Sunday, July 2, 2017

Listen Up, Hanau

Although I hate most of you, and most of you hate me: if anybody crosses us, they would have all of us upside their head...

The homicide of Amanda Gonzales on Fliegelhorst is what this is about. 

This is a tragedy for a lot of reasons, as our buddy, Volker Oneiroid has been posting, lately, Fliegelhorst Kaserne is mostly razed to the ground. 

When that happened, the crime scene of this innocent person's homicide was also forever destroyed, but here is the CID screenshot pic taken from their website, and if you knew or know anything, say something. 

The destruction of Fliegelhorst should not destroy who this person was, and that she was one of us, who lived in our town. Do not hesitate to say something, if you know something.

Pfc Amanda Gonzales's body was found in Nov of 2001. She was the victim of homicide by asphyxiation, and she was pregnant. She was only 19 years old. Any of this not reveal who did it, and how incompetent CID really is?

Pictures of Fliegelhorst being razed...
(Thanks: Volker!)

It isn't fair to us, nor to the world we came from, to the Army, but especially it is unfair to PFC Gonzales, her unborn child, and her family, that her case remains unsolved for sixteen years. And, as many of us know, her parents were probably given the military run-around as the Army covered up yet another botched CID inquiry in a long list of botched CID inquiries.

I located this case by accident researching why, and exactly when, CID became the Criminal Investigation Command, and when it was moved to Quantico, in pursuit of a hunch I have that they were consolidated on the Marine Camp in order for the ReBush Admin to be able to ensure that they were never investigated.

To my shock, an innocent victim, from our home, was staring back from the CID most-wanted information page.

The husband or bf did it.

Typical Army incompetence.

But, if you know about this case, tell someone...they deserve to know.


  1. For Ameeicans, pronounced Flee'gul'horst Ka-Surn
    In German, when two vowels go walking, the second one does the in the german word "ein". The i sound, as that in the english word "ice" ,is the sound for ein.

  2. Kasern is a German word for "Barracks", or "Division", or "area".

  3. Everyone knows who did it!!!!!!!! CID JUST DIDN'T DO A GOOD JOB. Short stints for each investigators. This case went through many hands. We know his friend needs to speak up.

  4. Thank you for speaking up! This CID incompetence in Hanau seems to be the entire existence of Usareur. The CID botched every single case that it had. I can recall not being taken seriously when reporting that the officers club exploded...they so didn't believe me, that Agent Mowdy awakened me at 6:00 am all apologies. Too many murders of US citizens by US citizens in Hanau....and the reason I cannot finish my cid Story is the govt has not written back!


  5. The sad part about this murder. Is that it will probably never be solved. Now that Fliegerhorst Kaserne is no longer. Although I've never had the honor to have met this young PFC. I left Fliegerhost many many moons ago before her tragic murder. She was probably living in the same barracks and working in the same mess hall I was at. I do wear a memorial bracelet in her honor. Gone But Never Not Forgotten...

  6. CID is offering a $125,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the 2001 death of U.S. Army Soldier Pfc. Amanda Gonzales in Hanau, Germany.
    Please help us get justice for Amanda. #JusticeForAmandaGonzales


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