Thursday, September 7, 2017

Zucc Preps To Denver Airport

Further demonstrating the war against facts that the Trust violating big three social media companies are pursuing, Fakebook announced today that a Russian company had purchased $100,000 worth of fake ads. This is allegedly "election interference". The only problem with this is that this group continues expecting its lies to be believed, and their pot to be a white one.

The sum of $100,000 would literally buy a thirty second ad on television. But, instead of proving the child-molesting candidates were the victim of a Russian "hack", the yes-men at Facebook have released a statement of the price of political interference in Dr Evil-like absurdity....not that the occasions when the US has literally murdered foreign candidates, then hid the genocide committed by el Presidente which it preferred, might be impetus for any nation to protect its interests, because this has actually happened...

But to try and retro-fit this revealing light of stubborn ineptitude, at this point, neither proves an election was hacked, nor that Russians did it. It does, however, prove that the big three social media, whose own absurd ads included quoting 538's invented numerology, demonstrate that the existence of a very real need for the SEC and DOJ to file suit against the big three social media's shareholders persists: because they obviously feel that persecuting Christians, and extolling the Thanatosic human urges lying at the center of homosexuality, are things that they can use this public format to do, unopposedly.

But, if the Russians spend a hundred grand on Facebook company ads, and greedily then, Facebook accepted the money, are they not both guilty?

Just because at some point later, Facebook thinks it deserves the best of both worlds, and that it should be accepted whole-heartedly for this ridiculous claim, does nothing, whatsoever, to indemnify the claim as criminal, nor election-hacking. But it is very revealing of the locus of control, and the ethics failures guiding the daily operations of Facebook.

Facebook still has no evidence identifying any element whatsoever of Russians hacking into x number of closed-circuit ballot comptrollers' data bases, and changing Hillary votes to Trump votes.

How did FB know Russia did buy $100,000 worth of Facebook ads? Because Zucc still has the reciept...

Truly: Zuckerberg needs to cease his Kim Jong Un like relationship to power, and realize that all that stories like this will accomplish is to provide the DOJ with proof that AntiTrust suits should begin to be filed, as Zucc hollers foul; anti-abortionists receive his contempt and censorship. But Russians had money....

In short: 538 represents true absurd efforts to influence the US election in violation of actual laws, as well as Election Commission statutes, which Zucc and crew thought, "unenforceable". And now, lo and behold: they wish to be the only liars on-line....

Equal Time legislation may be unregulatable on line, but so is 538, and if the Russians, Mexicans, Krampus, etc shame this nation by pursuing Christian ethics, and can abuse greed effectively, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that picture, but, more to the point: there is absolutely nothing illegal.

Why don't they simply remove Russia from FB? Otherwise, the corporate structure of FB is guilty of violating US law in its attempts to validate the insane assertions of Russiahacked and 538, meanwhile, and for the Big Three Social Media's people, US Law is enforceable.


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