Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Biggest Scam Since Snake Oil

Introduction: Part I

The global warming issue is not an issue, it is a religion. And global warming represents an effort at relegation, by its believers, of everybody from asthmatics, to the tenth generation of miners and petroleum workers whose employment relies strictly upon Republican leadership: the entire issue is an inversion of working values and a forced dependency upon an attempt to inflate the size of the government, and replace hard earned income with a dispersal of government benefits replacing food, life, medical care for your kids, and self-respect.

Above, Coal in America, nearly starved by Obama's policies, and further starvation threatened by Clinton, explains the electoral map below, how the entire swing state picture went to Donald Trump, whom, indeed, kept his word, and put miners back to work. There is no hope the D party can recover from the insanity of the damage done in its pursuit to end global warming, nor can it indemnify its role in the nothing accomplished by the Meuller probe, it cannot successfully shift blame to Russia, nor escape the implications of the excuses it has made for the child molesting Clintons. Coal, among other industries, will keep R anti globalists in power for the next fifty years.
Meanwhile, a whole lot of mythology continues to stir wildly...with showing a low believability rate for the first time in that company's existence, as it uses very creative means of analysis, as well as misleading conclusions, in order to support the efforts to eliminate the sincere objections of a significant portion of the working class in America, upon whom global warming has declared war.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Vice President of the United States of America, Mr Al Gore

In 1992, all that most Americans knew about Al Gore was that his wife was an idiot. But, candidate Bill Clinton both promised detente with Russia, and to review and ultimately repeal NAFTA: which both issues became issues he famously lied about.

By 1996, Americans felt the idiotic sting of Gore's influence as he both succeeded in forever ruining the effectiveness of asthma-inhalers, while raising their unit prices, as well as removing forever the consumer's right to the access to the Freon necessary for routine charging of air-conditioner condensers. By forcing manufacturers to change the gas that propels medicine in asthma inhalers, he ruined them, forever. Ask any doctor.

But, by the second year of ReBush's presidency, the quiet influence of the former VP became a loud and rambunctious religious fervor. And quickly, his message became farcical, drawing the inevitable allegory of the story of Chicken Little, with political identities burgeoning upon the hegemonious assertions of global warming, and, in particular, it having a human cause: all without a shred of proof, and all coming from a source whom even his supporters now narrow their eyes and focus upon what they agree is at the very least, a hypocrite. At worst, he is a cult-leader, whom successfully led the D party into a very long suspension of relevance in American sensibilities. 

American sensibilities, unlike times, or people, or even culture, American sensibilities do not change. 

This is The Deacon's Masterpiece

As demonstrated by how Oliver Wendell Holmes once mocked the unweildy and archaic ideals embraced by our forefathers in his poem, "The Deacon's Masterpiece," American sensibilities tend to reject absurdities. In the poem, his mockery tends to be presented from the perspective of how static our insights really are, while the European world swings up and down, in a mania followed by depression, driving both joys, periods of extreme and unspeakable grief, wars, and sorrows. 

His poem covers the fact that the populace seemed to be content pretending to be one thing, upon a surface of the pretext of an artificial custom, but really are quite different at the actual level at which we all live and function. That is American to despise this, that is America when it fires on all cylinders: unpretentious. 

In his time, as now, this is simple. In the nation's earlier years, however, pretention hid in the duplicity of participating in such cultural absurdities in spite of these absurdities being very tedious, and counter-productive. 

Those values were a part of our culture for a long time, but only beneath that surface. That hypocrisy was due, in no small part, to the cultural DNA Great Britain, in particular, passed onto our cultural identity. And the cultural values Holmes was mocking were Puritan values, eventually they would come to be known to the all the world as Victorian values, and were crying out to be simplified.

In global warming what we have is a re-emergence of yet another set of complicated and indeferential cultural absurdities...nobody knows exactly where they came from. There is no unified scientific source, for something this consequential, shouldn't there be? And again, more attempts at controlling people, more morale guidance.

In global warming the morale guidance, the resolve of disobeying the customary observances of those absurdities, is the end of the world, exactly like Victorian thinking. Violating either premise will cause the end of the world. In Victorian-era thinking: marrying a pregnant woman displeased God= punishment=the end of the world. In global warming, industry=pollution=the end of the world. Both are very rigidly reinforced by their advocates. Both have their positive qualities. But only one has ever been held to the the throat of asthmatics and the working class in this country. 

In psychology, when we must engage in one behaviour, or the bad thing will happen, this is referred to as magical thinking. Magical thinking is a feature of several personality disorders, the most widely known one would be Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It is literally a disease.

Kind of remind you of anything, like, maybe, put the right object into the correct colored bin, recycle, and the world isn't going to end? But this compulsion is basic in global warming. And although it is very unhealthy, and, it is just one of a huge variety of behaviours designed to prevent the bad thing from happening, it gets worse.

As a result, we are now witnessing an entire generation of Americans engaging in this disease, while experts remain divided as to the most fundamental elements of global warming. Nobody has been able to prove that it is real. Nobody has been able to prove it is caused by man, and, frankly, the contempt for the human race, which beats at the heart of blaming mankind for this, is a level beyond hubris.

And the precepts that have yet to emerge and redeem this belief as anything else except a belief, are exactly why the Democratic party has fallen upon Divinely sent hard-times. It is simply astonishing, and despicable that Mr Gore has been permitted to imprint his personal dysfunction into an entire generation of Americans, whose adherence to the religion he has created has caused their dysfunction to emerge as an institutional dysfunction. This is tragic. This is despicable.

But it is also revealing., in the last established post prior to their first-ever believability rate taking a nose-dive, tried to contest that the co-founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, whom stated unequivocally that global warming is a scam, did so by trying to employ the same old quacks and quackery Gore has been using. The only problem is, when they lied, they ruined their credibility. Al Gore is many things, a fact-checking service, however, is not one of them.

Mr Coleman did refute global warming. And attempted, very underhandedly, and, very ineffectively, to refute the tenets of his argument. The question was not did he provide indisputable proof of the fact global warming doesn't exist? Because, as you know, all religions exist in the realms outside of empirical evidence. There is not an empirical case for either argument, pro, or con. A fact Snopes will not challenge.

The question was, however, did he provide proof....proof! Which he did. He demonstrated his view, as a scientist, that the "warming" of the globe is a myth.

So,, the new name for snopes, altered the substance of the question, altered the focus of the question, in order to attempt to comfort small minds that do not read their entire articles, so they can barely read, and assume, with this fact-checking website's thumbs up, that, no: no climatologist has ever disagreed with the religion of global warming. But....this is actually, false.
The Bilderberger Group cost the United States its credibility from 1963-2016. The question is, can democracy overcome the corruption attempting to frame the president, now? YES!

The Resurrection of Walter Mondale

Not only does Mr Coleman disagree with the existence of global warming as a trained climatologist, but there is a wide range of dissension emanating from within the scientific community which disputes several points along the ascension of global warming as existing, whatsoever.

And this dissension is finally gaining traction, due, in part, to the internet, and also due, in part, to the extreme loss-of-credibility experienced by the parishioners of the global warming religion, and the D party apologists, like the MSM, and, whom collectively, have fallen on extremely hard times in many areas, especially sales, getting elected, and credibility issues. All of which is the wider dimension of the coming cultural silence awaiting the Democratic party in the future: not laughter, not anger, not pity, but silence in regards for the faltering Democratic party.

In the storms of leadership posts shifting, and a general inability to stifle Hillary Clinton's pathetic attempts at excusing she and her husband's criminal behaviours, and questionable tactics prompting lawsuits that reveal a DNC civil war that promises to undo the entire Clinton era by reason of cover up and influence-peddling: we detect the annunciation of the return of the Walter Mondale-era of the laughability of the Democrats of the 1980's.

With the addition of criminal charges, and very real questions about how the mental illness of certain party members was not only left untreated, but was allowed to influence policies that nearly broke the back of industry in the United States, standing as perhaps the most distinct differences.

The Democrats want war with Russia, but they don't want the industry, they don't want the capable soldiers, they don't want God's blessing: that victory requires every one of those things. The lawless immoral urban landscape, a la Ed Koch's New York magnified, this is the fruit of "equality" as they see it. And whether they want it, or not, this is what they would have gotten.

The right wing in America is viewed as a force requiring that they confront it, and do battle with it, and this is the United States! The people whom need to be confronted are the criminals engaged in the conspiracies mainly being curtailed in the D party! But to call the Right in America Nazis is a perfect example of the "way too far" classlessness has been permitted to aspire.

This is the Resurrection of Walter Mondale.

Part II: Keeping Them Honest

It is obvious white trash is leading the D party, because they literally know nothing about Europe. But, because they wish to appear to be Kennedys, whom would beat them to death if they were here, the Clintons, and their Vietnam-evading campus-Britain-only Rhodes experience fall woefully short of knowing the flaws in European approaches, as well as Globalist European approaches.

In the 1940's the United States became the first nation ever to put emissions standards on the books. California's pioneering of pollution laws, to combat their famous LA Smog, is still a case study in state laws influencing federal laws.

The United States has the most environmentally conservationist government on earth. This is the nation that invented the concept of conservation, national parks, as well as animal sanctuaries: this country literally wrote the book on every single one of these subjects.

And this nation contrasts with Europe in a wide variety of ways, and remains both unique in its geographical composition, and floral and fauna composition. It only stands to reason therefore, that its laws protecting all life under and within its biosphere do not need the peer-review of a Europe that is currently too poorly-led to recognize the political nightmare which it is forcing upon its very aware older human citizens, as well as its brainwashed human youths.

Nor could Europe hope to maintain pace with the US as far as implementation of technologies. The US scientific community has traveled the gambit from the benefits of nuclear power, to the wisdom of moderation, and we remain the world's icon of environmental legislation, and will continue to be emulated.

We also have, within this nation, an identity-crisis with the realities of Europe, and global warming, itself, which would very much need to be resolved first before we could entertain any such notions of partnership in the very-soon-to-fail badly eu.

But the reality is, we remain far ahead of Europeans at every level of environmental protection, and that is due to a nearly sixty year head start, and a civilization that was pastoral until the sixteenth century.

The desperate needs for environmental protection in European nations and those same needs in the United States are nowhere close to compatible.


If you shipped an American vehicle to Europe until 2002, then you had to pay an expensive diesel conversion mechanic to be able to buy gas, or you had to be attached to the US military. Otherwise, unleaded fuel was simply unavailable.

Likewise, the smell of approaching rain often hung in the central European haze, replete with carbons, hydroxyls, carbo hydroxyls, sulfoxyls, and things that would make Rev Gore sprout horns and a tail.

Yet, when President Trump wisely refused to participate in the joke that they have aptly entitled, The Paris Accords, the white trash aspect of the Clinton undercurrent driving the left still echoes, stupidly, off of every wall in the world.

The European rivers flowing through her ancient capitals are often so polluted that septicemia warnings have been posted in English not for the British, but for the Americans, whom do not consider the consequences upon river-ecologies that five thousand years of civilization can incur, due to theirs being under five hundred years old, and so they leap right on in, then die a few days later. 

This type of fact not-registering on the voices demanding that the US rejoin the Paris Accords reveals the ethos of those driving the contradiction to the president as it plays out, daily. That ethos is ignorance.

 Around the world the US is regarded as a template for environmental law, the establishment of environmental agency, and the consolidation of environmental agency power. The last thing the United States needs to do is tacitly approve of eu interpretations of anything, then contractually obligate ourselves to indulge eu, right as its madness plunges it irreversibly into crisis.

Al Gore, like most television preachers, has been caught with his pants down, more than once. He is connected to a deal with Occidental Petroleum which made him a millionaire, and has other related investments and interests in petroleum and coal production which pretty much define his hypocrisy as Jim Bakker-like. 

Forbes spells out H Y P O C R I S Y



The fact is, human history is a pale comparison to geological history. Earth is literally beyond human conceptions of time, as far as its age goes. And we cannot be anything but biased when try to assign meaning or associate causes and effects that are based on our observations, because the oldest human being lives to maybe 150. 

But the collective science of climatology also cannot find common-ground here. The many varied opinions manage to agree, with some consensus, that the earth demonstrates a geological record of cooling, warming, cooling, warming, and repeating.

And that this appears to be a cyclical process.

The conclusion that humankind has caused this, however,  must also then extend to humankind having created the earth, and humankind's destruction being something certain other humankind get to determine, based upon certain eligibilities, like whether it is ok for a married woman not to wear gloves on Sunday, or if putting the aluminum can into the correct recycling bin will really stave off the part of humankind worthy to destroy us: all of global warming is subjective. All of it. Every single bit.

Ten generations ago, our forefathers cast a lot which has determined the fates of philosophies and nations from that hour hitherto: the Industrial Revolution. 

The reeking hulk of what was Detroit, Michigan, is a good example of not being able to arrive at a flexibility when innovation is no longer being produced by your geographical region. 

In the case of Detroit, that innovation is going to be the lighter and more composite material design of the Japanese automobile, which eclipsed American automobile manufacturers during the 1980's. 

There, sitting dormant, are three quarters of the applied industrial offenders of fossil fuels, in the world. But, somehow, all the pain, all the lawlessness, and all the breakdown of order experienced in the heart of Detroit has not satisfactorily cooled the warming globe. So, their Deacon wrote another prophecy. 

The question is not really "why" did he write yet another book, however: because, if everybody on earth were to suddenly begin to recycle, frak, carpool, turn off the car in drive throughs: summer would still be hot. Winter would still be cold. And Gore would find a way to vilify the current generation for the Industrial Revolution, and he would still have no proof he were correct....

Just like we would still have no proof he is wrong. 

But this is the issue's raison d'etre, isn't it? Climate exists, therefore, global warming does, also, right?

For, at the heart of it, global warming really does not separate the two, because it cannot, so, they are the same.

Global warming exists because climate exists. They are actually the same thing. Keep in mind, the Don Quioxte figure hunts the windmill he can slay. For Gore to say, "We must stop the climate before it stops us", while it is actually the substance of his message, the term global warming implies there is a problem that exists, that is either caused by, or can be affected by mankind, and that he is going to tell us how. So, he says global warming must be stopped, or it will stop us.

Therefore, philosophically, you have gold. 

But realistically: it could be iron pyrate.

Therefore: indulging it at political levels is anything but prudent. It is actually pitiful that this man's mental illness has been indulged to this degree. But the lesson on the hard rocks of the loss of power are definitely in the works for the D party. And we are talking a very long time.

Because of many factors, nobody will be sad to see this religion regarded like other quackery, such as Scientology. But the taste of poverty that the American miners got from the Obama Administration on behalf of global warming was more than they will ever need to revisit.

Politically, global warming has been a disaster at the ballot box for the Democrats. 
And historically, it is the Snake Oil of its day.

Enough said. We have not ventured into such areas without experiencing divine scorn: physics, nuclear war. Industry, machine guns, chemistry, mustard gas...

Recycling? It leaves enough compulsion to satisfy the OCD in global warming enthusiasts the world around to indulge in wonderful delusion. But, who knows what divine lesson awaits them for not learning that this earth, this life, nor its events, are neither the property of, nor the residents of, their fears and anxieties' influences?

For as long as they keep doing the thing that prevents the bad thing from happening: great. 

But keep that liberty under the First Amendment prohibiting state religions, and keep it from impeding our employment, and keep it to yourselves.

And, while msm makes light of a presidential slip of the tongue when pronouncing Namibia, a simple faux paux due to both the similarity and geographical proximity of Zambia, and yet supports the giant foot in mouth that global warming is, there can be little doubt: they are lost inside of their own elitist bowels. 

And have thoroughly alienated the only people who would have helped them.

(PS: I made those pics because I wanted to see Al tell the truth, just once!)

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