Monday, September 11, 2017

Lying is the New Progressive: How the DACA IS Unconstitutional

The Globalist left is as dishonest as the Globalist right. The fact is that the jobs being raised as examples of the need for illegal immigrants are filled by migrancy-licenses granted to seasonal workers who migrate from Mexico annually.

Who is going to make sure that the nation is safe after the "egalitarian means get your throat cut" logic performs the grisly task of demonstrating, in a body-count, the reason that the Constitution specifically dictates the defense of our borders?

There is a myriad of evidence that the DACA, a fund extended to the children of illegal immigrants, violates the Constitution in several areas of regulation. 

  • The Patriot Act, Title I, § 2 maintains that the transgressing of US borders is intolerable.

  • Article IV § 4 of the United States Constitution: "....and shall protect them against invasion..."

The word invasion is not subjectively limited to military definition. Invasion also includes the incoming, entrance, or spread of something hurtful. But legally, when someone walks in to the property of another, even if the door is standing wide open, then what we have is called, "breaking the close". The notion that our social programs should be depleted by a "policy" which places non-citizens as a budgetary consideration in a place above the needs and rights of US citizens, and the government, by silence, implying that the unlawful hiring practises of certain business owners should be selectively-enforced, is madness.

This is forwarded to counter the ridiculous notion that no US citizen is strapped for cash, hungry, and or otherwise going to be legally forced to divide public trusts with non-citizens. Also, this is forwarded to counter the notion that children are not capable of acts regarded as criminal, or immoral, because they are.

  • 1924 Immigration Act, aka, the Johnson-Reed Act: by law, still in effect, states that the United States shall limit the migration of people to the nation to no more than two percent of the population living here legally, annually.

Clearly DACA represents a violation of the Johnson-Reed Act, as the population of Mexicans whom have migrated here legally are well above this number, and thus the need for enforcement is dire.

The spirit of the law is not racism, nor sloth, nor cruelty, but to prevent an overwhelming number of people depleting a menu of social systems, as well as over-stressing limited law-enforcement resources at local, state, and federal levels.

The one argument fallaciously preached to the point of mass-delusion by those advocating the abandoning of border protections, and advocating DACA, is a great example of rhetorical successes: the persistent belief that the traditional jobs performed by migrant-workers will be left undone if border laws were enforced as they were written.

Signs with the slogans, "Who will pick your fruit? Who will _____? (Insert the menial task of your choice) are misleading, due to a regulatory effort to license, then allow Mexicans to enter and work these seasonal jobs per licensing. That is the part that AntiProgressivism has omitted.

What we have here, is an oversensitive and spoiled version of a minority population, and those trying to push their agenda with cries of "racism" finally beginning to lose their sting, as the overuse of the word, improper use of the paradigm, and the illegal acts that all of this is defending, all are culminating upon a majority of people whom are not going to listen because the laws of the land are not racial issues. There is very real danger from the overexposure of this cause celebre, but those crying it seem either disingenuous, or ulteriorly-motivated.

Let us remember: Mexico is Gangland. And, during Obama's detente, the city of Juarez, for example, rose to the rate of four murders per day! In one small town!

Also, the bungling of the first AG under Obama, Eric Holder, and his attempt to sell guns, then trace those guns, is the identical egalitarianism that lost those guns; subsequently, arming a huge and violent group with an even larger weapons cache. Operation Fast and Furious is a case study in why the ethos of the left has departed JFK's efforts, as well as common sense, into parts unknown, forcing the nation to insult itself, or risk not complying with the peer-pressure like cajouling of being politically correct.

The Baby Boomers may never accept the flaws in their logic a la Haight Ashbury, which became first a utopia of egalitarian ideals, but then, like Ed Koch's New York, the region's "progressive" attitudes reduced it from utopia to a drug-addicted land of misery.

This is the heart of nonsense beating in the liars claiming that Trump abiding the tenets of his job, and not a fool's errand of repeating and unlearned lessons, like DACA, is an issue of Unconstitutionality.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite these people to "Get Real".

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