Thursday, July 6, 2017


....but, Doctor, what will happen when the Rhetoric runs out...?

There appears to have been no foreign interference in the US election. -Barack Obama, repeatedly between Nov and Jan of 2016.

(Better get the articles off the Internet before they, too, vanish)

WIKIPUDIA: RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE IN THE 2016 ELECTION is a celebration of the worst habit for a reference-focused organization to continue supporting: baseless, Globalist scumbag fiction. And the discrediting and parsimonious facts will require a near twenty four hour per day attendance, until the whole truth, which is on the way, comes completely out. Meanwhile, the polls it cites read like a who's who of lists of discredited polling firms, but not one Gallup poll among them. Would you care to guess why that is? Yet, it remains like the fat friend that will not allow you near the hot chick you like...not unless you find her a date. much for that...

All Of Russiahacked is based upon one guy, the Director of National Intelligence. 

Wikipedia, like the fakenews that it is quoting, cannot alter how the ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) doesn't have a good track record of honesty, and whose ReBush-created duties included supporting a made up case for war with "factual" evidence, and the failed attempt to conceal the trail leading back to Scooter Libby during the Valerie Plame scandal, in which Plame, whose husband opposed the ReBush regime, was outed as a CIA agent. It is a violation of US Law to reveal the identity of US agents, but the identity of whom it was that outed her both lead straight back to Cheney, and was encumbered by a failed effort to conceal Cheney by none other than the ODNI. The reason I never accepted this part of Russiahacked especially is ODNI came out of the Title 4 womb a lying, and a made for political abuse office.

Tired of Russiahacked? 

The Director of National Intelligence lied to the fakenews. But it was his lie. The trouble is, all the egg on all the faces, and a lack of editorial level control over fakenews central. That lie, told by an office rife with a history of political abuse spanning the length of nearly its entire life, that lie backed up Zionism, 538, Globalism, and ReBush's Globalist Republicans. Just like the majority of this office's attempts to violate US law in pursuit of Globalism, the truth shall slowly leak out until the Russiahacked scandal dies even in the throats of fakenews central, becoming a watchword and a proverb about lies, and how telling more lies isn't a smart nor a safe defense.

Now, the slow, ritualistic dance of full confession begins. One by one, the fakenews nuclei of the entire Russiahacked madness begins peeling away, like an onion, layer after layer, the disappointed nothing at the end of all that peeling draws tears and stings the various painful papercuts of fakenews sensations with that pungent and stinging onion juice.

In the midst of it, Wikipedia, which is WikiUnreliable, is slowly and methodically twisting and contorting the standing article, "Russian Interference in The 2016 Election" arduously attempting not to have to erase it and simply put four little words, "Whoops, We Were Wrong" by reformatting and deleting this section, then pasting these formerly unrelated paragraphs together, proving the old Southern adage, "Some folks will do a lot of work to get out of a little work..."

It had that kind of staying power. But we have been over it enough that it needs no repeating, but, for those of you playing along at home: 538 helped the Democrats hack themselves via providing questionable statistics which confirmed the Bilderberger's pro hillary intention. And it would have worked, were it not for an election, in which more Americans voted for somebody else.

Wikipedia, in joining fakenews everywhere, published a very long and interesting article. The problem is that it sounds more like DNC-fan fiction than cnn, without all the public embarrassment. The article still cannot answer the details, like how...
The section lists every...possible....arena....

But not one shred of proof.

The edit record on this article, as most Wikipedia, is not available. But the thing looks like a melting candle, and screenshots can only be useful for a day or so: until the story about how the Director of National Intelligence, an office created by ReBush, and whose employment list looks almost identical to the liars whose contacts in the fakenews started the ghastly wars in the Occident, will now slowly, bashfully unveil how the THREE agencies only suspected, then, there was no suspicion, only due vigilance which is US law per the Magnitsky Act of 2012, which is by no means actual hacking. 

Magnitsky Act entitlements make this ALL fakenews.

Personally, until the danse idiotique is completely done, and the staff of former ODNI director Clapper is either investigated, fired and is investigated, or resigns, and is investigated, there is no need to believe anyone in that office. But he is the creator of Russiahacked.

It is the vestigial remnant of the Dick Cheney Scooter Libby ruining of this nation. 

And we called it, "the culture of corruption" then. Now, I am still calling it that. But Wikipudia....

Why is Wikipedia assuming that it hasn't been decieved? Why is no Wikipedia article anywhere simply outlining the facts, sans the assumptions about what they mean, and without insisting erroneously that one side, or the other, is right? This is bias. Bias changed Wikipedia to Wikipudia.

Attorney Gen Loretta Lynch denies election interference occured. This is from Dec 2016:
Obama denies any Russian interference. The leaked NSA documents are forgeries.
Ok. Plenty more!!!!!
Pedos are hacking our civilization, though!


  1. Ask Salvador Allende if the United States has the right to accuse other nations of election-fixing:Pinochet, the genocidal maniac? US hacking, in fact, tbe identical people are the ODNI. Jamaica? Iran? Iraq? Afghanistan? France? Australia? Seems odd that suddenly they developed a respe t for money is on how it was all made up,

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