Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Government is Lying

Can you say, "Oink?" Globalist Republican, friend to fellow Globalists, Obama, Clinton, and Moore, Sen Burr. Mouthpiece for a Government which has come off of its wheels...

With the Senate Intelligence Committee deciding Russia interfered with the US election, without any evidence, the stage is now set to begin the war that the US cannot win. The Second Amendment is under fire by the lunatic fringe in Nevada, over Sandy Hook, and the essential separation of church and state is under fire in Alabama.

The government is unquestionably lying. The globalist contingent is desperately holding onto power, but the typical act of distraction, war, and patriotic hymns, could erupt into a fire fight for the survival of the human race.

The liars have drawn the line: they are going to pursue a false narrative against Russia, apparently unaware that God has chosen their nation's unified Christian expression, righteous indignation for the NWO, and the fact they are not guilty of anything!

This is how it ends.
First spiraling in a series of smaller quakes, tremors, and aftershocks, which shall culminate in a crescendo of destruction of everything south of Spokane, WA: the war-making ability of the US will now be stopped by the Maker.

The earthquakes are beginning, as the warnings published both on this blog, and by the signal interruption in Southern California. The government simply is out of control, and must be stopped. The pointless loss of life to repeat the cycle of human revolution is neither expedient, nor acceptable.

Here is the truth. Accept it. Don't.
Allah is the first beast of the Revelation, and is the result of Muhammad losing his human likeness which is the likeness of God. His lies made Allah, whom neither is god, nor holy. The other, and second false prophet, is Sharia law.

Judaism, is the great whore. Britain, the US, and eu, all convicted with her, are about to be judged by God. The proof in America: pizzagate is real. The evidence is irrefutable, and your government is about to begin a war which it is arrogantly unaware will pit the Russians and Chinese victoriously against it.

Therefore, the Maker has determined that destroying the west coast of the US, after He was ignored warning the govt about the hurricanes' intensities directed at US areas in the East Coast,  would break down the fed gov, and cease the war making effort against N Korea.

The US Government has chosen this path.

Below: Angel warns Californians to "Leave, immediately." Although the source was disputed by a fake account alleged to be a "4-Chan" account, possibly an NSA cover, which traced this signal to a California church, the problem is that Cox itself said that theirs is digital, and that church's signal is analog. Nobody knows what type of signal this is...

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