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Globalist Democrat Joe Lieberman, the most likely to advance versus Trump in 2020


If not held to their voluminous accusations of everything, from the claims that "Trump is illegally the US President", to the vain attempts to drive eu awareness into the people of the United States, it is obvious then, that team Weird (consisting of Facebook, Google, YouTube, the pro-Globalist MSM, and 538) is going to continue advancing against the vitality of the entire nation, its history, its defenses, and the entire group of people whom compose the Millennial generation.

The efforts to bring information to everyone was a digital age Trojan-horse of both intentional, as well as accidental consequences which run the gambit from Unabomber Ted Kaczinsky warning us of imminent loss-of-freedom, all the way to Alvin Toffler's hopes that small, rural communities would anchor the humility of the human race. The surveillance state, although entirely foreseeable, is not the worst consequence, or, at least it is not the worst that comes to mind.

The threat against our republic becoming a one-party one rule dictatorship is real, and is awaiting us for not learning the lessons of 538, and Election 2016. This represents the worst potential consequence of the digital age.

The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance 

Already stumbling due to an undemocratic two-party system, and how this system provides an endless income to do-nothing representatives whose only real cure would be Constitutional term-limits placed on their time in office, the United States remains extremely vulnerable to election racketeering possibly succeeding in 2020. 

The Digital Age was fraudulently sold to us as something which wouldn't weaken the nations, nor the security of the citizenry of the nation states of the world. But it has, in roughly twenty five years, undermined every element of stable political, economic, and cultural existence.

Time and time again, we witness the consequences of the indulgences newly damaging our strength. 

Yesterday, Equifax, a large data-protection firm, whose security service normally provides subscribers with the service of informing them that they, or their sensitive data, have been hacked, was itself hacked. 

As a result, the hackers are now demanding 2.6 million in BitCoin and Etherium in a further blackmail attempt, proving the irony of the convenience of the internet is completed by the observance that the abstract environment is now forcing itself upon the actual environment, and forcing a re-consideration by individuals as to the necessity of using the net versus the necessity of keeping money, accounts, credit card data, etc, safe from exploitation. 

As artfully, the msm has marginalized the North Korea story which greeted the world, earlier this week. The digital news providers, controlled by the Big Three Social Media industrial entity, demonstrate the sheer power it alone has by neither being operated by people whom comprehend the degree of the threat being ignored, nor defying the Bilderberger-approved attempt to suppress proper analysis of the threat. 

And playing fast and loose with realities is the least of the crimes msm/digital media have been perpetrating, lately.

538 has a bad track record in the UK, as well. It predicted that UK would remain in eu, and dropped the ball badly on more than one general election. But, because it is in eu UK, the architects of election fraud are close to a number of eu agencies whose jobs are to support the status-quo with fallacious numerical statistics which seem to confirm to the masses that eu is not a disaster. One of these firms, eurostat, is notorious for doing so. So is another, called eurofound.

Why Have 1 538? When 100 Would Be Better? 

The lessons that The Social Media Industrial Entity has gleaned from Election 2016, shall not go unlearned: such as its inability to dictate to the Baby Boomers that Trump shall lose by a huge enough margin that they should just stay home election day; these will not go unlearned by them, whatsoever. 

Lesson one would seem to be that perhaps 538 cannot be the only polling firm whose off-balanced and fallacious numbers are disseminated into the wide Globalist assault upon American democracy. 

It could not but demonstrate conspicuous and repeating vulnerability, if the Big Three social media companies were to employ 538's ridiculous numbers, alone, during its attempts to usurp Election 2020. So, the new companies which will be used in addition to 538, are possibly being created currently, or are already existing companies, which are being acquired through purchase by The Social Media Industrial Entity.

If Congress and the Federal Election Commission drop the ball, here, then we can expect the corrections to the election fraud plans, a la Google and the like, to be made perfected, and further the murder of both our past and our present, along a varying spectrum of intensity, and this will likely be in the very near-future. A future in which voices, like mine, are already hoarse from being ignored today, though still warning us.

The next time that there is a US Presidential Election, in 2020, it may provide a target more tempting to the Social Media Industrial Entity than the 2016 Election was, simply due to a desire to perfect its methodologies, as in Unfavorable Semicircle, WebDriver Torso: the corporate entities we are discussing, here, learn on levels both high tech, like AI, as well as good old-fashioned political corruption, such as criminally plotting against the suffrage of the people's vote.

This time, instead of one (apparently) separate 538, they will collectively decide to spread the hustle around far more widely. This could mean possibly including one, or more, phony-foreign polling firms, which would be difficult (in their minds) to trace back to The Social Media Industrial Entity.

Nevertheless, one 538 was a bad plan, as the big three are still looking at Congressional inquiry due to the aloof assertions of just the single company 538. They will most likely pollute the field. And they will most likely begin soon. 

This means we will see the arising of companies, though similar to 538, that may even criticize the numbers 538 produced, all-the-while preparing to back-up the candidates whose antiquating of Christian values and embracing of AntiProgressivism provides a dual threat to our way of life, as well as the systems bequeathed us by our Founding Fathers.

Millennials Versus Baby-Boomers, Who's Bigger?

One mistake that The Social Media Industrial Entity made was that it underestimated the proportions of Baby-Boomers, as well as Gen-X members, and how these massive groups would defend tradition and democracy by voting for the candidate whom was not guaranteed to pursue the Bilderberger agenda, for example: stealing the oil which Putin stole from ReBush, whom himself had stolen from Iraq, and from Russia, which actually had already paid Iraq for some of that oil. 

But, like the Bilderbergers want us to believe that they are just so depressed in the Russian administering of severe and swift justice against Sergei Magnitsky, and that the murder of Gareth Williams though, was somehow ok, the Bilderberger plan for Hillary was to laud the humanitarian crisis-issue of Ukraine, (like we should hear their song and dance, or they will not do this, anyway...right?) then, in October of 2017, she would have led a (failing) military effort to "liberate" the areas annexed by Putin, so that those poor, poor people could give that oil back to the other people who stole it, as well as state clearly what awaits Visegrad 4 nations of Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic if they do not fall in line. 

Likewise, a 2020 election racketeered successfully by the Social Media Industrial Entity will pursue this war, led on by an incorrect, yet reinforced view, which continues to admonish their foolish beliefs that the Christians whom didn't dodge the draft, and are currently so persecuted by this entity's attempt to erase the legacy of Christian-identity in the United States, that this potential draft-superset will show its gratitude by fighting for its own destruction like suffering fools gladly.

That the same endless resource of small-town suckers and the bottom 10% of the educated citizenry shall be glad to lose another Globalist war is indicated by these lessons going unheeded. So the Globalists believe in their elitism...

Meanwhile, these draftees' happiness shall exude like submission from their low education level, and poverty-line straddling income. Thus, they shall provide the fraudulently elected official with a conscription army, which, in turn, will promote its own destruction by homosexuality being accepted as a military value: so, if they do not survive, it will not matter, because their non-existent children will not, either. 

Success For The Election Hackers Actually Looks Like This In 2020:

  1. a wider field promoting the R party candidates, in what are actually Globalist efforts to usurp Trump's renomination. 
  2. The promoting of the D candidate most liked by the public, and whom is a Bilderberger, receiving more than Nate Silver's promises that he, she, or it has a 87% chance of beating Trump. Most likely, the msm will also break off the 538-worship. As many as ten online entities a la 538 may well be in place by the announcing of the D presidential hopefuls by 2019.
  3.  Escalating the current war to censor the right and the left which identity Globalism as the plague on man that it is.

For eu nations, despondently trying to survive the grotesque imposition of the lies and just bad leadership of eu heads of state, and the obvious threat to those democracies which five-year automatic citizenship for illegal immigrants is doing to those nations, my advice has been consistent: the left and the right must assemble into a union which would then be strong enough to break the collapsing order in Europe. 

If the Social Media Industrial Entity does try to usurp Election 2020, this may be the recipe for defying it here, in the US: AntiGlobalist D's, Libertarians, AntiGlobalist R's, etc, all may need to consolidate under the simple banner of ending Globalist agendas in this nation, and the world.

If we are to retain our democracy, it is only going to be because we do not allow ourselves, nor our children, to be deceived by the symptoms of Globalism: 
  1. Culturally forcing homosexuality upon a majority of Christians that see that as heresy institutionalized. 
  2. Fractional reserve banking, and the extreme manipulating of interest-rates which represents a very questionable belief, held by the elite, that economic depressions can be averted this way.(real-estate bubble? 2008, September, hello?)
  3. The pursuit of relocating Africa to the Northern Hemisphere, repeating the synthesis of the slave trade, rather than doing something which would actually help these people, like petitioning the UN to engage the butchers militarily within African nations, in wars we actually should fight. 
  4. Being afraid to face the truth about Jews that Jesus gave us, refusing to admit that we are calling Him a liar when we believe that Jews, or Israel is holy, and continuing financial and political support for this parasitic nation.
  5. Permitting the virtual internet world to become the ruler of the actual world, and the real nation.
  6. The ultimate loss-of-the nation, as it is absorbed by the non-existent political fallacy of the Unipolar world, or the one world government. This is proof to every political scientist of the extra chromosomal and half-baked understanding guiding the agendas of Globalism: there is no such thing as a unipolar world. Pseudo-political science.
  7. The line between poor, rich, educated, and uneducated growing so wide that it begins to resemble something out of an HG Wells novel.
  8. Waging aggressive and foreign wars for no reason.
  9. The loss of national identity.
  10. The destruction of the efforts of our Founding Fathers.
If 538, and thus the Big Social Media Entities are not confronted by the US Congress, then they are going to be choosing the president. Not if, but when...

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  1. This article was posted prior to the arrival on-scene of 270toWin: yet another made for internet➡msm,racketeering effort, complete with an attempt to permit 538 to shed its filthy skin via supporting this new 538.2.


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