Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Fist Of Korean Reunification

It is not within the spectrum of American military-thinking to allow a dangerous foe precious time based in doctrines of appeasement, or hopes of detente. Un exploded a nuclear device this isn't time for talk. 

Anybody saying, "Talk, talk!"as a response to this escalation is literally the same unlikely power-connected geniuses whose incompetence spilled the military disasters currently pursued by the United States in Afghanistan, and the Occident.

This is the way it is: if Un is not immediately taken-out, then and only then will he develop the warhead technology which is the ultimate sin. 

This is not time for appeasement. 

It is time for the Big Four R Senators and Representative to stand up, and admit that Syria was used by Israel to divide the Russo American alliance, and that 538's hugely ridiculous numbers promising a Hillary presidency was the actual source of Russiahacked, and publicly make amends. And this should include Syria.

Otherwise: incompetence deserves to burn. 

This is what I have tried to warn of for two years: not allying with Russia will end our nation. 

Would you trust us?

Thus, McCain, and his big, fat, stupid mouth, needs to gather his witchunt crew of jealous R crapstastics, and do things like Un-Magnitsky the Spetznoft Exxon deal. And possibly, elaborate that there is not one shred of evidence of a Russian election hack, publicly.

Or...sizzle sizzle
While the Globalists' mental gymnastics allow Un the oppurtunity to complete a functional weapons-delivery system.

That is that, as they say.

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