Saturday, September 30, 2017

Back To The Point

270towin...out of 538 electoral votes.
 Like they were around during Bill Clinton v George Bush, and on-line!

They're Here....

For months I have warned of the creation of more 538-like polling firms which will functionally shift the guilt away from having only one source of gigantically bloated pro left "statistical" poll-results. Guess what? We have a customer.

270towin is 538-like as far as the old 538 was...with a nearly identical website.

And, from what I can see, this is going to be the first of many on-line efforts to cajole, deceive, and otherwise out and out lie, in order to try to affect Republican voters, especially Republican candidates whom are non-Globalist candidates, in American elections. The playbook last year was, "use numbers so bogus that it stuns people, transfers to the msm, but costs Nate Silver his credibility."

That, of course, didn't work. Nate Silver's deceased credibility could be the phantom driving this site: but I gotta go with my gut.

This is only the beginning. Please sign my petition on the first few posts of this page.

Like me or not: I am watchful.

Below: from Sept 9, 2017 article called Consequence, predicting this..

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