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The Fact Remains: Ten Things That You Cannot Trust To Snopes

In August of 2018, Snopes out and out lied to defend Chelsea Clinton's remarks about abortion leading to a huge leap in the economy due to women aborting in order to work. This is typical child sacrifice social justice crap, and it is also typical of Snopes. Snopes claimed it was false; then, Snopes began using semantics to shred the accusation, and they split hairs, etc like a child justifying that he had the right to steal candy, and therefore, the the accusation he stole the candy was false. This is the logic Snopes uses to defend Clinton's sick and inexcusable statistics.

The following list is in a general order of importance in terms of longevity. So, while some topics which are hotly debated now are not going to appear here, ones that both hold some relative effect to bear upon our world, and upon our history, both nationally, and regionally, or the facts simply as we relate to them being humans, were chosen from that perspective. Now that snopes has taken the road most-taken, and betrayed the bedrock of facts, this is an effort to put the record straight, and this effort is the core that centers the compilation of this list.

The Top 10 Things Snopes Is Lying About:
10. UFO's
9. PizzaGate
8. The Assassination of JFK...note: we
    will not be covering this one, it is
    too much to do.
7. Seismic Activity Draining the Mississippi           
6. The Clinton Body Count
5. Russiahacked (which I have covered too often) [see link at end]
4. Vaccine Injuries..note: like Kennedy,
    this subject is too much to cover,
    here. Remember, it's snopes's lies we
    want to focus on!
3. Global Warming
2. The General Opposition to Conservative values
1. The September 11th Attacks Were Carried Out By Israel


It is important to note that some of these are direct examples of a self-defeating and hair-splitting effort at desperately contesting an internet statement, while others, such as number 2, speak to the philosophy and to the conceptual motivations which make it laughable for their ideological adversaries to engage in identical behaviors such as splitting hairs, without drawing their sour grapes cry of, "envy! envy!"


You can say what you like. You may laugh all you will: UFO's being specifically aircraft that are created by, operated by, and serve other inhabitants than those of the visible world is a natural fact....for everybody except snopes.

Now, don't be fooled into believing snopes represents healthy scepticism, it's actually corrosive dispatch into haranguing partisan bickering that snopes represents: the best brand name in factual habituation into conveniently alternative facts that Mark Zuckerberg could buy. And he bought it.

However, there are two eras of snopes: BZ and AZ, before and after the filthy money's influence, filthy money gleaned surreptitiously from social media clientele.

But both are equally ridiculous in how intensely desperate their attempts can range, as its employees try to explain away the bruises left by the hard heels of the patently obvious.
As far as snopes and UFO's are concerned, however, the bulk of its disposition comes from its creator, whose name does not earn a mention from me. And frankly, this guy could witness aliens abduct his sister, then spend the rest of a tv series hunting them with FBI doctor agent Skulley: without a "alien expert", (which also, conveniently-enough, doesn't exist), to confirm that what he saw were aliens, well, then, the truth is in his bank account.

If You Aren't Like Us: When The Reverse Bullies Get Their Asses Kicked

For the most part, Snopes should have kept out of the politics business, because when we are talking about the times in which we live, and in light of the veracity of PizzaGate coming to the very literal shocking surface: it is literally going to devastate the entire liberal composition of the ceo class of the Social Media Industrial Entity, and the entire liberal constituency. 

The superiority complex with which so many nursed the devastating loss of election 2016, Russiahacked, not only has a clear deficit of evidence, but it is also clear that the Senatorial supporters, as well as those of the executive branch in the US, have names appearing upon pizzagate arrest warrants! And this, and not reality, appears to have been the whole of their participation in the Russiahacked conspiracy from both sides of the aisle.

But this is just one thread to pull, mind you. Snopes, itself, is currently unravelling due a series of scandals the etiology of which neither transpierce into any related areas of my concern, nor are very surprising. Boy meets millions of facebook dollars paid to become a Democratic Partisan apologist in an almost insultingly economic view of how facts really work. And then, boy gets caught spending the money on whores and booze. It's like the first half of a Futurama episode, except that this is no cartoon...

Meanwhile, it appears, die-hard D voters are finally beginning to realize the absolute insult to their existences that trading a vote in exchange for their team's cosmetic approaches to life really is, encrusted in perfected hypocrisy which they generally cannot afford, along with safe rooms in the basement of the Denver airport, which they also cannot afford.
Not that Trump is not an idiot, he will be the death of us all. But Hillary would have started the identical war this very month of October, or early November, 2017.

In the final analysis, there is no American political dialogue without a self-consuming and purpose defeating  neutralizing idiocy right behind it: Clinton, Globalism, Trump, Israel: Globalism. Globalism destroyed 241 years of exceptional work. Period.

The purpose of the internet, now, should be to return the power to the people, owing to the charges against the political elite which clearly demonstrate that Globalism is a violation of the social contract which they had with us, called the US Constitution. 

The entire summation of snopes is to 1) buy your silence with an identity, 2) obtain your help in ridiculing people who are correct, 3) confusing fact and fiction until the deadliest facts are dismissed, 4) create an air of ambivalence, 5) act as an advocate for the partisan-driven issues of the day.

It is increasingly frustrating for people whom have come to rely upon the internet for all of their information to have to witness the headlong slide into shame snopes has chosen to take. 

The facts that snopes spends much of its time trying to debunk are actually legitimate questions about the unethical and illegal activities of some of those to whom its ceo cannot conceal an undying loyalty; one that is hiding not so deeply-plumbed beneath the surface. And the fact that Facebook's ceo shares this devotion, the same Facebook whom is now signing their checks at snopes, well that it is infuriating.
Stop them...before snopes proves I lied on this meme!

Recipe For Revulsion 

As fake as news has been since the concept of news entertainment was first conceived, what snopes is doing, now, is a slightly more obviously partisan-driven bastardization of the truth, with a meager few factual reports scattered like pungent garlic in a gigantic loaf of just plain horseshit.

The Mississippi, for instance: snopes decided to combat a very real event, a very photographed, and a very substantiatable fact via Google Earth RIGHT NOW: that those along the banks of the Mississippi are watching, photographing, and extremely anxious about the way it appears that after earthquakes, the water in the river is just vanishing.

For the effort in taking up their cause,  Mr Bbb333, a most excellent watchman and YouTuber, became a victim of a snopes.smears.campaign.

But the conclusion is obvious. The water vanishes after strings of these seismic events. There is no other explanation than the water is vanishing due to seismic activity in the area, activity which is centered as far away as Kansas, and as nearby as Missouri, and Arkansas. The depths suggest deeper faults that connect to even more earth-shattering news. But that these earthquakes are happening in the continental US, dozens of them in any given forty eight hour period of time, this is undisputed.

Unless you are snopes.

Snopes just jumps directly upon the back of the excellent Mr Bbb333, and, in effeminate fashion, begins to claw uselessly and land zero points....and this is before he responds! 
Snopes: I have family in the area. You are definitely wrong, but who is paying you, and why?

Snopes identifies all the floods...just like Mr Bbb333, and I, do.
But they neglect to mention the fifty plus Army Corps of Engineers work orders from June, July, and August, requesting the expansion of the 2012 dredging effort....2012, the drought....right? Well...yes...except, well, we all agreed, and NOAA, too, that this was such a rainy spring and summer that it caused the general aggregate temperature to drop!

But, as you can read in this ABC article, they blame the dredging on Global Warming a la manbearpig! Wait, floods...temperature drop....drought? Huh?
Dear snopes: WHERE DID ALL THAT WATER GO? HUH????!?!?

Strange how one myth, "global warming", wipes another, "snopes is telling the truth"!

Familiarity Echoes

Who can be blamed for being forced to separate fact from fiction? Especially from a website already supposed to be dedicated to providing that service, in the first place?

Is it me? Or did we need snopes to tell us President Garfield's assassin, Charles Gateau, was not a democrat? But to be expected to believe that Gerald Ford's would-be assassin, Sqeaky Fromme isn't one, either....? Get real. Snopes lies. And they do it like merging traffic or threading needles. And they do it for the highest Democratic Party money on the table.


To identify with a larger group, or a majority, is one of the basic needs of the human condition. This is also a major source of attraction between two individuals, as in marrying a man who comes from a very large, very wealthy family. This represents security, and security is what snopes sells....it just does so, just like this blog: under the protections, provisions, and entitlements of the United States Constitution, and in particular, the First and Fifth Amendments thereof!

So, as in the case of the 50 Democrats Whom Used Guns To Commit Their Crimes, we see typical psychological warfare, at work, on many levels.
First of all, snopes is pretty much accurate about many of the disputed claims. And the fact is, snopes knows the truth in almost all of these cases. But knowing it and writing it is where dichotomy becomes a motive inferring benefactor-favoritism. This report is one of the best written, and most concise in their entire repertoire. 

And it really proves that only 30, or so Democrats committed murders using guns. I don't think Democratic caucus worker John Wayne Gacy actually used guns, and snopes errs on the side of caution in the case of John Hinckley. Hinckley's father was a well-known Bush, Sr confidante, and supporter. It would be difficult to believe that the son, whom bore the same, exact name, as well as the entire family weren't Republicans, also.

Again, though, the example is one that sells "you can believe snopes" when you can believe this article. 
And the identity being sold is, "I am an intelligent, fact-checking, liberal person", which only works for this article.
Basic snopes breakdown, dismissal included.

Hair Splitting

The worst shred tactic that is employed by Snopes is hair splitting. A good example is usage of the details surrounding the murder of Mary Mohane, former Clinton White House intern, who is believed to have been targeted for a hit mistakenly by Mrs Clinton, whom fingered the incorrect M target, as she only had one initial. 

The murderer was caught, and convicted, however, neither his, nor snopes's exoneration-efforts make much sense, as it seems that we are to believe that this very real body count is a laughable myth because some black guy took the rap, and murdered three, and not one, and we will never know if Bill profaned the Oval Office as the meat of a M&M sandwich, or not.

What we do know is a media source leaked the initial M to the White House. Then this M was murdered. 

The fairest conclusion to be made, here, is, "inconclusive".

And let me add: if fifty plus of your former friends, partners, business associates, were dead...would I trust you? Would you trust me?

Omission of Fact

There are two types of sins in the Catholic faith, ones you commit actively, and ones you commit passively by neglecting to do something, some act, or some interventional deed. 

Snopes is very enthusiastic about not quite addressing evidentiary content which, well....they cannot palate, themselves. 
Generally-speaking, their articles are compiled, and edited, and updated, but the date of their actual posting can be difficult to find. I have yet to locate one.

But they do faithfully update them, and those updates are complete with dates, sometimes even the hour. 

Monica Peterson was murdered on the orders of Candidate Clinton, or her husband, as she approached, drew closer, and discovered information which will soon imprison the three Clintons involved in their foundation, and its pedophilia, and a host of financial frauds that make the Gambinos look like amateurs. 
The late Monica Peterson. I died for Truth...

Don't put faith in Meuller, or the FBI....one quick clue: think Panama Papers...

But snopes chose not to update their long, haranguing, snobbery-laden word-loaf masturbation attempt called, "Clinton Body Bags: FALSE!"
Instead they chose to split hairs, in a very subversively urgent and stand alone article, in which easy to detect, reverberating pulses of desperate shock and perspiration, drove a herculean effort to explain that the Clintons are innocent by using the hair-splitting shred tactic. But they omitted her case from the body bags excuses.

It cannot be any other way, than meanwhile, on stand-by: domino-effect editing teams stood at the ready to alter contingent and relevant past articles, and also, to offer prayers to the God; one whom accosts their efforts with the mockery of His voice in Justice of Kingdom Come, soon enough.

And, after all that....they simply stated: "it is unproven".

Not false!

So, by omitting the Peterson case from the "Clinton Body Bags: FALSE" nonsense, they hoped to not have to reckon with a turning tide of factual assertions, and cleverly avoided contradicting their earlier statement.

Uhh, snopes, hello?...how is the whole thing fact-checked false, then? Should it not at least be unproven?

Verily, snopes is killing her, again. 
If this had happened in the US, there is enough for a warrant against all three Clintons for murder and racketeering.

But in no way did what they do, in this "hands-off, Monica Peterson case- ten-foot pole -hair split from the concept to the narrative", save their reputation, but it was the product for which it was for sale, and it doesn't matter if you and I kept the receipt or not. We didn't buy it. As transparent and incredulous as it has become, it's a wonder that anybody does.

You get what you pay for, huh, Zucc?

It's like Silvia Brown saying Elizabeth Smart was dead, except snopes has done it a few too many times.

Once an advocate for reason pleads for the unreasonable, we must now question everything they offer. 

Peter Smith was a reporter whom was suicided by the Clintons. As of this article, snopes has neither acknowledged that fact, nor provided sour grapes, excuses, half baked quantums of reason, nor any single child-like claymation blame. One is left to conclude for one's self as to the details of why that is...
When snopes doesn't wish to be challenged, they engage in an elaborate process of pretending certain people weren't "suicided": like Peter Smith, here. Smith recovered the emails from Clinton's server made famous in emailgate. But they were incomplete. What Wikileaks released were actually far more comprehensive, but Smith was suicided by then...

All of these "fact-checks" exemplify a defense of the identity that has been sold to Democrat Partisans as they stand, lately: an identity that is, indeed, in crisis.

Now, adding Jenny Moore, found dead in DC after announcing she was researching Clinton and others pedophilia, and of course: Snopes is going to defend the dogs that feed them.... But it isn't real.


Being Green Means You Have Been Kicked In The Testicles. And That Is All That It Means

Global Warming is another one of these instant political identities, just add water, and I just have to say: there is no such thing as an enviro-friendly world leader. This is a great example of the conducting of a mass-delusion whose evidentiary value is less-than-scientific, dependent upon corporate dollars, and when all things are considered, Global Warming, especially its subconscious component of contempt for the human race, just does not pan-out.

Global Warming- refers to the changing of the climate of the planet towards a higher temperature. This is a pop culture phenomenon forwarded by a idiot, and supported by wannabe and overexposed pop scientists. see: humans are to blame, al gore, idiot, neil degrasse tyson

Actual Global Warming (And Cooling)- the "warm" portion of a never-ending and cyclical relationship between temperature rising and falling. see: actual fossil record proof, actual climatologists, no pop culture value, and fact...

Unless you are snopes.

But three quarters of kids coming up today have been victimized not to question the myths, and with snopes approving the whole time, they have been brainwashed into believing such nonsense as the suggestion that they should sexually disanthropromorhphicate themselves, or only eat grass, or only drink water, and then only if it's from plastic recyclable bottles, and to be so stupid as to freeze, to death, rather than build a fire to keep warm because a fire, "leaves a carbon footprint".

This is simply called, "punditry", but when used on kids like this it's called social engineering. They cannot do algebra. They don't have morales. The difference between brainwashing and teaching is the veracity of the information. They don't need algebra to be an idiot, but school just isn't going to be where the majority of kids learn algebra. That would be at home.

Because at school, they are too busy being brainwashed. 

Because we stand at the crease and the fold of the creation: the wicked souls whom are pursuing these agendas in place of primary and secondary education, are, in essence, both unaware, and causing great great injury to only themselves. It is the glory of God, and scorn Divine, indeed.

But snopes claims this future class of imbeciles to-be-mocked are, in reality, and in every way, correct. See? We kind of are not injured by them, all things considered.

The only problem is, however, the way some of these concepts just keep evolving onwards, in spite of common sense.

Take, for example, the academic resistance to Global Warming: The Pop Culture Phenomenon: it never truly existed due to real scientists not investing an entire lot in the opinion of commercialized institutions, like MTv, and their sponsors, like Exxon, whom actually do more of the real dilemma of polluting the earth, until the Spring of 2011 brought BP within scoring range with the eco-disasters of the Gulf. Nobody in academia gives two squats to debate Al Gore...that's like bragging about masturbating. Who cares, right?

But Exxon and BP are among the largest contributers to both parties and in many more than one form. And they are ecological, military, and financial nightmares in perpetual motion!

These issues probably concern actual scientists...and they have nothing to do with global warming, the climatologic fact. And, whether or not it is to be faced, snopes resorts to, "...well, this is our opinion..."

Hmmm....opinions can be absurd.
Facts are never supposed to be.
And that is the problem with snopes, in a nutshell.

Ambivalence to Disillusion

Ambivalence doesn't mean damned if you do... damned if you do not.
Ambivalence means to be simultaneously delighted and revulsed by something. If you get sick and tired of reading good news because later it becomes fakenews, this feeling, this analytical "freeze" is a type of ambivalence. And it is the goal of snopes. It is what bodyguards of lies do to protect the truth when that truth is too hard to accept verbatim.

Truth, for example, like, "pedophilia has long ago condemned our nation and dominated the personal lives of scum in both parties", which is as ambivalence-provoking as anything else, out there, continues to offer the intriguing dilemmas, and snopes posts citing, "proof".

Desperately, all tactics, to include mockery, have reached a point in the physical limits of a contrived structure, called, "Catastrophic Failure".

And coverup is now engaged by a process combining muscle-memory, and a terrifying lack of precedent in America. Europe had it's PizzaGate between 1962-2014 except for that of the Royals...for now.

This is the larger component of coverup: the public hates the truth!

Nobody wants to face the reality about 9-11. This is yet another symptom of the fatal disease that saw Trump betray his constituency so badly on April 27, 2017, that he will only lose support from everyone except the children of the great whore, herself: Jews.

Just like a leak to Syrian Air Forces was behind the targeting of a building by Syrian Air Forces, who were led to believe by the source that the building was being used by IS troops to convert tear gas into mustard gas, just like the, "Doctors Without Borders" MD whose testimony sealed first the fate of the US/Russo Alliance, then that of Trump's support at home, and ultimately, the fate of the entire world; turned-out to be the testimony of a former and disgraced MI-6 operative whom was desperate for his status back: the Mossad stink was all over the entire affair. 

But go to snopes "Mossad Committed 9-11", they do not confront the issue head-on, instead, they use each and every single one of the methodologies we have discussed here, and they cast oil on water, make unicorn piss, and that is all. "4-Israelis Stayed Home From Work....FALSE." Well....maybe they were ones who didn't work there, or maybe snopes found four Israelis who died there. But it doesn't confront the issue, as such, whatsoever. It is a dissoloving into pieces from the outset, and that is a paradigm of hair-splitting shredding tactics which should not be so in the BZ snopes era, yet...

The Five Dancing Israelis, by the way, is no longer there. It appears to be KIA...
Now, either they have deleted that steaming nugget, or it is in the shop, because they absolutely had an entry stating any number of things. Eventually, if you read the article, you became convinced that nobody was Saudi, or Israeli, whose arrest and American paid-for whisking out of the country did not involve seized and as-of-yet-to-be-released footage....of the first plane hitting the first tower, in a near perfect cinematic view! Followed by celebration, and scenes we all have seen a billion times...

Their singing, their dancing, their crying: none of that is new....but their comments praising their arguments about placing high explosives in particular spots....that is!!!!

If ABC had just left it alone, snopes would not have had to delete...Now that needs to be explained.

But the whole cult of, "I have heard this that and the other..." speaks of the tip of everybody's iceberg of ambivalence. And snopes is a main character in this process, as well as how this process has been streamlined and perfected by the social media industrial entity, and the death mask of its partisan ceo's is clearly expressed by the details.

Otherwise, snopes leaves so much out of the defense of Israel in regards to 9-11 that like the game, "Battleship", one need observe the many things not mentioned by snopes, and a clarity forms in a confirmational repose which explains the dogged persistence of idiocies by no less than nine US presidents in terms of tragedies and consequences, persisting vulnerabilities in spite of surveillances and losses of civil liberties both twisted, then attempted to be passed off upon us in guises to interpret in new light as, "immorality, yes, be gay: but you cannot have a private conversation, anymore."

In what snopes sayeth not snopes doth reveal...

It is beyond forgivable, the sloth which allowed our parents to ignore Christian beliefs, and follow Hollywood into a delusion for which our leaders actually expect us to cheer the genocide of Afghanis and Iraqis; when suddenly and retardedly they realize, "Hey, they (meaning most of US) didn't buy that shit."
When our "leaders" attack the people who actually perpetrated 9-11, Israel: I will cheer.
(They were Israeli. And allowed to both bomb the WTC Center, then depart the nation, inexplicably....link below)

The video above explains it, all.
I do not hate the military.

But you have the legal right to disobey an immoral order.

Ask snopes that, Chemtrail Maker. Ask snopes if that is true, Darpa worker who knows Israeli agents stole the weapon they used against this nation during 9-11. And you who know they stole it back in the nineties!!

And for God's sake wake up: snopes lies!
In case you were wondering...fact checked by snopes....false. But you see the machine right there! 

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