Sunday, July 30, 2017

Enemy(Sort Of )Within

Imagine that: the two groups promoting the most comprehensive threat to both Americans and Democracy, and the two groups most defensive of the irrational regard this nation has for its worst enemy, Israel, are preparing to fight one another.

The damage accomplished by the co-opted Al Quaida plan employed weaponry that the US alone, possesed. But, like the Rosenbergs gave Stalin the bomb, Israeli espionage agents stole that weapons system, and at the end of this article is proof, in the form of a USGS Electromagnetic Field chart, showing that the weapon was deployed in Manhattan at the exact moment that the towers fell... 
"And the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision, but shall fail." Gabriel to Daniel referring to the nation of Israel

The House bill written to forbid telling the truth about the actual perpetrators of 9-11, Israel, has hit a snag....THE FIRST AMENDMENT. 

The entire philosophy behind this bill, which will make promoting the truth about that nation into a criminal act, demonstrates the idiocy at work in our representatives. Israel is the nation providing the most deadly and continual threat to the US, and has the most espionage arrests among nations working against the US directly, and is responsible for the most dastardly accomplishments which have been realized by friend or foe since WW2. 

The ridiculous defense of that cesspool is offense to God, and is hurting this country. This bill, however, would make saying this fact into a high level felony, and that is the worst idea in the History of the US senate, notorious for having some dooseys...

The act claims, in principle, that it seeks to cease the White House efforts to force Israel into complying with both the UN, and its own laws. Albeit somewhat hiccupped by a stunned Trump administration, it would appear that the president has finally accepted that the US presidency is not about him.

Normally, when Globalists observe any nation asserting its security against terrorists, such as Slobodan Milosevic expatriating the sector of his population causing 400 years plus of terrorism, well, our Bilderberger corrupted presidents murder them... 

But when Israel does it, we try to inexplicably aid their efforts.
"If you hold a grudge over Yamamoto planning Pearl Harbor, but not over Netanyahu's role in planning 9-11, verily: the dead do mock thee."
Bad mojo is visiting this nation daily. Mojo written into Globalism as consequences. And Trump's actual adversaries, Israel, will inevitably force his hand in realizing what that nation is, or he will lose his political life, and we shall lose our ability to preserve the earth by showing our Maker that we have forgotten Him.

Meanwhile, the actual planner of 9-11 is still in control in Israel, though he is very aware that he could not retire in Israel without defecting Mossad operatives possibly revealing this truth, finally....if they are still alive, of course.

But the fact remains: Israel is the worst enemy we have. Its spies fill high positions in our government and military, as well as top-secret facilities. These espionage efforts resulted in a weapon which was developed here, being stolen, and then deployed by Israel on 9-11, in order to incur the destruction of Syria. 

Any other nation would not have the devil's efforts to make fools of Americans as they inexplicably defend that nation. Like the myth of Clinton having deserved the loyalty of the black community, it is a contrived fallacy pursued in the media. It is also heresy to support the synagogue of Satan.

But God knows, the devil knows, and it would be a good time for you to learn, also: Israel is NOT our friend. No other national identity claiming two nations of origin in dual-loyalties by Americans claiming Israeli loyalty, and are jews, would be tolerated. Treason is illegal. Muslims loyal to the Taliban would not be tolerated in the sheer volume that Israeli spies and murderers continue to be.

Israel cannot outlast divine retribution for 9-11. But this nation cannot survive another such missiles, AWAC units, air launch of cruise missiles customized to bear a flimsy resemblances to TWA flights, and the deployment of DEW free energy tech weaponry against all but one of the 9-11 flights, and and the slaying of nearly 3,000 US citizens.

All of the efforts for Israel resulted in this, quoting Netanyahu, "For the US having forced Israel to stop our genocide of the people of Lebanon, and Syria, and the scud missile attack by Iraq that successfully struck Tel Aviv." 
What he was referring to was Reagan's intervention in the 80's, and the First Occidental War in 1991, by Bush.

Both cases saw the US demanding that Israel cease.

Zionism is behind Globalism. But it cannot curtail or abridge free speech.

The end of Zionism is not far away.
The proof (via US Geological Survey) that a DEW (directed energy weapon) had been deployed. ONLY the US has one, except for the bate of espionage arrests in which Israelis were found to have infiltrated the program.

A vehicle bearing the hallmarks of directed energy attack, glass with circular holes, dustification, and odd paths of destruction depicting a part burnt up, another, mostly intact.
Images, such as these, continue to indict the 9-11 Commission Report as "incomplete, and therefore, inaccurate."

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