Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What Does the Panama Papers Leak Say About Merkel?



In 2015, John Doe leaked 11.5 million documents to the German publication Zeidung, which outlined a money laundering scheme which is actually older than the eu itself.

There have been some suspicious actions at the upper-levels of the national governments of the nations of eu. The Prime Minister of Malta, as well as his wife, have been implicated in the more criminal aspects of the Panama Papers leaks, and thus far, 2015-now, these were the highest Continental European leaders implicated. 

The former President of Iceland, Sigmunder Gunlaggson, was the highest leader, on the world stage, to be ousted as a result of the 2015 leak, and the well-worn pathway to bribery that apparently was an open-secret to the elite since at least 1970.

If you are reading this because you believe I can put the pieces together, and implicate Frau Merkel: sorry, I cannot. I honestly do not think she is stupid enough to be this greedy...
Mossack and Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm whose role, as defined by the Panama Papers, was the money laundering of illegal monies.

But...then, again, it is eu we are talking about. Discovering that the world leaders of eu member-states have acted in such a way that is, at the very least, disappointing, is exactly why the meta state has nearly broke the banks and the backs of everyday Europeans.

World leaders doing things which contradict the security and integrity of their national interests, in violations of every bit of human knowledge in regards to their actions being, let's call them, counter-intuitive, takes any sensible analysis of the how's and why's into the realms of the ridiculously and incredibly irresponsible 

Having to comprehend the motives anyone might have to compromise not just their nation, but the security of the whole of Europe, and this accidental comedy of suicide, smacks of a comprehension which is just not in step with reason, not since the merchant class caused the death of royalty, and the rise of the nation state, in the first place.

That is just it, though. The Panama Papers prove that the political elite have been behaving as though they were the bourgeoisie of Soviet contempt, or who lost their heads during The Burning Times of the French Revolution. 

When we hear that the German government actually has spent €5 million to procure an as of yet unleaked portion of documents, the word from Natural Europeans and their advocates, like myself, was immediate suspicion that the purchase amounted to an extortion plot going off well. 

Well, if it were so, then the news media would never have gotten wind of this, nor would Berlin have acknowledged that this payout had, indeed, taken place. But, it is eu we are talking about. And we are talking about Germany, as well. Berlin acknowledges that the purchase took place, after that, though: generalities follow, generalities and police-type ambiguities. Exactly the types that investigators use. 

Of all police forces worldwide, the one I consider the most respectable is going to be the Polezei. And the way that this organization is structured, and the way that the pursuit of their job is undertaken, I consider them far and above anybody else. And they are also digging through these documents in search of something. I have absolutely no doubts that if any German citizen is identified in any of the Panama Papers, that an inquiry free-from-corruptive influences shall be quietly engaged. 

From there, what happens, may be anybody's guess.

As to how individuals in German law enforcement view the act of supporting their Chancellor, it probably differs very little from the way we all view the German government, as well as Merkel. 
Meaning that this government is the government that she put together; she, whose face is pretty much the face of the worst crisis eu has ever faced in its sixteen year existence. And, were she implicated by the Panama Papers, steps, drastic and desperate steps, would certainly need to be made in order to cover this up. This would be unprecedented in scope, meaning that the German government would never acknowledge that it indeed purchased these unique elements of the Panama Papers, in the first place. There is just too much to lose...

Let's face it: the current crisis in eu is Europe's worst since World War 2. And, as if that were not enough, the Panama Papers have entered the picture like the Calvary for us, and it is only an inclination of natural momentums that it should implicate those whose presences figure prominently in how the crisis became the disaster it has become.

Still, call me cynical, negative, or whatever: I just do not feel that the implication of Frau Merkel is what drove Berlin's actions. Maybe it is her saving grace, in her own eyes, compelling her to believe that her socially darwanistic refugee beliefs are a fortitude manifested by the fact that her greed is complete with the new regime-arrogance of eu, legal, and perfectly adherent to the paper trail regulations which Panama Papers criminals have violated.

Nonetheless, she has acted in a manner malfeasant and at best, extremely negligent. Criminally negligent. But this is only due to her pushing both the crisis, and the failed Austerity Measures which failed to preserve first Greece, now, eu, itself.

So, along with the shock that Kim Yung Un (kim jong un) has better Chinese missles as a direct result of Trump's April 7 idiot moves in Syria, (duhh...), we just have to place the notion that the Panama Papers will do the job of dissolving the meta state for us somewhere between "fondest wishes" and "long-shot", and then, go ahead, and buckle ourselves in for the long road, hard work, and eventual hard-won end of the meta state the hard way: vigilance, reading fine print and pdfs long into the night, and swallow the lump in our throats as she wins, yet again, her September 27 election as Chancellor, with a long shot from the Bundesrat to question, then suspend her Chancellory due to it exceeding the legal number of times, (two). (The Bundestag is the House which must revolt, traditionally) 

But, this will only slow her victory roll. 

To be completely honest with you: with, or without Panama Papers, her days of unchecked power and limitless influence over eu are numbered, anyway. 

So, my fellow Germans, Frenchman, and Italians, and members of the dream of Bundesland Hesse, we must continue the good fight, as names, like Josef Muscat, (PM of Malta) which seemed small yesterday, reveal their ugly actions to be a connection to IMF and the architecture of eu's banker's paradise. And we see the wider implication, almost immediately: corruption in eu is not Goliath, but more resemblant of a colony of small ants, working in unison, together, to ruin our beloved countries. And, we need to take appropriate action.

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