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Happy Birthday To Coup (Attempt)

With the year that has passed, Turkey's recap, Tayyip Erdogan, remains in power, while his nation's Ascension Talks into eu have been put on permanent hiatus. The coup has been revealed as yet another failure in the traditions set forth in Obama/Clinton's doctrine of convolution, as it pertains to the Arab world, and relations between the Nato members have taken a hit all the way to an all time low...

The most confusing thing about the plot against Erdogan, which enjoys its one year anniversary today, is how did this event result in the assassination of the Russian consulate chief? Because it has to be related. The December killing of Andrei Karlov by an off-duty Turkish guard seems to be the conclusion of six months of betrayal, failed diplomacies, anxieties, and anything except the failed coup's silver-lining: the massive blow to evil CIA and like-minded Globalist operations.
Gulen, Turkish dissident. Another case of the US arming its own assasin?

With the arrival of Trump to the White House, the fact is that the two leaders agree about a lot of subjects: both are extremely sceptical of eu, both question their respective nations' Nato role, and both men are the subjects of intense Globalist attempts to overtly, or, as in Erdogan's case, covertly, occlude any pathway to the expression of his personal views of power. For Trump, it has been the fictional Russiahacked scandal, whose message to the globalists and their media will be another four years of Trump come 2020. 

But Erdogan's case is truly unique. 

During the wee hours of July 15, 2016, certain members of Erdogan's officer corp, in Valkyrie-like deliberate purpose, took over their immediate quarters, and proceeded to arm a contingent of like-minded young Turkish officers. There was panacea...almost. There was joy....almost. But the message was obviously that the US had tried, and failed, to oust the Theocratic Erdogan from his reign at the pinnacle of Turkish power.


The reasons for the coup are many, in number, but only one in nature: he disagrees with the path that Nato membership has taken, and the tendency to merge that international organization with eu, whose rigid expectations of conformity clash culturally with those of Erdogan, himself. 

And I cannot help but to point out that the killing of Ambassador Andrei Karlov was probably set into motion when the coup failed, as either the removal of someone obstructing antiglobalist ideologies from Moscow, or from Ankarra, or for providing Erdogan's forces with relevant information, and this possibility adds Nato to the suspect list. Whether the two are actually related remains source for debate, what does not, however, is the relative ease of motion with which the coup was shut-down. 
Wanted: By Turkish Authorities, Gen John C Campbell

The coup was, in principle, the armed insurrection against a demagogue, and whether or not Erdogan is worthy of that moniker, again, is debatable. What is not, is the manner in which Loyalist Turkish citizens cheered his government, and his armed forces, and the man, himself, as he put this coup to bed without supper. 

Meanwhile, the Kerry-led State Department, which changed very little of Hillary Clinton's legacy of mixed messages in regard for the Arab world, resorted to raising alarms with Amnesty International, the international charity which is a clearinghouse of advocacy and information about all things torture-related, and the move quickly drew international scorn, as the extreme rendition of prisoners of the US war on terror still employees torture, and remains on Amnesty International's watch-list.
Wanted: By Turkish Authorities, Gen Joseph Votel

The US naturally fears the Erdogan restoration of the archetypal Sulyman the Magnificent, autocratic, and theocratic, and what steps backwards that this attitude may be for the IMF's eu, which this time, last year, actually believed itself to be a success. Brexit had not yet had time to sink in fully, and common topics of the day were to debate possible ways to make that referendum result null and void, with Jean Paul Juncker holding his radio up towards the bedroom windows of British millennials, to the tune of Peter Gabriel's, "In Your Eyes"inviting the UK to simply throw out the result.

This, however, is the type of thinking that caused Turkish ascension to be petrified permanently in the "never-gonna-happen" file. Erdogan is well-loved by Turkish people!

The Aftershocks...

Within weeks, Turkish prosecutors, tipped-off by intelligence services around the world (...and, certainly, Russia's SVR intelligence service probably helped) laid-out a simple plot that blew the lid off of the sanctity of Nato partnerships, as well as Obama's administration's lack of graceful tact in either resisting the absurdities pushed by Globalism that would violate Erdogan's view of the world, as well as coups, themselves. 

For the evidence implicating a pair of US Nato Commanders' roles in the plot, and the transfer of billions of arms-buying dollars that were traced to wire transfers from the Bank of Nigeria, was laid out within weeks of the coup. 

Historically, this Nigerian bank account exists as an open-secret to every nation on earth, signalling, "Hey! CIA money coming through!" And, if these dots connect, represents the most treasonous act committed by one Nato member against another in absolute violation of the spirit of Nato, the security of Europe, in favor of the nation-eating deicidal cud-chewing protocols of the IMF created eu, which is currently in full stall mode.

Rather than withdraw from Nato, Erdogan simply noted that the US has lost so much power and respect in the rule of secret societies and cabalistic pursuits, and also that its pursuit of criminals that acted against its people, which, in labeling these criminals "terrorists", is, indeed, indicative of an arrogance of unbelievable ignorance, and a one-way street. 

Erdogan has yet to express what direction that one way will be in his national comprehension of the Globalist US, but the warrants for US citizens, former Afghanistan Commanding General, Gen John C Campbell, and another Nato US commander, Nato Central Command Gen Joseph Votel, as well as a civilian Turkish national whom the CIA used as the "official scapegoat" for the failed coup, Mr Fethulla Gulen, remain open. 

Gulen, whose tireless lobbying helped to create a very transparent coup plot backed by the US and most-likely conceived in Brussels, is like unto that administration's convoluted backing of the Libyan leader, or Isil, and probably would have embarrassed Obama more had this coup been a successful attempt. Nato HQ, and eu Council HQ, are within earshot of one another, and this is greed, not rocket-science.

The thing that gets lost here, is yes, the alliance continues to be influenced by idiots like Gen Votel, who should be relieved of his commission for his public repudiations of Donald Trump. But all the amenities that came his way from Brussels were, within one month of one another, permanently interrupted. Like they were for all Globalists. But, not all Globalists have open warrants, from an ally, for crimes which his president's orders constitute a violation of US laws. 

Laws, like those wherein a commander, in this case, Obama, orders subordinates, in this case, Votel and Campbell, to violate the premises of a military alliance also violates US law. Orders to a subordinate to violate the laws of a nation in which there is no declared war, nor action in accordance with The War Powers Act, also constitute violation of law. And the list only grows from there.

But the subsequent state of unrest ended suddenly when, three months after the coup, the Turkish leader enjoyed the victory of the Turkish people's overwhelming majority vote of "yes" for an already pre-existing bill which was viewed in Brussels as the conflation of power. Chalk another victory for the Obstructionists...

The vote even inspired Angele Merkel to retro-suspend all that pro-democracy talk (yeah, right) and threaten to deport Turkish citizens living and working in Germany if they tried to vote. This was not enough effort, however, to keep from giving Erdogan the powers he needed to consolidate further his control over the state of affairs in his nation. And this is a bit of that old eu "shuck, f_ck, and call it luck" rhetoric, since the trek between eu and Syria leads right through Turkey, and hence, a lot of the Syrian refugees bear official status as Turks. 

But, the reality is that Germany has a huge Turkish population which exploded after the Second World War. And there is no feasible way for Merkel to carry-out her threat. To date: one year after the coup attempt, Europe is still reeling from the disasters unforeseeable (yeah...right) as results of Globalism. Oh, yeah, and there are wayyyy too many Syrians in Europe.
But Erdogan, and Turkey, remain uncorrupted by Globalism, and possibly the sole Nato partner enjoying this status.

Oh, and fyi: my money is on the killing of Andrei Karlov was retaliation for his providing information to the coup leaders that was absolutely useless, in the end. 

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  1. Nahhh....Nato murdered Karlov for Russia Hacking their coup! That's my final answer.


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