Monday, August 14, 2017

The End, And How To Rationalize It

The folly of fretting over the fate of a people too ignorant to rule themselves, whom prove it continually by biting the hand that frees theirs, then attempting to destroy history: this is not my concern. Such a people are damned, as George Santayanna famously damned them.

My concern is, however, for you witnessing this mess, and trying to pretend that these morons are right in destroying the past, or their desires to corrupt the graves of soldiers. They are not. If you are here, then we, the human race, are very close to a divine appointment excluding each and every one of these people, and their arrogance, from Divine mercies.
The Almighty has a plan for them. And it is horror.

So, that this spoiled group of morons is inciting violence and furthering the hole that swallows them: do not lament.
But if you are black, white, green, and know WHY this is a mistake, then stick around. Plague now descends upon these people. And it is Divine enmity alive.

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