Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hell, No, Killary!

This is the most tragic thing I have ever seen. Trees, frightened of the possibility of yet another rubber-check Hillary Clinton novel, fleeing uphill into the State of Colorado, where D Governor, and Clinton "ally", John Hickenlooper, has refused to accept the pleas of the trees for asylum from the rhetorical and loquacious, shallow and outed, pedophile and criminal.

"PizzaGate isn't real, there is not even a basement in the Comet Ping Pong building." lied Clinton promoting her book, which happened to be nearby a patch of Douglass Firs: the most intelligent of all trees.

The buildings surrounding Comet Ping Pong, some still bearing the banned symbology of FBI identified pedophilia-codes, had been found to be disputed as pedophile hotspots only by people extremely fascinated with the obvious.
Bill the Tree's Facebook post asking Clinton to, "please not grind him up into yet another victim of her political fiction", went viral...

Meanwhile, the office of the Colorado Governor was quick to announce the appointment of a special lumberjack to investigate the trees' claims, for which the Republican party of Colorado immediately filed suit, and then the Governor reversed his initial "wait and see" attitude, and granted a general asylum for all trees and larger bushes able to cite reasons they have to feel persecuted by the unprosecuted lies and arborophilia, as well as other crimes of the Clinton family. Arborophilia is an unusual sexual attraction to trees, particularly saplings, as well as the compulsion to write excuses repeatedly. Arborophiles often mysteriously, and in spite of any proof, blame their odd activities on Russia.

Col Gov John Hickenlooper, D, signs asylum order, creating first "Clinton-Lies-Safety" refuge state in the US. Trees from as far away as Maine, and fleeing the destruction descending upon California, are choking highways and evacuation routes running for their lives.

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