Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Why You Should Panic: North Korea Will Kill Us!

Bet that you felt compelled to click on this story because you are afraid. Do you see why this non-issue is a thing, today? The press got caught on Russiahacked. Cause. Returning to normal via terrifying us: Effect. 

This is the second time, this year, that some American entity has used N Korea to distract us from scandals.
Exactly one week ago, the extremely deluded sector of the Democrat faithful were celebrating the US Congressional fakenews determination that the Russian collusion nonsense was the real kind of nonsense. But, it wasn't. So, the media has been caught lying, and is now engaging in the distraction ritual, and it is a time-honored ritual.

But this is the second time around for N Korean shell games, as far as the US has needed them. The first time was after the US acted in Israel's best interests by pretending the "Syrian Gas Attack" was real. And, due to this heretical blowjob, the US has been condemned by the two nations it has asked for assurances from: China, and Russia. 

Unfortunately, Russian law prevents any more alliances with the US, and China politely told Trump where he could catch the next bus to "f__k off-ville". It is ultimately Israel's goal to destroy all but itself in order to reign in their non-existent messiah, and Trump did something I can never forgive.

But that doesn't matter.

However, if this non-event were to suddenly go hot, which would not have involved attacks that were not sudden and crushing, followed immediately by overwhelming US retaliation, then the US, which has proven it is only loyal to Israel, which is hell bent on stealing, murdering, etc, every American, and therefore the US, alone, will be forced to handle the situation.

Now: do you understand why allowing ReBush's wars in the Occident was stupid of you?  Do you still believe in them? Is it patriotism? Or calling your national shame "patriotism"?

The US is in a very compromised position, and the roads to blame for that are identical to the meaning of the Tri Lateral Commission's name: for it is one road between London, Tel Aviv, and Washington, DC.

The only good thing about this Korean crap is that it isn't real.
The bad thing about this Korean thing is that it demonstrates why the US is vulnerable, Israel. And now, both you and I sit here, and wonder endlessly why that has to be. 

But Russia will avenge the horror felt by Americans on 9-11, and so will China. Meanwhile, our leadership continues making these dangerous moves, and has racked up a nice collection of Jewish-made daggers in our back for having done so.


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  2. I am sure they are only of the finest quality, though...

  3. Fourth of July, although psychotic, you see what Un is saying, right?


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