Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Sign of Imminent Bankruptcy Looks Like This:€!

In 1998, prior to the Euro's status as having a Frankenstein Deutsche Mark body, and powerful British Pound Sterling heart, the dollar traded $1=DM 3,80, and the non-worldwide traded Euro €3,60. Now, don't engage the Chrome search, as the denial is very stiff, and the claims, outlandish. 

Among the more outlandish claims, were that the non-existent Euro traded at an all time low versus the US Dollar in 1973. Well, I lived in Germany, off and on, between the years of 1980-1992, and among the icons of lies eurotamed by calling them 'ascensions" were that the euro existed before 2001, as it just did not. Neither did eu, which is a result of the 1999 vote to launch the thing, and that there ever was a market for its non-existent currency prior to annihilating the economies of Austria, Belgium, Greece, and Italy is laughable! It has been literally retro-fitted and faked in the historical record just so that the IMF could pretend that the counterfeited icon had any value, whatsoever. 

The reason that I know, btw, what the dollar and Euro traded at in 1998, is because I wrote my senior thesis on International Organizations on EU, whether UK would join, and I was dead set that they would not. But, if they did, they would regret the consignment of pound and empire to the greedy American and European IMF jerks whom constructed these lies, and have the power to literally rewrite (on-line) history, and then retroactively enforce them, while sucking in profits. 

A united Euro, for instance, would remove the burden placed upon the conversions of international currencies, and that just made eroticism and money signs converge into an order of stupid only obvious now, to the untrained eye. But we in the business knew this would fail. And we have never been quiet about it...We were just, shall we say, dissuaded from making those views public...? And I don't do dissuaded...

Only now, as the bitter and irrational demands of the eu negotiating Brexit/Article 50 council grow louder, as if stuffed with more cock, eu and its Bilderberg media construct seem all too aware that the euro has lost a piece of value which mere market speculation has tried, in vain, to preserve. Meanwhile, the economies of Finland and Italy, whom fell completely victim and have no currency of their own, anymore, along with Austria, and there are others, need to know that there IS a way out:

  1. Seize all euros in country
  2. Use them to restore GDP to 1999 levels, create debt relief to accomplish this, and debt ceilings to limit IMF retaliation, then
  3. Invest in Etherium, using it, and not the Euro, to reissue both their bond markets, and their economy, in general
  4. Pay target-2 premiums all the while, laundering Lira, for instance, via Etherium, until the cryptocurrency, as well as target -2, are no longer burdens
  5. The last nation participating in Target 2 is going to lose BIG. So get in, save your nations, get out.
  6. Deport, as well as strip all eu accommodated immigrants of citizenship, and leave eu therewith. 
Now, the media will find 800 ways to declare it will not work. But that is because they are very afraid, and almost out of ink from pretending eu existed before 2001. A simple trip to your library, and consultation of any Encyclopedia shall reveal that, indeed, if the volume is pre-1995, there will be no euro, and no eu in it. 

Do I have to think of everything?

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