in the US Congress. 

Yet, this continues, preventing venerable Americans from doing the business of their fellow citizens. Of all the two ton bricks composing the pyramid of online virtual practices' permanent stations in our world, the Achilles heel to the entire affair, the soft underbellied and tragic and typically literary, and cinematic flaw, is the legally nebulous zone protecting the persistent existence of the popup contract. 

It is going to come down: 50 bricks of two ton weight at a time.

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