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Title 8 of the Patriot Act

Set forth in seventeen sections, Title 8 of the US Patriot Act is the comprehensive attempt to unify existing federal laws, new and emerging laws for new and emerging technologies, and bind them into a thorough distinction of terrorism, terrorists, and their would be targets. Title 8 officially defines terrorist acts, and expands Title 18 of the US Criminal Code (federal laws) to consolidate terror suspects as violating RICO statutes, for example, which removed the federal government's need to prove crimes had happened, and reduces the formerly impossible task of legally defining that a conspiracy existed which violated laws at every level of enforcement. 

Conspiracy: The Tie That Binds

RICO= racketeering influenced corrupt organizations...

Running thematically throughout the seventeen sections of Title 8 of the Patriot Act, is the vision of terrorism as a criminal conspiracy. The entire Title 8 text is a comprehensive attempt to transpose the national fears, as incited by the strange clash of the Muslim and American worlds on September 11, 2001, into something conceivably familiar, something that the lawmakers of the nation could use as a template. Then the terror part would lose at least some of its mystery and psychological effect. 

Thus the raising of conspiracy and how conspiracy suspects are dealt with is at play in varying degrees of intensity throughout Title 8. So, we can discuss that ingredient singularly, and then address the presence of conspiracy as it pertains to each section.

Prior to RICO, US Attorneys could have proof that suspect A planned to ship cars on a train car, suspect B was provided information as to what the most vulnerable point in that transport route would be, so that he and suspect C could steal the cars, sell them to suspect D, then suspect A stood to make profit, as well as claim the theft on an insurance claim. 

This plan could have been overheard, the FBI could have undercover agents involved: but prior to RICO, those crimes involving a conspiracy could only involve law enforcement after they happened. 

So, due to the thefts, the transfers of stolen properties, wiretaps, individual warrants, all of these details were a monumental task to keep up with. Combined with the defendants' rights to not incriminate themselves, the most serious crime, conspiracy, was very hard to prove in a court of law.

Conspiracies used to be employed by criminal organizations exactly because of that: they are extremely difficult to prove. If all of these suspects only know about the crime which they are committing in the above exercise with criminals A, B, C, and D, criminal A, perhaps the one criminal who launched the whole criminal domino-effect, isn't really stealing, nor is he necessarily violating the law: after all, his property was stolen.

Rico statutes allow for the arrest of suspect A for having a wiretapped-recording of his voice planning the crimes. And this plan is known in law enforcement as a conspiracy.

John Gotti, convicted in the nineties, successfully dodged RICO statutes featuring in his trials by several unorthodox ways, to include bribing/intimidating a juror. Eventually his attorney, Bruce Cotler, was charged by the court to cease being Gotti's attorney, and with the testimony of mob-informant Sammy "the Bull" Gravano, Gotti was sentenced to life for a laundry list of RICO violations.

Conspiracies are illegal in all fifty states, and in the Federal Penal Code. In fact, if a conspiracy is launched to steal less than $1,100, the type of crime involved is a misdemeanor, on average, punishable by 6 months in prison and a $1,000 fine. But due to the involvement of a conspiracy, that crime is a felony, either the most severe, Class A, or Class B, though the charges could be later reduced. But, in effect, conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor is a felony. 

The emergence of federal law enforcement having the new flexibility to enforce terrorism as a criminal conspiracy represents the first line of defense against terrorism. It also demonstrates what is in the concepts of the authors of the Patriot Act, the single most important and primary intervention point in terrorism investigations, the planning stage. 

The planning stage is arguably the most time consuming, and the stage where the most usage of devices for communication takes place, from the mail, to electronic devices and cell phones, thus the creation of the conspiracy is now vulnerable to the intervention of electronically eavesdropping law enforcement, as well as intelligence agencies. This represents a new player on the block for any would-be terrorists. 

Therefore, the acts of terror, such as the September 11th Attacks, which involved a worldwide and international cadre of communicating criminals, have been drastically scaled down directly due to this Title's broad expansion of the role of law enforcement. 

The persistence of terrorism, as a tool for the expression of power, is not an effective one. Without Muslim terrorism moguls citing the Quoran's copious passages exhorting the murder of non-Muslims, and identifying the cult of suicidal terrorists with that of real martyrs, then the stark realities of low target yield, coupled with the sacrifice of what a presumably-embedded terrorist costs the organization vs his effectiveness, these factors make acts of terror extremely desperate.

More likely to be adapting to Title 8 in the form of embedded hosts who receive the presumably newly-emigrated suicide attacker whom was indoctrinated somewhere else, the scope of terrorism can never be what it was.

But just such an arrangement puts some measure of down-range effectiveness into play, presuming that the "host" terrorist receiving the "guest/attacker terrorist" can field greater than three attacks before he is caught by the surveillance which is increased to new and imposing levels. Levels which can only spell a short life span for conspiratorial acts resulting in acts of terror.

Title 8 § 801

The authors of the Patriot Act saw immediate potential for the exploitation of certain aspects of the vast and often differing landscapes of the US as possible areas vulnerable to terrorism. So the spirit of the Patriot Act tries, sometimes repetitively, and pedantically, to employ a multi-stratified approach without any consolidation of concept, or point, outside of any given title, which states, for example, "monies shall be made available...."

Thus, for the huge step of addressing an issue as possibly consequential as, "the defense of the harbors and sea ports of the United States", or, "the railways of the United States", there isn't a whole lot of explanations as to the "hows" and the "whens", but the issues just simply could not be avoided, either.

Title 8 § 801 states, and very directly, terrorists will be forbidden to attack mass-transportation systems. This includes trains, aircraft, ships, and their passengers, and buses, too. Since the state in which an act of terror could occur may have laws ineffective, or ill-prepared to confront the broad scope and violent nature of a terror attack, the federal government now consolidates all such acts as their legal territory henceforth.

And, since technically, these transports may cross state lines, which automatically makes a crime federal, then it is preternatural that this conclusion would be reached.

But it is interesting to note that the government asserts its sovereignty over all systems of mass transport, but not until Title 8 § 802 does any notion, to define just exactly who the US government will presumably be protecting the US from, finally occur to the Patriot Act's authors as an issue requiring their attention. This has a few issues both explaining why, and ultimately questioning the inflating US government's role as potentially abusive, and possibly unnecessary.

The reason for not defining domestic terrorists until § 802 is that the US Criminal Code Title 18 already defines what a domestic terrorist is. Its definition adequately defines what a domestic terrorist is, and had done so for thirty some odd years.

But Title 8 expands the definition to include assassination, kidnapping, and mass-destruction as "acts of terror".

This is a cumbersome way to approach the issue, if not backwards, and yet again illustrates the haste with which the Patriot Act was assembled, and the offensiveness for its potentials for abuse persisting to reach into new decades without a much-needed update.

Among the more colorful attempts made by differing federal agencies to comply with Title 8 § 801 was the usage of US Navy-trained bomb-detecting and swimmer-detecting porpoises, which were deployed in Washington State's many bays, coasts and ports as an attempt to dissuade possible attacks against shipping, crews of shipping vessels, and to intervene with suspected terrorists entering the country via swimming into the territorial waters, and onto the beaches of the US.

All Terrorists Are Muslims, But Not All Muslims Are Willing To Keep the Tenets of Islam

Title 8 §§ 802 and 808 define both terrorists, as well as acts of terrorism, again.

The summary is, "a person whom uses terrorism", which is, "the usage of acts violating US law which are done in such a way as to intimidate or coerce a population."

The problem with this, is in its bombastic attempts to remain "kind" to other Muslims, not using Muslims in the definition is not only dishonest, but it actually presumes that all Muslims do this. Because, facing facts, here: Mossad did the September 11 Attacks, and Academia can stand with this explanation. In contrast, the Official 9-11 Commission Report, the US Government's legal foundation for insulting us, without the common decency to even attempt to hide that it, cannot be backed by either science, fact, or theory# one, as defined in the report. Not that Muslims don't commit acts of terror, we tend to forget History the older we grow, but Palestine has no business having Jew #1 in it, and all of this will not change the destiny God has designed against that Harlot which rules Rome by Pax Britannia, and deluded itself and Washington into thinking that this model of expansion could be successful.....

I think they wait so long to define terrorism because the Patriot Act is written with a mutually exclusive ally in the 9-11 Report, and, vice versa. I honestly think that they were afraid that the scheme Netanyahu cooked up in his six months as "secret" foreign secretary, would be used by his political enemies, somehow....

There's more than one body in Hades waiting on the rest of (((them))).....

But, Muslims are told that we, here, in America all conduct ourselves in league with this monstrosity called Zionism. Therefore, they hesitated to mention that the name, UBL, was almost simultaneously placed into the news cycle for idle, and possibly banal reasons....unless framing him would be convenient. If you wanted to frame him, mentioning a unremarkable court appearance by a guy who borrowed socks from him once in the 1980's, the day prior to a false flag like this, might prove expedient.

But, with the scam serving the Whore inasmuch as Israel, London, and DC, ie, that Great Whore, could convince all Muslims that jihad is the only way, Israel could last theoretically, almost for an unlimited amount of time.....that either the Kingdom would demand Muslims understand the Summoning of John Mark into Asia, and, his 300 plus year manifestation, then exit of Asia as Muhammed, which was both as conniving as 9-11, but has been immeasurably more devastating, either that, or until the world runs out of Christians, and Muslims...

But, those are the only two options. They can't say, "Muslim", because this is a Zionist effort, Israelis get to say that! We have to preserve the illusion of the US, and EU as an escape hatch, so Muslims will just give Zionists their homes, flee these sickening brutal Zionist Warcrimes, and move to London, and America, and eat KFC!

But, the fact is, that behind Islam is Jewish sorcery, behind 9-11 is Jewish sorcery, & that is the truth. And, the madness won't end unless they accept it, or they are, like Saudi Arabia, able to forge some mutually beneficial deal out of their one shared trait: they are both incorrect about The Kingdom. And, since Americans are still fooled, it's a wise bet to know some Muslims are understandably unrecoverable from torment, abuse, and exploitation.
But, yes: people still pretend with great hope, that ReBush didn't minister over the most corrupt and despicable episode of Governmental abuse in history. And, they got away from mortal sanctions....

Up until then, however, Americans believed, whole-heartedly, in a government that continually lies to them, murders presidents, and acts in every way unlawfully. But, somehow, some still believe that Zionism is not Satanism, and these same people trust the government ....about this one thing, though.... Don't ask me! That makes no sense, I know!

In this hesitation (from Title 1-7) that the authors of this unfathomably damaging piece of Zionism called, "American Patriot Act" (wink, he said, "...act") we finally see the word terrorism incorporate the new mission statement of an out of control Zionofascistry, and they have given every Muslim under the age of 15 every reason to buy the Jihad philosophy, which is most likely a Tri Lateral effort, also. The nation of Israel, possibly both US and UK, too, probably dress up as war-victimized Muslims, and preach the Jihad to the unsuspecting victims of their other crimes against humanity, and so the need to just define terrorist by using the words,".... brainwashed Muslim", or, "...Zionist Jew",  would be simple, enough!

But, they do this long winded exercise by expanding the already pretty sufficient, Title 18 definition of terrorism, and terrorist: which was badly in need of a post Cold War update. So, if you were wondering about the plot of Canadian Bacon, yeah: this Islamic Terror device was their answer.

So, now, after 11 million dead/displaced/vaporized Iraqis: every one of them is owed something.

And I think part of this Act is to set up the puppetry. By the time it was clear that they needed more stuff, they had to create the Homeland Security Act, and we won't quite go into that one.

To clarify: all Muslims believe in the Quoran. The Quoran states all Muslims must kill non-believers or risk going to Hell. Thus, the usage of psychologically conditioned victims, to accomplish the dying IDF troops are simply too spineless to do, themselves, will be done by Jihad Conditioned Muslims, then, those killers, themselves, will die in the televised flag waving follow up attacks of the 5-eyes, and Tri Lateral countries.

Avoiding this simple fact makes it necessary to use way more rhetoric to define what a terrorist is, because the definition must allow their knowledge of guilt to be in-compliance with either the law, or, a reasonable facsimile.

Saying, "Muslim" drastically raises the abuse-potential of the Patriot Act, and essentially accomplishes nothing, except the eventual curbing of authorities for lodging charges against White Americans, whom were unfairly charged with terrorist acts for carrying a shotgun in the trunks of their cars, for instance.

Avoiding this simple description made this act so abusable that it needs to be repealed and written again, this time by people who didn't grow up in one dimensional friendships with Zionists, or Muslim royalty, and, in their prejudiced, attempts to not say, "Muslim" , or, "heh heh me en IzreeI".....for his inbred and cursed conscience's sake! That only manages to also insult Muslims and Zionists who are engaged in those religion's thousand plus year struggles to realize they aren't a religion, but a set of cultural values that in of themselves, do not possess the right to murder, nor invade anyone's nation. Get rid of Zionism, "Muslim terror" ends....

Nor would that be quite fair to the victims of Zionism, which has covered this country in the corruption and pollution their abuse, waste, and indignity, for too long.

It is really very much of a Baby Boomer style-ignorant attempt at egalitarianism. And for this ridiculous omission, and the section in Title One mandating the protection of Muslims, and the cultural and pathetically misplaced trust of Zionism we are literally afraid to question, in this nation: this act is basically self-defeating oil-industry insider logic.

This type of contradiction needs immediate address, as the government needs to get out of the rhetoric business and face the reality: 100% of the acts of terror against the US in the last 50 years (until 9-11) that saw more than a dozen deaths were committed by Muslims, for religious veneration, protesting Zionism, or Baby Boomer Hippies, for political reasons. The one exception, Oklahoma City, stands alone in contrast to the fact that Baby Boomers grew up: Islam never shall. Zionism is living death.... Thank God for Russia.... They could train and outfit terrifiers of each shade of Mediterranean skin.....

What's that? The Cold War ended? Uh oh...?

For as long as we, as a society, tolerate this Zionist abuse cycle into which we've been misled, and unfairly convinced that our religion doesn't matter, but theirs,  Judaism, it does matter .....the intolerable aspects, the endless abuse of traumatized Muslims, the endless hero act of murderers, in Hollywood borne insipid stupidity, and in such irresponsible efforts as being clarified for us, and so cunningly so, by the wording in the Patriot Act, then we become vulnerable to both terrorism, and our own law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. Abuse of the Second Amendment inspired the Oklahoma City Bombers. One can only imagine what kind of reaction awaits perceived abuses of The US Patriot Act...

The refusal to accept the facts about Islam, and Zionism both, demonstrate a preference for engaging a consterningly general, and, ultimately, becoming more and more a very complex and dysfunctional description of what a terrorist is. This further contributes to the aloof decorum bearing witness to the abuse of this act, and the ill-conceived principles which drove this act. This singular issue defines itself as number one on the list of "stuff that is very wrong with the Patriot Act".

Title 8 § 817 includes usages of bioweapons as acts of terror. This is an example of the effort to leave no stone unturned, due to the fact that the anthrax-mailer struck within one week of the September 11th Attacks.

The anthrax-mailer was a person who mailed weapons-grade anthrax to a US Congressional Office Building annex, and would ultimately succeed in killing two, and several other people taking ill in the months following the September 11th Attacks. The case remains unsolved.

The rest of the sections of Title 8 deal with federal disposition of the criminal investigations, detentions, and the release from detention of convicted terrorists. With § 809 removing the statute of limitations for acts of terror, which only previously existed for the crime of murder.

The issue of cyber terrorism, and prevention of cyber terrorism is covered in § 814, and § 816 covers the usage and development of counter-terrorism cyber-tech, and facial recognition technology, as an industry, was pretty much created by Title 8 § 816 of the US Patriot Act. Although it existed previously, a huge funding-effort was poured into private tech firms, as well as DARPA and other federal departments, in which the technology was fielded as a result.

This technological advance has already led to countless interceptions of IS (formerly known as ISIL) suspects trying to enter Europe via the eu 's insane immigration policies.

But, IS was a creation being introduced by the Patriot Act, which insists that Israel's sins are our fault, though we can't say Jesus in classrooms, and the world is brimming with doomsday devices by Zionist thinking,  but, in IS, we were conditioned to turn on our televisions, and believe. This is a "war" that some "boys", some mother's sons sons die for disgusting and wicked Zionism, and we can watch their bosses get droned. And, we will be citing titles of the Patriot ACT as we go.....

This, by the way, smacks of some sort of failure attempt at redemption over watching our boys come home in pieces on the 6 o clock news, during the 60's and 70's...? IS was Israel, MI-6, and CIA, and shellshocked Kurds born in the hell created by the most evil men ever born.....

But, we didn't kill them cause they're Muzzies! Israel did, and our asses were clear of the snag......

The Aftertaste
The picture we are left with after reviewing this title still clearly reveals that, in at least some parts of the Patriot Act, an urgent and persistent need for clarification, as well as other parts needing to be simply consolidated, and streamlined, continues to reveal itself in big ways.

That it has not undergone an overhaul with efficiency as a mission statement is proof of a Do Nothing Congress, and the lack of the American people's best interests dominating the leadership of that organization.
Terror: By The Numbers:

What A Terrorist Is

The list of terror acts against Americans internationally is undeniable proof that the attempt to exclude Muslims from the definition of terrorists is wholly inaccurate, and a gamble with our national security. Barring three examples, where The Red Brigades, Italian Communist Partisans, were the perpetrators, without exclusion, and since 1970, roughly one hundred acts of terror have killed as many as one thousand Americans whom were either on foreign soil, or in transport.

Every single one was perpetrated by Muslims. This is where the Muslim Terror crap was born!


But, the careful wording, avoiding usage of Muslim, it only makes sense if the plot for greater Israel, that EU and USA are to warehouse these victims, were something these people were still committed to hiding.

Say it with me: Muslims, and Zionists pose real threats to Americans. The Zionists are responsible for ALL OF IT.


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