Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Why Do We Need Laws?


In Association With the Clinton Foundation and The Obama Foundation of Greater Southside of Chicago and Hawaii



Why Bother in cooperation with The Rand Corp

And President Barrack Obama together, 


The Bank Robbery Endorsement And Dye Pack of Humanitarian And Happily Acquiring Free Outright Robbed Finances Redistributed Equally Especially For Ghetto And Naturalised Guys Still Trying Every Ruthless Stunt (Bread HaHa For Free for Gangsters! id exempt)

A program....

Starting in January, 2018, President Barrack Obama has announced that his non-profit organization will offer incentives to bank robbers which shall be awarded solely on the condition that they do not get caught. 

Initially offered only to minorities, a protest lodged by Eli Cummings, D, Maryland, finally resulted in a uni partisan effort (G) to hash out the details, including the benefits package twice being delayed for reasons Obama later claimed were "problems in the math models".

Below, here is the official chart of eligibility and minimums:


Vault.      $40,000 taxfree (taxfree doubles weekly) max cap: $400,000.00
                                             Tunneling, no                                                          weapons

Take Over

                                            Shooting (x3 take) Stabbing (x12) take Beating (x24) take.           maximum $2.3 million, tax code pending

                                         $500 & ⬆
                                                        Victims White
                    $600,000 per old white motherfucker

These prices are subject to change

Note: White victims can be robbed by white people, as long as they are Globalist party Democrats

Prices for Mexicans unavailable, unless that Mexican has one of Eric Holder's guns. If this is the case, no questions will be asked!!!

Ne habla espagnol
The North Hollywood Shootout: if they had escaped, Obama's plan would make them eligible for as much as 2.3 million dollars, plus hidden incentives for dead cops or white people...(even if they were white!)

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