Thursday, October 12, 2017

Nov 4 Revolution

Is the Revolution set for November 4? No. But, that isn't saying that in this day and in these times that there is no reason not to abide the rules of basic awareness.

The social-media snowballing about the intention of known gang of misguided first-worlders, Antifa, and the intention of some of its members to recreate some pointless revolution about which the group obviously knows very little, and, due to combining violence and idiocy: it is a thing to probably take pretty seriously.

"When a kid tells you that he is going to kill you, it would be in your best interests to take him very seriously." -Lt Joe Kenda, CS PD, Major Crimes, (ret)

The Bolshevik Revolution is actually not one, but several dozens of conflicts ranging in intensity and duration, as well as the styles employed to combat them, until the 1915 abdication of the Czar ended Russian involvement in World War 1, and by 1917, the basic framework for Lenin's Soviet Union had been laid-out in several armed episodes.

But all of them, every single one, were bought, paid for, and in every way supported by German Kaiser Wilhelm and German Imperial monies. People seem to forget that:

  • Czarist rule was not any more oppressive than any other society's, with homelessness replaced by serfdom.
  • The literature that replaced the facts about Czarist rule tended to borrow heavily and creatively from the French Royal Family's exorbitances. 
  • The fact that the Germans bought and paid for the Revolution was kept secret, so secret Antifa apparently is unaware.
  • People whom wish to repeat the violence wrought by the Kaiser are going to need his fortune, too.
Therefore, here is my advice for the person unlucky enough to have to travel on the 4 of November:
  1. Take different routes from the house to work or vice versa. Alter one. 
Changing routines decreases substantially the likelihood of the Bolsheviks tossing eggs at your car, or calling you names, and crying.

 2. If you happen to see objects that are
     out of place, or just odd, it could be a
Can you guess which one is against fascism, and which one questions the moral identity of socialism in a free-market society? Beware!

Do Not Fart When You Laugh. It could cause tears. Some Bolsheviks are thin enough to get their moms to sew their costumes from size-small He Man era Halloween Costumes. If you see He Man, shoot.

  3. Cars: Bolsheviks collectivize. Clowns
    have the right idea, whereas, their
    dad's Prius is too small. If you see 50
    guys get out of a tiny car, however,
    it's better safe, than sorry: shoot.

  4. Make strangers asking about the
      weather show you a $20 bill.
      If it's their mom's debit card, know....

Many Revolutionaries are going to kick my ass for writing this. Because just five or six could not do it. 

But, in all seriousness: avoid crowded areas Nov 4. That way you will not be in my line of fire.
Responsible for an entire generation of Antifa and gay kids. The original Worker's Paradise Bourgeoisie Apocalypse: He Person.


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