Thursday, October 5, 2017

Scenes of Crimes: We Support The Visegrad Four

Most of the readers of this Facebook page are Americans, but my blog's readers, including she who will not be named, is not American, and has noticed that I 1) missed the Euro-wide lamentation of the unprecedented fourth Chancellorship of Comrade Merkel, and 2) lost them in an unending rant about Alabama politics.

Merkel is pretty much the personal body, face, and bio-entity of the eu.

Apparently, I will need to blend the two.

For the new kids: we Europeans despise the eu. It was yet another good idea turned bad, like Democracy, whet dreams, or paper money, rest areas, etc, which may have started-out well-intended as most ideas do, but then were completely and totally ruined by Bilderberger greed.

Making my one world, and most everybody else's one world, or the other; it made them into really two scenes of the same crime. Also, they are two scenes of the same criminals' crimes.
And without seeing both, it is easy to let the opportunities that created the thieves to continue to eek by...until we are in a state similar to California, broke, overrun with vice and improprieties at all local, state, and federal levels, and an idiot cadre whacking the drum of, "Let's get stupider, and subject our brain-dead citizens to people who want to murder them for being LGBT...or S."

S is for Stupid.

Upon both sides of the Atlantic we have very similar problems which are manifesting differently. 
Visegrad Four

Just some beginning pointers, so we are all on the same page:
  • When European leaders are scared, they steal money.
  • When American leaders are scared, they begin lying, and a process of cover-up.
  • The Visegrad Group is a breakaway group of eu member-states removing themselves from immigration regulations, citing very reasonable complaints for doing so.
  • The US, having more centralized power than the eu meta state, is playing out a similar fight: Trump and the Executive Branch is non-Bilderberger, thus they are Brexit and Visegrad like.
  • Eu has attached its sovereignty solely to self-preservation, like voting issues, and the influx of new voters, which used to be called, "Illegal persons".
  • Eu allows these persons citizenship after five years, presuming they will use their vote to keep pro eu folks in-power.
  • In the US, the Bilderbergers are dying out, and acting desperately.
  • The attempts to act in unison with eu by California, for example, can, and will suffer the loss-of-maintenance funding.
  • The refusal of the Visegrad Four to comply has resulted in the gayest court case on earth: Euhc (eu high court) V the Visegrad 4, technically, eu did not sue Slovakia...but this was due to exactly that, a technicality. Slovakia sent reps to the case.
  • They do not care about funding.
  • California is extremely broke.
The Four PM's of the Visegrad Four: (from L): Robert Fico, Slovakia, elected 2012, Beata Szadlo, Poland, elected 2015, Bohuslav Subotka, Czech Rep, 2014, and the Man eu loves to hate, Hungary's outspoken Viktor Orban, 2010, whom has FU on a speed dial skywriting jet always lurking near Brussels, Capitol of eu's Administration,  or Strasbourg, where its congress (eu parliament) meets, or Luxembourg, where its courts are.

The Visegrad Group is lied about daily in the eu friendly press. It is accosted, blamed, hit with numbers, all while Donald Tusk, the President of the Council of EU, is a Pole, (V:4 is, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, not Slovenia, which is Melania Trump's home nation), and has been unsuccessful at reigning either the Poles, nor the ruling Law and Justice Party, back into the fold. 

Quoting Morgan Freeman, "Every time I think about that, it makes me laugh."

Goofy Donald Tusk

The lies in the eu media, especially here, really speak that all Europeans support eu.
Casa Pound in Italy, FN in France, just a few of the hundreds of millions of Europeans who want out. Today.

Austria has militarized its border with Italy. Italy has finally sued and recieved the right to close the access by refugees on the high seas. Meanwhile, French cuck Macron, is setting up "Entrance to France" stations in Africa! 

Oh, yeah...
  • Africa has been the source of the refugee crisis in Europe since the 1950's. Turks are #2. 
  • Turks were two, but after the Kurd/Islamist Insurrection in Syria, Syrian refugees entered eu via Turkey with Turkish, they still are. But...
For Euros: Alabamians believe, in my opinion, in a particularly uninformed way, that Roy Moore, whose dialogue violates a sacred US cornerstone of its Bill of Rights, separation of church and state, is what Alabama needs.

I have been arguing that a guy new to the national scene, and a non-Bilderberger, most importantly, has zero friends who are, would be of great service to the president at this time. Whereas Moore, whose D buds are currently disassembling the Second Amendment, which is the right to carry guns, has Globalist friends already ruining the country, in his party, and the other one. His violations and theirs are actually violations of brethren...not things we would do.

For my blog: back to eu.

Sorry for all the weirdness. For my fb, I will continue covering all things Globalist, 538, Politics, and when relevant, eu. 

And I should say for Austria's sake: we may have a V:5 very soon. Americans should not endear themselves to eu hype regarding hostility between Italy, Austria, and the V:4. 

Now you can kinda see why.

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