Saturday, July 1, 2017

How To Be A Modern and Globalist Democrat

  1. Lie like all the time. From Clinton to, well, Clinton, we discover that the essential silencing of democratic platform once admirable is prerequisite to create the pretense within which we plan to flatter ourselves into corruption. Like, "It's the economy, stupid." became, "withdrawals of the US Military presence from Europe, almost in its entirety, is somehow Clinton's "economic miracle", yet the first time the nation went broke was on his watch, we do not have to tell the truth. And what, exactly did Bill Clinton do for black people? 
  2. Make enemies. Without enemies, the D party can never hope to blame anyone else for their embracing of Anti Progressivism. After all, Kennedy, Roosevelt shut down coal...oh, hold on, I just checked on the Google...somehow it says both of them cited the coal industry as the backbone of US industry....wait?!?! Now, how's that possible? 
  3. Reinforce alternative concepts of morality. Two men cannot make a baby. Somehow, by our institutionalizing heresy, only the Republican party can be blamed. Right now, capable media organizations are burning the midnight oil trying to somehow make that work for US! But, by breaking down society via the annihilation of the principles upon which this nation was founded, somehow, we can blame fossil fuel for the extinction which we do not actually believe in...(...see Denver Airport) 
  4. Punish the American public in any number of ways, ranging from, "The Russians made you do it." to, "Through putting plastic into the green bin, and glass into the blue bin, we shall control nature. Which brings up number five...
  5. Be sorcerers. It will be very important that we control the media. But should the American public awaken, use the magical spell, "You're A Racist!" If it fails, blame the current population of earth for decisions regarding industrial dependencies which occurred almost ten generations ago. And then threaten them with not being as cool as MtV.
  6. Be hypocrites. When we lie all the time, we must pretend that we are not amoral, slanderous, libelous sociopaths by acting shocked, and convincingly. So, no ear rubbing, or other body-language confessions. Remember: even Bill Clinton failed a polygraph. There is no greater sociopath than he. 
  7. Remember: use slander against Truth, and Truth against slander, thus: use rhetoric; even if it makes no sense to you. 
  8. Did we mention, lie, all the time?

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