Sunday, October 1, 2017

An Open Letter To The People of the State of Alabama

Consider the lilies of the field, they spin not, nor do they toil; but Solomon, in all of his glory, was not arrayed like one of these...
"Behold, I sent My messengers among ye, and ye slew them."
Roy Moore was not slain, nor rejected of this world: he was a Supreme Court Justice whom could not accept that what he thought he had, had been taken away. Then he pitched a fit so profoundly embarrasing that it cost him his real career; and Alabama is full of a very select few that would give him a lesson to learn twice...twice!...a leason frankly, whose cost in shame and dollars, we cannot afford.

is not about your religion, nor your denomination. Nor should any candidate whom stands before you as such, in the name of God, as a particular denomination, be fit to represent all the opposing views that exist within his or her state.

Unless he, or she, can separate the two. 

There is nothing wrong with religion. But there is something wrong with using the name of God like a secret code to a secret meeting whose acts and intentions have no godly ends.
As contradictory as the gay lifestyle Roy Moore gave his career to resist is, vanity, particularly, hubris like his, is every bit the equal robbery of the universe.

Were I wrong, and Roy Moore were to win, it would literally be the second time in my life that I missed a call on an election. However, I cannot be too far from the relegation to the back of the room awaiting his "does not work nor play well with others" attitude. And that relegation, considering that the man that held that seat is now the Attorney General, that relegation could hurt our state.

But if I am right, which I have to say, if, because so many of you who live in our state are convinced of this unsubstantiated vision of Roy Rogers, the singing cowboy, going it alone...if I am right, will the sun also rise, will the rain again fall?

Hey, Alabama: do you remember the last guy who used those words? "Go it, alone?" He, against my screaming and kicking, against all common-sense, led this nation into a military disaster that it has yet to resolve...

And still. The romantic image of a guy, whom is going to saddle-up, the mysteries of God in one hand, which place the money into his other, and lurch forward into the sunset, which is made of forty-eight other Democratic Senators, and fifty-one other Republican Senators...and do what, exactly...all the sudden, collectively, they all desire to do the right thing?

And just what might that be, exactly? whose eyes? In a state with Muslims, and Hindis, does everyone deserve to be represented, or just Southern Baptists? And, do you really think God would confirm the decision to persecute one, and not the other, merely because of the doorway he or she does or does not walk under Sunday morning?

The problem I have is that your candidate arrogantly has misled you this far, as many as one full quarter of you were totally unaware that he is not yet the Senator-elect, and that he has absolutley zero plans, if he wins, whatsoever, period. The crowd dies...then....what? A frowning establishment? One he has already worked hard to alienate, and dare I say, insulted? When he is no better?

He is not going to end gay marriage, because that bill cannot pass the judiciary, any longer. That train has left the station.

He isn't going to repeal Obamacare.
Until somebody gets smart enough to get trench level rural physicians in on that bill, Obamacare will die in its own title: long has Alabama operated without a Medicaid budget, now? What happens to every governor whom says, "Lottery"?

People, we live in a Christian nation. This is why we don't burn people at the stake anymore, and it's why we don't go out into the desert waiting on aliens to carry us home: because our beliefs operate on faith.

Democracy, however, operates on votes, and money. 

So...whatever the outcome, please do not allow anyone you love to go without, any of your animals or those whom depend upon you, or yourself, to go without, in order to give anymore money to Roy Moore's campaign. They would not be going without for God.

This man had automated phone calls, before the polls had been open for half of a day on Tuesday morning, claiming Strange was stealing the election, ringing phones of the elderly Christian homes in this 10:30 am!!

Those are not cheap. Wonder how many cats didn't get fed, how many pills were skipped? And I wonder, does it get worse?
How many dollars, I wonder, did he con out of those who have the very least to give in this state? Adult protective services protects individuals, who protects their population? It is a crime, nonetheless, one for which he shall answer to the Lord for one day, I promise you.

My God.

If I heard about such, I believe I would be physically ill. If it is, indeed, in God's hands, how does this require what little you have?

And do not lose faith on December the 13. Remember what the words of a charlatan sound like, whether those words were his, or mine.

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