Friday, September 29, 2017

An Allegation Too Far: Fall of the Pseudo State

The Pseudo-State of America


Barrack Obama, Charles Shumer
Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton
John McCain, Mitch McConnell
Nancy Pelosi, 
Plus a host of middle management, and behind the scenes handlers, office staffers. All of these people are Bilderbergers, and all guilty of treason.


Super-imposed Sub-State Actively Engaged in Sabotaging and Harassing the Exercise of Power of the Legitimate US Government. 

Means: power expressed through the usage of 

  1. Appointees loyal to the Globalist cause, mainly Obama and Clinton appointees, occasionally Bush and Reagan appointees.
  2. Permanent civilian/banking cro's made wealthy from their treasonous activities.
  3. Usage of both parties, and their Globalist contingents in government, especially Congress, fooling the public that continue to believe party-dialogues divide them, when actually only very few are loyal Americans.
  4. The influence of Hollywood and Media as per the Bilderberger Charter.
  5. The usage of murder, blackmail, and other vile conspiracy to attain leverage.
  • During the waning hours of the Obama Administration, there were major concerns and trepidations which presented themselves in a variety of ways asserting concerns that Obama might seize power, and institute martial law. 
  • Through a series of influence-peddling, campaign promise-betrayals, and Constitutional definitions of Acts of Treason, this is exactly what he has done.
  • He is not acting alone. This pseudo state represents the last stand of treason against the American people by her leaders, and the last gasp for the despotism of Globalism in America.
  • A very large network exists to transfer money as well as information. One might say they learned from email.gate.

The Purpose of Russiahacked 

Through questioning the legitimacy of Trump's election, the creation of a pseudo-state emerged as of February of 2017. Among its first acts were to consolidate a relationship with Israel as a source of soft foreign money, a notion displeasing for Barrack Obama. Immediately, the seeds for the pseudo-state's failure were sown, as the Clintons were unable to reverse the UN Sec Council Resolutions initiating a new direction for the region.

Meanwhile, Russiahacked, the pseudo-state's now-weakening claim to power, nearly died after the Mike Flynn debacle, had it not been for the Obama appointee currently running the Department of Homeland Security, Elaine Duke, whose incorrect, and therefore, courageous contribution, on the 22 of September, 2017, of a fictional narrative, which reads like a couple of high school students wrote it, repeating the second assertion of Russiahacked, momentarily breathing a much-needed resuscitating breath of "fresh" air into the conspiracy: the pseudo-state would already be dead. 

However, the assertions, again, careful to deny that any hacks had indeed, taken place, may have done more harm, than good. For the stubborn pursuit of the narrative, now one year in the making, can have no legitimate purposes, and only few illegitimate ones.

But the illegitimate ones all seem to raise the issue surrounding the existence of a superimposed, and currently operational pseudo-state. And the narrative only confirms the second assertion of Russiahacked. Without both of the assertions proven: the conspiracy is hogwash.

Russiahacked Assertion One: Trump colluded with Russia, promising them special privileges if they fixed the election.
Russiahacked Assertion Two: Russia hacked the election.

There are too many problems with the story as is, and appears to be backing Mrs Clinton's very real fears that soon, not even the pseudo state, nor even her emmy award-winning allies shall be able to shield her any longer.

But the Beltway is furious that the Meuller Probe has found nothing, and even the leaked allegations regarding Manafort, even if they were true, would actually not be in violation of US tax codes. But, by fine tooth combs, and the finer-tooth combs of the unlawfully accessing pseudo-state: the only guilt resides with those whom run it.

Not even it can avoid the light of day for long...There is a God. And He sees them, too!

Take This To Their Leaders 

Every single one of the pseudo state members in America is in violation of a host of laws, among them most basically is the tradition of the US peaceful transfer of power, and the suffrage of the US voting public.

Also, US Constitution 
Artcle 2, § 2 Clause 2

Let it be known: Death to ALL whom operate in treason, and in hypocrisy, against a lawfully-elected president...

Hillary...And The Fate of Pseudo-Nations

"...the public will never believe the Clintons..." - Vince Foster's Suicide Letter

  •  Hillary's relationship with Bill has been laid bare: they both rape kids. She stomps her foot, and demands people get murdered. He actually believes the Lord must indulge either of them.
  • President Trump is correct, portions of Vince Foster's suicide note appear to have been tampered-with, and Starr's clearing of the second US president in history to be impeached did nothing to prevent the Foster case from contributing to the amazing body of coincidences of the rising body count. Starr must have been bribed.
  • Hillary Clinton is obviously the worst possible choice for president had she been running against a cardboard box.
  • Globalists on both sides of the aisle would very much like for her to shut up, but she continues to write books, and to behave in every way unworthy of the oval office. And, if the words Russiahacked are so much as whispered by a ghost on an evp on the program Ghost Adventures, California, then New York and/or Tel Aviv, shall be eliminated by the same God that gave this nation life, endured he egregious genocides of indigenous peoples, and guided her through the first and second world wars.
Israel cannot be permitted to ply its despicable acts further inside of Syria, pseudo state, or actual state.
However, the fall of the pseudo state begins with the reunification of Korea, which the Truman Doctrine helped to create Globalism. It is only fitting that it help to deconstruct it. 

Should the pseudo state not be successfully ushered from power, its support for Israel shall bring war to the United States which the pseudo state cannot win. By this one magnitude: all parties bound in league with the pseudo state are guilty not only of treason, but of an attempted act of genocide so horrific, and any necessary evil to reign them in, force them to cease, etc, shall be venerated by historians.

The clock is, indeed, ticking on the Russiahacked scandal, as well as the media globalism construct among bilderbergers in congress and otherwise, which created it, no longer bearing the essential honors of having their names capitalized, henceforth. The revelations of the 21 State Narrative, for example, deemed impossible prior to the election by the Jefferson County, Al Registrar when he responded to Donald Trump's concerns that Hillary's criminal conspiracies included election-hacking and cheating crooks, now seem to have their polarities completely reversed as the dialogue remains identical, that as far as Alabama is concerned, no hacks, tampering, scans, etc, went on, whatsoever, and this story, too, is more political abuse. The improper agency named here is inventing facts in regards to the state, and no good can come of it.

This would seem to be the opinion of 100% of the 21 states named. 

But, when all of the actual agencies responsible have already been caught lying, or are involved in baseless investigations: the revelations by this one only proved that the pseudo-state not only exists, but answers to Hillary's incompetence, assuring that it, like her career, and her freedom, are not long for freely moving, under the sun.

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