Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Revolution

Hidden in all of the subtexts of Russiahacked, and all of the denials of the despicable deeds which the Obama Administration did, or were done while he was president, like the Lynch bargain, all of these culmimate loudly in two presidencies co-existing: the real one, and that of Hillary BodyCount Clinton.

This is not going to be permitted to continue for one more week. If you reside in California, and are a supporter of Democracy, and sanity, and despise oligarchy, the occult, pedophilia, white trash, and Hillary Clinton, buy the appropriate insurance for when California falls into the ocean, and leave that state. Because there are hours determined upon the pseudo state superimposed upon the United States still beating the Globalist and Clinton dead horses, all in front of a God whose frank rage has not been hidden from the people whom are most responsibile for this potential threat to all life on earth.

Korea must be reunified. Russia is our ally. Russia hacked nothing. The effort to cast blame that Russiahacked the election is an effort to preserve Hillary's pseudo-state which never got to rule, because it foolishly believed all the hyped up claims, and forgot: this is a democracy.

So, their tears and rage and temper tantrums are both sorry, pathetic, but now: they are very much endangering the possibility of Russia being able to rely on the president's control of this government, and, they are endangering all life on earth. And, from all outward appearances, this plan meet need motherfucker of invention, Russiahacked, has officially angered the Lord.

Thus: there shall be resignations before the end of the coming week of all of the Dept of Homeland Sec personel whom signed-off on the announcement. Even the spokesperson. There shall be absolutely no attempts to suppres the states who deny that the stories are true. Alabama, for instance, has denied the allegation.

There shall not be one more word uttered about this, nor shall Russiahacked be mentioned anymore at all: Globalism is dead. EU is dead
The Clintons are going to prison. So, no DNC case gets thrown out by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and, if it gets returned to the 11th, the Bloch gets Headed. 

Any resistance to these facts, as I have written them, shall result in California being tossed unceremoniously into the Pacific Ocean, and the Sea of California, and this is the only warning you shall recieve. The California initiative resolves the 538/Google alliance, resolves the actual reasons Democrats, and Hillary "Body Count" Clinton are still crying, to this hour, as well as major funding for the pseudo government that is attempting to be perpetrated. Problem....solution. Up to you. 

One more positive aspect is that the California initiative ends that plague on man, Facebook's censorship.

So, having contacted the personel both ethereally, and published this here, in the third part of man, the Kingdon of God, and the servants herein, have both heard, and are prepared to carry out the orders given.

Not once more shall the treasonous elements within the US govt even so much as utter Russiahacked....

And nor shall you harm the president. 

The time to pay for Kennedy is now upon you whom murdered that man, even as he tried to save you. Now, the Lord rebuke you, and we come only for those whom keep His covenants.

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