Thursday, July 13, 2017

The War That Comes: Are We Sure We Want This?

The efforts to avoid conflict seem to be failing, as the Bilderberger controlled media has not surrendered their expansionist ideals, even as the eastern half of eu seems prepared to secede from that organization.

  1. The Russian Army, and its highly mobile Air Forces, have been concentrating at the Azerbaijani border since at least the 2015 formal request by Syria for military assistance was approved.
  2. Iran has joined the Russo, Syrian, and Chinese Alliance.
  3. Political shortcomings in the NATO member-states are fueling a general animosity against Russia.
  4. The Russian seizure of the Black Sea and Crimea awarded a sizeable portion of the world's oil market to Russian control.
  5. The US/NATO mission has been in an attitude of relax since the administration of William Jefferson Clinton, Forty Second President of the United States. 
  6. Russian forces have now sat belly to belly with those of NATO from Scandanavia to all points south, along a line similar to Cold War areas, vis a vis, since summer, 2016.
  7. Chinese naval expeditions have repeatedly shadowed that of elements of the Third and Seventh Fleets of the US Navy, employing a kind of technology that has made their presence known only after they suddenly appeared on radar and sonor.
  8. Chinese submarine operations are increasing, and have been since October of 2016.
  9. The Caucus Mountains host a series of underground tunnels whose activity has recently begun to spike.
  10. The Rothschilds Banking, and its fractional reserve system, has nearly bankrupted Europe.
  11. The US has sought an aggression- ending pact merely to leave the Occident.
  12. President Trump may not be able to control what the US Government does to assist Israel, which seeks to block the Russo Alliance Treaty that would permit the US to leave the Occident. 
  13. NATO assessments appear to be taking a preparatory stance. 
  14. The Eastern eu states of the Visegrad group are on shaky-ground with the ideological doctrines driving consensus in eu.
  15. Eu expansionism is inappropriate, a prelude to failure, and antagonizing the geopolitical situation emerging between the nations of China, Russia, and the United States.
  16. North Korea is still being armed by China. 
Russian troops currently are garrisoned in Armenia, as well as occasionally inside Azerbaijan. The mobilization status of these troops is extreme confidence. Currently, the entire region is under Russian military control.

The media cannot escape the role it is playing: that of a deadly spider, whose bite isn't perceived by its victim due to the administering first of a numbing effect caused by the venom. The Russians have been quietly building and fortifying their presence in the regions adjacent to the US presence since well before now. There may be as many as sixty divisions either in or around Armenia and Azerbaijan, or in packages sent by air from airfields nearby which would put Russian boots on the ground in a place the whole world would feel them stomp: Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabian hostilities against Qatar are religious, economic, military, and political. The Arab Brotherhood's influence, which had stabilized the entire Arab world almost dating back to to that organization's first high profile politico, Egyptian ruler Nassir, vanished with the idiotic 2003 Iraq War. These latest actions by Saudi Arabia have come as yet another result of horrible military retardation by the ReBush administration.  It stands as yet another reason the entire ReBush Administration should at least be jailed.

The conflict in Yemen, and the conflict in Qatar both identify a Saudi attempt at consolidation of power, and both represent failure of having done so. Besides polarizing the Arab world, Saudi military actions of late have also polarized the general population of Saudis whom disagree with the purpose and the scope of the crisis.
Russian airpower is notoriously non-reliant upon tarmac. They are the world's only military with this feature mandated into each and every aircraft design.

Meanwhile, Israel has put forth the absurd notion that it should form an occupational government in Southern Syria, and in the Bilderberger-controlled press, this proposition has not received the proper banishment from relevance anyone seriously making it should experience.

So, the culmination of all these shall probably result in a second quarter of fiscal year of 2018, a military attempt launched by the huge military industrial complex of the Nato Alliance against Russian resistance to Israeli occupation of Syria. This, however, will be limited for Nato by two factors: the Russo-Alliance invasion of Saudi Arabia, and the status of Nato readiness in Central and Western Europe.
US Naval incidents, such as that of the USS Fitzgerald, are on the rise. Last year, a flotilla of USN operatives were seized violating Iranian coastal waters. The Fitz is currently attached with the 7th Fleet, operating in response to N Korean antagonisms in the region. 

Also, the great likelihood that South Korea will be at the very least attacked by the North shall reestablish the members of the Warsaw Pact almost entirely, though this time, sans Communist ideologies.

There is perhaps no greater assurance for Russian victory than the quality of leadership in eu member-states which is actually driving this policy which it hopes will culminate in eu expansion. These are not the meditations of a good leadership, nor do they reflect good leadership. Most plainly, this illustrates a total lack of inspiration in the conceptions of the eu and other international organizations who are plotting it.

Thusly, the issue over who started this war could be applied to either side.

Nuclear Role

The usage of nuclear weaponry will not be prolific except in terms of anti-satellite roles. As you know, the modern advantages are a product of satellite and microwave communication, which are extremely vulnerable to EMP. The army that is best trained to recover from EMP, and best-equipped with the types of communication that do not require dependencies on satellites nor upon microwave communications will prevail.

The Having And The Getting

Holding ground gained will only be possible by eliminating pathways to the projection of power coming from outside the advances. Therefore, Russia capitalizing upon Turkish PM's Erdogan's very headline-grabbing fall from eu grace should be understood to mean that Putin is aware that the US has cast its die. That die is isolationist. 

The logic behind Trump's recent calls for cease-fire only mean that the United States is unwilling to remain in the region as the biggest player in the convolution which epitomizes US efforts. But the likelihood that the US will not commit fully after a Russian invasion of Saudi Arabia is almost non-existent.

With capture of 40% or more of the Saudi petroleum production, the Russian government would not need to counter-invade Europe to end its retaliatory capability. It would simply need to wait their supply out.

Heavy rationing would drive oil prices to a skyrocket, limiting the scope of retaliation, as well as the industries requiring the oil to give the militaries of eu allied nations so that they can retaliate. If Russia succeeds in both capturing 40% of Saudi Oil, and manages to fend off attacks for a minimum of two years, the resulting devastation would force the suit for surrender.

Chinese Initiatives

China will be highly visible in the South China sea, all the way towards the Sea of Japan, and in concert with Russians in the Bering Sea. Since the hostilities cannot be resolved via invading the US along the West Coast, then the likelihood that Chinese naval presence shall act as a quarantine force is very high. The combat, if there is to be any, will most likely come after the initial outbreaks of fighting, and the surrendering nations attempt pockets of resistance. 

Areas of Chinese control will be the Pacific Rim nations, excluding California. 

The conflict will not truly end, as there will still be nations attempting to mount a challenge to the Russian Alliance. Yet, for the most part, in the US, this will be doomsday.

This hasn't happened yet, not all of it. But the facts that keep driving the public to accept the animosity against Russia are created to make this war appear to be their doing. And they are not stupid. 

  • Neither Syria, nor Russia will accept the occupation of Syria by Israel.
  • The flashpoint will be this issue, as well as Israeli attempts to limit Iranian nuclear capabilities, and North Korea. The White House can avoid one or the other, but wrecklessly engaging a Globalist policy with Israel, and then supporting its acts of war, plus N Korea, will be a bridge too far, and will force the Russians to act.
  • The conquest of the fertile crescent shall extend from the Sinai Desert to the Saudi peninsula. 
  • Saudi Arabia will be victimized by invasions involving both Russian and Chinese troops in the first weeks of the war. They shall conquer most of the areas of the Fertile Crescent.
  • These shall be divided into two zones of occupation, the Western Zone shall be under Russian Administration, while the Eastern Zone shall be under Chinese Administration. 
  • The US shall not emerge from this conflict.
  • North Korea shall not emerge from this conflict
  • Israel shall not emerge from this conflict
  • Europe shall not emerge from this conflict.
  • This conflict shall end the internet.
  • This conflict shall end the NWO.


  1. The Russians do not necessarily have to wipe the US out, but the US can only reach the region by sea. From the Eastern advances, a series of nuclear strikes, and fighting afloat will wipe out US ports of call in Japan, Guam, Okinawa, Hawaii, and S Korea. To the Western approaches, the US and Nato face a Russian Navy not strategized for any other than a tactical existence. They also share a next generation radar/sonor blinding device which neither relies on digital means, nor has any countermeasure.

  2. Israel, pretending publicly to remove the citizenship status of any of her citizens caught "fighting with IS in Golan", actually covertly is supplying, arming, and reinforcing the IS in order to pursue yet further atrocities by Netanyahu's insane rule.

  3. Turkey joined the Russian Alliance last October, capitalizing on the us-backed failed coup. The proxy war has failed to misdirect the world's attention as, acc to Mossad and the msm: "war against Iran", and has been revealed to be against primarily Syria.

    Putin "officially" ceased the war in Syria, and thereby engaged the proxy defense thru Syria, indicating the fact the election in Russia is won, and he is prepared to fight fire w fire

    Trump's Jerusalem speech has now enacted the kind of bating that is expected as a final insult before war.

  4. The recent fleet-level deployments of the combined Chinese/Iranian fleets is conclusive: we are about to be at war....nobody heeded the Warnings here and distanced this country from Israel. We have no hope now but to turn to our Maker.

    This is going to conclude God's mystery in the minds of the deluded.

  5. Americans: you realize NATO is defenseless? All except six basic army posts, and four tiny air Force bases are gone: including the huge comcon Abrams complex in Frankfurt, and the giant Rhein Mein AFB in Southwest Frankfurt.

    Almost devoid of US troops entirely, Votel is whistling past the graveyard with this fake gas attack, and a Russian Alliance that is not designed to lose,like the US is due to Cold war containment strategies! Ha! Line up for our latest national defeat!


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